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Kyouhei: Does he/she ever stop talking?

Yancy: Hey, don't be rude to him/her. He/she just need to get things off his/her chest like a-

Me: STOP! This is still in the T rating. So that means no curse words. Got it?

Yancy: All i was going to say was a sorry excuse for a man. I feel bad for him.

Kyouhei: Haha, you said it Yancy. And don't waste your pity on trash like him.

Me: Pfft. You're nothing more than jailbait Yancy. Better watch that mouth of yours hun~

Yancy: Jailbait? What's that?

Kyouhei: Don't worry about it. And you, stop corrupting an innocent angel's mind!

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Kyouhei: Just get on with the story already!

Me: Sheesh...Main protagonists these days. So full of them selves...

Chapter 1

A Fateful Encounter on a Rainy Night

Giant, gray storm clouds poured heavy rain upon the bustling city of Nimbasa, flooding the streets with their tears. Tiny droplets pattered against windows and met with the paved sidewalk, forming puddles; both small and large pools of water littered the cement like they were the leftover toys of a young child after they had left the playroom for the night. While the light of the afternoon sun was diluted by the storm clouds up above, street lamps evenly spaced along the edge of the sidewalk flickered on, illuminating the way. The light from the ornate lights reflected off the surfaces of the falling raindrops, giving the town an ominous glow.

"Crap, this is the second time I've lost to her!" Kyouhei yelled at the top of his lungs as he left the Pokémon Gym.

With a sigh, he began trudging his way through puddles on his way back to the Pokémon center. He didn't really care if he got wet or not, he was just angry he couldn't beat this one gym. All the others had come so easily to him so he couldn't understand why this was giving him so much trouble.

"She doesn't even devote all of her time to training, so how is it she can beat me so easily?" Kyouhei kicked his way through another puddle that had formed on the sidewalk.

"I guess I better start getting serious about my training."

When Kyouhei got to the Pokémon center, he simply stood there under the awning, dripping wet and disheartened. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see something in the grass surrounding the center near the wall. He stepped back out into the rain and into the grass. To his amazement, that shiny piece of metal was someone's xTransceiver.

"I wonder who's this is?" He ran back under the awning and dried the device some. There were some nicks and scratches, but otherwise the device looked good as new. Some of the pink paint had been washed away along the corners from the rain, but that was to be expected. Although the device was advertised to be impervious to all weather conditions, he wasn't surprised when the thing didn't turn on. "Figures. I guess I'll just charge it just to make sure."

The door to the Pokémon center flew open as a girl with a light blue sundress and an off white cardigan came running in, dripping wet form the raging storm outside; her light blue rain boots squeaking all the way to the counter. Nurse Joy greeted her with a smile.

"Welcome to the Pokémon Center. I'm Nurse Joy, how can I be of service –"

"Has anyone come in her with a pink xTransceiver? I think I lost it somewhere around here, but I can't find it anywhere." The pink haired girl asked, out of breath as if she had just ran a marathon.

"I'm sorry, but no one has brought in such a device." Nurse Joy shook her head.

"Rats." The girl cursed under her breath. "Well, thanks anyway." And with that the girl ran towards the door, her boots squeaking on the ceramic floor.

After slipping the device into his moistened pocket, he made his way towards the doors of the of the center, when he collided into someone running out of the building. He fell backwards, his head meeting the pavement, soaking his back.

"Ouch…that really hurt." He rubbed the back of his throbbing head wincing as he sat up.

"I am so sorry! Here, let me help you up," said a girl's voice. He turned to look at the person who had slammed into him, and to his surprise, it was a girl with creamy pink hair and an off white sunhat. He stared into her face, taking in her pale complexion and cherub like features; she was cute in a familiar sort of way that he couldn't quite put his finger on.

"It's okay I feel fine." Kyouhei rubbed the back of his head absentmindedly, as he looked her.

"It's just a birthmark, see?" The girl pointed to the small brown dot just below her eye.

