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Princess Ally May Scheave wiped her hands as she watched her brother head up to talk to Gavril Fadaye. It was about The Selection, that was all she knew. Her father and mother didn't tell her much about it and how she was going to find a husband. And every time Maxon tried to bring it up, her mother would just burst into tears and run out of the room. As she fingered her blonde hair, She wondered what could possibly make her mother so upset.

America POV

"Maxon. We can't do this to her. She's my baby and I won't let her go away until she is ready, and even then it won't be to an another COUNTRY!" I was mad, Maxon needed to learn that I didn't want my children far away, most likely because of all my years of being a big sister. I just couldn't.

"Look, America, Ally will need to get married, there is nothing we can do about. But there is no one in Illèa she could possibly marry. Look, no one is letting up on this. What If we took her to France, or Italy, to see if there is anyone she may like. And if she likes him, then maybe we can get them marry. Then she would be happy and we would have stronger bonds with other countries." Maxon tried to win me over, and it managed to work.

"Ok, but if she is not happy, I'm getting her out of there straight away." I demanded.

"Ok, my dear." Maxon had an innocent smile on his face.

"I'll get you for that!" I gave Maxon a massive hug and kissed him on the cheek. As I laid beside him, and listened to his breathing, I thought back to my time in The Selection. I just hoped my son could find someone who would love him and care for him for his whole life, just like I did to Maxon. As I grasped his hand, I fell asleep, with no worries at all.