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Chapter 1-

(Continuation from after Titan war)

"Let the party begin!", Zeus screamed.

The nine muses cranked up the volume and everyone started partying, we were all happy and relieved that the threat had passed. Just when I was walking to a table to get a slice of pizza, Athena silently appeared next to me.

"Percy I have been watching you these past years with my daughter, I did not approve at first, but now I have seen you are worthy to date my daughter, just don't you dare get to mushy mushy with her"

"Yes milday, thank you for your approval, I won't ever do anything to harm your daughter"

"Ok, now run off, you deserve to enjoy this party"

Percy gave a quick bow and ran off to see the love of his life. He saw her by the punch table quietly talking with Malcolm.

"Hey Annabeth! Malcolm can I steal this fine lady away from you"

"Of course you can, she's all yours", Malcolm replied with a smirk

"Hey Percy before you take me to dance there is something I want to show you , come on follow me!", Annabeth said this with excitement in her voice. Percy did nothing but follow.

Annabeth led him through the courtroom, and outside into the village, she took them all over Olympus until she finally reached where she wanted to stop.

"Annabeth, why did you take me here"?

"Because I wanted to show you something", Annabeth said with a smug smile on her face.

Annabeth then snapped her fingers three times and two bodies laid in front of her.

"Annabeth, who are these people?" Percy asked with some fear in his voice.

"Wow you really are a dumbass aren't you", Annabeth then slowly turned over the bodies revealing Paul and Sally, his mom and his soon to be step-dad. "I never did love you, I never needed you, I hope you rot in tartarus, like your parents are doing, because my face was the last thing they ever saw you dumb bitch"

Percy didn't even reply, his eyes laced with tears, his whole body began to become surrounded in a sea green aura, power coursing through his vanes, his eyes were orbs of fire, Annabeth's smug smile soon morphed into a look of fear, she clapped her hands and dirt and sand surrounded her until she disappeared. Percy couldn't contain his power once she left, he let loose a blood curling scream and emitted a blast from his body that blew up anything within a 50 meter radius, if it wasn't for his new skin he would've died too. Everything around him was incinerated, then he finally broke, he just sat and wept for who knows how long.

Eventually Percy got up and walked slowly to Olympus, he was still sobbing like crazy. When he finally reached the throne room, he took a deep breath and went inside.

"Perseus what are you doing here my son, we all thought you escaped the party to go back to camp half-blood, to spend some time with Annabeth", Poseidon winked at Percy.


Athena suddenly stood up out of her throne. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DAUGHTER YOU UNGRATEFUL, LYING PIECE OF SEA SCUM".

"ME! HOW DARE YOU SAY IT WAS ME, DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID TO ME"! Percy got so mad eventually Athena shrunk back into her throne.

"Ok, Percy what happened", Zeus asked impatiently.

"Well the little bitch led me through Olympus to a tiny little corner, then she told me she never loved me and she told and showed me my parents dead bodies, then she disappeared in a pile of dirt", Percy growled.

"Pile of dirt? I wonder", mumbled Zeus to himself.

"So Zeus I come here with one request and one request only, kill me", Percy said in a dead serious tone.

"Now my boy you can't be so harsh just because of one girl", Poseidon said with sadness

"ONE GIRL, I loved her dad, and she betrayed me, she used me, and betrayed me"

"Now listen boy", Zeus began, "we can't kill our hero, how about you stay with the hunters until you can overcome your sadness". Zeus looked at Artemis.

"Hmm, sure but I'm not responsible for what they do to him", Artemis said all way staring into space.

"Sure ok Zeus, I'll stay with the hunt, how bad can it be", Percy said.

"Ok well now you get some pretty cool powers, you can teleport", Said Zeus with a smile on his face, "plus you have partial immortality like the Hunters".

"Welcome aboard Percy, let's see if you can survive till the end of the day", Artemis said with a smirk.


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