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„You're gonna drive home with me today."

Ritsu turned his head to look at Takano-san with a frown. They were both standing in the elevator, making their way downwards since work had ended a few hours ago.

He really didn't like how his boss would act like he could tell him what to do, so he just stared at the door of the elevator in front of him again and muttered: „No, thank you. I'm going to take the train."

The elevator stopped and Ritsu stepped out of it quickly, making his way towards the exit.

He should have know though, that his boss wasn't going to just let him go like that.

Takano just grabbed his arm and whirled him around.

„Listen to me, you're going to drive home with me and get your ass in my apartment. You were the one who wanted to help with the group from Maze, so I'm going to give you a few tips on how to handle the situation and help you with editing."

Ritsu worried his bottom lip between his teeth as Takano-san stared at him, gaze hard and determined. He didn't want to go to his boss's apartment, the guy was a dick and there were things that sounded way greater than having to work even more and try to enforce a conversation or something so they wouldn't just sit there in uncomfortable silence.

Ritsu just nodded in defeat and muttered a small „Alright" which seemed to calm Takano down a great deal as he started to drag Ritsu into the direction of his car.

The drive was uncomfortable to say the least. They both sat in silence and thought Takano had turned on the radio it seemed like it was far too silent in the car.

Ritsu could hear the breath of his boss next to him, the rain that had started and his own clothes rustle whenever he moved a muscle. He swallowed and looked out of the window.

The car had the typical „car smell" as he liked to call it, but because of the close distance between them and because he had nothing to really focus on, he also noticed the smell of Takano-san. He reeked of coffee and smoke, which wasn't a surprise since Ritsu had seen him smoking cigarettes sometimes. There was also a hint of soap, but Ritsu couldn't decide what kind of soap it was. He blushed slightly when he realized that he had „smelled" his boss for the past five minutes, he really needed to get out of that car and have something to do. This mix between uneasiness and having nothing to do during their drive made him edgy.

They finally arrived at their apartment complex and Ritsu followed Takano-san towards the elevator and the front door of his apartment.

The silence was broken when Takano unlocked the door and stepped in.

„You can just put your jacket somewhere and leave your shoes near the entrance," he took his own jacket off and turned around, „do you want coffee, tea or something special to eat?"

Ritsu didn't look up at him while he untied his shoes, but kept his gaze on them.

„Coffee is fine, thank you very much, but I'm not that hungry."

„Bullshit," Takano snorted and made his way into the apartment.

„We both know that we almost had no time to eat at all today and I doubt that you're going to do so after we're done here so I'm going to make some sandwiches. Sit down onto the couch in the living room until I'm done."

Ritsu bit his lip and scowled at the bossy tone of Takano-san's voice, but still sat down onto the couch after he had finished taking his shoes off. He took his bag with him, but left it unopened as he didn't know how Takano was going to „teach" or „help" him.

After ten minutes of Ritsu squirming and looking around the living room Takano returned with a plate and two cups of coffee. The living room itself was „normal" he guessed, not the uncomfortable kind that looked like no one lived there, nor too packed or the kind that made you think that the owner tried to force it into looking homey. To sum it up it suited Takano-san. There were a lot of bookshelves beside the normal living room stuff like a tv or a couch, a few plants (which kind of surprised him). Comfortable, but convenient.

Takano sat down across from him and placed the plate and the cups on the table between them.

„Do you want sugar or something for your coffee?" Takano asked while he put on his glasses and placed a few papers from his own bag on the table.

Ritsu mostly added a little bit of milk (no sugar) to his coffee, but decided against it tonight and just shook his head.

He also got himself on of the sandwiches since Takano-san would probably just force him in the end if he didn't eat something.

Takano took a sip from his own cup of coffee and studied the papers in front of him. The uncomfortable silence was back again, though it seemed like Takano didn't notice it and Ritsu didn't want to do anything against it, he just kept eating.

