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Clint Barton aka Hawkeye

The Avengers

"You're pretty good, kid."

Kagome blinked, her bow falling to her side as her stance relaxed, "You think so?" She shrugged, glancing at the foreign observer as he watched her practise.

"Best I've seen," The man nodded, whistling in an impressed manner when she hit the bullseye with ease, "Archery seems to be more of a girl's thing here in Japan. What got you into it?"

She had to hold back a chuckle at his assumption that she was a boy, 'Just a little mishap with a demon that forced me to cut my hair short and now strangers think I'm male?'

Well, it didn't help that she now preferred the boy's uniform over short skirts since it was a hell of a lot easier to fight in and bound her breasts with bandages to boot.

"It was a lifesaver," Kagome answered, hitting the target without even looking, "It's come to me naturally ever since."

Keen eyes observed the feminine-looking boy and he came to a decision as the young student impressed him with his skills, "What's your name, kid?" Barton asked curiously.

"Higurashi Kagome." She answered simply, wondering what he wanted with her name.

"I'm damn good at archery myself," Barton stated with a smirk, "And I've been looking for apprentice for a while now. What do you say?"

Kagome blinked, surprised at the strange offer, "Sure," She shrugged again, "Show me what you've got first." She stepped away as he moved up beside her.

"Was kinda hoping to find a girl for an apprentice," Barton joked, "But you'll do fine, Higurashi." It's not like he could have a more feminine-looking boy anyways.

She only smiled slyly at him in response.