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Chapter 5 : Training, thoughts and meeting Juubi

"Kami's balls that was brutal." stated Kushina, as she slumped down onto her bed, Minato groaned from the bed next to her signaling his approval, their training over the past few months had been brutal with streaks of sadism added to the mix, and now it was becoming pure torture. It started with a regime that could have been considered challenging by some people, but they knew and understood that, if they wanted to the get back in shape it would require hard work, blood and sweat.

Kushina glanced at the seals on her hands, they where life savers, her mind wandered back to Sage's explanation on how the seals would aid in their recovery and the start of their training.


It had been a few hours after Sage had left them to rest, or so she had been told by her clones when they brought food, can't we have a bloody damn clock in here?.

Kushina had just finished eating the "healthy and nutritious food" that Sage's clones had brought them, that would help them recover faster, but it still tastes like crap, and it is a bloody damn paste, no solid food!. Apparently they would start the first part of their training once they finished eating. Sage's clones had unhooked them from most of the medical devices, but not the one I had hoped for, they were connected to as they were deemed healthy enough.

Sage entered the room 30 minutes later with a few of her clones, she greeted them with a small head node, and moved to the foot of Kushina's bed while her clones began to move around the room, they were carrying cloths, books and a small wooden table.

"How was the food?" Sage asked in her usual tone.

"Great" Kushina replied sarcastically. "I hope we can eat that every day" she continued.

"Oh don't worry you will be eating that for a long time, and if you like it so much I can serve it as a desert." Kushina's eyes seemed to widen at that, she was sure Sage was smiling under her mask, before she could say anything Minato spoke up.

"You mentioned that we would be starting our training to help us recover, can you tell us what that entails?", Sage nodded at that and moved her head to look at Minato.

"Yes, the first part is getting you to actually walk on your own two feet again, normally it would take longer but this is were your seals come into play."

"You mentioned that they slowly help to rebuild our muscles." Minato stated.

"Indeed, but they have different levels, right now they are still on the lower levels, we've been slowly increasing them, now that you have awakened and your bodies are stable enough we will begin to use the more advanced levels." Sage stopped for a few moments before continuing. "At the lower levels the seals can be used continuously for hours without much risk, and with normal rest periods, after your body reach a certain point there effectiveness drops, while they can still be used, the gain is much smaller then before. At the more advanced levels, the pressure placed on your muscles and later chakra coils is larger and will help to break down the muscles and build them up faster. The seals will feed on the chakra in your body and force your coils to grow faster, don't worry a build in part of the seals is that the pressure placed on the coils will be similar to several kinds of chakra control exercises."

She paused for a moment to catch her breath before continuing. "I will not answer any questions about the specifics of these seals or how you were brought back, sufficed to say that the seals require mastery over the sealing art, medical knowledge, the chakra used by medic-nins and human anatomy. Now if you are ready we can begin, I must warn it will be painful."

Minato and Kushina looked at each other, they both had questions about these seals, especially considering what she had just told them but with no answers forthcoming decide to continue, there simply wasn't another path open to them, they nodded signaling that they were ready.

Sage raised right hand to her chest and then raised her middle and index finger she seemed to concentrate for a moment before a blinding pain overtook both Minato and Kushina, it felt as if they were on fire. Time seemed to fly by them as the pain continued, their hands, shoulders and feet felt as if they were trying unsuccessfully to stop wild horses from running away by holding onto their tails while the horses put up their best effort to run away.

A few more moments passed before the pain stopped, while their bodies stilled felt as if on fire it was more of a small one rather than the inferno from before.

"That was ten minutes, we will take a small break before we continue, you still have five minutes left." she spoke. Both Minato and Kushina stared at Sage when she spoke their minds having difficulty accepting her words, a few minutes passed by before Kushina spoke.

"Bullshit that was ten minutes, it felt like hours went by." She spoke in a loud voice.