"Oh," Kyouhei was frantically waving his hands in front of himself. "I wasn't staring at that. I was just thinking that you looked familiar"

"I think...you have the wrong girl," A flustered look came about her face as she looked away, her head sinking into her shoulders. Kyouhei couldn't hold back a chuckle at how shy this girl was, seeing how she was so beautiful. In one motion, he unzipped his jersey and draped it over her shoulders.

"That's a bit more protection than what your sundress is giving you." He smiled at her.

"Oh I couldn't possibly accept such a thing from you." She exclaimed; a look of surprise took over her face.

"Don't worry about it." Kyouhei patted her shoulder and stepped by her, reaching for the door to the Pokémon center. "Just be sure that you watch where you're running next time, okay?"


Kyouhei turned to look at her, raising his eyebrow at the girl. "What is it?"

"I never got your name." The girl looked down and to the right at a nearby puddle forming on the concrete stairs where the awning couldn't protect.

"It's Kyouhei." He smirked as he opened the door and began to head inside. He stopped half way through the door. "Weren't you on your way to somewhere?"

"Oh, you're right!" And with that, the pink haired girl ran off into the pouring rain.

"Cute girl." Kyouhei muttered as he made his way inside.

"Is that all for tonight, Mr. Kyouhei?" Nurse Joy asked, bearing that motherly smile as she took all the Pokéballs Kyouhei put on the counter.

"Actually," Kyouhei reached into his pocket and pulled out the pink xTransceiver he had found in the rain and handed the device to Nurse Joy, "I was wondering if you could charge this for me?"

"Of course!" Nurse Joy replied cheerily as she plugged in the device under the counter. "Anything else?"

"No, that's it. Thank you!" Kyouhei smiled and took off for his room.

The night was dark and the storm fierce. Thunder struck down from the clouds every other minute, keeping Kyouhei awake. Stretched out on his back, he looked up to the ceiling, unable to let his thoughts wander and lead him to dream land, a place he really needed to be on a day like this.

With a sigh, he got up and walked out into the blackened hallway. The center wasn't as welcoming in the dark as it was during the day; large shadows blanketed the floors like gigantic Haunters. He thought back to a story he heard of a castle that was haunted by a Gengar whose trainer had died in its halls of old age. Shoving his hands deep into his pockets he made his way to the lobby.

No matter how much he hatted the thunder, he loved the rain. The only thing more calming for Kyouhei than listening to the rain was watching it fall from the graying masses above. He stepped outside and stood, barefoot in his pajamas, and watched the droplets fall from the sky.

After a few minutes of watching the downpour, Kyouhei stepped back through the doors of the center. As he was making his way over to the water tank in the corner of the room, he heard a buzzing sound from behind him. The cup he was filling fell out of his hands and splashed all over the tile flooring. Cursing himself, he started towards the bathroom when he heard the noise again. He turned towards the direction of the noise and he saw a faint glow emanating from behind Nurse Joy's counter. He inched his way towards the counter and found that it was the Xtransceiver he found earlier in the rain. It was getting a call from an unknown caller. He picked up the watch and answered the call.

"Hello?" There was static interference and no visual, probably due to the storm.

"Hi, can I ask who's calling?" Kyouhei answered back.

"Hello?" the person on the other side asked again, as if they didn't hear Kyouhei.

"Yes, hello. I'm here. Can I ask who's calling?" he inquired again, raising his voice a notch, thinking that would somehow get his message across.

"If there is anyone on the other line, I want you to meet me in Driftveil City in week. The Xtransceiver you are holding is mine and I would very much appreciate it if you could return it to me." The call ended and the screen went blank. Kyouhei looked back through the recent calls and messages to see if he could get a name of the person who owned the device, however, it appeared to be brand new. There were no contacts, no saved messages, no nothing.

"Weird…" Kyouhei said to himself as he slowly made his way back to his room, the whole conversation repeating in his head.

Yancy hung the phone back up and exited the phone booth.

"Did you get in touch with your device?" A woman in formal attire, a black blazer, skirt, and heels, asked Yancy, motioning the booth with her glasses.

