This is my definition of Legends if you are wondering :D

here is my explanation to the mimic chest dudes aka the curse of Avarice.

Once upon a forgotten time, two eastern tribes waged an endless war along the crimson sands of Avarice. The Dune walkers of Shuk-mot kept clashing their cunning swords against the magically-oriented Sand drifters of Dalahul. All over a small Osasis right between their territories.

Foul Blood sapped from the sands eventually made its way to the Oasis. Blood and water became betwixt and inseparable. The contaminated water sealed the fate of both tribes.

That was, until she came…

The very skies cracked upon her arrival in the oasis. This divine woman pleaded for peace and serenity as she purified the water with a tear drop. With this divine blessing, the two tribes had agreed to bury their hatred once and for all.

After her departure, the two tribes form a strong alliance that would change the very foundation of the Far East.

Time passed, and the two tribes merged into one strong kingdom…the kingdom of Avarice. They were way ahead of any another tribe…even kingdoms such as Baldr and Astora started to recognize them as a supreme power in the east.

The kingdom of Avarice grew and with growth came the need of food, earth and water. It became only a matter of time till the people of avarice initiated their campaign of conquest. The forces of dune walkers and the sand drifters had no match in the Far East. Few tried to resist this plagued but they were erased from the land in unspeakable ways. Murder, torture, rape, looting and plundering were the ways of the people of avarice. And why wouldn't they? Aside from the military powers, the magical water of the oasis granted them immense power; their wounds would close in a heartbeat upon their foe's widened eyes.

The divine woman returned once more, unpleased with the people of avarice. They shunned the divine and refused to heed her words. She vanished in anger.

The far east became under their greedy grasp. All of its citizens were virtually rich from the riches they pillaged. There was this odd social standard; due to the immense riches of the people, one's level in society would be measured by one's treasure chests. A plain gold chest was something to be frowned upon. The people became obsessed with chests rather than what it contained. The king's and queen's chests were so expensive and large that the chests out-valued what was in it.

The divine lady ascended from the skies one last time. It shed a tear of sadness and dismay on the oasis. The twinkling water morphed into pitch black stagnant one just like their black hearts. The king ordered the divine to undo her spell but she refused. She was about to ascend again when the king thrusts his sword in her midsection. Her death started the curse of avarice….

Everyone who drank the water turned into a twisted version the very thing they desired: a treasure chest…. Or a mimic.

The mighty kingdom of Avarice was buried by the prowling sands along with its inhabitants. Those who survived the onslaught repopulated the Far East once again.

However, some of the mimics ventured far away from their birthplace…. I wonder where did they go?

Well, that went pretty well :p