Holly and I got all the necessary paper work for me to start working in the lab. Frank knew all but he kept quiet because we didn't want anyone to know about it. Less the others knew, less chance we had for my mother to sabotage my transfer .It was all done and signed when my mother started playing her revenge game. Over the night Frank was demoted and Brian was placed at his position. Officers were surprised at first and then very angry. Some of them were angry at my mother and some at me. They blamed me for his demotion. Frank, Noelle and my friends knew that was all mama Peck so I had their support.

''This is your new boss. I want to warn you he will not tolerate all the things Frank did. He is an amazing cop and he will get this unit in order.''

She looked at me. I knew something is coming my way...

''He will also put some of you in line and make this unit presentable. Certain behaviors will not be tolerated.''

I was so angry, but I knew I had to play it cool.

''Well, since it is a day for the big news, I have some of them...''

I turned to my mother and Brian... I took off my badge and placed my gun on the table.

''This was my last shift in this department. Starting the next week you will see me in the lab. I decided to peruse my passion and turned to working in the lab. Holly and I will make a small celebration at the lake house and you are invited. ''

My mother was boiling with anger... I ruined her plan to have me working under Brian. She had no idea that I would go back to working in the lab. I was aware that Holly would mind me working with him after the proposal and all that happened... There was one more small detail, in the lab she couldn't touch me. My boss was person who hated my mother more than I did... It was my aunt, her sister... Peters girls did good for themselves. One was superintendant and other was chef medical examiner. Because of their very bad relationship, no one knew they were sisters. What can I say, I have fucked up family but my aunt rocks. Holly had a crush on her from the first moment she entered the lab. She was older version of me, but unfortunately for Holly she REALLY is straight. Used to tease her for my aunt but she didn't find it amusing after some time. On the weekend boys and the rest of our friends helped me clean the lake house and move some of the things there. Holly chased online furniture for the boys rooms and Oliver and Sam assembled them .Andy and Marlowe helped paint the rooms and I loved them. They even painted Rebecca's room to so she would also have drawings on her walls. I loved what they did with the house. Holly called me and told me to send everybody to the hospital because Tracy was in labor. We were all very excited to meet new member of the Peck pack especially Steve. He was so nervous and cute. Holly just observed him and smiled at me.

''You will be worse than him...''

''Will not... You are having a C section. That is scheduled and I can bee in the room.''

''No, you will not. You shouldn't do that to yourself. I do not want you to see how it looks like...''

''But I want to be there for you...''

''You will be... After everything is done...''

''I don't like it...''

''Gail, they are going to open up my stomach, there will be a lot of blood and it will look bad and you will think that something much worse is going on than it really is...''

''Baby, I just want to help...''

''I need you to stay away from there and just see us when it is done.''


She kissed the tip of my nose and smiled at me. Two hours later a nurse came to informed us that Tracy and baby girl are good and healthy. Steve went to see them right away and we waited for some time. They needed time to bond with the baby. My dad came later with Leo who was very proud to be big brother. They named her Jenna Marie Peck. Holly was such a softie. She cried her eyes out because baby had her middle name. She held her before me. I pretended to be insulted but it didn't work. I couldn't take off my grin. I was so proud. This proved that Holly is really part of the family. Peck pack has changed. I never in a million years believed that my mother would be the one excluded from it all. Holly held her and smiled at me. She is nice mixture between her parents, but she has your eyes... She had more than my eyes. She had my attitude. She had my intolerance to the world and she adored Holly. On that first day she wanted to be just in her and Tracy's arms. She was nice in mine, but cried when anyone else took her. I was in love with Steve's baby.

''Yap, this one is Gail...Maybe we gave her wrong first name...''

''I have to agree. Let's find the nurse and change her name into Gail...''

''You are joking? Another grumpy Gail? That's just what this world needs.''

After Dov made that comment, baby opened her eyes and gave him very Gail Peck look.

''I'm afraid my friends they have created a monster...Just like the aunt...''

''Lucky for us we have Holly. She is some sort of Gail whisperer...''

Oliver sometimes knew how to make us laugh with his comments. But in a way he was right. Holly knew how to treat me and calm me and I was grateful for that.

''Shut up!''

''Don't be angry. He is right. You are pain in the butt.''

''But I'm your pain in the butt.''

Dov looked at us with discussed face.

''That was horrible...''

''Shut up!''

