Hey everyone! Well, I know you all are thinking "another story?! You have like five or something out already!" And I promise I am working on them, but lately I have been working. Yes, I got a job and my hours are all over the place. Like one day I work morning and the next I work evening. Then I just got Skyrim for PC so I'm like so addicted that its not even an excuse really anymore. ;-; I am so sorry!

Sooooo, anyways! I have always wanted to do a Battle Royale themed story, but before I never had the heart to kill people off, but now I'm good to go. I think I can do this so here we go! It's a ZoroLuffy story, but it's from Zoro's point of view and is going to be based around him for quite a few chapters and his friends. I am so psyched about doing this so be patient with me on this and everything else!

WARNING:: It will be Rated T for language, violence, character death, blood/gore, and all the emotions brought with those things!


Battle Royale

Welcome to the Sixty-Third Annual Battle Royale

It was dark and all I could here was chatter from my classmates about where we were going. Most males assumed some type of amusement park and most females assumed we were going to the mall. Though those two were plausible, it didn't seem right that they put us on a blacked-out window bus and the teachers and bus driver had serious looks on their faces. Not only that, but I am sure the bus is not even moving anymore on its own wheels. It feels like we are floating, maybe.

Well, it doesn't seem to matter now since one of the teachers stood up and called out for us to begin to follow him. We all began to file out with everyone chatting, even my friends who wondered if we were going to some type of sporting event. I kept quiet as I examined my surroundings and when we got off the bus it made me feel even more eerie as we went straight into a building that seemed to be on an island. The class seemed to be excited we were taking a vacation of some sorts and people are talking about how they had no extra clothes.

This bubble of slight anxiety grew every step I took down this dinky hallway.

We filed into a room with metal chairs in rows and we all moved to sit down. Students chattered away as if this all wasn't suspicious, but I noticed my friends catch on rather quickly. They eyed me for confirmation, since I always figure these things out first, and nodded towards them. Something sparked in their eyes as they soon stayed quiet and began assessing the situation as well.

"Alright settle down!" Everyone began to quiet down to listen to their teachers and I soon noticed one nod to the other and the male teacher left the room. "Today is the day you will all learn a very important rule today, but first you need to be told why you are here." Her posture was stiff as she gave a smirk of some type of satisfaction. "Welcome, sophomore class of Grand Line High to the Sixty-Third Annual Battle Royale." A lump formed in my throat at the words and I began to swear in my mind. "The important lesson you should all need to know is that you either kill or be killed." The students began to panic lightly, but the stern look from pale blue eyes made you think otherwise. "We will call your name and you will go through the door in the back and meet up with Mister Rob to grab your bag. Every ten minutes a student will be released. Good luck hunting because only two of you are going to live to tell about this day."

No, it was supposed to be next year's class, my father had it all planned out—that's why he made sure I didn't fail again. Fuck!