two months later

"Sire!" Leth burst into Gilthanas' chambers, his arms full of clothing. "You can't mean to go on with this!"

Gilthanas chuckled. "Leth, young Leth, I've told you already that Arlena is really Silvara, the Silver Dragon. I am going to follow through."


Gilthanas turned to look at the young elf. "But what? Arlena and I spoke with the Council and it's perfectly alright for a Lady Knight to take a husband. Don't tell me that now, with my goal accomplished, you're going to try and change it?"

Leth blushed and hung his head, his tone almost a sulk. "You're very lucky, sire. She's an incredible lady."

"I'll tell her you said so."

Leth said nothing as Gilthanas selected a tunic and leggings from the bundle of clothing. Slowly, he changed into the forest green tunic. The deerskin leggins came next, followed by the sword belt of leather and finally soft kid dress boots. He pulled on the leather head band before carefully closing the sleeves of his tunic with the shell clips.

Leth watched, Gilthanas' sword in hand, noting the transformation of his leige. This was the day Gilthanas had waited for. The day he'd spent the last century praying he'd have the chance to initiate.

He chuckled as he closed the last of the shell clips. How ironic that it had been Arlena who had been the one to formally propose. And in front of the Knights no less! "How do I look?"

Leth sighed, "Very good, sire. Your sword?"

Gilthanas accepted the elven blade and hooked it to his belt. "I feel a little odd wearing a blade to my wedding."

"It's not an elven ceremony or tradition," Leth agreed. "Are you certain you want to go through with this, sire? I'll gladly take your place."

Gilthanas laughed, throwing an arm around the younger elf in an companiable way. "My poor, young friend, we need to find you an elven woman with whom you can be happy. Once Arlena and I are married, perhaps we can see about helping you."

Leth drooped under his arm. "Aye, sir. I'll go tell them you're ready."

Gilthanas shook his head. "No, let's go down together. The Knights are sure to be curious and Arlena won't be ready just yet. It will give them time to question my intentions."

Leth didn't argue and, several minutes later, they entered the great hall together. Milling around in discussion were the Knights of the Keep and their families. The brightness of the formal uniforms was like a sea of light.

Gilthanas seperated from Leth, making his way through the crowd and sharing hand-shakes and bows with them. The smiles were friendly, envious and welcoming.

Arthur found his way towards the elf, his smile still shadowed by grief, but his posture bearing the pride of his new station. "Arthur!"

"Gilthanas." Arthur bowed to the elf lord, his smile wide. "Congradulations."

"You too, Sir Arthur. Your father would be proud."

Arthur inclined his head. "Thank you, sir."

Gilthanas pulled the young man into a quick hug. "I'm proud of you too. Without your help none of this would have been possible today. I owe you a debt of gratitude, Sir."

Arthur shook his head. "Make her happy and your debt is repaid."

Gilthanas smiled. "I intend to."

They spoke for several long minutes before Gilthanas broke away.

Outside, the thunder rolled and lightning flashed, the winds of the gale striking the outpost clear even through the walls. The pouring rain pounded the windows and created the false sense of being in a meadow with a running brook.

But, no one paid it much mind.

As the conversations died, the trumpets sounded the entrance of the bride. She stepped forward, coming down the stairs slowly towards where Gilthanas stood by the fire place. She stopped shy, her form beginning to shimmer. As the delighted crozed watched, she changed into the Dragon she was in her true form. She dipped her head to Gilthanas and he reached out to gently stroke her face.

Today, the Lady Arlena Plata, the Silver Dragon, would marry Gilthanas Solostran.

The two lovers shared a look that the crowd surrounding them would never understand. Gilthanas thanked her silently for this chance and she, in turn, thanked him for coming after her. He leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on her snout before turning to the Knight who would be presiding over the ceremony.

As one, they said their vows and began a new journey. And the lessons of the old one would never, ever be forgotten.

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