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Chapter 8-

After Zeus finished the meeting the whole council left except for Athena, Poseidon and Artemis.

Athena walked straight up to Percy despite scowls from Poseidon. "Percy first I-I want to apologize for what my daughter did to you".

Percy gave a slight smile, "It's ok Lady Athena, I hold no grudges against you or your other children, what she did was her fault and her fault alone".

"Thank you Percy you truly are very noble. Although I still feel guilty for it so, to repay it back, I will give you my full blessing, seeing that you are now immortal, you can handle it".

Percy was astounded, "Thank you Lady Athena".

"Don't mention it Perseus, and now you are technically more powerful than me, so you can just call me Athena".

"Thank you Lady-, I mean Thank you Athena", Percy said.

Athena gave a curt nod and shot a beam of golden light at Percy. This lasted for about ten seconds.

"Wow, I feel so much more powerful and smart", Percy said.

"Yeah, you know, that's kinda what my blessing does", Athena said while laughing.

"Well Perseus, use my blessing to good use", Athena gave a short nod, "Until next time". Then she flashed out.

As soon as Athena left Poseidon spoke up, "Well now we can't have my boy being blessed by my rival and not me".

"Wow thanks dad", Percy said.

"Like Athena said, it's no biggie", Poseidon said.

"Athena didn't say that".

"Gah whatever", Poseidon said, then he too shot a beam of sea green light at Percy.

"So Percy now you change change your form to a water form, you can call upon water from inside yourself, and you can control ice, along with many other things", Poseidon said.

"Wow, this with Chaos's abilities and we will win any battle", Percy mumbled.

Poseidon dissolved into a fine sea mist, after this.

Percy walked over to Artemis and kissed her on the cheek and gave her a hug.

"Hello my love", Percy whispered in Artemis's ear.

"Hello love", Artemis whispered right back.

Then Percy and Artemis teleported back to the hunter's camp.

"Hey, Artemis, hey Percy, you guys were gone for a long time, what happened", Thalia questioned.

"Well we are going to war against the Primordials", Artemis said.

"How are we ever going to win", Phoebe asked.

"Because we have more worth fighting for", Percy said.

Just as Percy said that a large hunting horn was heard.

Out from the shadows of the woods, stepped an entire army of shadow figures and at the front stood Nyx, the primordial Goddess of Night. The army must have been at least ten thousand strong, and there were 20 hunters plus Percy and Artemis.

"Give up and surrender Jackson, there is no way you can win this battle", Nyx shouted.

Percy simply responded by saying, "ARCHERS".

Multiple arrows were fired into the air as the two groups ran at each other. Percy immediately found Nyx and took her head on in battle.

Nyx was dual wielding two Imperial bronze swords that were 5 feet long. Percy grew to his Primordial height of 35 feet and Nyx did the same, although only growing to 30 feet.

Percy lunged straight at Nyx and used his height to his advantage. He kicked Nyx straight in the chest and she flew back and landed hard back into a tree.

"You will pay for that Jackson", Nyx hissed.

Suddenly 20 shadows came out of nowhere and bound Percy. Nyx lunged and swiped at Percy chest and Percy couldn't do anything to stop her. She kept attacking and Percy knew he would die if he didn't do something soon. So Percy concentrated on his new abilities and changed into a water form. He slid out from the shadows and changed back to normal human height. He slid under Nyx's feet and slashed at her knees causing her to be temporarily incapacitated.

Percy looked around and saw the battle was not going well, all the Hunters had been injured, luckily none killed though, and there were still at least nine thousand figures.

Percy decided to use his most deadly power on the figures. He swept his hand and teleported all the Hunters and Artemis away.

Then Percy stood his ground and cupped his hands together while concentrating on Nyx's powers. He drained all her powers and created a swirling vortex that sucked everything in sight straight to Tartarus. Nyx, and each and every single one of the shadow figures was sucked in.

Percy couldn't finish however, he collapsed from sheer exhaustion. Still three thousand shades were left.

Percy used the last of his energy to draw water from himself and dumped it on himself. A very useful trick as now Percy had enough strength to attack the remaining shades.

Percy charged at the shades, and slashed his way through them. Percy realized that the shades were easier to kill than dummies but the sheer number of them took a long time to kill. Percy waded his way through, for hours Percy fought until he finally all the shades were gone, with the last remaining bit of energy Percy flashed to the Olympian council room, where surprisingly the whole council was present.

"Nyx- Primordial-Shades", Percy mumbled before he passed out.

Artemis who was there because Percy flashed her there was the first to respond, "Water! Get him water"!

Poseidon summoned three gallons of water and dumped them over Percy's body.

Within five minutes Percy awoke.

"What happened Percy", Zeus inquired.

"When I got back to the Hunter's camp with Artemis we were attacked by Nyx and an army off shades. There were ten thousand of them, I fought Nyx alone and won, when I saw the Hunter's weren't doing to good, I used my powers to make a sort of black hole and I killed more than half of them, then I battled the rest", Percy stated.

"If they can attack us this easily in so much numbers what chance to we stand", Artemis said.

"I don't know, I have thought of every possible ally I could think of, there is no one left", Athena said.

"Wait there is one", Percy said.


"You're not gonna like this but we need them".

"Who", Athena asked for the second time.

"The Titans", Percy said.

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