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5 yEaRs LaTeR

The brightest rays of the sun wake me before the alarm, before the crushing pain of a full bladder bounce, even the morning screams of too-early playfulness or dire hunger cries.

It's a forgotten feeling, waking to the sound of nothing. I bask in the silence until I can't take it anymore, surprised to find that it was only something I thought I would always and forever miss. Well, no more.

Turning to my side, I look over the angel laying beside me. Lips of pouted pink and curls of crazy brown, she looks just like her mother, sleeping safe and sound. I will her to wake along with the rest of the house, but all she does is softly snore until a far off banging of a pan reverberates off the bedroom door.

The quiet doesn't last long after that. The pitter patter of little feet stirs sleeping beauty out of the depths of REM and her lids crack, those green eyes of mine peeking out from behind Sunny's long black lashes.

"Morning daddy," she croaks then grins, giggling as her wild half jumps up onto the bed with us.

"Morning daddy!" Bouncing beauty greets. Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing. Her straight auburn hair flies in every which direction, the long length slapping against my arms and legs. Her one brown eye and one green sparkle through the dusty beams of light, laughing right along with her and her twin, but oh-so-different sister.

Crazy curly cue is straight laced as her sister's hair, quiet and shy, the spitting personality of her mother Bella, while wild child here - who doesn't look it, is mouthy and outgoing. Kinda like me. Okay, exactly like me. Completely and all encompassingly like me.

"Mommy's making pancakes, daddy! Blueberry and banana, but I don't like banana so she's just making me blueberry. Just like you!"

Kissing my cheek, she jumps off the bed, leaving me and her giggling sister behind.

"So, what's up Reese buttercup? You hungry? You want just blueberries, too?" I ask and she shakes her head, giggling into her clasped hands.

"What is this? Have you forgotten how to speak? Am I... Am I going to have to tickle the words out of you?"

Propping myself up on one elbow makes her giggle even louder. She starts thrashing before I even reach her, her little groggy voice succcumbing to the tips of my fingers.

"No, daddy! No! I like banana and blueberry, you know that."

And how could I ever forget it?

Smiling, she wiggles her loose tooth with the tip of her tongue, her gingerbread limbs sprawled out on either side of her. She watches me suspiciously as I roll out of the bed, covering her pretty face with the sheet. Squealing, she rips it off.

"Last one to the table's a stinky rotten egg!"

Challenge accepted, she scurries to her feet, pawing the wild strands of hair from her cheeks as she takes off in a flash, easily passing me. Her grin is triumphant, beaming up at me from her seat when I enter shortly after.

"Stay away from daddy, mommy. He's a stinky rotten egg," she announces, her and her sister pinching their cute button noses. They sing in unison. "Ewwww..."

My smile is permanently fixed on my face when Sunny twists to oogle me over her shoulder, declaring she's gotten used to the smell with a smile of her own and an inviting wink over.

Walking up behind her, I sneak my arms around her waist, resting my hands on the swell of her stomach. I give her cheek a lingering kiss, sliding my lips down the side of her neck and leaving shivers in my wake.

There's another harmonious ewww that fills the sea salty air before the last pancake is flipped and we all sit down together, my eyes jumping from one to the other while my sweet, sweet girls dig in.


"They're clueless kids, too stupid to know better, too young to get married, and that's it. That's final. No. The answer is no." Set in his negative ways, Stretch sips on his beer, that antsy leg of his bouncing away.

"Problem is, I don't think they asked you, man," I tell him with a squinted smile.

"Yeah, they didn't ask you."

My smile grows and I lay a kiss on my repeating daughter's perfectly timed head. "You heard the little lady."

"Hey, I'm not little."

Even more annoyed by her cuteness, Stretch shakes his head and takes another sip of his beer, glaring as Alice floats around to show off the ring, followed closely by her doting father, Carlisle.

"Look at him," Stretch says with another unbelieving shake of his head. "Clueless. All of 'em. Completely fu-" catching himself, he shoots a quick look at the little set of sharp ears sitting between us. "It's a big mistake. I'm tellin' ya. Big mistake."

Coming up to snag a couple drinks, Esme sighs. "Shut up, Stretch. Nobody wants to hear it."

A part of me wants to put him in his place, call him out for all the ignorant shit that he spews, but it's Stretch, and when did wasting my breath make any bit of a difference? The man just likes to bitch is all. Is a bitch. A big one.

Bending to grab another beer from the cooler, I 'accidentally' let the cold condensation drip on his restless knee.

