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Chapter 6

Beast Boy and I were walking around the park at dawn. It had been a great day today for the both of us. Our hands were entwined together and swinging back and forth. Our cheeks were as red as roses with a tinge of pink. The day's events replayed in our heads over and over again. And for once in my life, I felt truly happy. That never went well. But still, this felt right.

We stopped by a tall tree in the middle of the park and sat down, watching the sun start to go down. I propped my head on his shoulder and took a deep breath. He grabbed my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. We both blushed and looked away, with smiles on our faces. I felt his arms shift a little and he sighed. I looked up at him and he gave me a nervous smile. I lifted an eyebrow. His eyes met mine and our hearts began to race. The heat of our cheeks that had previously disappeared returned, stronger than ever. Our faces began to inch closer and our eyes began to close.

My head started to hurt.

Our eyes fully closed and our heads tilted a little.

The pain was becoming unbearable.

Only three inches away.

I couldn't stand it anymore.

Two inches left.

I felt myself starting to sweat.

One inch...

I clutched my head with my hands and retreated.

He opened his eyes which quickly turned from nervous to worried.

I stood up but quickly stumbled back down to my knees.

He ran to my side and helped me back up.

The pain was unbearable now. I felt it coming. My eyes started to turn red and an extra two appeared.

I was no longer in control of myself.

He looked at me, terrified.

I felt myself throw him to the ground and before I knew it, I lunged at him.

He covered his face with his arms.

It all happened so fast. The forest was covered in an explosion of black aura . All was silent. I looked down at him. His side stained in a dark red liquid. A tear slipped my eye. I didn't know what had happened. What I did know was that...

Garfield was dead.

I bolted up to a sitting position, panting heavily. I was drenched in sweat and clutching on to my blanket for dear life. I felt my headache wanting to make itself known again. I looked around my room, frantically looking for sign to make sure it had all been a dream. And to my relief, it HAD all been a dream. I grabbed my head and breathed heavily, trying to compose myself once more. No way was I going back to sleep any time soon. I needed tea. And to clear my mind.

I slipped on my cape, finding no need to change from a comfortable tank top and sweatpants I had used to sleep that night to a tight leotard. It wasn't like anyone was going to see me in it. It was 2:00 AM. No one's awake at that time so it should be fine.

I made my way to the hallway and began walking to the common room. I passed Beast Boy's room and froze. It had felt so real. So vivid. I had to at least check on him. My hand neared the door. Ever so slowly, I began to slide it open, but came to a stop. What was I doing? This is HIS room. I was invading his privacy. Besides, who knows if his sleeping habits could possibly scar me for life. After a few uncertain minutes, I decided against it, sliding the door completely closed. Sighing, I continued to walk to the common room. But a yell made me stop dead in my tracks. I quickly backed up and stood outside of the door with the name 'Beast Boy.' Without thinking it twice, I slide his door open and step in.

Immediately, I was welcomed by the distinct odor of his room. I cringed at the horrible smell radiating from an odd pile of... something lying on the floor. Remembering what I had come in here for in the first place, I start looking around. It wasn't long before another muffled yelled echoed through the room.

"Stop!" I hear him yell. "Please!" He was shifting over and over again, sweating horribly. I sat down next to him and tried to wake him up.

"Gar," I say while gently shaking him.

He jerked away from me.

"Gar, it's just a dream," I say a little louder. "Gar... Beast Boy!"

Beast Boy's eyes sprung open and he bolted up, screaming at the top of his lungs. He starts to take in deep breaths and look around as if trying to come to the conclusion that it had just been a dream.

"Beast Boy-"

His head snapped at my direction and he screamed, acknowledging my presence. I sighed and quietly chanted my mantra.

"W-what are you doing here?" He asked.

"I um, I heard you... screaming and I... figured I could come check on you." He looked down at his hands. "Must have been a pretty bad dream huh?"

He nodded. "Yeah."

He looked awful. I can't even imagine what he could have possibly dreamt that would make him react like this. I mean, my dream wasn't a walk on the park (no pun intended) either but he looked worst than I did. I remembered my dream. How awful it had felt for me. Goosebumps began to form on my skin and shivers ran up my spine. Awful. Truly, truly awful.

I looked up at him. "Tea?"