Sage sighed before speaking. "Even though it is difficult to believe it is the truth, did you think that it would be painless? the muscles through out your bodys were placed under great pressure, that is not without pain. The good news is that after this session and the rest period you will be able to walk normally and be able to reach the bathroom."

"Are you a full blooded Hyuga?" Minato asked, Sage looked at him and nodded. "Are you a descendent of the Hyugas that did not join Konoha?" he continued. It wasn't a know fact but not all Hyuga wanted to join Konoha, a few wanted to continue to wander, and it eventually came to blows between the clan members, most of them wanted to join, and the small number of the ones opposing were crushed, though rumors had it some survived and fled. The fact that no Hyugas were seen as part of other hidden villages forces in all the time since their formation was seen as proof that all the Hyuga joined Konoha, it was believed that the others died while fleeing or died without having children.

Minato's thought drifted to his friends Hiashi and Hizashi, true they had been Kushina's friends first and later became his as well, he smiled at when Kushina told him that she had believed that Hiashi and Hizashi were twin girls and had treated them as such for a year before the truth came out. Hiashi enjoyed the fact that while others seemed to walk on eggshells around him, Kushina would usually stomp on the eggshells without much care, it was refreshing change compared to his normal life and how he himself sometimes had to act. Hizashi on the other hand enjoyed running around and exploring with her, often aiding her with her pranks by acting as a scout, a rebellion against his fate. What Minato didn't know and what brought a smile to Kushina's face was that Hiashi had switched places with Hizashi most of the time and had actually helped Kushina with her pranks.

Minato wondered about his friend Fugaku and Kushina's friend Mikoto, the one who attacked them was an Uchiha, his use of the Sharingan in controlling the Kyubi and the fact that the man had kept it active meant that he had to be an Uchiha. While his student Kakashi had gained a good level of proficency with the sharingan, he couldn't use it for long periods of time becouse of the chakra cost, the person who attacked him would have to have had massive amounts of chakra and to have had the sharingan for years to practive it if he wasn't a pure blooded Uchiha to maintain it active so long especially under battle conditions.

He doubted Fugaku was actually involved in the attack, but most likely his clan would be blamed, he needed to find out the connection of the person who attacked him and Kushina had related to the Uchiha clan.

Could the person who attacked us actually be Madara? there was chance of that, his manipulation of the Kyubi seemed to support that claim at least, the fact that he did not engage in a full battle but relied more on his space time techniques could mean that he was old and could not afford to fight any longer because of his age.

Those techniques seemed to be related to his sharingan, which in turn again supported his claim of being Madara. Though how he could have survived for so long or even survived his battle with Hashirama simply raised more questions. With the attack security in Konoha would be raised and the people would protect his son, it still meant that their was a spy in Konoha, one who knew that Kushina had the Kyuubi sealed in her and the fact that the seal holding it would be weakened during childbirth, that list of people was very small, the Sandaime, his wife, the elders and Jiraya knew about Kushina's status as a jinjuriki. His student knew that Kushina was pregnant and that she would be giving birth soon but did not know about her status as jinjuriki nor any of the pertinent information about when and where she would be brought, for safety it wouln't be in the normal hospital.

The ones who had sealed the Kyuubi in Kushina had passed away long ago and he doubted that Danzo would ever endanger Konoha to such a degree in an attempt to seize power. The possibility that Madara had used the sharingan and forced one of the elders to tell him the location where the ANBU were sent was becoming higher and it made it more believable that the person who attacked was indeed Madara.

That does raise questions about Konoha's security, could he have used genjutsu on the guards or does he know some secret passage. If he is Madara and was present when Konoha was built he could now some of them, but by now all those passages should be accounted for.

While Fugaku and Mikoto would likely have needed to stay away from Naruto for a time, he hoped that Hiashi and Hizashi had been there for his son, a small part of him told him that they would most likely be kept away as to not allow any one clan influence over the jincuuriki, he scoffed at that he had asked that Naruto been seen as a hero, doing that would only make the clan look bad and he doubted that people would have ignored his dying wish.

