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Raven was sitting at a desk in her dark room, pencil in hand and a blank journal in front of her. Fighting back the urge to cry. Constantly pushing strands of her short purple hair out of her pale face. Her long blue cloak wrapped around her like a shell. Objects like books, potions, furniture or other clothing artifacts levitating in a black aura from their corresponding places. Some exploding on the spot. Her emotions were a mess but she never took her eyes off her blank book. She continued to write delicately on the journal. It read:

Chapter 1

It all started the day we were having one of our usual arguments. As usual, I was sitting by the sofa, reading one of my favorite books with a cup of Herbal Tea in my right hand holding the book in my left when 'He' entered the room. He headed for the kitchen carrying the stupid little grin he always carried with him. I never understood how he could always be so happy all the time. After all, he had a pretty rough childhood. He stopped by the refrigerator and looked at the meal the , half robot half man, Cyborg was preparing and as usual said...

"Cannibalism!" He shouted looking and pointing down at the bacon, eggs, and milk Cyborg was making.

"Are you going to say that to me every time I make breakfast?" Asked Cyborg with an annoyed look on his face.

"It's not my fault I've been all those animals before." He said looking disgusted.

"Whatever." Was all Cyborg responded with. He flipped the bacon and eggs into a plate and poured the milk into a cup and sat down at his usual seat.

"Yo BB, con ya poss mi tha nopkin." Said Cyborg with a spoonful of eggs in his mouth. Beast Boy headed for the counter where the napkins were kept and began his search. He grabbed the napkin and turned to start walking to Cyborg not noticing the cup filled with coffee ,the leader of the group, Robin had left there last night and tipped it over. The now cold coffee spilled all over my book and cloak. Now fully aware of what he had done, Beast Boy turned and dropped the napkin and started to stutter like he usually did after he had made a huge mistake and knew that a punishment on my behalf soon awaited him.

"R-Raven I-Im sorry it...it was an accident." He said cautionally stepping closer to me."Here let me help" He said picking up the napkin that was supposed to be for Cyborg and trying to get the stain of coffee off my cloak.

"Havent you helped enough already?" I asked coldly."I can't have anything good around you can I " I was now whipping the stain of the coffee myself from my cloak.

"Dude I said I was sorry" said Beast Boy.

"Sorry wont make the stains go away Beast Boy." I said irritated.

"Rae what do you want me t-"

"Its Ra-VEN not Rae , can you at least get THAT part right." I scowled at him. In all my frustration I didn't notice the objects now levitating from cabinets, counters, and shelves. The doors of the common room swished open and Robin and Starfire walked in noticing the many flying objects and Beast Boy who was now in defence position covering his face with his arms. I walked out the room book drenched in coffee still in hand getting odd looks from the rest of the team.

"What is wrong with friend Raven?" Asked Starfire still looking at the door. Cyborg who had sat through the whole thing without saying a word, simply shrugged and continued stuffing his face with bacon and eggs. When I entered my room, I threw my book next to the desk on the floor and paced back and forth with my teeth clenched thinking 'That IDIOT, he always messes everything up. I can't even read without him messing something up and the worst part is that I can't even yell at him and say everything I want to say because something will blow up or someone might get hurt. One of these days if this keeps happening I might lose it I might even-'


I turned and saw that one of the statues had been blown across the room and had broke when it hit the wall.

"I should meditate and calm myself down." I sighed. I sat down at my bed and levitated to my usual mediating position cross-legged, arms at my sides."Azarth Metrios Zinthos." I repeated."Azarath Metrios Zinthos... Azarath Metrion Zinthos... Azarth Metrios Zin-" I was interrupted by a knock on my door."What." I asked not opening my eyes.

"Um Raven can we... talk?" asked an all too familiar voice.

"Not now Beast Boy."

"Well I um I just wanted to say that im um im ... sorry." I didn't answer. There was only silence. I approached the door and opened it so that only half of my face could be seen. I opened my mouth to speak but found no one there. I sighed and turned with my head down a bit disappointed he had given up on me so easily. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I immediately looked up and saw him standing there with a plain face that showed almost no expression except one. Pity. I was not about to let him try to console me with the whole you're not alone, im here for you, you can always count on me to be there speech all over again so I removed his hand from my shoulder and turned more irritated than when I had first entered my room. He was in MY room, without MY permission.

"What are you doing here Beast Boy?" I asked trying to sound calmer than I really was.

"Raven I told you I wanted to talk to you and you know... apologize." He said surprisingly calm. I said nothing, just stood there getting my thoughts together trying not to lash out on him. He had gotten so good at apologizing that by now, I couldn't sence if he really meant it. I glared at him. He had a confused look on his face by now and decided to break the silence."Soooo... do you forgive me?" He asked now feeling ashamed once more. " cuz." He added. "You know what they say, forgive and forget huh Rae..ven." He was clearly trying to got back to his jokester self. I sighed, for the first time not to sure on what to say.

