September 2002

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, I'm just borrowing them. The
story, however, is mine.

Author's Note: I've always wondered about what happened to Gilthanas,
Skie, Silvara and Kitiara since the last time we hear about Gil he's
still searching for Silvara and Skie is trying to find Kit's soul in the
grey. I started writing this over two years ago, but didn't think to
post anything until now since it was a simple speculation story. This
is my take on a possible outcome. I'd really love to know what everyone
thinks, so please read and review, I'd appreciate it! Thank you!

A New Beginning

Wood creaked overhead as a shabby trap door was pulled open, the
hinges screeching in protest. Dim light filtered through the dust into
the cell below. The solitary figure in the cell raised its head.
Blonde hair hung in stringy locks around a handsome face. Pointed ears
poked through their hair, betraying their heritage. "The Blue master
will see you now," spoke a deep voice from above as narrow, blue elven
eyes squinted into the dim light. The elf was haggard, male, ill fed
and obviously a lot slimmer than was normal for an elf. He stood, his
stance firm, and the watcher from above realized that this elf wasn't
one that had been broken by the two years almost complete solitude. He
hadn't even cracked from the looks of him. His stance was firm, his
manner just as regal and haughty as when he'd been tossed into the

A ladder was lowered down to the elf and he reached out, grasping
the rungs with a grip that was far firmer than it should have been. The
shadows above the hole drew back as the elf began to ascend the ladder.
The sound of weapons being drawn didn't slow the elf one bit as he
continued to climb.

Slender hands grasped the edge of the pit as he hauled himself up,
rolling to his feet easily. "This way."

Piercing blue eyes looked around, each of the figures came into
focus under the flickering torchlight and he suppressed a grimace. More
dark knights. He felt steel poke into the muscles of his back and began
walking, two knights on either side of him, their weapons drawn. A wry
smile twisted his lips, tugging the scar that ran down one side of his
face to the side. The fact that not three but four of the knights were
guarding him showed the respect they held for him. They walked slowly
through the dimly lit dungeons and finally into an overcast courtyard.
The elf blinked, accustoming his eyes to the bright light of the sun as
it suddenly streamed through a gap in the clouds, blinding him. He was
shoved from behind as he paused in his step and he tripped. Agile as a
cat he caught himself, going down on one knee only slightly as he
recovered his balance and then stood straight again.

"Nice recovery," muttered someone in the distance behind him. He
hid a small smile and continued walking as his eyes adjusted.

His captors marched him through the main courtyard and through the
massive city gates. He felt the hair on the back of his neck raise as
he stepped outside of the walls. Perhaps, just perhaps, he was finally
going to see the enormous blue dragon that lorded over these lands. He
was brought to a halt, the sharp blades of the swords at his back and
front urging him not to go a step further.

The lead knight turned and faced him, "Wait here. If you try to
escape the crossbowmen on the wall will shoot you where you stand you
elven dog."

He nodded, pushing his dull straw colored hair out of his face as
he did so. He stood slightly taller, drawing in lungful after lungful
of fresh air. Finally he straightened to his full height and squared
his shoulders. Even dressed in his tattered and torn clothing he was
more regal than the average human. Everything about him bespoke
nobility from him stance and posture, to the air of dignity and
haughtiness that surrounded him. He looked up as an enormous shadow
passed overhead and the sound of great wings flapping filled the air.
His eyes focused on the shape of the giant blue monster as it circled.
He took a half step back, fighting the dragon fear that the enormous
creature instilled and closed his eyes briefly. He opened them again
and then resumed his stance as the large blue landed in front of him
gracefully. He felt the dragon fear but years of dealing with it had
enabled him to suppress it.

He bowed to the dragon unexpectedly and felt the ripple of surprise
from the battlements. It was a move they obviously hadn't expected.

The blue lowered its head and looked at the elf suspiciously.
"Gilthanas Solostran... at last you are my guest." His breath was
fetid, and Gilthanas had to fight too keep the thin gruel he'd been
given for breakfast down.

The elf bowed. "Noble Khellendros. It has been a long time since
I have seen one such as you, and never one so large."

Khellendros chuckled, a deep rumbling sound in his chest, "No doubt
you have not seen one of my kind since your lover left you."

Gilthanas flinched as if he'd been visibly struck. He inclined his
head to the blue with a pained smile, "Close, but hardly correct. Why
have you kept me captive?"

"You are the key to my plan, Elf," hissed the blue. "With your
help I will be able to bring my companion back to this world. I will
have your help, or I will simply steal the means from you."

Gilthanas felt his blood run a bit colder, "What does my help

Khellendros looked up at his followers and then leaned back down to
Gilthanas' level. His lips curled back over his teeth, exposing the
massive jaws, "Don't ask questions. Don't move, I will take you
somewhere where we can talk."

With no further warning than that Khellendros grabbed Gilthanas in
his front claws and took wing, his wings making the all important down
sweep as he launched himself from the ground. The minions watching from
the keep were amazed as his muscled hind legs propelled him into the air
and let out a cheer as he flew away and out of sight.