"I don't know." Yancy looked down to the pavement, standing in the rain getting drenched. "I couldn't hear whoever was on the other end so I can't say for sure."

The woman smiled. "Don't worry, I'm sure there was someone on the other end if it didn't go straight to voicemail." The woman opened the car door to the parked black limousine. "Now hurry, before you catch a cold in this storm."

Yancy nodded and slid into the car, squeaking as her behind met the leather seats. The woman closed the door behind Yancy and got in from the other side and placed her hand affectionately on Yancy's shoulder.

"We'll get it back, don't worry." The woman said softly to the shivering Yancy.

"But I got it as a birthday present from my father. He would be so angry with me if he knew I lost it." Little rivers were flowing from Yancy's eyes. The woman gently wiped them away with her thumb.

"He knows you're clumsy, so I'm sure he was expecting you to do something to it. If we explain I'm sure he'll understand."

"I hope so." Yancy said as the car drove into the city lights.

"Now listen up. I can't have my little idol being all sad and mopey for tonight's performance. You've got a big night ahead of you." The woman said with a supportive tone, firmly holding on to Yancy's shoulder. Yancy nodded as she took a deep inhale.

"Places everyone!" A man with a clipboard yelled backstage. Yancy took this as her cue to get out of her chair and make her way to her place under the stage.

"Do you best Yancy!" Her manager cried out after her.

"I hope not to let you all down." Yancy faked a smile back at her manager, hoping to suppress her anxiety for the upcoming performance.

"Hello everyone and welcome to Nimbasa Stadium. Tonight we have a special treat for all of you. Give a warm welcome to the up and coming idol, Yancy!"

On cue the platform began to rise up. Yancy could feel her nervousness wash way with the blinding lights on her. Slowly she opened her eyes to her audience as she brought the microphone to her lips. The Kricketune began to play a lulling melody on their long appendages as Yancy took a deep breath in and began to sing.

"I wonder what's on TV…" Kyouhei yawned as he flipped on the television and began surfing the channels, when he stopped at the sport channel. He was never a big fan of sports, but he was tired and nothing else seemed to be on that was worth watching. Nothing but soap operas and cooking shows. The Pokémon center wasn't know for it's vast array of cable channeling.

He laid back down on the mattress, his eyes heavy as he tried to recount the events of the day, when he heard the announcer from the TV introduced the half-time show's performer. With the speed of a Zebstrika, he jolted up, assuming a cross-legged position, and stared at the television set. The camera zoomed in on the idols face. Kyouhei's heart jumped a little when he saw her face. She was stunning.

A few weeks back, he passed by a street performance of Yancy at Castalia city. Her voice was like nothing he'd ever heard before. There was a certain hue about her voice, a purple beauty that pulled at all your heartstrings only to tie them in a knot and let you sink into of the vastness of Undella Bay where you let the bubbles envelop you. After she was finished singing he walked right up to the vendor next to the stage and bought her single. Since then, it's been on repeat on his Walkman and he hasn't gotten bored of it yet.

Again he could see the purple beauty from her voice as he was lulled into a trance by the music. It wasn't as violet as it was back at the park, but it was still beautiful. With a small smile on his face, he closed his eyes and fell to sleep.

The next morning he was rudely awoken by a commotion outside his door. Quickly, he took shower, got dressed and made his way out to see what was going on. He was greeted by the sight of a angry mob of people swarming Nurse Joy's desk. Somehow, he managed to squirm his way out of the mass and emerge outside. There were police and camera people everywhere.

"What's going on, Officer?" He asked one of the near by cops.

"It seems that people's Pokémon have been going berserk, being highly uncooperative with their trainers." The officer replied.

"Man, that's terrible."

"Yeah, tell me about it? It seems, however, that the only the Pokémon of the people who attended last nights game were affected. Everyone else's Pokémon are safe."

"Do you know why?" Kyouhei asked, his face full of concern.

"If we did son, we wouldn't be here now."

"I guess your right. Well good luck with your work, officer." Kyouhei said after politely bowing to the officer and taking off down the road towards the Desert Resort.

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