His thoughts were interrupted by Sage' voice. "Yes I am a Hyuga, and no I am not a descendent of those Hyuga that did not join Konoha."

"Then are you part of Konoha, or did you defect?" the clan was paranoid about losing their bloodline, the caged bird seal was supposedly created in order to help the clan protect it, though it became something else over time. Whenever a clan member left the village on a mission they were expected to follow certain rules, they had strict rules to ensure no bastard children were sired.

"Perhaps I am part of the true Konoha, the one you do not see, the one that is underneath, and you refused to acknowledge." she spoke in the same calm tone as before.

Minato's face became a scowl, the underneath part reminded him of Danzo, but the chances of a Hyuga joining him was slim, trying to kidnap one would represent a high risk that could work against him.

"A wise man once said that the only time your morals matter is when your back is against the wall, tell me do you think that after the Kyuubi's attack Konoha held true to it's morals?" Sage asked.

"Yes." Minato answered without hesitation, he had faith in his people, he missed the look in Kushina eyes when Sage asked him though, a look that would suggest she had a different answer one that she feared to contemplate.

Sage shook her head. "Self-delusion is the easiest of all deceptions, still your faith is to be commended, the worlds need's idealists, I only hope that it is never shattered."

"It won't." he replied curtly

"I wonder what will happen if it is? how would you rebuild it? and what would you become?" Sage aked.

"I know my people I have faith in them, that will never be broken, I do not doubt it." he replied with steel and fire in his voice.

"Faith is the truth of passion, since no passion is more true than another, faith is the truth of nothing." Sage nodded her head. "We must now continue the procedure any other discussion will have to wait."

"Can you give us ten minutes?" Kushina asked.

"No, your bodies are not prepared for that just yet, after a few session we will increase the time to 20 minutes." Sage made a familiar hand sign and pain flooded there systems once more. Both of them were barely awake by the time she was done, they heard her telling them that she would return later after they had rested in 8 hours or so, barely did he see her close the door to their room that darkness took him.

A few hour later

When Kushina awoke she felt as if she had just returned from a strenuous workout, her body hurt but it was a good kind of pain, the healing kind, it showed that she was making progress, just a bit more and she could see her son. She wondered if she could reach the bathroom to take a shower, her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Minato's voice.

"You're awake." he said in a cheerful tone, she looked at him and saw that he was reading a book, where did he get that?, she then noticed two small tables between their beds with books on them.

She nodded. "Hmm, have you been awake long?"

"Only an hour or so." he answered placing a bookmark in his book before placing it on the table nearest to him.

"Have you tried to see if you can walk normally?" she asked.

"I wanted to but when I saw the books and started reading them I forgot about it" he replied scratching the back of his head.

"Of course you did you blond baka." she replied in a slightly annoyed tone of voice.

"That reminds me I want you to look over something, it's strange" he told her before grabbing a book from under a the second table and handing it to her.

She raised an eyebrow at this and looked at the title of the book when her eyes widened, the title read "Introduction to seals for beginners by Saito Uzumaki", she had never heard of a book like this, she noticed that the book had some bookmarks in it, and Minato simply nudged his head towards them and she started reading.

Half an hour later Kushina closed the book, "this is" she began "the first parts are good but later ... is it some sort of trap? the people who try to make a seal using this book would get injured." She paused and placed the book back on the table, there were books on seals, but not many, Minato had talked about writing a book similar to this one while back, but with the war and him becoming Hokage he simply didn't have time. She herself had considered it at one point and had only made some notes on the subject, for her seals came far easier, Minato was able to grasp the concepts behind seals quickly, what for them was something easy and they understood it immediatly others had difficulties with such things, and they for their part had difficulties explaining something that for them was like breathing.

"Is someone using my clans name to sell these things? it will help sell the books but later when the people get injured it would make people give up on seals thinking they were to dangerous, heck some may blame the Uzumaki for their injuries." She was terrified of the thought of children getting injured because of the book.

