The tears flowed from Percy's eyes as his worst nightmare replayed itself over and over again. They were in Charleston Harbor all of them aboard the Argo 2 save Annabeth who was trying to explain that it was Gaia not the Greeks who had attacked the camp. Percy's gaze was riveted onto Annabeth a scream begging to get out to warn her of the trap that was about to happen. But as with all nightmares it didn't change the past Annabeth was taken by the Roman who had snuck up behind her and somehow they were all whisked away. STUPID MEDDLING GODS! Percy's thoughts raged. The nightmare shifted to a few weeks later. Percy was distraught and in a dismal condition unaware of his surroundings his sole worry being for Annabeth. He had talked to Jason all that Jason would say was that "We need to focus on the quest now " or some such trite. An idea entered Percy's mind if he could control water shouldn't he be able to change into a form that could move faster such as vapor? Acting as if he agreed with Jason his nightmarish self nodded before the dream shifted again. He was now at New Rome near the main road that led into camp having successfully pulled off vapor travel. The Percy who knew what was waiting shouted at his past self to do something but knew that it was pointless. Again he saw himself scale the hill and looking down at the city. His mind froze as he saw what they had done to her again. He saw the cross and her limp body hanging from it just outside the city. He knew she wasn't alive though he still wanted to rush forward and help her. A scream wrenched itself from his memory's lips

"NOOOOOOO!"Percy sat there consumed by his sorrow he sat there for what felt like ages as the violent sobs wracked his body. The real Percy's eyes snapped open moist with shed tears Annabeth had been dead for over two weeks now and he still had no control over himself. When he finally had told Chiron about what had happened he had been kind and supportive but had in not so many words said that nothing would be done to the Romans. Hearing this Percy's focus sharpened and his eyes narrowed.

"What?" He hissed through his clenched teeth "You mean to tell me that nothing will happen to those murderers…after what they have done? Why?"

"The Romans were attacked " Chiron reminded him "its only natural that they would want vengeance against the leader that came in peace. I.."

His voice trailed off into silence as he saw the look in Percy's eyes they were radiating a fierce sea green aura and water was starting to form around him in a circle that was spinning faster and faster.

"Hear this then Chiron" Percy spat "when you have need of me I wont be there. When u need your savior I won't be there. I will not rest until every last Roman has felt what I felt until they have suffered as I have suffered, I will not lift a finger against Gaia unless she comes for me or those few I have left to care about in this world. I swear this by Nemesis, Hecate, and the Styx."

Thunder boomed loudly as the oath took hold Chiron's form started to shake with trepidation. It had always been the fear of the gods that Percy would go rouge or evil. Now those very fears were taking form as Percy embraced his darker side. There were two Bright flashes behind Percy after the light dimmed it was obvious who they were immediately. One was dressed in a crimson shade of red with a knowing look and eyes that gleamed gold with knowledge the goddess Nemesis, the other was dressed in black a staff in her hand and a crow on her shoulder it was Hecate.

Chiron moved to bow quickly but was stopped by the two women. "We are not here for you Chiron it was the boy who invoked us after all." Hecate said with a smirk

"The boy has suffered grievously indeed" Nemesis said peering into Percy's eyes "His retribution will be terrible I pity whoever gets in his way. And as for your silent request Perseus I believe you'll be coming with us to discuss it further." That said she waved her hand and Percy disappeared.

Hecate and Nemesis turned back to Chiron "He will return someday whether you're going to like what happens then I cannot say." Hecate chuckled at the fear emanating from Chiron. Both the goddess's vanished then leaving Camp half blood to Chiron whose only thought was what have we done?