A/N: hey everyone, I would like to apologize for not writing in a while; college life and what not hindered me… let's get to business shall we?

So many of you have read my fic thinking they are utterly shite … and they are probably right; I don't excel in writing grammatical correct stories and my style is a wee bit repetitive and dull. However my forte lies in the power of imagination and innovation. I have these brilliant ideas and plot locked in my thick skull of mine… they are always poorly executed almost every damn time. So in short, this fic is but a collection of original ideas related to dark souls for you, fellow author. Should you find an idea or two interesting, just pm for using it and I will grant you such permission!

Now let's get started!

(note: I will describe my ideas in a way suited for novelization and for the game itself whether it is one or two. Sooo yeah)

. . .

Tethers of Astora

Background: In a desperate attempt to halt the advance of the undead to his city, king Orose unchained the soul of an everlasting dragon known as Finir who was killed in the great perish yet his soul clanged to this world and resisted the course of nature. Orose though he could consume such ancient soul for great power to repel the madness outside his city wall but such power corrupted the mortal with ease. The events afterwards are shrouded by vagueness and uncertainty left to be discovered by the player/main character.

Appearance/setting: the boss manifested its hatred and wrath across the whole city and such the boss is actually the city itself with abyss-dipped chains protruding everywhere along with unfortunate corpses of Astora's former citizens and soldiers

Progress: The chosen undead must carefully transverse in dark allies and murky streets in order to head for the origin of all the corruption around him. The ancient sensed his/her presence; it will try to eliminate him/her in a merciless and brutal by sprouting obstacles, combing meshes of flesh and bones with rusty dark chain to for gruesome and powerful foe, ambushing him/her when one is least expecting and many more.

The further the chosen undead dwells in the city, the more aggressive enemies are. Till he/she arrives to the main source (temple/palace).

Fight: it will be multi-staged:

- A plethora of animated corpse of the king's Elite knight will engage the player/main character. Crowd control is a must.

-three priests will join the fray when before the fall of the last knight. One is with defensive stance fending his comrades fiercely with healing spells and such. The other is truly offensive by using spells known to his homeland only while the last one is constantly inflicting bad aliments to the chosen undead like poison or the liability for more damage against magic damage.

-Orose, controlled by the everlasting dragon, will slowly stands up from his throne with two burning eyes glowing in the dark background. His shell in perforated by floating chains while his very chest has a dark fire blazing endlessly. At first he will try to impale him/her from afar and/or grabbing the player for a one-hit kill by the surging flames in his chest. The chosen undead must use the environment around him/her to entrap or to dismember the floating chains to nail the fallen king.

-seeing his pawns fall one by one, the dragon soul will finally interfere by itself. It will look like a half-scaled burnt everlasting dragon but in soul form. Its attacks varies from a fire breathing attack to manipulating chains. They will be very small window for attack and so the player must have a lot of patience in this one.


-as a powerful soul, it can be consumed for many souls (duh?)

-it could be offered to join a dragon covenant (like the one in ash lake) in this scenario, when one shifts to his/her dragon form, one will have the exact outer shape of such dragon. OR it could be offered to join an anti-dragon covenant…now joining a covenant will become something of importance not to be trivialized with, no?

- To forge weapons, armors , rings, miracles…. Here are some ideas:

Claws of the Tether

Claws forged by the soul of the Astora's infamous chained dragon soul. The weapon favors the ethereal or the soul form over the corporeal one and so it will suit invaders and phantoms more than a person in his/her world

Finir's wrath

An outlandish miracle created by the essence of a once ancient dragon. Floating chains will guard it's summoner for a limited amount of time fending it's master from possible assaults. However, the hatred towards human still residues in such chain… so one does not simply expect them to heed one's command every time.

Raging dark dragoncrest ring

A ring smithed from the essence of Finir itself. The ring loathes the walkers of flesh and for that reason it will reduce the damage taken from them only in soul form.

-it might have something to do with undoing the curse of the undead? Like finding some information about the whereabouts of the 'purest' humanity; the one in which when absorbed, it will never fade even after death? Hmm that might just gave an idea to start working on…


Since the whole city channel the dragon's soul, it won't hurt to have a secret area or two where there are an item or a mini-boss that when acquired or defeated, the boss fight would be much easier ? (like killing the giant dude just before fighting the iron golem )

That's all by now, Feel free to submit your own ideas or suggestions… lest you go hollow *wink wink*