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It was odd and profoundly intriguing. A part of her wanted to desperately rip her gaze away from the horrific sight set before her, but it was too easy to pass up. Almost as if an exhibit had been placed in front of her to silently observe through a transparent box. The mere thought of staring, or so she felt—ogling, at the two unsuspecting individuals seated comfortably on the circular couch left a deep pang of guilt within her chest. She could feel the spikes of excitement and contentment, that circulated their emotions, rush upon her. The feeling, alone, left a trickle of soft vibrations down her spine. A warm stream of vibrant, red hues would flood across her cheeks and she'd quickly sink her head lower, reaching eye level with her novel. One would assume Raven was deeply engrossed in her literature, when in fact, she hadn't read a single word.

Her thumb gently rubbed across the paper and when she felt the edge, pressed it harder and slid her thumb to the left to turn the page. It was a perfect disguise. A flip of the page signaled she had been too preoccupied to notice her teammates, but it also gave her a chance to coyly lift her eyes and glance at the two. For their conversation gained no significance to the half-demon woman. It was their actions.

She seen this scenario countless times. So many times, in fact, that she had the complete itinerary memorized. They would discuss a topic, in which the Tamaranean would find jovial. After growing equally amused, particularly toward her laughter which he'd compare to the light clinking of bells, their soft giggles and witty quips would subside. He'd heave a final chuckle, perhaps murmur a drawled out, "Yeah", and messily run his gloved fingers through his hair. His hand would brush the once firmly pointed spikes back, briefly smoothing his hair, before whipping back into place. She'd blow her own bangs away from her eyes, combing her nimble fingers through her auburn tresses. A stolen glance, silent though subtle, but definitely shared between the two flushed-faced superheroes. But it was their actions that followed that currently held the empath's full attention. She'd allow her hands to lower the book from covering her face, and fixate her eyes on them.

A gap, once present on the couch, had closed in. The separation that withheld them had drawn the two closer in a magnetized motion. A gentle tilt of head and melding of lips created a warm wave flowing through her body. It was a quick gesture, but it's aftermath left a lingering sensation of an inexplicable emotion. Strong, but steady. Passionate, yet soft. The mere curiosity of how such a simple physical connection could emit such strong, heart-tugging sensations truly clung onto her. Engulfed in such a warmth, her eyelids slowly closed, letting the absorbed heat roll down her skin. A sliver of hair stood upright on the back of her neck, and goosebumps had snaked around her arm as the heat of emotions wrapped around her intensified. It felt as small as a prickle on the tip of her ear, and her eyes shot open upon hearing, "Snooping on Rob and Star's makeout session? Uh.. gross, Rae!"

Her eyes narrowed and found their way to her right. The changeling crouched beside her, pounded his fist against his chest as he coughed, slightly choking from producing such a hearty laugh. He sucked in a deep breath and continued his chuckling hysteria. His face had turned from a jade green hue to royal blue. "Oh, dude, this is gold," he wheezed. "Totally gross and stalker-ish, but gold!"

"Don't be foolish, Beast Boy," Raven huffed, slamming her book shut. She tucked the novel inside her cloak. "I committed no such action."

"Did too! You should've seen your face!" He batted his eyelashes, gazing at the oblivious couple flipping through television stations. He didn't cower when her expression switched from uninterested to lethal. "Now I've done my fair share of snooping, but that?" He stuck his thumb out toward their direction and shuddered. "That's a little too weird. Trust me."

"Trusting a person who has admitted to 'snooping'? Somehow, that's hardly convincing," she muttered, rolling her eyes. When her eye roll landed on the changeling, she furrowed her eyebrows. He had plastered a ridiculously goofy smile on his face and his eyes had glazed over as he stared at the couple. Fairly annoyed, and uncomfortable with such close proximity with her teammate, Raven conjured a dark claw that tugged at the back of his shirt and pulled him farther away.

Beast Boy's expression remained unchanging, though his nose wrinkled slightly when he finally realized how far he was moved. He turned to Raven and wiggled his eyebrows. "Might wanna stick to the smaller pranks first. Watch and learn, Rae."

Not one to hear her retort regarding her distaste of the unwanted pet name, his body had shifted into a form of a capuchin monkey. The small monkey let out a shrill scream and hopped in between Robin and Starfire. It playfully bounced on the cushions, jumping from their laps, and climbing onto their shoulders. As Robin's face turned an unearthly shade of red, Starfire giggled and gently patted the top of her friend's head. To the monkey's delight, he nuzzled his head into her neck. When turning around to prove his point, the capuchin's head tilted. The corner in which the empath had been "reading" was vacant.

A small, swirling pool of black began to dissipate from the floor—eventually disappearing before he had the chance to morph back.

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