Alright, I usually write Digimon Fanfics, but since Bass EXE turned out to be my second favorite anime character (the first being the Digimon Beelzemon), I just had to write this fic. It takes place after MegaMan Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar and Falzar and I'll combine the elements of the game series, anime and manga. I didn't really play the game to the end (I'm still stuck fighting Falzar) but I kinda felt sad when I realized the adventure will soon be over, as I had the feeling that it needed to be continued. That's why I came up with this fic, which is focusing more on Bass and his backround. I'll be using the English names of the characters (except a character needs an alias, then I'll use the japaneese names - am, you'll see it).

I'll appreciate any review, but please, no flames. (Or comments regarding my vocabulary and grammar).

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File 01:

The Alpha Revolt

(12 years before...)

A little girl looked curiously at the computer in front of her. She was five, yet she somehow managed to start it. There were several icons, leading to different files, folders and programs.

"Why's it empty?" she asked, visibly dissapointed. She was searching for something, but apperantly didn't find it.

She had brown hair, tied in a ponytail with a red ribbon and rust-red eyes. She wore a black T-shirt with a red cherry print on it and a white skirt and sneakers.

"Kyouko, what are you doing?"

Kyouko spun the computer chair on which she was sitting and looked at the woman who was standing in front of her. She wore a purple T-shirt with several silver star prints and blue jeans. She had short long brown hair and blue eyes.

"I just was curious, mummy. I wanted to see if daddy brought my NetNavi." said Kyouko innocently. She even put the tip of her forefinger in her mouth, looking at her mother. She knew that the puppy face she made was her mother's weak spot.

Maybe she was only five years old, but heck, Kyouko was smart.

Rizumi Asashina smiled and crouched, reaching Kyouko's height.

"You know as well as I do that your daddy's friend is still working on your special NetNavi." Rizumi blinked. "But you'll soon get him."

"How soon?" asked Kyouko impatiently.

"I'm not sure. But, you know that daddy always holds his promise." said Rizumi. She then looked at the computer. "But I still wonder how did you managed to start it. As much as I remember, your father put a password on it."

"You mean those six stars?" asked Kyouko and smiled, crossing her hands on her back. "I just practiced writing my name."

Rizumi sighed and smiled. Kyouko managed to surprise her everyday. It seemed like she had a talent for computers as she usually spend her days asking her father or her mother about the network, about programs, and what really interesed her, NetNavis.

Her father, Dr. Asashina Yukano, was working at the SciLabs where he programed and tested out security and antivirus programs. Yukano usually never spoke of his projects, except when he was complaining about the hard work or about his co-workers. Once Kyouko heared about the NetNavis, she pleaded and begged her father to bring her one. Since Yukano worked alongside a man who was working on an another project based on creating NetNavis, he suggested him to make a special Navi for his daughter.

Apperantly, the man, Dr. Cossack agreed.

"Are you going to play the bus gueth-ar..., am, what was it called again?" asked Kyouko.

"You mean, my bass guitar? Okay, what should I play?" Rizumi rolled her eyes. Kyouko maybe could memorize everything about the network, but she still had problems with learning what each instrument is called. For example, she calles the xylophone 'xylapone'. Yes, there was still a long way till the girl would learn to properly name music instruments.

"Play, mmm... Moon Lullybay!" said Kyouko.

"You mean, 'lullaby'." Rizumi corrected her. "Okay."

Rizumi went with Kyouko into the living room and took her guitar. Her fingers glided across the strings and sweet sounding music covered the room. Kyouko enjoyed it.

Rizumi's parents wanted her to study medicine, but she was far more interested into music. She was once a memeber of a band and had traveled across the world until she met Yukano, with whom she fell in love. She then deceided to give up her dream of becoming a famous musician in favor of becoming a music teacher in an elementary school. That way, she could spend more time with her family.

Rizumi and Yukano never planned to teach Kyouko things which were far too complicated and too hard for her age. Yet, Kyouko turned out to be much smarter then she should be for her age, and showed interest in both music and the network. She already knew how to play a few chords on the guitar and she always practiced it. She also was good in breaking into her father's computer or hacking.

She was simply curious.

Rizumi wasn't sure if she should send Kyouko to a school for gifted kids. She didn't want to put Kyouko under pressure, so she deceided, along with her houseband, that they'll treat Kyouko just like a normal child, until Kyouko is old enough to deceide herself what she'll do.

Suddenly, the phone started to ring.

Rizumi stopped playing and reached for it.

"Yes?" she smiled and gave it to Kyouko. "It's for you. Daddy's calling."

"Hi, daddy! 'sup?" she asked.

"I just called you to hear what name you want to give your Navi. Apperantly, no Navi can exist without a proper name." Yukano joked.

"A name?" Kyouko didn't thought about it. She wasn't sure how she'll call her new virtual friend since she thought he already would have a name. She looked around the room, like it would provide her the answer she searched for. Finally, her eyes shifted to the guitar Rizumi held. Kyouko smiled.

"I want to call him Bass. Bass. EXE."


(Several weeks leater...)

Kyouko was crying. She tried to hold her tears back, but yet, they were flowing down her cheeks. Her parents were with her, her father being the one who told her the bad new.

