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Chapter 4 : Prisoners in a sense

Both Minato and Kushina looked at the foot of their beds from where the voice came from but failed to see anyone there.

Kushina looked around the room trying to spot the person speaking. "Who's there?''

"You don't remember?" the voice asked. "I suppose it's alright we were never really close were we Kushina?" it interrupted before she could answer.

Who is this ? I don't know his voice.

"Well you have some questions, ask and I shall answer a few of them if I desire" the last part was said with more force.

For his part Minato had attempted to find to voice but had failed, the voice now seemed to bounce of the walls of the room, and he couldn't find the source anymore though he believed it was coming from the wall in front of them.

"Where is our son? " Kushina asked, worry clear in her voice as she looked around the room, while holding onto Minato's hand.

"In Konoha."

That brought a small relief to both of them, Minato looked around the room again, and attempted to sense where the voice came from again, he gave a small squeeze to Kushina's signaling her to continue to talk while he attempted to find the other person. Before she could ask her next question the voice spoke again.

"Though you have missed a few years of his life, hmmm by your human years I would say five years".

That hit them both like a kick to the stomach, our son was five years old? they had missed his first words, his first steps, they had missed so much. Barely did they have time to enjoy the fact that they could see their child grow up and now they had already missed out on important parts of his life, they overlooked the part where the person refered to human years.

"Is he safe? is he happy?" Kushina asked. The voice remained silent for a time before it started laughing, making both parents uncomfortable.

"No" it answered, at which both Minato and Kushina's eyes widened. "He is not, I've seen children living in forests happier and safer than he is, though perhaps it is better than the alternative, though I doubt it".

"What do you mean he isn't safe or happy?" Minato all but hissed looking straight ahead at the wall in front of him, giving of as much killing intent as he could. For his part the voice did not seem to feel the killing intent, and calmly spoke.

"Are you deaf human? perhaps you hit your head, I answered that question already, though it is my opinion on his happiness."

"Tell us what happened to him? why isn't he safe?'' shouted Kushina, Minato's mind was racing a mile a minute.

Did our enemies find Naruto? did Danzo do something to him? didn't the people protect him?.

Both felt as if a wave crashed into them as a force pushed them down on their beds and the voice spoke again. "Humans you do not give me orders, it roared, I answered your question because I desired so, and" the rest of his speech was cut short as the door to the room was opened.

Quickly the pressure in the room disappeared, the figure asked looking at a piece of the wall to her right."What are you doing?"

Minato noticed that the person had a female build from what he could see and a clear feminine voice with a noble tone to her it, she was looking at the same area he was.

"Entertaining the humans.", the voice answered after an awkward pause.

"Flashing your chakra like that is entertaining?" the new voice asked in a calm tone of voice.

"It was to me, the idiot almost gave Kushina a heart attack, I was allowed my own fun."

"Yes, you've had your fun, now go while I check on them."

"Very well." the voice spoke in a curt tone, before the darkness seemed to recede from the wall in front of them and reveal a rather large old fashioned drawer there. The darkness of the wall seemed to be forming some sort of flame on the floor that quickly left the room.

The female figure quickly touched a small switch to her left and the lights in the room were turned on. Both Minato and Kushina winced at it and with great effort lifted their hands to shield their eyes from the light.

"You will have to forgive him, his manners are not his strongest point", it took a few moments before both their eyes adjusted to the artificial light and they got a clear image of the person in front of them.

The person was a woman, she had long midnight blue hair down to her shoulders, white eyes, a Hyuga, they both thought, a rather generous bust, when his gaze wondered there he could feel Kushina's eyes on him, she wore a brown robe with and intricate pattern on it, and wore blue ninja sandals, but what got there attention was her mask. A white mask similar to that of ANBU, but her's was not in the shape of an animal rather it had strange symbols around the edges of the mask, ten of them, and the word SAGE written in large letters under the eyes.

Minato's mind raced to who this person could be and why she wore the mask now in their presence, a new ANBU division, one dedicated to protecting myself and Kushina?, it was a possibility the presence of the Hyuga meant that there was a chance that the people taking care of them were from Konoha and that the creature earlier was a summon of sort. Another possibility was that she was one of Danzo's people, his ROOT that should have been disbanded under the Sandaime's rule, though he suspected Danzo had still kept a small force of his old agents.

