Another 20 prompts, and still not a drop of inspiration in sight . . . oh well . . .

061. Sigh

Chang, G.B. and Jet are arguing about the television, and simultaneously, Albert, Joe, and Pyuma sigh/groan in exasperation.

062. Fingertips

He's got gun barrels for fingers, so he's got none on that hand, but he feels something tingle as Vina takes it and brushes her own across them.

063. Waiting

Jet hates waiting, and will fidget until either he, or the person next to him, snaps.

064. Playboy

007 was once quite a playboy, but now finds it hard to flirt and have one night stands.

065. Revenge

Surprisingly, it's 007 who turns out to be more willing to take it on their enemies, and 006 does his best to keep his friend from crossing a line.

066. July

Jet watches the fireworks from the top of his apartment building, and wonders if he could get away with flying up there.

067. Desire

What they want, they can never really have, because with every fight something else turns mechanical.

068. Free

It's all 004 ever really wanted, but he can't escape his memories.

069. Celebration

The first time they actually celebrate Christmas, the solemnity that shadowed the previous ones is broken by 007 putting mistletoe over 002 and 006's heads, and they begin to enjoy each other's company.

070. Stars

Little Joe stays awake past bedtime, and stares up at the night sky, wondering if his mother is somewhere up there.

071. Morgue

They do have a plan for burial if they die and their bodies are able to be recovered. They just don't discuss it, ever.

072. Space

It's only one foot of space between them, and it still feels like miles to Francoise, who wants him to wrap his arms around her.

073. Whitewash

Annoyingly, Black Ghost's backers have a way of sweeping under the rug any mention of Black Ghost in the news.

074. Alone

It's the absolutely cruelest thing that 001 has ever done, sending 009, alone, to face Black Ghost. And worse is thought that Joe will die up there, without them.

075. Coma

It's the simplest way to describe the way 001 goes dead to the world for days at a time.

076. Letters

Gilmore and Kozumi still exchange letters (in a code they agreed on), and it's clear that 004, 003 and even 002 are far more used to that method of communication than calling someone on the phone.

077. Phone call

He can't remember if he left the iron on, and resolves to call 006 the moment he gets a chance.

078. Music

The radio is off limits as none of them can ever agree on music. Ivan likes lullabies, the soothing melodies help him build energy; Jet likes jazz, as he grew up hearing it in NYC and it was one of the few good memories of his parents; Francoise loves classical music, especially the ones composed for ballets; Albert likes the Andrew Sisters, and some Bing Crosby; Geronimo prefers 'Sounds of Nature' CDs; Chang likes old Chinese music, though he likes some of the new as well; G.B. prefers show-tunes, unsurprisingly, but he also likes what he calls 'mood music'; Pyuma likes music with a good rhythm section which is usually his native music; and Joe likes church hymns and Christian music, as they remind him of living at the church. Dr. Gilmore tends to prefer talk radio, and usually it's something about science news.

079. Silence

They had two types of silences: The first type, was when they just came together, and it was awkward, none of them knew what was a safe subject, what would set someone (usually 002) off, and just where the basic boundaries were supposed to be. (Were they going to be allies, separate but working for a common goal? Friends? Family?) The second type came later, slowly replacing the first, and was comfortable, they were together, they were alive, and more importantly, they knew they could rely on each other.

080. Cards

"New Deal!" "No Way!" "You're cheating!" "Card Shark!" "Why don't you," "Make me!" "Yaaahhh!"

Dr. Gilmore looked up from his reading as the sounds of a scuffle reached his ears. "I take it the game isn't going well?"

'That would be an understatement.' Ivan fidgeted in his bassinet. 'We might have to ban them . . . or at least, 006, 007, 008 and 002 from playing each other.'

"I guess a tournament wasn't such a good idea after all." Francoise watched the four scuffle from where she, Albert, and Geronimo were teaching Joe to play Bridge.

"Um, Albert, could you repeat the rules for trumping?"

Stars alludes to the 2001 episode with the Star Festival and odd time traveler Alice, Phone Call is to the 2001 episode Man or Machine.

007, when you watch the 2001 series/read the manga (save for the manga where he becomes a kid) becomes the one most likely to attack in revenge over the course of the plot. From wanting to run away and hide in the ep with 0010, and being reluctant to attack 0012 because she's beautiful/empathizing with her, he starts changing, to the point he goes after Princess Ixquic after the death of his friend with the intent to kill, and he almost attacks Helen after seeing Vina with Van Bogot, for no other reason than they look alike. He still acts comedic, and wouldn't hurt his friends, but the guy has a definite darkness to him.