I was making us both a cup of tea while he sat down at the couch. He was staring blankly at his hands again with a harsh frown. I was standing by the stove, waiting for the tea kettle to give its high pitch whistle. The uncomfortable silence was forcing me to concentrate on my growing headache. My brain felt like it was pounding out of my head. But I had to remain collected. I had to just let it be. The pain intensified as the kettle gave off it's whistle. I carefully grabbed it and poured the water into two mugs. I finished preparing the rest of the tea and took it o the couch.

"Here," I said. "Gar." He kept looking at his hands. "Beast Boy!"

"Huh? Oh. Thanks." He said taking the cup from my hand.

I was about to take a sip when I noticed him staring at me. "What?"

"Nothing." He said. I furrowed an eyebrow. "I just want you to try it first."

"Ookaay." I said and took a sip. He stood there, waiting for a reaction but none came.

"So... what does this taste like?" He asked.

"Herbs." I said.

He looked back down at his cup and slowly neared it to his mouth. He took a tiny sip before looking back up at me.

I rolled my eyes. "Just drink it."

He looked back down at it before taking a quick bug gulp. His eyes widened as he swallowed the beverage. He began to gag and look at me with an evil look.

"Well?" I said, knowing he wasn't going to like it in the first place.

"How can you even drink this stuff?!" He said. "It tastes like dirt!"

"It's supposed to calm you. Not everything that's good for you is good you know."

"I know." He said with a sweet smile. "Well, I'm going back to sleep."

I lifted an eyebrow. "You feel better already? Are... are you sure?"

"Oh, um yup." He said, smiling nervously. "Totally positive."

"Tell me." I said.

"Tell you what?" He asked.

"What you're not telling me." I clarified.

"Raven, it nothing. Really."


"Since when do you care anyway?" He asked.

Something inside me snapped. "I care."

He sighed. "Nothing Raven, I'm fine."

"Why can't you just tell me?" I asked.

"Why can't you just drop it?" He asked with a harsh tone in his voice.

"Alright." I said, a bit hurt. "I'll drop it. I'll drop all of it. You want me not to care? Fine." I began to walk out the door.

"Wait." I hear Beast Boy say from behind me.

I turn my head slightly and was able to catch him from the corner of my eye,

"I, uh... I'm sorry... I shouldn't have... talked to you like that."

I fully turned around and looked at him in the eye to tell if he was telling the truth. ''OK. The tell me about it. Why were you acting that way when I found you?"

He remained silent for a little while. How I wanted to peek into his mind and find out what he really thought. About his dream. About himself. And about me. What does he think about me? For all I know he could possibly hate my guts and just doesn't want to tell me. I does seem like something he would do. But of course, I cant allow it.

He sighed in defeat and opened his mouth to tell me but he was interrupted by the red lights and flashing siren. He jumped in surprise and tried to run to the computer, tripping on me on the way there. We both stumbled backwards so that we were now laying on the floor with Beast Boy on top and me in the bottom. My cloak slid off my shoulders, revealing my outfit. We flushed at how close we were. I, in particularly, because this was the most uncovered Beast Boy had ever seen me. I felt so embarrassed.

We both lay there just staring wide-eyed into each others eyes. I felt his face near mine a little. My heart began to race. We were about three inches away...

"Ehem." We both look to the side to see the rest of the team with dumbstruck faces.

We both spring up from our previous position and give them nervous smiles. "So, why did the alarm sound?" Asked Beast Boy.

"I don't know." Said Robin, who was checking the computer. "Everything seems fine. Must have been a false alarm."

"So we can go back to the beds?" Asked Starfire.

"Yes Star.'' He said, smiling.

"So we got up for nothing?!" Exclaimed Cyborg.

"Not for nothing. If it would have been a real alarm, we would have had something." Said Robin.

"But it wasn't." Said Cyborg.

"Right." Said Robin.

He sighed and began walking back to his room. Robin followed but stopped about half way there.

"You coming?" He asked.

"I'll go in a second." I said.

Robin nodded and retreated back into his room.

I looked around for Beast Boy. He was about to tell me his dream. About to open up to me. Now, he was gone. He must have sneaked off once he heard it had been a false alarm. I sighed and began walking back into my room.

Never would I have imagined he had been standing on the kitchen counter in the form of a turtle, trying to hide from the rest of us. But the question still remained, What happened in his dream?

To be continued...

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