It was something he had begun to investigate, along with a way to cut of all Danzo's connections when he had become Hokage. The problem was that although Danzo seemed to have little connections, the truth was that his roots ran deep, especially with the civilian council, he had made a name for himself in the the first and second shinobi world wars and had been the ANBU commander for a time. Though his wounds had ended his fighting days, his mind was still sharp.

He remembered reading at what Danzo did to his shinobi as he put it, he stripped them of their emotions, while they could follow even suicidal orders without blinking an eye, because of this they made excellent shinobi as Danzo claimed.

The problem was that they often lacked the spark, they couldn't create a new techniques nor could they react accordingly when a new situation that did not fit into their programming arose. The guidelines that Danzo gave them were strict, and when something appeared that they couldn't fit in those guidelines they stopped uncertain how to act.

While in close quarters they seemed to have a small advantage because of their training, in a prolonged battle and one were the field of battle changed they quickly began to lose. While regular shinobi would combine attacks in new ways, create new ones, set up traps that seemed to be too obvious to be considered the real danger, only for the ROOT agents to ignore it and for it to be sprung on them. In short they lacked the spark of creativity, they lacked imagination, when a new situation that required them to think outside the box, they had difficulty acting and often either many of their agents died or a great deal of destruction was done, revealing their presence and secret mission.

The woman seemed to have her emotions in-check, and the mask was different, the thought of Danzo allowing personalized mask was amusing. The woman's eyes seemed to be weighing them both, carefully analyzing them. She slowly began to move towards Minato and her hands began to glow in dark green color, Minato stared into her eyes and was about to speak before the woman spoke.

"Don't worry this is just a regular check up, you've both had these while you where unconscious."

Minato simply nodded, the woman began by moving her hands towards this toes and then slowly advancing upwards, at first he felt as if a small warm fire was coursing through his body only to be followed by a cooling icy water, it felt invigorating he noted.

"Your son is safe now." she spoke, as both Minato and Kushina seemed to brighten up at her words and a feeling or relief washed over them. "I will not tell you more about him though." that made them both frown.

"Why not? why can't you tell us why he wasn't safe or happy?" Kushina asked with anger in her voice.

"Even if you knew you could change little as you are at the moment, in time you will find out everything, until then take comfort in knowing that he is safe now." the woman spoke in a calm tone. That gave the two parents only a small bit of comfort, though she was correct and they knew it, they were weak and could do little now, if Minato's enemys heard of this they would be facing waves of assassins.

"You can call me Sage" the woman spoke as she brought her hands towards Minato's neck. "It's best if you close your eyes for the next part", Minato looked at her before reluctantly complying. Again the feeling of a small fire and then of icy water washed over him, he felt energized and then exhausted, like he hadn't felt this tired since the war. Sage moved towards Kushina's feet and began working on her as well, Kushina gave a small grunt, as she the sensation overtook her.

"Ask what question you desire and I shall consider which I will answer" she said looking at the two of them. "I would advise against planning to attack me, the seals will insure you do not succeed, it would be painful if you attempted such a course of action."

Minato looked at her, he had considered the option but wasn't sure what succes he would have, if Kushina attacked from the one side, or kept the woman distracted he could have attempted to knock the woman out, now that plan was less likely to succede.

"Where are we?" Kushina asked.

"In a safe place." Sage answered moving her hands towards Kushina's knees.

"Where exactly are we?" Kushina asked with a hint of irritation in her voice.

"I have already told you have I not? you are in a safe place."

"That's not what I meant!" Kushina spoke through gritted teeth.

"Well you should express yourself correctly, shouldn't you? I can not read your mind to know what you desire to say." Sage spoke in her calm tone. Minato opened his mouth to speak, but did not manage to utter a word before Sage spoke again. "Do you wish to know the current location of where we are?"

"Yes, that is what we want to know." spoke Minato, Sage stopped above Kushina knees and looked at them.

"Does it truly matter?" they didn't get a chance to answer as she continued speaking once more "Perhaps we are in Kumo?" Kushina flinched at this, she still had problems with Kumo nins after a few of them attempted to kidnap her when she was younger. "or perhaps Iwa?" this time Minato flinched, memories of what he had done to Iwa's army in the last war resurfacing, "then again we could be in Kiri, Suna or one of the smaller countries."

"What about Konoha?" Kushina asked, Sage simply nodded and placed her hands above Kushina knees and began to work once more.

