Juubi Naruto

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Summary- Naruto opens a rift in space-time, merging with the Juubi, and winding up in an alternate universe in the second he was born. He now has an official chance to bring peace to the world, but will his hateful Juubi side end up being his downfall? Goldike Naruto, living Kushina and Minato, jinchuriki twin sister.

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"Normal speech"

Normal thought

"Demonic/summon speech"

Demonic/summon thought

Prologue- Two Bijuu Attacks in one Day?

Naruto was NOT having a good day at all. That was the understatement of the century. During the final minutes of the battle between him, Obito, Madara, and the Juubi, a few things occured that gave the blond a reason to be pissed.

First, Naruto had witnessed Obito command the Juubi to destroy his friends, and he hadn't been able to save them. He had no clue where the Kages were, or Sasuke for that matter, and had to attempt to save them by himself. Needless to say, he failed. All of the lives of the main body of the shinobi alliance weighed heavily on the young man's shoulders. He now fought to save the civilians of the various nations.

Second, he was unable to fight all three of them, so Kurama made him use a jutsu he'd only seen once. As much as the fox hated Minato Namikaze, the Shiki Fujin had its uses. Running through seals that flashed up in his mind, Naruto summoned the Shinigami. The command he gave it? Seal the Juubi into himself and take his soul away so that the Juubi could do no more harm. The Shinigami obeyed and pulled the soul and power from the beast while the two Uchiha looked upon the site, powerless to stop the death god.

Third, was something no one expected. Sealing away the Juubi with the blond had some... reprecussions. Using such a technique on a being as powerful as that demon, while having it remain completely effective wasn't possible. So, as Naruto felt his soul leave his body and merge with the Juubi on its way to Shinigami's stomach, space-time was being ripped apart.

The Shinigami was fucked if Kami ever found out about this. Before the world was encased in white from the tear, the death god swore that he'd never do something as dumb as promise a kid to seal an all powerful chakra beast. And that was how the world was destroyed.

Little did Naruto realize at the time, someone up there had given him a second chance at life. He felt the numbness caused from removing his soul from his body subside and fill him with a tingling sensation. It was if all the parts of his body were on fire, and he could do nothing to stop the pain. The world went from white to black as the boy was tossed around through the vortex of space-time.

"Minato. Step away from the jinchuuriki, or these children will die," a voice commanded. The weilder of that voice wore all black with a mask of white covering his face. He was Minato's hight, and, to the surprise of the Yondaime, he had a sharingan in his right eye and Minato's newly born children in his hands.

The Hokage, Minato, was a young man with light blond hair spiked up over most of his head with two bangs running to his cheeks. He wore the simple attire, black pants and an undershirt, but he wasn't planning on fighting. Just witnessing the birth of his two kids.

In the man's hands, there were two children, one a boy, one a girl. Both had sky blue eyes while the boy had spiky blond hair and the girl had tomato, err Habanero, red. The girl also had six whisker marks, three on each cheek.

The masked man placed two explosive tags on the children, leaving the parents wide-eyed. "Who will you save?" He asked, humored by the situation as he threw them both in the air.

Then a tsssk filled the air. Minato dived away from his wife to the kids. He saw the man grab his lover and disappear in a vortex, but he had bigger things to worry about.

With a Hiraishin, the three Namikazes flew to a house, and he ripped off the blankets covering them. With a huge red and yellow blast, the tags exploded. He had barely grabbed his kids and pulled them to safety. The house behind them was in splinters, one of those in his leg, but he ignored the pain.

He hiraishined to his room with the two babies in hand. "Sorry Naruto-kun, Natsumi-chan, your tou-san will be right back. He could have sworn he saw a nod from the boy as he grabbed his white cloak with 'Yondaime' written down the back. With another Hiraishin, he flashed to Kushina.

The redhead was strung across a large rock with black seals binding her. She was in pain, struggling to see her boyfriend.

"Kushina-chan, what happened?"

"He... took... Kyuubi," she panted, looking at him with one eye opened. Minato cut her down and laid her on the rock. "Naruto, Natsumi, are they alright?"

"Hai, I'll take you to them." He flashed Kushina to the room, placing her between the kids before flashing to his spot above the Hokage monument.

Meanwhile, the village was horrified at the destruction Kyuubi was causing. He killed civilians, shinobi, and medics alike, smashing buildings with his tails. When they saw a huge black ball form in front of the beast, they knew their deaths were coming.

Suddenly, a figure appeared on the Hokage monument, standing in front of Konoha. "Look, it's the Yondaime!" Someone shouted, and civilians began to cheer.

The fox fired the Bijuudama strait at the Academy, but Minato jumped in front. A huge black circle of symbols erupted from a three pronged kunai in his hands. With a small flash of light, the black ball and Minato vanished, appearing in a forest clearing. The ball shot off behind him and exploded in a sphere of blue destruction, obliterating the trees.

Where is the masked man? Wondered Minato.

"I must report what happened to the Sandaime," he muttered to himself. He didn't see the cloaked figure sneak up behind him.

Minato knew something was off. He whipped around with a kunai in hand, but it passed hopelessly through the man's head. With a loud clap, his arm was in the grasp of the man.

"Not so fast, Minato Namikaze." A vortex shot out of 'Madara' threatening to suck Minato in. Just in time, the Naamikaze hiraishined away, leaving the other man with one thought. He's fast.

Minato skidded away from where he landed. It was in the rubble of the shack that exploded from the tags earlier. He forced himself to stand up as his enemy appeared in front of him.

