One day at the time

Story based on Gail and Holly's storyline in the Rookie Blue with some additions and changes. I own nothing.

These past few weeks have been my personal hell. What was happening to me? All I could think of was that nerd Holly and her witty comments... and the kiss... Why on earth would she do something like that? She knows I'm straight... I didn't give her a reason to think otherwise, did I? Is it because I called her from the hospital when I was high on Oxy? Did I say something on Oxy? All I knew I had to keep some distance from her. It was the best idea. I had a lot of work, since some of the officers were down with flue and working undercover in some major drug bust case. I had no reason to go to the lab and see Holly. At least, that's what I thought. Two hours after I came to work Frank called me to his office...

''Peck, I need you to work with Dr. Stewart on some old cases. She needs to prepare for court. You were working these cases and you should brief her.''

Shoot me now...

''Yes, Sir.''

He stood up and came in front of me.

''Peck, for next two weeks you and Dr. Stewart are best friends, twins, always together ... I do not want to hear any complaints from her and her department. I know that you are trouble. Do not think for a minute that your parents connections will save your skin this time... Am I clear?''

''Yes, Sir...''

It seemed that Frank had no idea that Holly and me are... friends? so he decided to give me that speech on how should I behave. I was relieved that he knew nothing of me and Holy. That meant I had time to figure out what we are without anybody being in my business. On my way to the morgue, I grabbed some coffee and some food. She loved her some food when she has to work and concentrate. She was examining the body when I arrived. Her face was serious and she was bighting her lip. Something was not as she expected. She was so cute and I spent some time just observing her from the door. She lifted her head and seen me there.

'' Officer Peck !''

''Dr. Lunchbox...''

''Ah, always such a charmer...''

'' Zip it... I came barring food and coffee...''

She smiled at me. I took my usual place and waited for her to finish examining that body. Hour later, she took off her gloves and turned to me.

''Let's eat...''

She was so happy to see the food. She looked like a little child about to get something they like. She was happy with small things and knew how to have fun. She took some bights and a heard her moan.

''This is amazing... I love this..''

''How can you eat after cutting that man into pieces?''

''Oh, I am used to it... It has nothing to do with my work... I have my cravings and needs regardless of the bodies I work on...''

She looked so innocent saying all these things. It made me laugh.

'' Lunchbox, you are morbid...But I like you...''

''Thank you...I think...''

Awkward silence. I just realized what I said... I told her I like her... Oh, God...


''So, we have two weeks to prepare me for two trails. I was told we are only working on these two bad boys and nothing else. Shall we beguine?''


I sat next to her and opened first case file.

''O.K. Neighbors heard some noise and sounds of violence and someone made the call. I took the call and found victim in the pool of blood and Mr. Harris with the knife in his hands. His hands and shirt were covered in blood, knife in his hand and he kept repeating it was all his fault. You have Dr. Hill's report and I leave that to you to see what he wrote. That is you aria. I am not good with big nerdy words.''

'' I take it as a compliment... You think I'm smart...''

''No, you just use lots of complicated words to seam smart...''

''Ouch... That hurt...''

''Live with it Lunchbox...''

We were going though the case, when one of her interns came. She was lost and I had no idea how someone that stupid could work in this place. Holly spent twenty minutes explaining something to that girl and she still looked like dear caught in the headlights. She was very patient, she kept talking to the girl and after some time she said she will do it later. There was no way this girl was ever going to understand what Holly asked her to do. Few minutes later, some other intern came and I was sick of interruptions. She smiled and told me to be patient and let other work to. After interns, our phones started to ring every five minutes and I lost it. I wanted to finish this and do it right. I jumped from the chair and turned to Holly.

''O.K. Lunchbox, how long will it take you to pack a bag and be ready to leave the town?''

''What? Leave town? But we are working...''

''No we are not. We are being interrupted every five minutes... My family has a house on a lake just an hour from here. We can work there...''

''Oh, you want to have your way with me...''

''No, I just want to make sure that I have somewhere to dump your body. If I dismember you the right way, bears might eat you and I am clear and free...''

''You are not reading my forensic journals anymore...''

''Why? You gave me so many ideas...''


She looked around the morgue and then back at me.

''I need and hour here. I have to tell my boss that I am leaving, tell my interns what to do and see some other things. It is 10 AM . Pick me up at my house at noone. Is that enough time for you to get ready?''

''Yes. See you then. Text me the address...''


I went back to the station to talk to Frank and after that I went to change my chlods. I was alone so I had some time to process what was going on.

Why on earth did I invite her to the lake house? What was I thinking? That is the most romantic place I have ever been and now I am taking HER there... Good job avoiding her and killing the confusion and some weird new feelings. Good job Gail!

My thoughts were interrupted by Dov and Chris.

''Peck, you lucky...ah!''


''Two weeks with sexy doctor on the lake... I envy you so much.''


''Oh, Chris... She does not get it... She is too much into men to understand why are you jealous of her...''

Then he turned to me...

''You see... Dr Stewart is hot as hell and any men would kill for some time alone with her. Unfortunately, she is too professional , so she doesn't date man she works with...''

''Oh, my God!''

I started laughing so hard that I felt some tears gliding down my face...


''She does not date men because she is professional? Oh, that is precious...''

''What are you saying? Why did she say no to us?''

''Because she is...''

I stopped myself. I had no right to out her to anyone. I didn't know was she out at work...

''She is what?''

Dov was impatient and so was Chris.

''She is seeing someone...''

Nice job Gail!

''She is?''


''Oh, she didn't tell us...''


Our conversation was interrupted by Holly.

''Hey, I was wondering... Oh hey...''

''Hey Holly...''

