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Battle Royale

Another Familiar Face

We did make it to the ocean before the sun fully set, but have not found our friend yet. Our option was to find a cove next to the ocean and eat some of our food. Luckily they gave us small little canteens to start with and we drank from them, making sure not all of it. We knew we would find a river at some point and refill them there. It was a good thing we took the ones from the other people because they were not that big at all. It seemed to be on purpose so we all had to go to one place to collect water.

It was morning now, with Saga taking the first shift of watch and me taking the second. When the sun began to rise, we switched so I could get bit of sleep in and then we were off. We walked along the tree line, in the forest, but we could see the beach from where we were.

Along the way we noticed a few students lying on the beach dead and their stuff had been ransacked. It seemed like they wrote SOS in the sand and a fire had been lit. I shook my head at that, knowing something like that would have gotten them killed. They were in plain view with fire lighting them up at night, which is just a sign saying 'come kill me'. We continued on until we finally found the river flowing out into the ocean.

We decided to look around for a place that Kohza would be hiding, but we knew to be careful so no one caught us. "Saga?" A voice whispered out from up top and we both looked up as I was still covered by a bush. My friend moved and I followed and I heard a slight gasp. "Zoro?" We climbed the tree and jumped onto the bolder Kohza was on that had a small little cave on it. "I'm so glad to see you guys!" The tone was hushed but showed his excitement as he grinned at us and we all did a group hug, something we only did when we were in grade school. "Get in here!" he told us as we moved to the small little cave whilst being crouched so we weren't seen.

"It's so good to see you, Kohza!" Saga mentioned with a grin as we rested around a make shift pit that he must have used at early dawn so the smoke or fire wasn't noticeable.

"To both of you as well! Have either of you seen Shurayia yet?" Curiosity showed and I noticed Saga's mood plummet so I moved to place a hand gently on Kohza's shoulder.

"He didn't make it…" I whispered softly with a look of remorse since the two were friends before Saga and I met them. This frown found him as his mouth was open and he gritted teeth with a swallow.


"I tried, but we got ganged up on…" Saga said with his voice filled with guilt and had hands on his face as his body shook lightly. Kohza noticed immediately and moved to hold our friend for comfort.

"It's not your fault… this damn place is making people wig out!" He mentioned whilst rubbing the others back. "Let's just focus on something else."

"Like is this hideout going to be safe for the duration of the ba—" Surprise found us all as a red flare soared through the air and made a big puff in the sky. We had a clear view of it and I blinked in slight confusion.


"That leaves fifty of us…" I mentioned out as we all stared and then my body stiffened when I heard the next sentence.

"I hope Vivi is okay." My eyes peered over to see Saga gazing at me with more guilt and I let a soft smile find me when our brown haired friend looked to me.

"I'm sure she's standing strong." A smile returned at me and soon nodded in return.

"Yeah, she was always strong!" Kohza seemed to feel a little better and made me think of how my own heart fluttered at the thought of Luffy.

This really wasn't time to think about all this, but he did come hang around when it seemed like I needed someone the most. It was almost like, an instinct he had to come jump me when I was down or outraged. Sometimes he would stop me from getting into a fight, even backed me up a few times. The guy was just one of those people you would call a ray of sunshine since he always had this smile on his face, but now…

He didn't even look like himself.

"Zoro, you daydreaming at a time like this?" Kohza asked with a hand waving before me and snapped me out of it with this gaze to them both.

"Sorry, I guess I have someone to worry about too." I muttered and this little comical chuckle left Saga.

"Thinking of your lover boy?"

"Come on, Saga…" I whined lightly as he always teased me about Luffy and I really couldn't help the fact that he wanted to be around me.

"You said it yourself!" A knowing gaze made my face flush and I kicked at him harshly before crossing arms and facing away. I could feel confusion from Kohza as he never knew my deep secret and really I wasn't about to admit it… again.

"Look, that's not the point; we should be focusing on the battle at hand." Eyes rolled from my best friend with an upset whine of having to stop teasing me and huffed finally.


"I'm glad I didn't want to know…" Kohza shrugged idly as he seemed a bit upset about the matter.

"Sorry, Kohza… Though if it is fair, Zoro doesn't know what you told me about that incident." Cheeks flared red as brown hair was whirled with his head whipping to look at the other with a hard stare.

"Y-you can't!"

"Then I see it as fair." Saga shrugged and gave me a sly smirk saying he wasn't going to tell, but I already knew. Saga tells me everything and I just pretend I don't know so he can vent about it with someone.

"Back to where I was, how long could this spot hold?"

"It depends on how careful we are or if someone gets the same idea." Kohza commented as we all got serious with our conversation.

"Should we make traps?" Saga suggested and this hum left me in thought with a slow nod.

"Yeah, they will have to be quiet ones so people don't come investigate." I stated and suddenly eyes snapped to me in questioning.

"Why are you two so calm about this?" It was obvious he was nervous with his body jittering lightly once in a while and we just talked like it was back in the woods.

"Because we knew about this already." Saga admitted with arms crossing like mine and then the queue for me happened.

"My father is a survivor of a Battle Royale." The words left me as I stared hard to Kohza and this surprised look was on him.

"So was mine, but I thought Battle Royale was a shit story…" He muttered and had this gleam in his eye, making me suddenly realize why I needed to be cautious of him.

His father was in the same class as mine.

Oh, I know, that sounds a bit ridiculous with what grade we are in, but his mother was older than his father. He was supposed to stick around for their child, taking responsibility but now it makes sense why he couldn't.

"Put the knife down, Kohza." A hand from Saga shifted to the pistol we had that was in an easy access pocket.

"You know that means—"

"It does not mean my father killed yours, it could have been anyone else in that class."

"Don't do this Kohza." Saga stated out with the other hand out to try to calm him.

"It makes sense now… Why you could never fully let me in… You knew!" This grunt left me as the throw knife embedded into my shoulder and I saw as a pistol appeared at Kohza's forehead.

"I told you not too."

"Like you could!" Kohza screamed and I began pulling out the knife with a huff as it was stuck good.

"Vivi's dead." I spat out with this glare and eyes looked to me in shock without shifting his head.


"No, an asshole did it whilst being a pervert and we took him out for what he did." My teeth were showing as I told him all this and I saw the finger on the trigger stay firm. "Have you killed anyone yet, Kohza? In cold blood without a care in the world how their future could be like?"

"O-of course not! I'm not a monster!"

"Then you are as good as dead even if we leave you alive." I told him and gave a short nod that had Saga knock Kohza out cold.

"You're not a monster either." A hand helped tug out the knife and this groan left me before pressing onto it. "We need to wrap that now."

"We don't have time." The words left me as I began gathering my bag and I heard Saga doing the same. "After Kohza began shouting around, it definitely had to attract attention."

"As soon as we break, that shoulder is mine." My friend mentioned as we shifted and began climbing down the side of the cliff. When we landed my eyes peered to notice a pair looking at me from next to a tree. A finger pointed a direction before his other hand made a signal that he heard someone from the other. "Where to?"

"This way." I said automatically as the figure disappeared and we soon began moving away.

"Why this way? Shouldn't we try the beach side?"

"No," I merely stated with a firm tone and I felt curious eyes on me before he noticed something.

"Alright, I will trust that instinct this once…" A glare left me and he held back a chuckle as I felt my face begin to flush up lightly.

"How do you always know?!" I harshly asked out and he shrugged before holding back his laughter.