"We are not in Kumo or Kiri and I doubt its Suna" Minato spoke eyeing Sage's back, "to get to Kiri we would need to travel by boat and in our condition it would present to great risk to move, Kumo is also excluded as it is located at a higher altitude and again it would affect our health to an unknown degree. This place looks more like a fort made by leaf nin, I've seen Suna and Iwa forts and bases they are not built like this."

"You may not be in Kumo, though you may still be in Lighting Country", Sage spoke in her calm tone as she moved towards Kushina's hips.

"Are we in Lighting Country?" he asked.

"No." Sage quickly answered.

"Then why didn't you just tell us that?" Kushina asked her rage rising.

Sage simply looked at her and spoke "Becouse you didn't ask".

Kushina began to clench her fists, before Minato called out to her "Calm down Kushina." he spoke in a carring tone.

"How are alive?" he asked.

Sage didn't look at him when she answered continuing her work on Kushina. "And with strange aeons even death may die"

"What in Kami's balls is that supposed to mean? Dattebane!" Kushina yelled before realising what she had sayed, her face quickly becaming red.

Sage chuckled lightly. "It does run in the family doesn't it?" she asked no one. "To answer your question, it meens nothing to you and everything to others".

"What did you mean it runs in the family?" Kushina asked looking at Sage.

"You will understand in time." she answered.

"Are we prisoners?" Minato asked.

"Aren't we all prisoners of the flesh in the end? shackled to our prisons of meat until we receive our release?" she stopped above Kushina's stomach. "I must apologise it has been a long time since I have had a conversation that did not revolve around certain topics, I am as my beloved would say trying to milk it for all that it's worth".

So there is someone else, both Kushina and Minato thought, and filed away the information for later.

She continued her work once more, moving her hand around Kushina's stomach. "Becouse of our long travels my beloved and I made it a game to be as illusive and anoying as possible, quickly moving to a different subject when talking to people, it has become difficult to stop doing such a thing". A few moments of silence passed before she spoke again "You are not allowed to leave at the moment." both Minato and Kushina narrowed their eyes at this.

"So we are prisoners." Minato spoke.

"In a sense yes, though you will be allowed to leave after you have recovered and trained, is this what it means to be a prisoner?" Sage asked.

"Why are you doing this? What do you want?" Kushina asked.

Sage shook her head. "No one should ever demand compensation to keep people alive or help them. You make us sound like monsters, as if people wouldn't help others unless they got something out of it."

"You do have your reasons for it." Minato stated.

"Of course we have our reasons, that however doesn't excuse your immediate asumption of ulterior motives and doubt of our own humanity." Sage answered, before moving her hands towards Kushina's chest.

Minato bit back a reply looking at the woman, he could see Kushina doing the same.

"Oi oi oi oi, where are your hands going?" Kushina asked, Sage simply rolled her eyes before continuing and ignoring Kushina.

"What are these seals placed on us?" Minato asked.

"I believe you have an idea, don't you Yondaime-sama?" Sage quickly answered her hands above Kushina's neck.

"These are some sort of medical seals and restriction ones, though I haven't seen any like them and especially not ones that were combined to such a degree." he answered looking at Sage. Restriction seals where hard enough to use and only very few people knew to use them.

"You are correct, they are a combination of medical and restriction seals, but they are also much more than that." Sage answered before moving her hands above Kushina's head. "I will need a few moments for this." Sage calmly spoke before turning her full attention to Kushina. A few moments passed in silence before Sage lowered her hands and both Minato and Kushina could see the intense glow dissappering from her hands, she quickly moved to the end of the chamber where the recently revealed drawer was located.

"The seals restrict your movements however they also help to heal and strengthen your bodies, what they do is apply pressure onto your muscle forcing them to work and break down, after which they release substances that help restore your muscles."

Both Minato and Kushina widened there eyes at this, they had both studied seals used in healing but had never heard of such seals. Both there thoughts were cut short as Sage began speaking again "I see you've realised their potential." both nodded at this, and Minato asked "Did you create them?"

"I was greatly inspired to create them and had help, but yes I created them." she spoke in the tone that gave off a bit of pride and enthusiasm. It was something both Minato and Kushina knew well, as they both lost many hours and nights discussing seals, their creation, what they could add to a seal, taking other ones apart and analysing them. He had done so with his sensei as well, and had almost failed a mission because of their heated discussion. When the three of them got together to discuss a certain seal hours seemed to fly by without noticing, more often it would be just between him and Kushina.

"With these seals and our training schedule, my beloved and I will have you back to full strength in 8 months, then you can meet your son". Both parents eyes widened at this, 8 months until they could see their son, while it seemed long, at least now they had hope that they could see him, they would gritt there theath and pull threw this.