''Gail, I was wondering could you give me the ride home? My mom borrowed my car... We could go to your place and I can wait for you to pack, than to mine, than to shopping and finally to the house... O.K. with you?''

''Yes, sure... I'm done here... Let's go...''

The ride was awkward. We didn't speak much. She was looking at one spot and I was concentrated on the road. I packed wery fast and then we went to her house. I was surprised how much it reminded me of her. Shelves were full of SF books. Nerd... Everything was neat and in perfect order. Her room was in pastel colors and it seemed like it could end in some magazines. She knew I come from money, who my parents are, but I knew nothing of her. It was clear that her building had very strong severance, that this apartment is not cheap. She was talking about some trivial things and complaining that a girl needs more time to pack and that the fact that she is a lesbian doesn't mean that she can pack in ten minutes. She started talking about fleece, flannel and some other things. I interrupted her toughs with simple question...

''Holly, who are you? Who are your parents?''

She took a deep breath.

''I waited for this...''

''Oh, O.K.''

''Can we not talk about it... I promise that you will get your answers. I just do not like to talk about my family...''

''I can relate to that...''

''I know...''

She finished packing and we were in the car. The tension existed but we pretended it is all O.K. I am police officer, I had to dig to the very core of the truth and it was killing me not to know about her parents and who she is. She looked at me and said.

''You will not be at peace until I tell you?''

''Sorry... I will respect your privacy... I promise. ''

''Thank you..I just need some more time. ''

I took her hand and held it for some time. We stopped at the supermarket parkingloat and went in. We got enough food and alcohol to last us a month. Ride to the house was quiet. We both had things occupying our minds. I put her identity on side and concentrated on the fact that we will spent two weeks alone and that I might have some feelings for her. Hour later we arrived to our destination. She left the car and took in the view.

''This is... Wow!''

House was big, Victorian style and had eight bedrooms. Lake was very near the house and pine treas gave the air special and pleasant smell.

''I take it you approve of the house Stewart?''

''Absolutely Peck. I think I could live here...''

''Yeah... My grandparents lived here.. I spent many summers running around and having so much fun. Let's get our things in the house.''

''Gail, do you mind sharing the room? ''

No, no, nooooooo...

''No, It's fine...''

I got our bags in my grandparents room. It was my favorite room in the house. It had enormous bed and fireplace. After we left our bags in the room, we returned to the car to take the food out. She stocked the fridge and I got electricity and water on. We decided to take this day off and just enjoy. I took her for a walk and we talked about things. I opened the bottle of some good wine and we sat on the porch.

''That night you came to pick me up from the hospital...''


'' I had a rough moment with Andy. She told me she and Nick slept together...''

''Nick, as in your ex?''

''Yes, as in my ex...''

'' How do you feel?''

'' I honestly do not know... I do not love him. I don't think I ever have...But... She was supposed to be my friend... You do not sleep with your friends ex... You do not fall in love with your girlfriends friend...''

''I agree, but sometimes...we can't help who we fall in love with...''

''You are lucky, girls play by the rules...''

She started laughing and almost spilt her wine.

''No, when it comes to love, we all play by the same rules.''

She looked at me and I noticed she was trying to explain better.

'' It doesn't matter if you date boy or a girl. You can get cheated on just the same. There are no differences in game of love... It's all the same...''

''Why did your last relationship end?''

''I dated to normal person for my way of living.''

''What do you mean?''

''Marina was a teacher. She worked with second grade kids. Her life was full of colors, smiles, funny stories of children's comments, questions. She was full of positive energy and her world was perfect. On the other hand, I was a med student. Always in rush, always looking at things from a different prospective. She wanted me to be pediatrician, but I knew that forensic pathology was mu call. I was always fascinated with death and what leads to it. She didn't understand. She believes that doctors save lives, not butcher bodies. She would get sick looking at some of my pictures in the books or reports. We grew apart...''

''Did you love her?''

''Long time ago. Later it just became habit.''

''I felt the same with Nick. It was safe, because I knew him and I believed he could not hurt me.''

''We all had one of those loves, but I believe that there is someone who can make this life so much better and more fun. I see what life can do to people, you too...But I know that even under all of those walls and layers is a nice person who wants love and happy ending...''

''Don't push it Lunchbox...''

''Let's go to bed. We have work to do in next few days... And I am very sure we are going to have wicked hangover tomorrow.''

She was right. My head hurt so badly and for the first few hours aspirin and coffee were my best friends. I had trouble sleeping. She was next to me and I felt so out of my comfort zone. I wanted to hold her or be held by her. All I could think of is her body, smell of her hair and that look over the glasses. She was killing me. In next few days we were all about work. We worked until we were exsosted. We finished resuming second case in one day and had some serious arguments about the first case. She claimed that stab wounds were inconsistent with notes in the case. She was talking about angles and depth of the wounds. She had some crazy idea that we have wrong men on trial. She gave me some very god arguments to start believing her crazy theories.

''We have to go back and exhume the body.''

''You are crazy.''

''Am not...''

''Yes, you are... Department is going to go crazy after you call them. Some officers got promoted after this case...''

''I believe justice is more important than promotions...''

''I know...But be prepared...''

''I'm a big girl Peck...''

''I know...''

I liked her when she was cocky. Her sexy smirk was always on when she was in this mood. She sent some e-mails asking about exhumation and then went to make dinner. She made pasta with shrimps and I opened the wine we kept for big revelations.

''Holly, how did you know?''

''Know what?''

''That you... You know...''

She knew what I wanted to ask, but she liked touchoring me and making me say things.

''No, I don't... What do you want to know?''

''How did you know you like girls?''

She smiled... I liked that smile. But in that moment I felt jealous of the memory and the girl she was about to mention...