Minato shook his head. "I don't know, but there's more." he handed her another two books and she looked at them, both had the title "Chakra theory." by Ikari Zakiri with some bookmarks in it, she simply opened the books and began to read the sections Minato wanted her to read, one after the other.

What is this, did a civilian writes these?. There were civilian authors who wrote about chakra from what they knew, were able to discover themselves and from ninjas, some prefered to write about their own observations and include the opinions of monks on it.

The sections Minato had bookmarked were different in each book, and were different from what she knew. Did no one check this? that was basic knowledge, what the author wrote was wrong and he didn't even present it as a theory but as the truth. She opened one of the books at a random page and then opened the second book to the same page and began to read, they were the same, she raised an eyebrow at this. Kushina closed both books and looked at their covers, then read the first few pages of both books, it didn't say that one featured different ideas, in fact they were identicall.

"What is this?" she asked, "who would write this? and why would Sage let us read them, we could recognise that these are fakes." a thought struck her did Sage use that book on seals.

"I'm not sure, but chances are that the other books here are similar to them." Minato said motioning to the pile of books on the two tables between their beds.

"I remember Jiraya sensei telling me at one point that he considered writing another version of one of his books becouse he had different ideas for certaine scenes, these books are similar to it." he continued.

"So what the author had different ideas and decides to write them both in the book? how would that work, half of the books published would have his first idea and the second half the other one? without even mentioning that they were different version?"

Minato shrugged his shoulders "Mostly likely, I don't know the reason why she would leave these books here for us to read though".

Just then the door opened and two Sages stepped inside the room, one heading towards Minato and the other towards Kushina. "Have any of you attempted to walk yet?" the Sage next to Kushina asked, they both shook their heads to signal that they did not, they realised that these where clones of her and kept their questions to themselves.

"Let's try it now, we will each help you." spoke the Sage next to Minato, the next minutes say both Minato and Kushina managing to take there first steps around there beds, with the help of the Sage clones when they lost there footing. After 10 minutes of this, the both of them sat back down on their beds.

"That was easier than I thought it would be." spoke Kushina.

"It is because of the seals, the last session was meant to bring you this level." spoke the one next to Minato.

"Now we can remove the rest of the devices from you." spoke the one next to Kushina.

"Yatta." spoke Kushina lifting her hands, Minato smiled at his wife's childish outburst, it was done both to as natural reaction for her and part of their unspoken plan to lower Sage's guard.

After the devices were removed, much to Kushina's happiness, one of the clones left the room with them while another stayed behind and neared the drawer in the room before addressing them. "When you step outside this room right in front of it there's the bathroom." she placed her hand on the drawer "New clothes and towels are here, we've also placed what supplies you will need in the bathroom", before she exited the room she turned towards them.

"We will bring you food in one hour, though we ask that you do not engage in more recreational activities here or in the bathroom."

"Recreational activities?" Kushina asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Sex" the clone responded, "We must ask you to refrain from it for a time".

"What?! barely can we move again and you think we will jump each others bones?" Kushina asked.

The clone tilted her head to left as if not believing her "Very well, please forgive my assumptions." she spoke in a falsely innocent tone. At this a vein on Kushina's forehead started to throb.

"If you want more books just inform us." the Sage clone spoke.

"The information in these books." Minato began

"Are truth to some, while for others it is not." she told them

"There's not a lot of truth in these books, this book on seals is dangerous." Kushina said picking it up "If you used the methods described here you would injure yourself."

"Your truth is not the only one that exists." she told her before exiting the room.

"What does that even mean?" Kushina asked in a curious tone.

A few minutes later both Minato and Kushina made their way towards the door wanting to see if the could explore the place were they where, they were surprised, which in hindsight was to be expected when they noticed two barriers of a dark purple color on the left and right side of the hallway.

