A/N Hello everyone! I'm back! I'm here to show you my imaginary world of The Selection after the happenings of The Elite; I still haven't figured how long this will be, but just sit back and enjoy the ride! Also, sorry Asperica fans, but this is a Maxerica story. Your's will come soon! ~Glory


The last time Maxon had talked to me was a week ago. Maybe he was finding out how to say to me 'Goodbye'. But for all I knew, he could just be chatting up Kriss or Celeste, forgetting there was even a third competitor. My Maids helped me out of my gown and unpinned my hair. I fell into my bed and a deep sleep.


I woke up, and let my maids help me into an amazing gown. It was Friday, so we were all appearing on The Report, apparently something big was happening. It was most likely a new way to stop the rebels, that was all that was on these days. But anyway, I hid in the Women's room, hiding from Kriss and Celeste, and occasionally talking to the Queen and her maids. And when it came time for to get ready for The Report, I didn't smile once.

My maids got me dressed in white and gold gowns that slightly resembled a royal wedding gown; I imagined everyone was wearing one. My hair had a tiny tiara in it, made out of gold and diamonds. I left my room and headed for were The Report was held. I took a seat next to Kriss, smiled at her and noted the gown she was wearing. It wasn't like mine at all. Hers was a dark red gown and Celeste's was a light blue. I was the only one wearing white. But before I could muse over it any further, The Report had started.

"Before we get to any of the usual news, I would like to say something. Could America Singer please come out to the front." Said Prince Maxon Schreave of Illea. I went out to the front and looked deep into his eyes as he took my hand and knelt down. "America Singer, please make me the happiest man I know!"

"Yes" I whispered. As he slid on the ring, I smiled at him, and oblivious to the crowd around us; I kissed him. And deep down, I sensed he adored me.