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Chapter 1: A Wing and Abandoned

"WHAT THE FUCK!"-Shouting



"Hi"- regular talking

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!"-screaming/yelling regularly

Abandoned. That's what happened to Benitsubasa. Her ashikabi abandoned her, all because she hadn't killed the ashikabis and their sekirei and because she can't "satisfy" him. In a fight with her fellow discipline squad members, she's injured greatly. She runs the first chance she gets, but she' dieing. Who will save her? Minato went out shopping and got chance by Ha'hane. She chased him to Benitsubasa's position. What happens now?

It's dark. The moon has risen outside. It's light shines down on one building. The building of MBI. Next to it is the home of the ashikabi of the discipline squad, Natsuo Ichinomi. Right now something is going down between him and his sekirei, well one sekirei in particular, Benitsubasa.

"What?!" Benitsubasa shouts

"You heard me", Natsuo states," I no longer need you, so you have to get out"


"Because you have failed me and MBI too many times. You couldn't even beat that weak team of sekirei and their ashikabis."

"But their dead already!"

"Only because of Karasuba".

"So,what about Haihane? She couldn't beat them either".

"She's an airhead, so I let her mistakes pass with a punishment. You on the other hand are not airhead", he walks over to her and whispers in her ear, "You couldn't satisfy me anyway with the body you currently have, Benitsubasa"

Benitsubasa freezes stiff and her eyes fill with tears. She thought Natsuo was different from other she was wrong. "He's just like every other man", Benitsubasa thinks. Then, she snaps and a fist crashes into Natsuo's face. He's sent flying into a wall. Cracks form from the impact and he slides to the ground. He just sits there like nothing just happened.

"You liar!" Benitsubasa yells, "You lied to me!"

She starts walking towards him slowly.

"You said you loved me", she states.

"I lied", he says, "I never loved you and I never will. No one ever will!"

Ichinomi laughs his head off at Benitsubasa's hurt yet anger expression. She launches at him with her fist cocked back. She's going to bash his in repeated until she's satisfied. Before she can reach him, a clawed hand comes into her vision. It's heading straight for her head. She stops her assault on Natsuo and leaps out of the way. When she lands, she looks up and sees Haihane standing in her way. She growls and glares at Ha'hane.

"Get out of the way", Benitsubasa growls.

"You know I can't do that", Haihane states.

"Get. Out. My. Way".



Benitsubasa charges at Haihane and Haihane charges back at her. All the while Natsuo leans against the wall he was thrown at, smirking and laughing like a maniac. Haihane swings her right clawed hand at Benitsubasa. Benitsubasa dodges and uppercuts Ha'hane. She is sent flying, straight at the ceiling, with Benitsubasa following her. She knees Haihane in the gut. Haihane coughs up some blood and spit. Benitsubasa then proceeds to kick her to the ground. Haihane hits the ground with a resounding crack. A wed of cracks spread out from under her. Benitsubasa lands on Haihane, causing her to cough up more blood. She then jumps off and waits.

Sure enough Haihane gets back up. Once she's standing, she closes her eyes and remains still. After ten seconds, a twisted smirk starts to form on her face. "Sorry Benitsu", she thinks, "I didn't want to do this, but I have to. I only hope you survive when I lose it". She jumps back and lands next to Natsuo and proceeds to kiss him. Benitsubasa, seeing what was going to happened, tried to stop her. She runs at them, but doesn't make it in time. A bright light blinds her, forcing her to stop and cover her eyes. Wings made of pure light, sprout out of Haihane's back and energy begins to flow through her and off her in waves. She begins to recite her chant and Benitsubasa curses, trying to force herself to move as Haihane begin to flow with even more power. "Fucking shit!," Benitsubasa mentally curses in fury. Since Natsuo 'dumped' her, she can't release her full power anymore, unfortunately Haihane can and has done so. "Well it looks like I'm in for one hell of a fight," she thinks, smirking despite herself. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her, her heart racing, it was intoxicating to her. With Haihane's true power released, she'll be a lot stronger and faster. "Too bad she can't get any smarter," Benitsubasa thinks with a smirk on her face.

"Hmmm," Natsuo hums.

"Yes?" Haihane asks, reflexively.

"Don't kill her," he orders, " leave her for Karasuba to finish off, but do enjoy yourself and don't stop until I say so. I wanna hear her screams."

"U-understood," Haihane replies with some hesitation.

