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File 08:


Kyouko was at her room, pretty frustrated. Since what Luna told her, she was anoxius. She couldn't remember anything, which made her angry. But at the end, she couldn't do anything about it. She had amnesia and spent a good time convincing 'everyone' (namely Bass) she didn't fake it. It seemed like Luna knew her from before; she knew why Kyouko had amnesia. So, if they find Luna, they will also find out more about Kyouko's past.

The problem was: they had no idea where Luna currently is.

Bass, once he got the password for Kyouko's homepage, created a (Kyouko's opinion) very irritating habit to dissapear and appear in her computer whenever he wanted. Though Kyouko agreed that he has his own freedom, she didn't imagine it like this: she wants to tell him something and leans towards the screen only to discover he's gone again.

Bass cared little about how Kyouko felt. His new goal was to find out where Luna is, get the info he wanted from her and kill her as a reward.

"Uncle Cossak told me what Luna searched for in the Sci-Labs." said Kyouko, as she realized the Navi's back. Bass rose his head in curiosty.

"What?" he asked.

"Some old document about my dad's researches which was kept at the archives." said Kyouko. "Also, the program which Luna copied from the satelite was a program which turned data into electromagnetic wave signals."

"I get the program, but why would she search for the documentary about Dr. Asashina?" said Bass.

"No idea." Kyouko shrugged. "Dad worked on antivirus programs. Who knows, maybe they wanted to upgrade their antivirus program?" she chuckled, but frowned once Bass showed no sign of humor.

They got then interupted by an E-Mail. Kyouko opened it, reading it aloud.

"To: Kyouko Asashina. You were chosen to participate in a special exam. To compete at it, come at 13.30 PM to Akihara High School, classroom 3-B. Signed: Prof. L."

"Aw, com'n! It's sunday! I don't want to go to school on sunday. And especially not participate in some sort of exam." Kyouko groaned. "Also, there's no teacher in the school whose name or surname starts with L. Or at least, any teacher I know."

"I smell a rat." said Bass. Kyouko looked at the Navi and then at the message.

"It may be a prank." she said. "Still, I think we should check it. Something tells me that there's more behind this message."


"Finished!" Lan sighed. Since he forgot to do his homework last week as well as got late to class, he got a detention. That detention consisted of cleaning all the classrooms of the Akihara High School, but only the Jr. section.

"Good. Now store away the cleaning equipment. And don't dare to again arrive late to school." said Mr. Tasagi, a slim, glasses wearing man and his homeroom teacher.

"I definetly won't forget that." muttered Lan. Mr. Tasagi exited the classroom. Lan stretched.

"How many times did I warn you about getting late to school? The teachers in High School are much more strict then Mrs. Mari or Mr. Mach were." said Megaman.

"I kinda miss the old times at Elementary." said Lan. "At least, I didn't have to do everything alone."

He then exited the classroom and pushed the cart down the corridor. He suddenly heared the front door openinig and steps. Someone was in a hurry.

"Hey, Megaman, do you hear that?" asked Lan.

"Maybe it's Mr. Tasagi. He probably forgot something." said Megaman. Lan shrugged.



Kyouko navigated through the empty school. The Akihara High School had two sections: one for Junior High School students and one for Senior High School students. She was hurring towards the Senior section as she heared steps. Someone was also in the school. She turned to the path where she heared the steps.

"Alright, this is it." Lan sighed in relief. He froze as in front of his nose the upper part of a broom appeared. "Ack!"

"Hikari! Ugh, are you following me around or what?!" Kyouko yelled at him. She expected to find the person who send her the message and she was quite sure it wasn't Lan.

"Detention." Lan replied. "What about you?"

"Someone send me a message about some exam in the school." said Kyouko, lowering the broom.

"Are you sure it ain't a prank?" asked Lan.

"Nope. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's a trap." said Kyouko.

"If you know that it's a trap, why are you walking right into it?" asked Lan, completely confused.

"Coz that way, I'm gonna find out who send me the message." replied Kyouko and glanced at the clock at the end of the hall. "5 minutes."

"For what?" asked Lan. Kyouko ignored the boy and walked down the corridor towards the classroom 3-B. Lan sweatdropped and followed her. "What's the matter?"

"You're annoying." said Kyouko. "Keep your nose outta other people's stuff."

"Is that because of Luna?" asked Lan. Kyouko didn't answer.