Their inspection revealed that they couldn't see through them nor could objects pass through them, trying to use a jutsu against it while in their weakened state was out of the question, add to the fact that in such an enclosed space the jutsu could affect the walls and injure them as well left them very few options. While the barriers were brilliant and showed both the skill of the user setting such strong barriers in an enclosed space with no seeable way to break them, it also showed that the person must have had high chakra levels to maintain them. It mainly annoyed them as it barely gave them more room to move around in.

"Only one way to go huh?" Kushina asked before opening the door to the bathroom and stepping inside.

The bathroom was small, she didn't really expect it to be too big, it was in fact more of a luxury as in most forts the showers would be common, maybe the room and bathroom were given to the commander. The color inside was white, on the left wall was a sink with a large mirror above it, a small shelf under neath the mirror with soap, toothpaste, two tooth brushes, shaving foam and five razors. A small support with two toals was at the same level as the shelf. Almost two of everything huh? well not everything, no two soaps or razors.

At the center wall was the toilet and shower, she noticed that next to the toilet was a box filled with toilet paper, a large brush in a plastique support of sort and a bottle of what she guessed was cleaning liquid for the toilet.

She noticed a white drawer next to the right wall a small distance away from the shower, while looking inside she found more towels and two roabs, she grinned and turned around towards Minato who was right behind her, she placed a hand on his chest and gently pushed him out of the room. She winked at him and told him "I have dibbs ja ne." and slammed the door in his face.

Kushina then turned around and looked at the shower it didn't have a shower curtain but rather was surrounded by some sort of plastique with a sliding door in the middle, it looked hastly put together. When she looked inside she saw that there was a small shelf with two more razors and some shaving foam, on the floor were four bottles of soap and six of shampoo. How did they know girly boy would want a few more? Kushina shook her head. Honestly the Hyuga and him are so alike in that regard.

She then noticed a small note attached to the shower head and she picked it up to read it. The note had chibi Sage giving a peace sign with her right hand and winking with her left eye with a small bubble over her head that said. "Please do not engage in recreational activities in the bathroom, that means sex Kushina." she crumpled the note and threw it in the toilet.

"I'm going to hurt that woman, badly, soon" she spoke in a quite tone.

Kami that felt great ! Kushina thought as she exited the bathroom dressed in a white robe and with a towel around her head, when she entered her room she noticed that her bed seemed to have been changed, and there was a new table with a few dishes of food at the foot of her bed.

She glanced towards Minato and saw him reading a book, he smiled at her raising his head from the book. "They changed the bed sheets and brought some food.", Kushina went and raised the lid covering her food and she quicky groaned when she saw what was inside.

"Great more goo stuff." she slowly sat on the bed, took a small spoon and began to eat.

"Honestly it's not that bad." Minato told her closing his book.

She sent him a small glare, "It's not ramen, that for sure" she mumbled.

"It's not your cooking either."

She raised an eyebrow at this. "Is someone trying to score points Mr. Namikaze?" she asked batting her eyelashes.

"Possibly." he answered and made his way towards the drawer in the room that had a few clothes on top of it that he picked up,.

"There are some clothes we can sleep in, there in the second to last drawer." Kushina nodded at this.

"Read anything interesting?"

"You could say that, it's similar to the other books."

"How so?"

"It talked about a battle that took place in the Black Forest during the Unification Wars of the Land of Fire between the forces of Oda Nobunaga lead by Ranmaru Mori and the forces Shingen Takeda led by Hara Masatane." he spoke with a thoughtful look on his face.

"I don't remember reading anything about a battle there between those two, was it a minor one?"

"The book claims that it was a small battle and ended with a draw because of the heroics of Ranmaru Mori, but that's just it, this is the first time I read about such a battle in Black Forest, the battle between the forces of Shingen Takeda and Oda Nobunaga I read about took place days later away from the forest. None of the history books we have in Konoha mentions this battle."

"Do you think it's a fake?" she asked putting down her spoon and looking at him.

"Perhaps, I keep thinking about Sage's words"

"Which ones?" Kushina asked.

"Your truth is not the only one that exists" he told her.

