Trying to gain back inspiration. It's not going well. No idea who I got these from, they've been sitting in a file labeled 'prompts' for a few months, and apparently, I was too lazy to write it down. These are probably from LiveJournal, though.

001. Crash

It takes all of 001's power to keep them safe, and even then it's almost not enough to protect them from the crash.

002. Dim

At some point, 002 realizes that his memory from before being a cyborg is dimming with time.

003. Futile

003 tried not to fight, in the beginning. But that proved to be futile as she realized if she didn't fight, they'd take even more from her.

004. Erratic

It should be impossible, 004 thinks as Vina takes his hand, but he feels his (mechanical) heart beat erratically anyway.

005. Loved

005 knows he is loved, by people that are as unique as he is. He also knows that the man trying to jump off the bridge is loved by someone (somewhere) too, and refuses to let go.

006. Soft

006 is well aware that most think him soft- he's still rather round, thanks in part to the fuel tank for his fire breath- but he has no problem with what they think. He knows he's capable of melting anything.

007. Hold

Great Britain would give anything to hold her one more time. 007 knows that it wouldn't last.

008. Shackles

008 doesn't know which is worse. The physical shackles that once imprisoned him, or the metaphorical ones that came with becoming a cyborg.

009. Broken

He's been living in a different speed from the others for over a month, and 009 doesn't even try to stop the broken sobs that escape him. No one will ever hear him, anyway.

010. Precious

As both 0010s fall to the ground, 009 can't help but notice the way they cling to each other, and wonders how precious family is.

011. Odds and Ends

004 is shaken by 0011's attack, more because it highlights how haphazardly his own systems were put together.

012. Tea

As far as 007 is concerned, any lady who could serve tea as tasteful as that was not a monster.

013. Twisted

It's not right, 0013 thinks as he gently puts the little girl on the swing set, but he has no choice but to kill 009, even though he'd rather be his friend.

014. Echo

There's nothing left, he realizes as he looks at Pyunma. He knows he was once friends with the man in front of him, but there is no emotional connection, and for a moment there is a faint echo of horror at the realization, but it is gone before he can think.

015. Soothe

003's very presence is enough to make them relax, especially when she hums a lullaby meant for 001.

016. Fight

Somehow, the others don't quite believe it when Joe admits he used to get in fights as a kid.

017. Naked

"You forgot to shape-shift your clothes again." 008 tosses the pile at a slightly embarrassed 007.

018. Push

Kozumi knows when Gilmore needs a push, and the fact the other doesn't realize he frets over the cyborgs like they were his children is reason enough to push him in the right direction.

019. Alive

They're both battered and burned, but more importantly, they're alive. And that is all that matters.

020. New

The eight of them are on pins and needles as they wait for Gilmore to let them know when the new Cyborg is ready- he's an unknown, and it's possible he'll choose to fight them.

Most of these are from the 2001 series, and occasionally the manga will be referenced, as well as possibly the Legend of the Super Galaxy movie, as they're all of what I remember of the 009 series.