Darcy shrieked and whirled around, tripping over her heels. Two strong arms, clad in green and black, reached out and grabbed her waist, catching her, but then hurled her back behind him with enough force to nearly make her fall again.

Darcy clutched onto the tops of his shoulders, standing behind him. He had one of his arms held out, holding her back.

"Loki!" She gasped breathlessly, her head still spinning.

He ignored her completely, instead focusing his attention at the man in front of him, who'd already stumbled backwards a few steps.

"Get lost!" Loki shouted suddenly, his other hand coming forward, and the man flying backwards many feet. The man hastily clambered to his feet, turning around and running as fast as he could, tripping once.

Once he was gone, Loki lowered his arm, and turned around to Darcy.

"Loki, it's so- You're here! I- Thanks, I-" Darcy stammered wildly.

She was cut off, as she was shoved against a wall with surprising force, making her cringe and cry out a little. Loki's hands were on her shoulders, pinning them against the cold metal wall.

"What were you thinking?!" He yelled. Darcy froze. She could see the clear, hard fury in his eyes, the paleness in his face.

"I- I-"

"Do you have any little inkling, any understanding whatsoever of the gravity of what you did?! ANY, Darcy?" He was glowering at her fiercely. "I have half the Avengers out there right now, searching for you madly!"

"You- You weren't there and no one was- So I decided to go o- out." Darcy stuttered.

"OUT?! You decided to go out?! Without your damn phone or any other damn form of contact and without informing anyone?!"

"I- I'm a grown woman." Darcy held her head up a little higher. "I am perfectly cable of taking care of myself."

Loki's hands slammed her against the wall again, pressing harder. "Perfectly capa- Perfectly capable?! YOU, Darcy Lewis?! You'd better be glad I showed up when I did, Darcy, or you'd have felt the full effects of your perfect capability!" He growled, tossing his head in the direction in which the man had just departed.

His fingers dug into her shoulders and Darcy squirmed.

"Loki- Loki, stop, you're hurting me!"

He didn't seem to hear; his mind occupied somewhere else, as his eyes continued glaring at her.

"Loki, YOU'RE HURTING ME!" Darcy twisted against his iron grasp, trying to push away his hands.

Suddenly, his hands shot away like he'd been electrocuted and he backed up; Darcy stumbled forward at the abrupt release. He had a shocked expression on his face, observing the red marks starting to appear on her almost bare shoulders and turned away, distancing himself from her.

"Do you know how worried I've been?" His voice was extremely low, practically a whisper, and Darcy couldn't be absolutely sure that she heard him at all.

Darcy walked closer to him again, using her hands to turn him around gently. His left cheek still had the shiny streak of a tear on it. Darcy frowned, wiping it away with the side of her palm.

"I'm sorry. I forgot my phone at home. I should've called, I know. But no one was there and I had nothing to do… You weren't there."

Loki winced.

"And I don't know, maybe I wasn't thinking straight? I kind of go crazy on my period."

Loki winced even harder. He held his palms up. "I think that much information is good, there."

Darcy laughed lightly and even Loki smirked.

"I- I'm sorry as well. I… may have overreacted." He ran his hands gently up her arms, pausing at the red marks from his fingers. Slowly, they started to fade away.

"I hurt you…" His voice was down to whisper again, the hurt in his own eyes painfully evident. "I apologize, Darcy. I don't know what I was doing. There is no excuse, however. I promise, that will never happen again." His voice burned with regret.

Darcy looked into his eyes for a minute, then grinned, hoping to break the tension. "Hey, no problem, dude." She playfully punched his arm. "Does this mean you feel bad enough to take me flying again?"

Loki sighed. "Fine." He rolled his eyes.

"Come on, let's go surprise a certain piece of Iron that I know is flying around right now."