He looked his boss over, the brown eyes behind framed glasses that had a serious look in them, black hair and of course a good looking face and great, muscled body. No wonder all the female workers were crazy about guys like Takano-san or Hatori, both were successful and handsome. Ritsu shook himself out of his thoughts and reached for his cup when Takano spoke up.

„I want you to look this manuscript over and tell me what you think is wrong with it, we will focus on the whole ‚Maze thing' another time." He handed Ritsu the papers and leaned back in his seat, arms crossed and a stern look on his face.

The next two hours were spent with Ritsu and Takano going over various storyboards and Takano telling Ritsu on what to focus and how to decide that was good and what wasn't.

Even out of Marukawa Takano was stern and kind of rude, but Ritsu had to grudgingly admit that it helped him a great deal. Eventually his boss decided that it had been enough for today and packed the papers back into his bag.

He leaned back in his seat again and sent Ritsu a sarcastic smirk.

„You know you really don't have to sit there like you've got a tick up your ass, I'm not gonna eat you, you know?"

Ritsu glared in return, but couldn't help blushing at the crass words of his boss.

„It's not my fault that you dragged me over to your place right after work, I don't even want to be here!"

He slapped his hands in front of his mouth when he realized how rude he had been to his boss, but Takano just waved him off and didn't comment on it.

„Whatever it helped you, right?"

Ritsu just nodded stiffly and grabbed his things in the process. He was too tired to be polite anymore or to even argue.

Takano walked him to the door and leaned against the wall while he put his shoes on.

When Ritsu moved to get out of the door he felt a hand fall on top of his head and ruffle his hair.

„Sleep tight," Takano grinned at him and closed the door when Ritsu continued to just stare at him with a shocked expression on his face.

What the hell was wrong with this guy? He was such an asshole at times, but then he acted like this and teased Ritsu when he felt like it. Ritsu really didn't want to deal with stuff like this, or someone like Takano-san.

When he went back into his apartment he made his way into the kitchen to get himself a glass of water. The apartment itself was quiet, the only light in it coming from the lamp above Ritsu's head in the kitchen. He left his jacket and bag in the living room, his shoes he had taken off already when he had stepped in.

He stripped his clothes off after he placed the water on the bedside table and put on a shirt and some sweatpants to sleep in. After brushing his teeth, he stepped back into his bedroom and rummaged through a drawer until he found a bottle with pills in them.

He took one pill out of the bottle and swallowed it with the water, he needed enough sleep for tomorrow and the next few days until the people of Maze arrived.

He stared at the bottle with pills in his hands for a while and put it back into the drawer. After doing this his gaze fell towards one of the bookshelves in his bedroom and one book in particular. He walked over to it and let his finger wander over the book's spine.

There was a flutter in his chest, followed by a hollow pain and he smiled sadly.

He had had this book since High School, where it had been given to him, more or less.

High School...
He wanted to go back in time and be able to change everything that had happened then. Maybe, they would still be friends now, if he had just kept his mouth shut and had been happy with what he had back then.

Ritsu turned around and got into his bed. He was able to accept it by now, he was an adult after all, but there was still that little part of him, the part that was still the teenager back in High School with all his insecurities and hopes, the naive part of him.

Ritsu's life wasn't miserable, but it was far from perfect or good, too.

He just felt weird, out of place. He felt like an outsider, yes that was what you could call this feeling. He saw the people around him, being happy or sad, falling in and out of love, losing someone and finding someone, but him? He didn't feel like he could have any of that, was too scared of being hurt again and reduced to what he had been in his fucked up teenage years. He had friends, An-chan and Will and he loved spending time with them and he was happy with them, but both were either far away or things were complicated between them.

Kisa-san seemed like a nice guy and Ritsu had to admit that he didn't hate or really disliked any of his colleagues (not even his boss), but he needed to stay professional and get better at his job, to show his family and everyone else that he wasn't just a useless, rich kid riding coattails.

He was an adult now, not as naive or innocent as he had been once and he intended for it to stay that way.

His eyes fell closed as he could feel the sleeping pills starting to work.

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