Darcy sat in front of the computer, typing away. A quick glance of the clock said she only had a few minutes of her shift left. Feeling a little better, she continued. Suddenly, her phone let out a little chirp and glancing at it, she saw that Loki had texted her.

"We're going out tonight. I'll pick you up at eight."

Later that night, Darcy stood in front of her stuffed closet, wondering what on Earth she could wear. Today was a very special day after. Today was the one year anniversary since the time Loki had asked her out. Hmm. Deciding on a fitting, low cut, deep green gown she knew Loki would LOVE she started brushing her unruly hair until the door bell rang. Overwhelmed with excitement, she practically ran to the door, quite a feat in stilettos, mind you. Throwing it up, she rushed into his arms and enveloped him in a very tight hug.

"Ohhh. I missed you too, sweetheart" Loki said, running a hand through her hair and laughing. "Now let's go."

A short car ride later, they were standing in front of the live theater. "Oh my god!" Darcy gasped. How the heck had he KNOWN? She'd been wanting to go to the musical play Romeo and Juliet ever since it had rolled into town a few weeks ago, but couldn't afford it. Then again, this was Loki she was talking about; of course he knew.

He took her hand in his and led her to the front of the rows of seats, obviously having reserved first class tickets in the exact middle of the row. They sat down, her small hand still wrapped within his large, warm one as the play began...

... A shiny tear rolled down her cheek. On stage, both the lovers were lying dead. Another tear started to follow its predecessor, but it didn't reach its final destination, a long, thin finger having swept it from her soft cheek. She turned to look at Loki, who was watching her anxiously. She attempted a wobbly smile, this story having always been one that touched her deeply. In response, he just pulled her head against his chest comfortingly and said, "I'll never leave you. Not in a million eons. Not in forever."

As the curtain closed and Darcy's soundless tears waned, Loki pulled her up to her feet, never having let go of her hand and took her to dinner. Italian. Her favorite. Which she knew he hated. Somehow, that made it even more special for her.

They sat at dinner, patiently waiting for their food and occasionally laughing, when they heard the ruckus at the nearby table.

A pretty Indian woman, about twenty, with long, black tresses and warm, brown eyes and a tall, seemingly American man, who seemed around the same age, with cropped blonde-brown hair and brown-green eyes were arguing. Well, it seemed like the man was defending himself while the woman was crying and yelling at him. "You never did love me did you? You stupid, heartless IDIOT! I loved you SO much and what do I get in return? A cold cheater who was just USING me! And I was stupid too! Believing all your lies, believing EVERYTHING! Every time you hurt me, I ignored it. I even made up excuses for you and lied to myself and my friends for you! UGGH! I hope I never see you again. Die in a hole, Bill!" She screamed, hitting the man over the head with her purse, throwing cash on the table and storming out. 'Bill' called out, "Océane! Océane, please? How the heck am I supposed to get my assignment done!?" Pulling out his cell phone, he walked out.

Darcy turned back to Loki, who was gazing at her intently. The situation was starting to get awkward. He could literally feel the tension. Darcy smiled a little awkwardly and said, absurdly enough, "I love you."

"I love you too?" Loki asked, a little confused.

Suddenly, without any warning, she said "Prove it to me. Yell it to the world."

Loki immediately got up, walked over to her side, and whispered into her ear, "I love you."

Darcy grimaced a little, displeased. "I told you yelling it to the world would prove it. Do you not love me?" She asked, sounding slightly numb.

Loki chuckled a little. "You ARE my world, Darcy"