"I don't understand if it didn't change the outcome of the main battle and it was not a great loss to either side why hide the battle? or if it didn't occur why added in the book?" she asked looking at him.

"I'm not sure" he stated.

"Do you think it was made as a fake to fool some rich noble and later humiliate him?" Kushina asked.

"I doubt it, I don't understand why Sage would give us these books" Minato spoke.

"We'll ask her, the next time we meet" Kushina told him, Minato nodded and headed to the bathroom with the clothes he had picked up.

When Minato exited the bathroom and entered his room, he noticed that Kushina was already asleep, he gave her a small kiss on her cheek before going to bed.

Their sleep was short lived as a few hours later Sage woke them up and performed the procedure, they didn't get a chance to ask her anything as she quickly left. Kushina cursed as now they needed to wash again.

Minato looked at Kushina gave her a small smile before he spoke up "Kushi-chan"

"Hai?" she asked

"I have dibbs on the bathroom" he told her before going towards the bathroom.

"Damn blonde" she muttered before going back to sleep.

The next day they awoke and found Sage sitting in a meditative position, in the middle or their room, as soon as she say that the two were awake she spoke. "I have unlocked a training field nearby that you can use, but first we need to use the procedure."

Minato and Kushina prepared themselves for the pain that was sure to come, it helped only a little but it was better then nothing.

"About the books." Minato managed to speak between ragged breaths, Sage simply looked at him. "The information in them" he continued.

"Yes? It is not what you expected." Minato shook his head at that. "I will keep there origin a secret a while longer from you, but if you are interested in other kinds of books please tell me what kind and I will search for some of them." Sage told him.

Minato seemed in deep thought for a moment before speaking up "Books on seals, barriers, space time techniques, the shinobi world wars, the warring states period, Konoha, jutsu creation and a pen and some paper."

Kushina seeing what Minato had done weighed in on the conversation as well "Ano can you bring me what you have on the Uzumaki clan, seals, sword fighting, Yukimura Sanada, Giochi Tachibana, Tomoe Gozen, Miyamoto Musashi, cook books and books on pranks." Sage just stood there and stared at them for a while "You do not dissapoint, the training ground is open, just walk out the room and you will see it" she told them before exiting.

Eventually after they had rested the two existed the room and observed that the barrier to the right had disappeared, they walked down the hallway and reached a very large room and saw Sage there in a meditative position with two bottles and scrolls near each of her knees.

"Welcome, my creator sent me here to monitor your progress while going threw your training regime, that are contained in these scrolls, also you should drink these" pointing towards the bottles, "during your workout it will help in your recovery" the now revealed Sage clone told them.

"Where is your creator?" Minato asked curious about it, "she had a few errands to run, no worries I will take her place for a while after which Juubi will take over". Is that her beloved?

Minato glanced around the room, it appeared to have an obstacle course set up surrounding the room, mostly likely to make running laps more interesting, a few wooden shuriken, kunais and swords could be seen on a table in the middle of the room. He looked at the wooden pillars a few feet away from the walls, they can't be part of the original construction, they don't support the ceiling and look new, did they set them up for us?

Both Minato and Kushina picked up the scrolls and opened them, the training was harsh but not impossible. They quickly began to perform the exercises in it.

The training had the usual, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and others, but what got their attention was the part about sparring on water pillars, when they asked were the water were the sage clone proceded to create water pillars between the wooden ones.

Their sparring would start on the ground, move on the wooden the pillars than on the water pillars and then back on the wooden one, while difficult it did help improve their chakra control.

Their schedule for the next two weeks mostly consisted of : waking up, the seal procedure, washing and eating, the first part of there training, lunch, the second part of there training, dinner, the seal procedure and showering before going to sleep, every day they would add a bit to the training, such as five more push-ups, and running one extra lap. When they asked the sage clone lasted so long, she simply told them that her creator had a few back up plans and not to worry.

One evening one returning to their room they noticed four empty tables a few feet away from their room, they wheren't sure of their purpose until they entered their room.