"Didn't you say you don't have a NetNavi?" asked Lan again.

"Would you SHUT UP!" Kyouko yelled at him.

"Lan, I think you really should stop asking questions." said Megaman.

"You'd better listen to your Navi." said Kyouko as they entered the classroom. The blackboard computer was on and they saw a familiar face on it.

"So, you deceided to come and participate in my little exam?" said Luna. "Exellent."

"The primary idea was to kill you." said Bass.

"Now, that's rude. And I overworked myself by prepearing that bomb..." Luna grined toothly.

"What are you talking about?" asked Kyouko.

"Your exam is to find a bomb in the school net. If you don't, it will destroy the whole school network as well as the school itself." said Luna.

"You gotta be kidding!" Lan's jaw dropped as he stared in disbelief at Luna. Kyouko was rather calm. She crossed her arms, glaring at Luna.

"And what if we find it?" she asked.

"I'd be then so free to tell you a little part of your past." said Luna. "Since you cannot remember it."

"Why would you want to tell me about my past?" asked Kyouko.

"Oh, that's my personal thing." said Luna. "I'll give you 15 minutes or else... KA-BOOM!"

She then dissapeared. On the blackboard appeared a clock countdown.

"She's nuts! We'll never manage to find the bomb in less then 15 minutes!" said Lan, slowly panicking. "This school is huge! It can be everywhere!"

"Lan, calm down!" said Megaman. "Don't worry, everything'll be alright."

"Ya know, Hikari, I thought you'd be tougher." said Kyouko with a sly smirk.

"Huh?" Lan looked confused towards her.

"Nevermind." she sighed and walked out of the classroom, pretty relaxed.

"Hey, wait!" Lan yelled, following her. "We gotta find that bomb!"

"I already know where it is." said Kyouko.

"You do?!" Megaman and Lan said in unsion.

"The bomb is placed somewhere in the network. Luna said she wanted to blow up the school system, along with the school. Since the school system has programs which protect the computers from being hacked and such things, the only way to acess each computer is from the computer in the principal's room. And that's where I'm going." said Kyouko.

"How do you know it?" asked Lan.

"Well... I kinda got familiar with the school system." Kyouko giggled. Lan sweatdropped.

"I don't get it, why did she plant a bomb in the school anyway?" asked Lan.

"Like said, it's a trap. And we are her targets." said Kyouko.


"I meant me and Bass. You're just a kid in the wrong place at the wrong time." replied Kyouko. Lan sweatdropped and frowned.

"Thanks to that fact, I managed to save the world several times." he said.

"Oh, really?" Kyouko was completely uninterested. "You have to make up something better to impress me."

"Wh-what?!" Lan turned to his Navi. "Megaman tell her what I did is true!"

The Navi appeared as a little hologram on Lan's shoulder.

"Lan, I really think we should concentrate on that bomb." said Megaman, sweatdropping.

"We still have ten minutes left." said Kyouko.

"Like said, we should hurry up..." Megaman got cut off by his Operator. Lan was a stubborn boy and he didn't want to give up yet.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked. "I know that you and Bass are allies, maybe there's even more behind it. I know that Luna targeted you because of something from your past. And I know that I won't stop annoying you until you tell me what's going on."

Kyouko was a little bit surprised by Lan's fierence determination. She was stubborn as well and she would also pursue her goal to the end just as he did. Her D-Tech shone and flickered as a little hologram 3D of Bass appeared on Kyouko's shoulder.

"You're brave, yet foolish." he hissed. Kyouko sighed. On her lips formed a sly smirk.

"Maybe I'll tell you once what's going on. Now's not the right moment." she said and kept on walking to the principal's office. Lan sulked, but followed her.

"You know, I thought you hate humans." said Megaman, turning towards Bass.

"I still do." Bass coldly replied.

"And what about her?" asked Lan.

"That's private stuff." Kyouko replied. She then slammed the principal's office door open, entering the room.

Kyouko sat on the chair in front of the computer, which was turned on and started to type in a few commands. The screen showed a countdown timer, with less then 3 minutes left. After some speedy typing on the keyboard, she managed to shut it down.

"This was easy." she said, as her eyes narrowed. "Too easy."

"Boo-hoo-hoo, you managed to shut down my bomb."

The four heared a voice behind and turned to the large LCD screen on which appeared Luna's face. She shrugged.

