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It was a slightly chilly October evening when a group of young vampires made their way home after a long night of partying in various clubs. They laughed and teased each other, intoxicated from the alcohol consumed a little while earlier and the blood they had fed on from a few unsuspecting humans.

Not enough to kill them, of course, just the right amount to satisfy their natural needs.

Had they been more aware of their surroundings, maybe they would have noticed the dark figures luring in the shadows.

And perhaps they would have noticed a pair of cold and murderous eyes watching their every move, waiting, eagerly awaiting the moment he could bury his knife into each and everyone one of them. When he would be able to see them lying in a pool of their own blood, their lifeless eyes staring blankly ahea,-

"A pity, really."

His companion, who had stood beside him silently the whole time, suddenly commented quietly and affectively interrupted his thought process.

The other turned around to face the slightly older male with a crazy smile plastered across his face, a haughty laugh his only reply to the words uttered.

He faced the teenager group once more, hand reaching down and grabbing the knife he always carried with him.

"Yes indeed. So young, "he licks his knife, tongue gliding across the cold metal and he shivered in excitement, his eyes glinting with barely contained insanity "yet they won't live long enough to see the next day."


"Yes again. I was just informed. It seems the victims this time were a young group of teenagers and again they were from one of the great tribes."

An annoyed groan escaped the young male who had spoken first and his shoulders slumped. Frustrated he ran a hand through his jet black hair and sighed once more before he straightened and turned serious.

"This is getting out of hand, isn't it?"

"…For once I have to agree with you. And apparently he thinks the same. He called all of the heirs for a meeting."

The green haired male who just spoke adjusted his glasses and met the piercing gaze of the dark haired boy standing in front of him with his own calm one.

"Oh..? It's getting quite interesting~!"

"Tch. Another one…? Yes, I understand. We will be there shortly."

The black haired, blue eyed male ended the call with those words and sighed. It was the ninth time in one month people of the great tribes had been targeted and as a result brutally murdered.

"Hey, you idiot. We've got to get going. Get your ass over here already!"

He barked the orders at a blond standing several feet away with a horde of females surrounding the tall male. Hurriedly the blonde excused himself and ran over to his partner, a happy smile present on his face.

"Senpai, you could have said that nicer, you know~!" he whined loudly.

"Shut up. We've got a meeting so hurry it up."

"Ah! Wait, Yuki-senpai!"

"I told you not to call me that, bastard!"


"Ow, Senpai…"

The other didn't wait for him and continued walking, annoyance radiating off of him in waves.

"I'm huuungryyy~!"

"I told you, there's no time. We've been summoned, so let's go."


The black haired male sighed and looked up at the much taller, purple haired boy hovering over him, a half eaten chocolate bar hanging from his mouth and eyes pleading for another snack.

Seriously, for his height he really was acting like a five year old all too often. He sighed once more and reached into his pocket to pull out a pack of pocky.

"This will have to do until we're there, yes?"

The package was promptly ripped out of his grip by greedy hands.

"Thank you! I love you~!"

"Yes, yes. I know."

"It seems we've been called by him."

"Oh~? Is that so? Then we better hurry, ne~?"

"Yes, that would be the best choice if we do not wish to upset him."

A light blue haired boy turned to look back at the brown haired, and to his dismay also taller male accompanying him. Said male smiled pleasantly and walked past him.

"Then, let's have some fun, shall we~?"

A quiet sigh was all he got in response.

"D-Do you really think it's a good idea to call a-all of the heirs here?"

A light brown haired boy asked the red-head sitting across from him, a shougi-board on the table between them.

The others hand stilled above one of the figures and he slowly looked up, smiling a little with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"Are you questioning me, my love…?"

The first ones eyes widened and he held up his hands in front of him in a defensive gesture.

"N-No! That wasn't what I meant! I just…I'm worried is all. About everyone…especially you, even though I know you're the last person who needs someone like me to worry about but still I just can't help it I…"

He realized that he rambled and immediately stopped. He blushed a bright red and looked to the side, avoiding the piercing red and yellow eyes of the other. The redheads eyes softened and he moved one of the pieces on the board.

"Your blushing face is as adorable a sight as always." He chuckled softly, a barely audible sound.

"Your concern flatters me but you do not need to worry. I am, after all, always victorious. Losing isn't an option, no matter who dares to oppose me."

The other gently shook his head at the overconfidence in his words. It's not that he couldn't back it up though he supposed and prepared to make his next move. Not like he would win anyway.

"Soon we will make our move, Kouki."

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