"What the hell?" asked Kushina with wide eyes, behind her Minato could only stare dumbly at the sight before them. It looked like someone had created a wall made of books between their beds.

"Well we did ask for a lot of books." Minato stated moving towards his bed and noticing a few scrolls, a small wooden plate, must be a writing support, a large stack of empty papers and a few pens. Barely had he looked at the titles of the books that he heard Kushina shout his name and quickly went over to her.

"What's wrong?" he asked seeing her startled face, she just placed her hand on a book, and when his he looked at it he realised why she was so startled. The books around her hand where all about the Uzumaki clan, they read History of the Uzumaki clan vol. I, II, III, IV, V, The Uzumaki clan in the Warring States period, Legacy of the Uzumaki clan, A travelers guide to Uzu, Allies of the Uzumaki clan, A study on the relationship between the Uzumaki clan and the five major hidden villages, The Sealed Fate : A book about the fall of the Uzumaki clan, Seals : A study between the seals the hidden villages compared to that of the Uzumaki clan, and there were more of them.

Minato's eyes widened at seeing how many there where, he placed his hands on Kushina's shoulders and squeezed a bit. "We don't know how much truth they have in them, just write some of the things you find interesting" she nodded and started looking at the other books. He knew it was a sensitive subject for her, a lot of information about the Uzumaki had been lost over the years with the fall of Uzu.

When Minato returned to his bed and began looking at the books his attention was grabbed by a book with the title A study of the greatest barrier users, someone wrote a book on that? he looked at the other titles, it definitely was what he had asked for, and perhaps a bit more one of the books had the title, A look at the forbidden love affairs in Konoha, he was certain he didn't ask for something like that.

"Ano Minato-koi, do you also have some rather strange books?" Kushina asked in a curious tone.

"Hai, Kushi-chan I was looking at one right now called A look at the forbidden love affairs in Konoha".

"Huh I'll raise you one called Possible Bastard children of Yukimura Sanada."

When Minato looked closer to the where the scrools and pens where he noticed a small note that simply told them to leave the books that they had read on those tables.

Their schedule stayed mostly the same for the next month, only increasing in difficulty, and towards the end of the month they started to practice jutsus, and used a newly created barrier as their test dummy.

During the fourth month of their training and return, of which they were informed, their traing doubled, the seal procedure now increased in the time it was used and how long it was used, reaching 40 minutes. Sage had sent a number of clones armed with a variety of weapons to fight them in all forms of combat, using ninjutsu, kenjutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, and even medical jutsu. A greater emphasis was placed on their own ninjutsu practice then before.

They had asked how many clones Sage had left behind and when they would see her again, her answer had not amused them as the clone told them that Sage had returned and overseen their training already and left once again. The good part was that they were given sealing supplies and could practice with it, though they were told that setting a trap or trying to use them against the barriers would have painful consequences for them.

At the start of the fifth month when they reached the training room they where surprised to find someone else there, it was a man with spiky blond hair like Minato's and looked to be the same height, he wore black anbu pants, black sandals, a grey shirt, and a white mask with what they guessed were tails around the edges of it with the word Juubi written in large letters under the eyes, his eyes though unnerved then they were a demonic shade of red with black slits.

"You must be Juubi." said Kushina looking at him, are his eyes some sort of bloodline?, she couldn't detect a henge.

"No shit, was it the writing on the mask that gave me away? " he asked in a deadpan tone of voice.

Kushina's right eye twitched a bit at that. "Look's like someone doesn't have any manners." she told him.

Juubi nodded. "Yes people say that I take after my mother in that regard."

"She must be a lovely woman" Kushina shot back glaring at him.

"She was, anyway you can call me Juubi or the man who will put you through a realm of pain with a smile on his face, either of the two is fine, because I will be in charge of your training for the foreseeable future." He said giving them an eye smile.

The two nodded at that, their training had helped greatly and they were stronger now, they were curious as to what it would entail.

