As I stood on the stage of where The Report was recorded, I was suddenly brought back to that dreadful day. Even if it was only a week ago. All the emotions and memories came flooding back. I remember my words, "I believe we should eliminate the Castes." I remember the reaction, Maxon's stone cold fa├žade, the Queen's sad face, and the King's angry glare. But then, through all those memories. I remember the hope. My maids saying I was the only one who gave them hope. Who they could trust, who would get them out of the palace. I walked over to my seat, and sat, playing with a piece of my dress. Gravril walked over to me and started chatting. "You ready for your return to television, Lady America?" He asked nicely.

"Maybe..." I replied hesitantly. Really, I was freaking out. I had absolutely no idea in what to do. Was I just required to sit and look pretty? Or was I meant to apologise for what I said? Even if all the Two's and some of the Three's thought I was off my rocker, everyone else could agree that I had a point. Getting rid of the Castes would be better for everyone. But as Maxon had kindly pointed out, I wasn't a One, I couldn't change this yet. No matter how much I wanted to.

Gravril started talking again,"Lady America, I just wanted to inform you want will be happening. I'll be interviewing everyone, just on their general views of the Palace, the Royal Family and other stuff. I'll be asking you a question about your project, and all you have to say is about how it may have been a bad idea, or that it wasn't the right time for the idea. Ok?" I nodded in reply. "But personally," Gravril continued, "I'm on your team," He told me with a smile, then he walked away. I lay back in my chair, and thought about our Conversation. I had to make a public apology? I decided I'd just make up something on the spot, I couldn't think. Thanks to Gravril, I was now wondering why he would say something like, 'I'm on your team'. Why? Was the question on my lips. But before I could ponder it anymore. The Report started.

First was the King, with an update on the Rebels situations. Then was the King's Advisers talking about various subjects, mostly also about the Rebels. After that, was the Financial Team, talking about the status of the debt. Then was The Master of Events, who introduced Gravril, who in turn introduced Celeste, who was first to be interviewed. Her interview angle was predictable and slightly disturbing. She kept flashing everyone flirty smiles. And once again, I wonder where her boundaries were. Kriss went for the girl next door approach, smiling and waving at everyone. Elise was showing everyone her Princess side, showing she was ready to be one. and Me? I'm still an individual.

Gravril asked me basic questions, like how great it was to still be in The Selection, and how everything was going. But then he asked the question I had been dreading. "Do you have anything to comment about your project?" Gravril asked.
I nodded nervously. "I would just like to say that my idea for the project was not the best. In my place and positions, I let my emotions control my thoughts and ideas. I think that for the minute, the Castes should stay." I gave a nervous smile and looked back at Gravril. He thanked me for my time, and let me sit back down at my seat. I glanced over to Maxon. He gave a tiny smile, and tugged his ear. I tugged mine back.

A/N You know, I've always wonder about that project. Isn't the idea to have something that's long running? But with Kriss, Natalie and America, they just want to do something once. I mean, sure they are great ideas, but wasn't the idea to do something long standing like Queen Amberly's project. Leave me a review telling me what you think! Anyway, bye! :D

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