SPOILER ALERT: This takes place after House of Hades, and makes up stuff that happened in Blood of Olympus. This is my first real story that I'm going to put a lot of effort in so comment! Thanks!


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He sailed the Argo II out of the Mediterranean. He could feel the crew behind him begin to relax. Even though nothing had really happened the there this time they sailed through it, the first experience was enough to put them on edge. This calm must have been because things were finally looking up for them. About time.

Annabeth came over and stood behind him, holding hands with Percy. They were starting to recover from the fight. A dragon tail to the face can really slow you down, apparently.

"How long until we're back to camp?" she asked. Leo looked down at the controls.

"Um, assuming nothing goes wrong? About two days? Maybe three. Getting to Camp Half-Blood-"

She cut him off. "Not Camp Half-Blood, I mean Camp Jupiter." She looked back at Percy.

Leo was a little confused, but then he remembered: Percy had promised them a home at Camp Jupiter. They weren't staying at Camp Half-Blood. I recovered quickly. "Oh, um, about four or five days, again assuming nothing goes wrong."

He stared out at the horizon. He wondered about his Cabin back home. He wondered about his friends, who still didn't know if the quest had succeeded or not. They weren't able to get an Iris-Message through to either of the camps. Olympus must be throwing a huge party and Iris is at it. It's probably in our honor too, only we're thousand of miles away. He laughed, and the rest of the crew stared at him. He shook his head. Now they think I'm crazy as well.

The rest of the crew slowly went below deck to go to sleep. None of them had gotten any sleep as the crossed the Mediterranean. They didn't want to get surprised by anything again.

Soon it was only Leo, Frank, and Hazel left on deck. Leo shooed them away. They didn't want to leave him alone, but Leo insisted they got some rest. He assured them that he would wake up them if something went wrong, or he would wake up Annabeth when he started to fall asleep. The agreed, but only nervously. They were worried. Leo hadn't been the same since Greece, and he knew it. Hazel and Frank went below deck.

After about four more hours after Hazel and Frank left, Leo's eyes began to droop. He had stayed awake for almost two days straight, but all of them had. Leo didn't think they deserved to be woken up now, they needed more sleep. Besides, nothing had happened so far; what could possibly go wrong? He spoke too soon.

Suddenly Festus, the figurehead of the ship, started clicking and squeaking urgently. Leo had grown to know what it meant. But he couldn't understand Ancient Greek like the campers from Camp Half-Blood, and certainly couldn't comprehend Latin like the Romans could. He could only understand machine languages. Figures. Piper could understand most Greek and French, like most daughters of Aphrodite could. And now her boyfriend, Jason, could understand some Greek as well as speak fluent Latin, since he switched over camps. The way Leo looked at it, he got the worst end of a seven-branched stick.

Festus kept on clacking. Leo listened again. Then a shocked look went across his face. "It-hadn't been working yesterday," he stuttered back to Festus. "I-I just tri-tried it. Check again."

Festus ran some quick test and told him the same thing. Leo paled. "That's not possible," he mumbled to himself.

Festus now reported that the astrolabe was pointing to the starboard side. North.

See, the astrolabe didn't work like the others Leo had worked with. This one pointed at the direction that he needed to go, because it was magic. He had tried tampering with it the other day, and had gotten so frustrated that it almost got thrown overboard.

Leo had a choice. He could either keep heading to North America, or he could head north, towards the only girl who ever loved him back.

He bit his lip. He couldn't go wake the others; they didn't know about Calypso. Only Jason knew about her, and lately he's been sleeping in Piper's room. Percy had actually went to the island, but he wasn't exactly on the best terms with her.

When the crew told Percy and Annabeth what had happened while they were in Tarturus, Piper told the part about Leo getting blown skyward by Khione. Leo still didn't tell the others where he was sent to, but because the crew had found Leo in Malta, and because that was the old home of Calypso, they had mentioned her name. Percy got a little angry. When Annabeth had looked at her boyfriend questioningly, he just shook his head. It seemed like only Leo and Annabeth had noticed Percy's moment of anger.

Percy also seemed to know that Leo was hiding a lot about where he had gone. And Percy didn't share his thoughts, but he surely didn't like them.

Leo didn't have anyone one to talk to to help him decide. He stared longingly to the left side of the ship. He had promised to go back. He swore it on the River Styx. And if he didn't go back, he would die. He didn't know when or where, but if he didn't keep his promise, the Fates would cut the string that was his life.

Leo realized that this might be his only chance to save her. He might have imagined it, but it felt as though his life was slipping away every extra second he took.

He said to Festus, "I sure hope your not malfunctioning boy, because I don't think they crew enjoys detours too much right now."

Festus clicked, annoyed. He said, you really think I would malfunction? You have that much faith in yourself? You built me!

That's true, but a lot of my machines fail. This ship and you are my greatest accomplishments, and they've both crashed and burned on quests. Leo didn't want to say this, though. For one, he thought it would be really bad to start arguing with his own invention. Second, he thought that if he said something right now, something would go wrong. He needed this opportunity. Right now.

"I sure hope your right about this," he said, and slowly, to not wake the others sleeping down below, he turned the ship to the starboard side.

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