He sets his carryon luggage down and explores the Villa.

Seth: "Wow, my place in Iowa could fit in this room. I'm impressed and I stopped being impressed with hotels a long time ago."

Lu goes into one of the bedrooms and puts her own luggage down.

Lu: "Dude, my bedroom at home could fit in here. We could all sleep in that bed and not even touch."

D: "Umm, no I'm not trying to share a bed. We are all adults here and in need of our own beds."

Lu: "Oh you've got your own bed all right if it's anything like this one."

Dean: "Well, I say we all put our stuff in our designated rooms and get ready to go hit the strip."

Kensie "Sounds good to me."

Her phone goes off.

Kensie: "And there's Anna right on cue. She asked me if I found you guys."

Dean: "Obviously you did. I don't see you just walking off on your friends. Tell her I said hi."

Everyone goes into their rooms and gets their stuff together. Seth takes his stuff into the room with Lu.

Lu: "I was wondering what was taking you so long. I thought you were staying in the living room for a minute there."

Seth: "Now why would I stay in the busiest room in the villa? That would be dumb."

Lu: "Cuz you want to be different. I have no idea."

Seth: "You're insane."

He shakes his head and kisses her. Meanwhile, Roman is digging around in his suitcase for some fresh clothes and D comes up behind him and runs her hands under his shirt.

D: "Come take a shower with me."

Roman: "You don't have to ask me twice."

He jumps up and follows D into the bathroom.