After some time we went home. Rebecca was very happy to see us. We put her to bed and wet to sleep a bit after her. This was an exciting day. Next day was my first in the lab. I was very nervous and wanted to make my wife and aunt proud. Holly told me to relax and try not to think too much. I spent big part of the niter awake thinking about new job and new memories to be created. I was glad I am far from Brian and my mother, but I missed my friends. We made a deal to meet every time we can at penny or at someone's home. Next dinner was planned for Saturday at Oliver's house. We were happy to go there and see them all. When we got to work I've got my lab coat and uniform. It felt weird to where it but on the other hand I felt more serious. I had one little surprise for Holly. She was getting changed in their part of the locker room so she hasn't seen me in my new uniform.

''Dr. Stewart...''

She turned and had very sexy and mean look.

''My, my, my... Dr. Peck...in uniformed and with GLASESS... Someone might say you look...''



''Like it?''

''Love it... Definitely my type of woman... Lab coat and glasses...''

''Than how come you married me and I was a cop?''

''A girl can dream... I always wanted to see you in the lab coat and with glasses. Just never imagined you would really be a doctor and work in the lab...''

''Love you nerd...''

She took off her glasses...

''Who is nerd now?''

''You are. Put them back. You're blind as bat without them...''

''I hate you Peck...''

''It's Dr. Peck for you...''

'' Uuuu... Dr. Peck... How hot that is... Well, could I make an appointment with your doctor...?''

''Sorry, not that kind of doctor...''

''Don't worry. You can see to my needs regardless of you field of expertise...''

''Let's go to work. I don't want to be late...''

We kissed and each went her own way. I was greeted by my superior, Dr. Anna Pain. She was in her forties ,tall read heard and green eyed woman. She was excellent in her field and I was honored to work with her. I had so much to learn. I spent first part of the day with her showing the ropes of the lab and current cases. I was familiar with some of them because of my police work so I knew more that my colleges in the lab. I was assigned two cases and started working on the evidence. Around noon Holly came to take me to lunch. We had lunch with some of our friends from the station and returned to work. My shift ended around four and we went home. Rebecca was with sitter and they had so much fun. She told us what they did and how much fun they had. I missed her so much. Next few weeks had same reteam for me but Holly started feeling less able to work. I got her to take her maternity leave and she was at home with sitter and Rebecca. Two weeks after she stopped working, our sitter called to tell that she was on her way to the hospital. Holly was in labor. I called Steve and he came to pick me up. Forty minutes after the call Holly had our sons. I was so nervous. Doctor told me all went good and I was so relived. I got to see her first because babies were early so they had to check them up. She was waking up and she seemed fine.


''Hey mama...''

''How are they?''

''I don't know yet... They will come soon to tell us. How are you?''

''In pain...''

''Oh, now comes the best part...Painkillers...''

''You really have thing for meds...First Oxy and now...other pain killers...''

''Hey, I was in pain...''

''I know...''

I sat beside her and held her hand...

'' I'm so glad you are Ok.''

''I know... My panicky wife..''

''I just don't want to lose you again...''

''I'm here Peck...''

I kissed her and she smiled to me...

''You are hot when you are on drugs...''

''You are blurry when I don't have my glasses...''

There was a small knock. My dad entered the room with basket of white roses...

''Thank you for such a beautiful boys...''

''You're welcome...''

''Gail, they are so tiny and cute... And definitely with your character. One of them is crying very loud and other is giving the look to anyone who comes near... I think Rebecca will be my favorite because she has no genes of yours...''

''Thank you dad... I'm not that bad...''

''Baby, I'm to dunged to lie...''

Our discussion was interrupted by nurse caring our babies.

''Here you are...''

I took one and Holly took the other baby. They were amazing. So cute and perfect. They were different than Rebecca. They were blond with big blue eyes , Peck boys... My mother would be proud. That thought erased my smile.

''What's wrong?''


''Thinking about your mom?''


''It's her loss..''

''It is so sad... I have three children and they have only one grandfather... My mother and your parents suck...''

''They do... But we have our little family and friends. Be happy baby... We are loved and not alone...''

I looked at the door and all of our friends were there. They all came to support us and my heart was full. If someone told me ten years ago that I would be married to a woman, working in a lab and having three children I would say that person is crazy... But, it somehow happened and my life is full and amazing... And it was all because of one nerd with a lunchbox..