Sage smirked at there reactions Phase I – The base, the return, scouting, Phase II – Recovery, advanced scouting and quick retrieval, Phase III – The Gathering, Phase IV, Sage grinned under her mask Phase IV is enclosing and the Phase V the fun.

"Why do you want to help us?" Minato asked looking at Sage.

"My beloved and I have our reasons to ensure the return of the Yellow Flash and Red Death." she said as she cast her gaze towards the floor. "Though perhaps more important is that every child should have a loving parent by their side." Sage's voice seemed to drop as she continued. "Children are meant to be gifts, the physical manifestation of love between a man and a woman. And for that love, all manner of sacrifice could be borne, as I am sure you know all to well."

Both Minato and Kushina's thoughts returned to that sealing and the Kyuubi's claw ripping through them, they still didn't know if they had died or survived.

Minato swallowed hard. "Were we brought back with Edo Tensei?" he felt alive but still wanted to know how these people saved them.

"No." Sage answered "The both of you where brought back with a pure resurection technique, and that is all I shall say on that matter." both Minato's and Kushina's mouths opened and there eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. We died? a pure resurection technique? who in world where these people?

Sage's grin grew, Kami he will love their expressions, "Now, unfortunately comes a rather unpleasant part."

Both Minato and Kushina raised an eyebrow at this, what could be unpleasent?

Sage raised her right hand then her middle and index finger before she released a small amount of chakra. Moments later the door opened and what looked like copies of Sage walked in.

"What" she asked, "did you think the Uzumaki were the only one's to use clones to their fullest?" both Minato and Kushina stayed quiet at this, rumors had it that the Uzu was also known as the village of clones, and Minato knew that there was truth to those rumors.

Each of the clones took position near the two beads, as they both reached towards the beds Kushina spoke up "What are they going to do?"

"Checking your urine bags " the clone near Kushina answered.

"Oh ok" she quickly answered, before shouting "MY WHAT?"

"You were unconscious before a period of time, and even now you will have difficulties walking, if you even manage that, so we had to apply one."

"You mean we have a a a, up our" Kushina spoke in a shaky tone.

"Done" both clones spoke, a nod from Sage was all they needed for them to dispell themselves.

"You should rest, I will bring you something to eat in a few hours", Kushina perked up at this, before Sage turned towards her "No ramen for now." Kushina haw disapointed and had a shocked look on her face before she pouted.

"When you're better, we will revisit the ramen option." Kushina eagerly nodded and gave a shaky thumbs up.

After this Sage turned and left and turned the light off in the room telling them to rest for a while as she should wake them when the food was ready and that she would send clones in to watch over them in a few minutes and help them reach the bathroom if they wanted to attempt it, she spoke the last part looking more at Kushina before closing the door.

"What do you think?" Minato asked

"I don't know, she seemed nice at the end, but still didn't answer all of our questions." Kushina answered trying to move her hands.

"Whoever they are, to use seals like these and to actually create a pure resurection technique if that is the case, they must have some skill, I haven't heard anything about a Hyuga seal master outside of stories from before the second war." Minato spoke.

"Me neither, did you notice how she talked about her beloved?" Kushina asked

"Yes, I think that there may only be the two of them. They sayed that they have their own plans for bringing us back, we have to stay vigilant around them."

"No need to tell me dattebane" Kushina quickly replied. "I'll play along for now, but I swear I will rip apart the people that hurt Naru–chan." she continued. Minato quickly nodded at this, he wanted to find out what happened to his son. He streched out his hand and Kushina grabbed it.

"We'll get through this Kushi-chan, and we will see our son". The both smiled at each other before Kushina spoke again.

"Minato" she began in a low tone "We actually have something up our ..."

Minato sighed. "Kushi-chan we where having a romantic moment just now." He spoke in an annoyed tone.

Kushina snorted. "Meh, there will be others girly boy." she smiled looking at him.

"Yes, there will be" he replied wearing a small smile on his face.

"I love you Minato."

"I love you Kushina." they drifted off to sleep holding each others hands,

Outside Sage was leaning on the door towards Minato and Kushina's room, she had a small smile on her face, she quickly turned and began walking when she noticed her lover approaching her."We were right, this world has many possibilities, some even managed to surprise me."

"Oh, what more did you find scouting?" she asked curiosity clear in her voice.

"Well it starts with..." he began.

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