"Fu- Shi- Come on, man!" I bask in the overreaction of his fleeting discomfort. "Watch it, would ya?"

"You know, Stretch, you really need to learn to just take a breath and relax. Maybe if you did, you could find a woman like that."

"Like what? Always under dressed with a rainbow sprouting out the top of her head?"

Feeling sorry for the man, I shake my head, pointing the neck of my bottle in the direction of his son.

"No," I tell him. "One that makes you smile like that." Fat chance even that will shut him up.

"Yeah, whatever."

"Shut up, Stretch. Nobody wants to hear it."

Fist bumping the conspiring little one, we share a sly smile, me barely holding back my inappropriate laughter.


"The ceremony was beautiful, wasn't it? All those seashells and dancing fish."

"They weren't fish, mommy. Get it right. They were Sebastian and Flounder, Ariel's special underwater friends." Our Little Mermaid expert corrects, her sleepy eyes fighting to stay open. Apologizing, Sunny kisses her cheek, softly stroking her matted hair.

"Of course they were," she amends, gumming her lips and shooting me an amused smile.

I'm just relieved that it's over and Charlie let Carlisle walk Alice down the sand dollar bordered aisle.

When soft snores finally fill the Aquamarine inspired room, I steal my Sunny away, laying her down gently before crawling between her bare legs.

"I can't believe Esme let Alice do a Little Mermaid theme wedding. Maybe she is still too young to get married," she ponders, but her heart's not in it. She doesn't really believe it.

"The theme was Under the Sea, Mommy. Get it right," I tease her, that musical laugh of hers blowing across the shell of my ear. Sliding her leg along my side, the inside of her thigh warms my skin. Reaching for the buckle of my slacks, I let out a groan. She shushes me, and I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting a beat before charging on. If they sense we're having grown mommy and me time, they'll come running. It never fails.

Placing a kiss between the dip in her dress, I peek down the top wanting more than anything to get my wife naked. It's a freedom I should have but don't, not if my goal is to minimally scar our children. One more slip up and I'm paying out thousands to a certified childhood psychotherapist.

Instead, I hook my fingers into the waist of her panties, pulling the fabric down her long legs and sit back on my heels. Throwing them aside, I cup her knees, gently pushing them apart to press my lips against her thigh. My heart speeds at the sight of her, sprawled and smiling, sending all my blood rushing to all the want inside of me. One hand fiddling with my zipper, I use the other to tease her soft skin, internally sighing as the growing pressure is minutely relieved with the quick zip of my fly.

Licking my way to her outer lips, I give them some much needed attention, my tongue along with my needful cock wanting nothing more than to be inside. The tip of my tongue does more than tease her, the tentative swirls around her entrance summoning a distinctive sweetness. She tastes like honey, spread and sticky, coating the back of my throat. Eyes rolling into my head, I press my aching groin into the mattress, simultaneously sliding two fingers inside as my tongue slips up to wet her swollen nub.

It's obscene the way I hump the springs in the mattress, licking and lapping at the pink flesh, my fingers fucking her gently where my cock wants to be. With the flat of my tongue, I press hard against her clit, the pads of my fingers curling upward. My girl is so wound, I make her come with a silent fit, her limbs shaking violently as she attempts to pull away from my mouth. A few little licks and I crawl up her loosened body, the head of my cock sliding right into that juicy heat. Pushing all the way in, I groan into her hair, my lips silencing her shush as I pound my way to a much needed release.

Since having our girls, I've had to focus on control, not rushing to the finish before I've had my fill. Running my nose along her jawline, I bury it into her hair, trying with all my might to ignore the slippery goodness building between her spread legs. But the harder I pound, the wetter she gets, her thighs trembling in that telling way. Before I know it I'm drowning in a needful haze, my hips snapping forward as she sucks me in deeper. Balls tightening, they almost explode, the soft suction of her want milking me good, right into my release. The last thing I want to do is leave this place inside of her, but I'm tired, almost too weak to roll over beside of her.

Pulling the sheets up and around us, I pull her in closer, burying my nose back into her sea salty hair. The palm of my hand on her growing stomach, my mind is set on our two beautiful girls, my heart so full that it literally hurts, and I think that maybe it's a good thing the next two are going to be boys.

The motherfucking end.

Jonesn AN: Yeah. I like to rhyme sometimes. And sorry not sorry for the explicit out-of-nowhere language. This whole thing was just too damn sweet for my taste. Thank you all for reading and hanging in there while we sat around and kept you waiting :D

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