"You! Who are you and why are you doing this?"

At this the man chuckled deeply. "You could say I'm doing this on a whim and a goal, for both destruction and peace. As for who I am, I am nobody important."

"I will stop you," declared Minato, throwing a three-pronged kunai at the mysterious man. To his shock, it passed straight through, but the Kage appeared behind him and slung a punch at his chest. He stared into a sharingan as the punch went through his chest, leaving the blond on the other side. A space-time technique? He's as adept as mme with them, and he has a sharingan too. The only one with those powers is...

"You're Uchiha Madara!"

"If you want me to be." The Hokage rushed towards him again, throwing a punch at his arm. It went through again and the masked man soldified his hand to punch him in return.

The hit barely tapped Minato's chest, but he knew what this meant. He has to solidify his body to attack, so I must be as fast as possible. I hope I can finish this in time, Konoha.

He threw a three pronged Kunai, forming a rasengan in his right hand. The man smirked as he saw the ball of blue chakra in front of the man. Minato dived at 'Madara' just behind his kunai, allowing it to pass through. Face to face, time seemed to slow down. 'Madara' turned around and attempted to hit the Kage in his side. NOW thought Minato.

"Rasengan!" The Hokage declared from above. Obito widened gasped, he couldn't become intagible in time. The rasengan smashed into his shoulder, driving him into the ground. Minato hopped back as dust covered the newly formed crater.

The kage hopped away as the man quickly stood up. Obito knew he shouldn't have let his guard down, after all the man was his sensei at one time. He stared passively at the spiky haired blond before him.

Then, the intruder felt a sharp pain in his chest, and he looked down to see Minato's palm with black symbols extending out from it.

"Summoning contract seal," muttered the man.

"With this, the Kyuubi is no longer yours." Minato jumped back, landing ten meters from Obito.

"I have to hand it to you, Yondaime, you hurt me and cancelled my contract with the Kyuubi. I intend to control the world, and there are plenty of ways for me to do that," he complimented, smirking as his body warped into a singularity where his eye was.

I need to reseal Kyuubi, but Kushina is too weak. I'll have to choose one of the children, and I can seal the other half with me.

He hiraishined away to make the preparations for the sealing.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was successfully delaying the massive chakra beast. Knowing that it had to be sealed, he did his best to buy time for poor Minato and his kids. Hiruzen knew that two kids could never live effective lives as jinchuuriki, considering that it was nearly impossible to seal the Kyuubi and stay alive. It was quite the ordeal. Minato, a healthy, powerful Hokage would give his life for his two children, but Hiruzen, a senile, old man, would be stuck with the paperwork. No, he could never do that to he successor.

With resolve, he fought against the Kyuubi even harder, knowing he would die to save his friend's life and seal the beast within the Shinigami.

He ran hard to where he saw the fox pinned down by golden chains.

"MINATO! STOP!" He screamed as he saw the man begin to go through hand signs. He punched his younger counterpart in the stomach before he could finish the sequence to summon Shinigami. "I can't let you die with two children to care for." He formed the handsigns: Snake → Boar → Ram → Rabbit → Dog → Rat → Bird → Horse → Snake . With a loud clap, he exclaimed, "SHIKI FUUJIN!"

A huge spectral figure formed behind the elderly former Kage, sword in its mouth and red beads in its right hand. The Shinigami. "Seal the Kyuubi in me," commanded Hiruzen, watching as the death god shot towards the fox. Blue chakra flew out of the bijuu and into the Sandaime, but he couldn't seal away all of the chakra.

Minato, seeing his predecessor's problems, quickly summoned a pedestal, on which a baby girl with red hair and whisker marks lay, crying.

The demon growled. "I WILL NOT BE SEALED!" the beast launched a claw at the girl.

Blood spattered everywhere. A loud cry of pain was heard.

Minato watched in horror, but his body didn't move fast enough.

Hiruzen was out in front, saving the Uzumaki and Namikaze from sacrificing their own bodies. The claw had just touched the girls forehead, and the parents let out a sigh of relief.

Minato stepped out in front. "I'm sorry, Hiruzen-sama. This is not your sacrifice to make."

"Shut... up, I... made my... decision," he grunted, pushing the claw back.

"I'm going to seal the Kyuubi now. Thank you, Hiruzen-sama. Is there any way I can repay you?"

Hiruzen let out a moan of pain. "Tell Asuma... that he deserved better than me... When he comes home... Tell him... to take care of his brother... and to make me proud..." It was almost time for the old kage to be sealed in the Shinigami.

Minato nodded to his requests, slamming his hands on the ground. "Hakke no Fūin Shiki!" The Kyuubi growled in rage as it condensed into a huge ball of red chakra.

That chakra flew into Natsumi, the third jinchuuriki of Kurama the Kyuubi.

Hiruzen slumped over as his soul was pulled out into Shinigami's mouth.

Kushina fell over from chakra exhasution and pain.

Minato couldn't feel anything other than sorrow. For his village, for his daughter, for his nearly-dead girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Naruto lay down in a bed, utterly bored. Leave it to idiotic humans to make his birthday the worst day ever, for the seventeenth time. He knew Kurama had attacked, he could sense all of the other bijuu's chakra, but he didn't know what became of his mother and father. He assumed they were dead, again, but he couldn't see at all, much less know what was happening outside Konoha. Being the Juubi may have its perks, but he was sure he'd have to live a lonely life yet again. At least he had a sister this time, and she was the jinchuuriki not him.

Oh but Minato and Kushina did not die that day. He was wrong.

End Prologue

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