"Why?!" was the only thing she managed to say. Yukano sighed.

It broke his heart when he saw his daughter in such shape. He was angry at the Officals. If they gave him just more time, he would've find out what had caused the malfunction in the network. But no, they just had to aim all their Elite Corps Navis against the AutoNavi Dr. Cossack was working on. Yukano didn't know who told the Officals Bass was responsible for the malfunction of the devices connected to Alpha, but he was pretty sure Bass wasn't the case.

He'd been spending days and days on trying to find out what the real reason was. However, his time was up and the Officals already deceided they'd delete Bass.

And now, because of a stupid rumour, an innocent Navi was gone.

"Everything will be fine..." he whispered, patting Kyouko's head. "If you want, I could get you an another-"

"No! I don't want any other Navi!" Kyouko cried out loudly. "It'll be either Bass, or no one!"

Yukano sighed. It was too late now, but still, there was a spark of hope in his mind.

Hope, that the AutoNavi managed to survive. After all, he was created to be able to survive without a NetOp. Also, his friend, Dr. Cossack, got arrested because of the accusation that Bass turned disloyal and caused chaos in the net, which annoyed Yukano even more. He hoped he'd manage to, at least, free Cossack, if he couldn't save the Navi.

Suddenly, the telephone started to ring. Yukano picked it up and listened to the man on the other side. He seemed to be in panic.

"Dr. Asashina... the Alpha program..." said the man, Dr. Asashina's assistant.

"Yes, what happened?" asked Yukano.

"It,'s alive!" replied the assistant in panic.

"What? What are you talking about? Calm down and tell me what happened." said Yukano.

"All devices connected to Alpha got overloaded and destroyed. And Alpha is- it's devouring the CyberWorld!" said the assistant.

"What?!" Yukano's eyes wided. "How is that possible? I thought out security programs are strong enough to fend off any virus or bug."

After all, Yukano was the one who was working on those security programs and he was damn confident that his security program were the best and would never let a bug or a virus into the system. Till now.

"I'm not sure. Someone turned all security programs down. P-please, come... we need your help." said the assistant.

"I'm coming." Yukano frowned.


(A week leater...)

Yukano slammed his hand against the table in frustration, as he saw the report. Thanks to Tadashi Hikari, Alpha was sealed away. It turned out that it was full of bugs and caused the malfunction for which Bass was accused. However, it was late now to save the Navi. Dr. Cossack was freed and helped Yukano with the security programs. According to the report Yukano's assistant made, someone indeed turned all security, antivirus and firewall programs down, which let Alpha feed on the viruses and bugs which were in the Net.

"Seems like someone had caused the malfunction intentionally." said Yukano. He gritted his teeth and turned to his assistant. "Try to find out who was checking the security programs in the past few weeks."

His assistant nodded and walked away.


Yukano lift his head and turned his attention to Rizumi and Kyouko who were standing at the entrance. Kyouko's eyes were again full with tears. Yukano walked over to his daughter and patted her head.

"I'm really, really sorry, Kyouko." he said. "I wish I could've done something, anything, to save Bass."

"He was programed to be able to survive, right?" asked Kyouko. "Right, daddy? Bass is strong. Dr. Cossack made him strong. Stronger than any Navi that exists. Stronger than any virus that exists."

Yukano had no idea what to say. He didn't want to shatter any of Kyouko's hopes that the AutoNavi somehow managed to survive the assault of the Navi Elite Corpses. He read the report and it stood that the Navi Elite Corpses left him while he was on the brink of deletion. There didn't stand anything that the deletion had been sucessful. Still, Yukano doubted that the Navi had survived it. Dr. Cossack already lost all hopes that Bass was still alive.

"Don't worry. I'll try to find him. I promise. If he's still alive, I'll find him." Yukano told his daughter. Kyouko nodded.

"Can we now go home?" asked Rizumi. Yukano nodded.


Yukano was driving his family home. The thought that someone turned down all the security programs to let Alpha rampage was still fresh in his mind. He wondered who might it be. There were only few people who had the acces to the programs, himself included. He mentally eliminated a person after person, trying to find out who might be responsible.

Kyouko was meanwhile sitting in the luggage compartment of the car, the tip of her head being the only thing which poke out. She didn't want to sit on the back seat, as she felt a lot of safer being in the luggage. It was some sort of safe spot for her. Her parents knew that, once Kyouko had something in mind, they couldn't stop her from doing that, so they let her there. She was in some sort of blank state, without any thoughts in her mind and with an indifferent, blank expression on her face. She sighed, and then looked up, through the back window of the van.

She saw a black car following them. She could swear she saw it before, at the SciLabs.

"Daddy, why is this car following us?" she asked.

Yukano looked at the back mirror and saw also the black car. He recognized it.

"But, that's...!" his eyes wided.

However, before he could finish the sentence, the black car drove past him and stopped in front of him.

Kyouko suddenly closed her eyes, wraping her arms around her knees, as if she knew what was following.

Suddenly, there was a loud squeaking noise heared. Followed by a loud crash.

Then, everything turned black.