Author's Note: It has come to my attention recently that some people don't like the script format style that I write with. Well, I am sorry if that takes away from your enjoying the story. That's just how I've been taught to write. That being said, I hope you read and enjoy the story. For those of you who are following my work and leaving feedback or just plain enjoying the story. I want you to read this as if you are spending a day in the life of these characters. I don't own any of the people in this story. I use a couple of people from Lost Girl in here as well. I just think Dean Ambrose and the actress that plays Kensie on there would be cute together. Her real name is Kensia Solo, but I call her by her character name in here. Bare with me and I appreciate even constructive criticism.

Road Trip

Seth Rollins stood in the foyer of the four bedroom house he shared with his girlfriend Lu, Dean Ambrose and his girlfriend Kensie and Roman Reigns and his girlfriend D. His bags were packed and he was waiting for at least a half an hour for the rest of the gang to get ready to leave. The gang is getting ready to go on a much needed vacation to Las Vegas.

Seth: "Come on, Reigns. Let's go. You're holding up the party."

Roman: "Me? Is Lu down there with you yet?"

Lu: "No and you take longer then all of us put together. Get your tongue out of D's mouth and let's go."

She pulls her luggage out of her room and grabs her purse.

D: "Very funny. My tongue isn't in his mouth."

She zips her suitcase.

D: "I'm ready."

Roman: "Now we can head downstairs. Tell Rollins to keep his panties on."

Lu heads downstairs with her stuff and almost loses her suitcase as it launches itself down the stairs and stops at Seth's feet.

Seth: "Whoa, does this thing come with insurance?"

Lu starts laughing.

Lu: "No, but Roman said keep your panties on. They're coming right now. I heard the suitcase zip shut."

Seth: "Finally. I just want to get to Vegas."

He picks up her suitcase.

Lu: "Sorry about that. Wheels and stairs don't go together very well."

Dean comes downstairs after her.

Dean: "Are you trying to kill Rollins with your bricks?"

Lu: "No. The stairs are trying to launch suitcases though."

Seth: "Dude, I can dead lift more than this thing weighs."

Lu: "Go ahead and try it. That thing is not light."

He picks it up like he's lifting weights and puts it back down like it weighs nothing.

Seth: "I beat your challenge. What's next?"

Lu: "How about not busting the wheels off of it or scratching up my floor?"

Seth: "The wheels are intact and your floor is flawless. No worries."

Roman finally comes down the stairs with his and D's stuff.

Seth: "It's about time."

Roman: "Shut the hell up, Dude. It's a vacation. No need to stress out."

Dean: "You're as bad as a little kid some times."

Seth: "Do you remember the last time you took a vacation that wasn't WWE related?"

Dean: "Yeah. I took Kensie out for her birthday. We went to Hawaii."

Seth: "I don't remember the last time I traveled and it wasn't WWE related. This is the first time in forever. Is Kensie going with us to Vegas?"

Dean: "Of course she is. She's meeting us at The Hard Rock."

Lu: "One of my favorite hotels in Vegas. I love the Hard Rock Suites. That tub is huge in there."

Seth: "Oh, we will be taking advantage of that tub. Do you know how rare it is that a 6 foot tall man fits in a tub without hanging over the edge of it?"

Dean: "No shit. I feel like I am 4 feet too tall for just about everything."

Roman: "Mine is being too heavy for everything. I'm afraid things are going to break."

D: "It's all right. It's all muscle."

She runs her hand down his arm and he gets that half smirk on his face.

Seth: "All right. All aboard the Las Vegas express."

We pile the luggage into the back of my Navigator Hybrid. We can all 5 travel in total comfort in this thing.

Roman: "Dude, there is a PS3 hooked up to the seat monitors back here. How did you manage to steal this?"

He quickly goes on a mad search through the numerous zombie games I have in the console box. D climbs in the back with him and Seth and I go to the front.

Lu: "Perks from my boss. I got one hell of a hook up with Ryan Seacrest in my pocket."

Seth: "This thing is so quiet I didn't even realize it was turned on until I saw the green light on the engine button thing."

Lu: "It's on. Trust me; it took me a minute to get used to it too."

D: "Let me guess. Ian hooked up with the Hybrid."

Lu: "Of course. His guy in Louisiana made this mother green. No more gas guzzler for me."

Seth: "It's good for the environment and it provides Roman with quality zombie killing time, but does it have an IPOD dock for listening to your IPOD in this bitch."

Lu: "But of course. It has satellite XM radio too and a CD player, but that's not the coolest part about this hybrid."

Seth: "And what is the coolest part about it?"

Lu: "My buddy SYNC."

Seth: "What the hell is that?"

Lu: "Watch this. SYNC play Special Ops The Shield."

The Shield's theme music starts to play.

Seth: "So, I can call out any song by any artist and SYNC will play it."

Lu: "Yeah and if you are listening to the radio and something comes on that you don't know the name of it finds that for you too. It's like GPS for music. SYNC what's the weather like in Las Vegas Nevada?"

There's a beep and a voice comes on "The Weather in Las Vegas Nevada is 80 degrees with no chance of rain."

Seth: "That thing is cool. May I drive?"

Lu: "Yes you may. You may also choose the music we listen to too."

Roman: "There are other ears in this car ride."

Seth: "No worries, dude. I only play the best, but I'm afraid we're going to have to compromise with the ladies on what they want to hear too."

D: "Yeah. We can't go 4 hours on pure alternative or pure rap."

Roman: "Oh hell no. that would drive me nuts."

Dean: "I'm sure SYNC will mix it up for us so we get a little bit of everything."