"First I need to do this." he said making a one handed sign, the next thing they knew, both Minato and Kushina were on their knees and felt like a wave of water crashed down upon them. "It's the next level of the seals you have on your bodys, basicly resistance seals and seals that restrain your chakra, while still exerting some pressure on your coils."

There eyes widened at the both Minato and Kushina had been working on creating a new form of resistance seals for a while but with little success, the ones that existed required someone of a master level to draw them and were not resistant enough to be used in training for long periods of time, they faded away from water, sweat would affect them, and they needed constant checking.

To think they already managed to already create them but simplify and mix them with other seals. They were both in awe at this and badly wanted to ask them about how they were made but knew they would get no answers.

What followed during the month could only be described as hard tranning with hints of sadism, it started with them having to double their already existing training schedule, while they were at half their strength, and later to triple it out right.

They sparred with Juubi's clones in every way: swords, kunais, fists, ninjutu, genjutsu duels, the most annoying things was that his clones all seemed to have different styles. One of the clones Kushina sparred against using swords, used a style that focused on quick slashes while the next one used a style that focused on dealing heavy blows. Whenever they seemed to adjust to the new level of their seals he would simply raise the level a bit more.

It was at the start of the fifth month that Juubi took them outside of the fort, they where curious to see what the surrounding area looked like and perhaps getting an idea of the area they were in. That idea ended quickly as they noticed that the are was surrounded by the same purple barrier walls that where present in the fort as well, the area looked like a larger training ground then the one inside the fort, with even bigger obstacle courses and wooden pillars.

What followed were full on spars with everything Minato and Kushina had, entire days they would do nothing but fight. It was during the second week of the fifth month that Juubi had them each run a new obstacle course, they weren't sure what to make of them.

"Well go ahed have fun." Juubi told them, the shrugged their shoulders and each went to their obstacle course.

Kushina looked at the first part of her obstacle course a small not explained that for the first part all she had to do was dodge and walk only on the ground no jumping over the obstacles to get threw it. She noticed that the obstacle course had wooden dummys with wooden batons attached to them coated with a white substance and spinning. She wasn't sure why they were about the substance they were coated with though she could tell that there were some that were just genjutsu.

She took a small breath before taking a closer look, the dummys spun in a random pattern, so making a plan on that was out, she would have to rely on her speed and reflexes, that were impeded thanks to her seals. She took a running start and charged towards them, there were probably more to them but she would find out what exactly after entering the course.

Minato looked over his obstacle course, all he had to do was swing from a rope to another while below was tank formed by several barriers and where several seals wore drawn of the ground, he could tell that some of the roaps had genjutsu on them to a degree and made a mental note to avoid them, he took one last breath before starting.

Towards the entrance of the fort stood Juubi a smile under his mask, Sage approached him from behind and stood next to him.

"You're back." he said in a cheerful tone before hugging her. "How are our new guests?"

"Resting, they should be up in a few hours." Sage told him while holding on to him, getting a nod from Juubi.

"Do you think we should have told Kushina that..." Sage began only to be cut off by a loud voice filled with rage


"No I think she found out, hm I wonder how she will react when she realises that some of the batons are made of iron, some are simply genjutsu, other have three layers of genjutsu added just to hide what it protects." Juubi mussed.

"What about Minato?" Sage asked. A loud scream could soon be heard though it was not followed by profanities.

"I think he may have figured out a part of them, though not that some were also electrified, would rip easily, some were coated with a substance that required high chakra control or they would slip, or the fact that is he falls the seals on the bottom will shock him and increase his weight a bit making it difficult to get back up. But I think he probably knows that now."

"I take it there will be a cold shower at the end of the obstacle course to help them cool down?" Sage asked.

"I made it lukewarm this time." he told her.

A very wet, pissed off and tired Minato and Kushina returned to the front of the base only to discover that Juubi had left, they made their way back to there rooms were they quickly dried themselves using the towels and changed their cloths.

Just then the door opened to their room and a familiar face walked in.

"You?" Kushina asked looking startled at seeing the person who entered their room.


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