"Well, it was anyways a fake one."

"Wait, I freaked out over a FAKE BOMB!" Lan stared at her in disbelief. Luna giggled, as well as Kyouko did. Megaman rolled with his eyes, while on Bass face appeared a tiny smirk, well hidden under his cloak. It turned into a frown as he glared at Luna. Kyouko also frowned as Luna turned her attention to her.

"Speaking of which, I know how you love mind games." she said, with a devious grin on her face. "Especially the ones which are sick and twisted."

"What are you talking about?" asked Kyouko.

"Ah, yes. I forgot. You can't remember." Luna slapped her forehead and shook her head. "How stupid of me!" she turned to Kyouko. "Oh, my bad. Well, you really LOVED mind games, that's what I wanted to say. I still remember that poor guy who had to go to a hospital for mental illness after you finished with him."

"What?" Kyouko's jaw dropped a bit.

"And not to forget the one time you, while practising your fighting skills, beat up a guy till he was black and blue." Luna chirped. "What crazy ol' times."

Kyouko frowned, clenching her fists.

"But let's face it. It's not like you ever cared about the people, or Navis," she added as she looked at Bass. "...around you." she shook her head. "I really felt sorry for them."

"What are you talking about?" Now Bass was the one asking.

"Oh, yeah. She didn't tell you since she dosen't know it." The expression on Luna's face darkened. "Your little Operator has serious psychological issues. She has no symphaty for others and is, litteraly, a cold and calculated psychopat." Luna then glared at Kyouko. "As well as a murderer."

That now shocked everyone in the room.

Kyouko placed her hand over her mouth, not believing what Luna said about her. She couldn't be what Luna descriebed. Though, she had no memory of her past, which didn't make the situation easier.

Lan and Megaman where shocked as well. They didn't want to believe that Kyouko had killed somebody, less that she's a psycho. It surprised them when Luna revealed also that Kyouko is Bass' Operator.

Said Navi was rather annoyed. He was quite sure Luna was lying, yet didn't want to put his hand into cyberfire as a bet of proving it. He had some idea that there might be some truth in Luna's words.

"Why should I want to kill somebody?" asked Kyouko. "And how am I supposed to know that what you're telling me is true?"

"Look at your PDA device. Do you know where you got it?" asked Luna. Kyouko looked at the device, on which top lid was a mark of an H in front of a comet. She shook her head.

"I always had it." she said.

"You only got it because you were a member of the Hackers Organisation." Luna growled. "An Organisation I'm member off and my Operator was."

"Was?" Lan asked, his eyes widening. Luna's eyes sparkled.

"You got it, kid. The day Kyouko ditched the Organisation was the very day she killed my Operator: Amano Selena. Do any bells ring?" Luna said, her voice balancing between pure hatered and darkness.

"No..." Kyouko, who put her hands over her mouth, fell on her knees, weakly. She put her hands in her lap, her long hair hidding her face. Lan didn't know if she was crying or laughing. She wasn't even shaking, just emptily staring at the floor.

"Kyouko..." Lan wanted to comfort her.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Kyouko snapped at him, her rust-red eyes glaring at the boy. Her expression was pure wrath. She then looked at the floor.

Luna smirked.

"The truth hurts, dosen't it." she said. Oh, she was angry at the girl, she hated her for what she did. And she deceided that Kyouko shall pay but in the slowest and most painful way possible.

She suddenly felt cold metal on her back.

"Now you're going to pay..." she heared a cold, venom-filled hiss.

Bass had no idea what was going on with him, but when he saw Kyouko in a such dismaying state, something inside him snapped, making him very angry and very vegenful.

Maybe he hated humans, but he owed Kyouko. Thanks to Luna, he was now more determinated then ever to pay off his debt.

"Hmpf, so you want to kill me? For what? Because of some pathetic human?" Luna turned around. "I thought you're better than that."

"I'm way better then you. My relationship with Kyouko dosen't concern you. Now, die!" Bass swung his sword which slashed through the still laughing Luna.

He frowned as he realized that Luna was just a holographic projection. He turned around and saw the real one.

"Don't worry, dear. I'm still not finished with you." she said, as a beam of light engulfed her and transported her away.

Bass groaned in annoyance and then turned to the screen where he saw Kyouko. He clenched his fists.

"She's gonna pay for this... I'll make her pay." he hissed.