Lu: "I already got that covered. See, I took a top 20 out of everyone's IPOD and I compiled a playlist that will keep everyone happy. I am a DJ. I know how to keep a good mix going. If you want to make it fun, you can try to guess whose list it came off of."

D: "That's why you asked me for Roman's IPOD the other day."

Dean: "And mine. I'm sorry I didn't have Kensie's with me. She's surgically attached to her music."

Lu: "It's all right. I got her covered too. But, Rollins gets one CD to himself because he is the driver and the one rule of the car is the driver picks the music."

She points at D to take her cue.

D: "Passenger shuts his cake hole."

We start on the 4 hour drive to Vegas. Curiosity got the best of Seth. So, he synced up the Top 20 playlist I made and deiced to try to guess whose IPOD what song came from. It surprised me how many of us had similar tastes in songs. The first song to come on was "My Songs Know What Your Songs Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy. This prompts Seth to do his best impression of singing like Patrick Stump and putting on an in car concert of his own.

D: "Is this off his Top 20?"

Lu: "Actually, this came off all of our PODS."

When Seether's version of "Careless Whisper" came on Seth laughed and looked at me.

Lu: "Something funny, Rollins?"

Seth: "Leave it up to you to find a rock version of George Michael. That's interesting."

Lu: "It's no different than your Me First and The Gimme Gimmies and all their remakes they do."

Seth: "You make me proud."

He squeezes my hand and I start laughing at him.

D: "You're not the only human being that listens to that kind of music."

Seth: "I know. She schooled me on her pop music too. I like some of it."

Dean: "I draw the line at Tweenie Bop music."

D: "Define Tweenie Bop music Ambrose because I heard you singing Miley Cyrus the other day."

Dean: "t's Jon outside of the ring and anything your 14 year old niece or nephew would squee over."

Roman: "No Jonas Brothers or any solo work of theirs. No Beiber. No One Direction or The Wanted. Miley is cool. Selena Gomez is cool and so is Demi Lavato. Beyond that, is too young for me."

Lu: "If you're waiting for someone to argue, you're not going to get one here. Its bad enough Beiber was on one of the Far East Movement songs. I draw the line at Kanye West too even though I am guilty of having two of his songs and one he did with Katie Perry."

Roman: "Let me guess "Stronger" and "Gold Digger."

Lu: "Yeah. Those are the ones. The Hangover made me get "Stronger" and I kept freaken singing "Gold Digger" for no reason."

Seth: "Yeah. I caught myself singing "Stronger" the other night."

After a 4 hour drive and one rest stop we arrive in Las Vegas. The bright lights of the strip and the sidewalks full of people.

Seth: "Oh yeah baby. We have arrived boys and girls."

D: "I love this city."

Seth: "Me too. I think we all love this city. This is going to be a blast."

We pull up in the valet parking area of the Hard Rock Suites and get out of the car. The Valet takes the keys and we get checked in.

Lu: "I can't get used to hearing him use Colby Lopez. He tells me not to call him that, but he uses it everywhere."

Dean: "Yeah. He's the only one who doesn't really like his real name. It's weird. I guess I'd want to be called Seth too if my name was Colby."

Lu: "It's all good."

Seth comes back to the group with the keys.

Seth: "We have our own Villa. This is going to be awesome. Nobody get arrested tonight ok?"

D: "Yes. No Hangover moments. I'm not rescuing anyone from jail or going to the hospital."

Roman: "I agree."

Dean: "Copy that and now to find Kensie."

He goes to dial his phone and it rings as if it's on a cue.

Dean: "Hi baby."

Kensie: "Hey honey. Are you guys in Vegas yet?"

Dean: "Yeah. We just got here. Seth got us a villa for the weekend."

Kensie: "Oooh fancy. I didn't realize Rollins was ballin like that."

Dean: "All of our money together does the trick. Besides, we aren't that low on the totem pole. We're not Cena status, but we get good money."

Kensie: "You're standing at the check in line wearing a black shirt and black jeans. Roman is next to you and D is next to him. Lu is on the other side of you and Seth is draping his arm around you and Lu and grinning from ear to ear."

Dean: "Ok. Obviously you found us."

Kensie: "Behind you, blind boy."

He turns around and Kensie hugs him and he kisses her.

Kensie: "Long time no see."

Dean: "I know. It's been forever."

D: "Hi Kensie."

Kensie: "Hey girl."

She hugs her and then hugs Roman.

Roman: "Good to see you."

Kensie: "Same here."

She hugs Lu and Seth.

Seth: "I hope you don't already have a room because this Villa is big enough for all of us."

Kensie: "Nope. I didn't get a room. I've been walking around this big ass casino with my entire luggage on my back like a camel. Anna is here with Krys and they have a room. I told her you guys were coming and I'd eventually end up with you guys in the WWE Suite."

Seth: "I can obviously see you're not hauling luggage around on your back. I was just making sure. Where are Anna and Krys?"

Kensie: "That's a very good question. Last time I saw them they were playing Black Jack on the floor over there."

Seth: "Well, let's get out stuff up to the Villa. We can meet back down here in an hour or you can come up with us. Either one is cool."

Kensie: "I vote go up with you guys since my girl seems to be making time with my co-star."

Dean: "I was hoping you'd say that."

He puts his arm around her as they walk to the elevator. Everyone gets in the elevator and heads up to the Villa Seth scored.

D: "Holy shit this room is huge."

Lu: "And the view is amazing. You can see the whole strip from up here. I feel like a millionaire."

Seth: "That's the idea. We're supposed to feel special."