Nick Amaro had doggedly followed Rafael Barba to the elevator even though the latter wanted nothing more than to escape from the SVU squad room and the angry detective. The resulting argument between the two men had been heated and accusations had been cast in earnest.

"Are we done?" Barba asked rhetorically when the elevator reached their floor. He turned away from Amaro and sauntered into the empty elevator. As Amaro watched Barba flee from the truth, he felt dissatisfied and decided to pursue the counselor into the elevator. Much to Barba's annoyance Amaro managed to snake between the closing doors in one swift movement.

"Are you driving me to the DA's office, detective?" Barba suggested in an effort to control his temper.

Amaro turned to face Barba. Barba waited for Amaro to say something, but before words could be exchanged the younger man did something that would leave both men speechless. Barba felt the warm heat of Amaro's lips forcefully press onto his mouth. Amaro cradled Barba's face in his strong hands to ensure that the shorter man would not be able to pull away. Barba was stunned and momentarily lost the ability to move, perhaps because he found Amaro's rough lips touching his own lips to be a pleasant sensation.

When Amaro finally pulled away he was breathing heavily, overcome by his boldness. Amaro was just as surprised with himself as Barba was. Barba was about to speak his mind when the lights in the elevator suddenly went out.

Rafael woke up in a cold sweat. His mind began reeling from his unconscious reflections. He looked over at the alarm clock. It was only 4 in the morning. Rafael drew the covers around him tightly to stave off the October chill. He tried to fall back asleep but dreaming about Nick Amaro in such a fashion had unsettled him. Rafael would not sleep that night.