Everything seemed to pass in a bit of a blur, by the time they'd signed the marriage registers, been congratulated by guests and had some photographs taken they couldn't wait to spend some time alone. Emma was heading to the reception with Felix and Elizabeth so they'd finally get some alone time when they got in the car. They said their goodbyes and Thank Yous to their guests, giving Emma a hug, they'd be seeing them all again in about half an hour, when they got to the reception venue. Just before they were about to leave Felix shouted at Sabrina reminding her to throw her bouquet. All the women lined up excitedly hoping to be the one that caught the bouquet, there was giggling and pushing going on, "You ready guys?" Sabrina asked before throwing the roses over her shoulder, with a mad rush of people it landed straight in Felix's arms with a look of shock and surprise on his face. Everyone laughed, Patrick helped Sabrina into the car as everyone cheered and threw confetti over them.

Shutting the door behind them both Patrick could hardly believe he'd gotten her alone, well apart from the driver in front, but he wasn't going to let spoil things. He took her hand in his and pulled it towards his lips, placing a soft kiss on her knuckles and kissing her wedding band. "Finally we're alone Mrs Drake."

"Mrs Drake? I could get used to that."

"Good, because I don't intend on you being called anything else ever." Sabrina smiled at her husband's words and placed a long, loving kiss on his lips. Causing them to get lost in each other, not even thinking about the driver being there, besides he'd seen lots of in love couples before. After a while they had to pull away, "I can't believe we actually got married. Thank you for my locket by the way, I love it. You're so sweet you know, I think my mum would have approved." Patrick laughed,

"I hope so. I'm glad you like it, it goes perfect with your dress. Which is just beautiful, you're beautiful. I mean you always are, but today you just look even more so..." Patrick started rambling so Sabrina silenced him with a kiss, taking him by surprise.

"I wanted to look special for you, besides it's my something new." Patrick asked Sabrina what her other items were. Her veil was old, her mother had made it. Her dress was new, she had borrowed the pearl earrings off Elizabeth and the something blue... "Yes, the something blue?" Patrick asked with a knowing look in his eyes, he was interrupted by their arrival at the reception. They'd decided on just a simple and elegant reception where people could eat, drink and be merry as they say. Patrick sighed, "You'll just have to find out later." Sabrina told him as she gave him one last kiss, and went to walk out of the car. "You're a cruel woman Mrs Drake."

"Ah but you know you love it Mr Drake. Come on let's go, then we'll be alone again soon." They got out of the car, Patrick making sure to help his wife with her dress, taking her hand and leading her towards their reception.

They had the perfect wedding reception with more singing, dancing and eating than Sabrina ever thought possible. Sabrina danced with Emma, Felix, and Mac before Noah cut in "Hey Mac, you mind if I get to dance with my daughter-in-law?" Mac kissed Sabrina on the cheek, and whispered to her,

"I'm so glad you found each other, you all deserve all the happiness in the world."

"Thank You Mac, that means a lot." Mac walked off to find Felicia,

"May I?" Noah held his hand out, Sabrina placed her hand in his,

"It would be my pleasure." They danced, the new Father and Daughter in law, laughing and joking as Noah told Sabrina stories of Patrick' childhood.

"I'm so glad you came in Patrick and Emma's lives, you've brought him back to life. It's so good to see him happy again, God knows I messed up enough when he was growing up..."

"Hey, don't say that, you're here for him now that's what matters. You know I should be thanking you really."

"Why's that?"

"Patrick told me what you said to him, the day of the nurses ball. How you told him to fight for what he wanted."

"There's no need to thank me, Patrick always knew what he wanted. He just needed a little push in the right direction as how to go about getting it, getting you." Sabrina blushed and was suddenly startled to find Patrick and Emma up on the stage with the band.

"Excuse me everyone, thank you so much all of you for coming today. I'm not going to keep you too long, I just wanted to say that my wife (to which everyone started clapping and whistling) looks absolutely gorgeous today, but she always does. Thank You Sabrina for making me the happiest man alive, for coming into our lives and accepting us, for never giving up, for being patient, kind and loving. For just being you, I love you so much and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life by your side. Have you got anything you wanted to add Sweetie?" To which he handed the microphone to Emma,

"I love you Sabrina, thank you for being my best friend and making my Daddy smile again." Patrick walked over to Sabrina and wiped away a tear from her cheek with his thumb. "Hey, don't cry. This is a happy day."

"Now ladies and gentlemen, the bride and groom are ready for their first dance." Came a voice from the lead singer in the band, "I give you Mr and Mrs Patrick and Sabrina Drake!" They danced together, holding each other closely to the song "Have I Told You Lately?" by Van Morrison, stopping only to share sweet kisses. When the song finished people clapped and came to join them on the dance floor, "Now Ladies and Gentlemen we have a special request from the groom,"

"What's this?" Sabrina asked, looking at Patrick slightly confused.

"It's our song... Don't you remember?" The next thing Katy Perry's Firework starting playing. Sabrina leant up and kissed Patrick fully on the lips, "As if you remember..."

"Of course I remember, besides you're my firework." Sabrina laughed, "Yeah, yeah I know, cheesy right?"

"It may be cheesy, but its' so sweet. I love You Patrick Drake."

"I love you too, Sabrina Drake." They went back to kissing and dancing, staying this way until long into the evening.