"I guess-" I was yet again interrupted by the sound of sirens and red flashing lights. Beast Boy and I exited my room and headed for the exit of the tower. We reunited with the rest of the Titans just outside the tower. We didn't have to continue to see what was going on. It was Control Freak. He had set many objects to life and they were all causing destruction around Jump City.

"Titans Go!" commanded Robin. We all headed for the live objects and chose one to fight with since there was coincidently five. Robin went for the car, Cyborg went for the television set, Starfire went for the live posters, Beast Boy went for the game console, which left me with Control Freak himself which in my opinion should have been taken care of by Robin because after all he is the leader.

The car Robin had previously been fighting turned more into a transformer when it targeted him. It threw a beam from one of its robotic hands. Robin skillfully avoiding it with a backflip taking his staff out and readying himself for a fight. Cyborg had his eyes set on the television set which looked very similar to the one we had fought the night we watched 'Wicked Scary'. Cyborg made the first move and threw many beams at the screen but didn't do so much as a crack. Realizing this he started backing away slowly. Starfire had her hands full with the posters. There were just too many. She flew up shooting star bolts at them taking out only a few of the ones there were. Beast Boy was literally tangled up in his battle. He had gotten himself wrapped around the wires of the controller with small chances of escaping, morphing into different animals every two or so minutes. I was about to strike my opponent when Beast Boy crashed in front of me, in the form of a wolf, right before my attack coul reach Control Freak taking in the attack himself.

"Hey what was that for?" He exclaimed to me. "Keep your creepy magic to yourself." He said morphing into a hawk. He realized what he had just said and looked for a way out of it. I had just let him off the hook from our last argument and now he managed to anger me again. I created a claw with my powers and grabbed him by the neck bringing him close.

"It's not creepy magic." I said coldly. "And next time, don't get in my way and you wont get hurt."

"Raven, Beast Boy stop!" Said Robin dodging more blasts from his opponent. "Focus!"

I tossed him to the floor. He gulped loudly and returned back to his battle as did I. I began the battle with Control Freak and beat many of his minions along the way. I was sure he was beat. I assumed it was over. I was wrong. A weird-looking object approached behind Control freak. Another of his minions. Though i had never seen this one before. It had long, metal, tentacle like arms and a can shaped body. It was white and gray and has flashing red eyes. Distracted at the sight of this, I didn't notice him shoot me with a purple beam.

"RAVEN" Cried Beast Boy morphing back into his human self. I felt like all my energy was sucked out of me as I fell to the street landing with a thud. My eyes slowly closed and I fell unconscious.

I awoke later in my room. I had a splitting head ache and felt like I had no energies to do anything.

"Raven..." I heard someone say. Using the little energy I had I lifted my head and saw Robin standing at the foot of my bed with the other Titans around him.

"Are you okay?"Asked Starfire.

"Im fine." I said. "What happened?"

"Control Freaks minion thingy zapped you and you fainted." Said Beast Boy. I ignored his answer and acted as if he wasnt even in the room. He noticed I was not about to acknowledge his presence, and started to walk around the room.

"So how do you feel?" Asked Cyborg looking at the monitor he brought in with him.

"Weak." I said letting my head drop back on the pillow.

"You lost a lot of energy in the fight so you should rest and recover." Said Robin.


My head shot up and we looked to the side and saw Beast Boy crouching by the night stand holding something in his hands. I Focused on what he was holding and saw my mirror. It had a crack from one side of it down to the center. Before I knew it, I was smashing his head against the wall. Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire ran up to me and began to hold me back.

"ENOUGH!" Shouted Robin. He let go of me and grabbed both Beast Boy and myself by the arms breaking us apart.

"She started it!" Said Beast Boy folding his arms frowning.

"I started it!" I shouted. By now many things around my room were floating around enveloped in a black aura. "I didn't ask for you to start wandering around my room helping yourself to my private stuff! You are the one who-!"

"That's it!" Shouted Robin. "This can't continue! We cant be a team if we're constantly fighting! you know what...you two will have to spend the next month in each others company from sunrise to sunset. If you want to go somewhere, you will both have to go. Except places like the bathroom or to change."

"There is NO WAY im going to spend the next MONTH with HIM!" I said.

"Yeah Robin, do you WANT me to die?" Asked Beast Boy.

"That's an order." He said in a calm threatening voice. He let us both go and started to walk towards the exit. He stopped by door and turned his head looking at us from the corner of his eye. "You will start tomorrow." He turned his head back around and headed out.

Next Chapter: How will Beast Boy and Raven's first day go?

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