She lunges at Benitsubasa, who charges at her head on. Her fist collides with Haihane's face, snapping her head to the left and causing her to stop and stumble back a bit. There's a noticeable print on her right cheek, but other than that, Benitsubasa's punched barely even phase her. "WHAT THE FUCK!" she shouts. An insane smile appears on Haihane's face. Her left hand lashes out and digs into Benitsubasa shoulder. Benitsubasa grinds her teeth together and lets her own twisted smile cross her face. She grabs Haihane's wrist with lightening speed and snaps it in two. Still Haihane is not phase, she loves the pain. "So that's why he never let me kiss him. This and the other reason", Benitsubasa thinks. Not being an airhead like Haihane, Benitsubasa decides to decides to disengage Haihane. Putting all her power and strength into one kick, she kicks Haihane in the stomach. The kick actually does something and sends her flying through a wall. Benitsu takes this chance and runs towards a glass window. Before she even reaches the window, Haihane tackles her to the ground. They roll around and land with Haihane on top. Haihane slashes at her stomach. The cut is deep and wide. Benitsu grinds her teeth together once again and glares at her. It was over after that. Haihane has seen blood, twice. When ever she sees blood, she loses it. She goes insane.

A Very sadistic grin crosses Haihane's face. He pupil shrinks to barely noticeable. She pulls her hand back once more and balls it into a some-what fist. She lashes out and strikes Benitsubasa across the face, busting her lip. Benitsubasa spits her blood in her face. Haihane only licks ii up and smiles. Then, the beating continues again. Left, right, left, right, right, left, left right, left, right, right, left, and so on. She repeats this for about ten minutes, until Benitsu is black and blue. She stops and drags her claws across Benitsubasa face, cutting her cheeks. The cuts are light, but still bleed a lot. She then retracts her hand and digs it into the wound on Benitsu's stomach. Finally, Benitsubasa can't hold it in anymore.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!"Benitsubasa screams.

"Enough", Natsuo orders when Haihane starts to twist her claws inside Benitsubasa's wound. She stops and blinks several times. Her senses return to her and she retracts her claws from Benitsubasa's stomach.

"It's your turn now Karasuba", Natsuo states.

Karasuba appears next to Natsuo with her eyes closed and a creepy ass smile on her face.

"Have fun", he tells her.

"Will do", she says.

Benitsubasa, clutching her stomach wound, leaps to her feet. Immediately, she throws up her left arm as a shield. Karasuba just draws her sword and starts to walk slowly towards Benitsubasa. Her smile becomes even wider and even creepier. Her eyes opened, slightly, and Benitsubasa knew she was in trouble. She rarely open her eyes and when she does it means trouble, big trouble. Benitsubasa steps back carefully and slowly. Being wounded while fighting Karasuba won't help her, not that she could beat her anyway. Fighting Karasuba is just suicide. Her best bet is to run.

She crouches low and prepares to jump back as far as she can. Karasuba uses her superior speed to diappear and reappear in front of Benitsubasa, before she can jump back. She swings her katanna down diagonally, leaving long gashs across Benitsubasa's fight shoulder, arms, and stomach. The wounds on her stomach connected. Benitsubasa is forced to her knees from the pain. That was Karasuba's moment to strike. With lightening speed, she strikes Benitsubasa repeated. Small and midium size cuts and gashs appear all over Benitsubasa. In a desperate move, Benitsubasa puts all the energy she has left into one punch and lashes out. She hits Karasuba right in the face. Taken by surprise, Karasuba is sent flying across the room. That was all Benitsubasa needed to make her escape. Using her rage as energy, she's able to run and jump out one of the building's windows. She falls about two hundred feet straight down and lands in a current drags her tired and beaten body away with it. She floats on top for awhile, then sinks into the river.

-Back in the building-

"Oh well", Natsuo says, "she's dead anyway, so now I can relax".

"I'll kill you for this", Ha'hane thinks, "I swear it!"

-With Benitsubasa-

Benitsubasa washes up on land outside of a park. She crawls all the way to a park bench. She climbs on it and collaspes."Looks like I'm going to die here", she thinkd, "but I don't want to die! Somebody, anyone, PLEASE SAVE ME!" Suddenly, what Yume said to her goes through her head. "There's no love in your heart". She also hears Natsuo's voice, "No one will ever love you!" She gives a horsed laugh."Looks like they're right. No one will save me because no one loves me and I can never love anyone else". With that last thought she loses consciousness with tears running down her face.

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