Cas was lying in his bed in the bunker when suddenly images from what had happened to him over the past few weeks began to flash across his mind: Metatron taking his Grace, the angels being cast out of Heaven, the cold, the emptiness, and the hunger. Cas pressed his hand over his eyes and watched the splashes of light dance under his closed eyelids, but it wasn't enough, he remembered the pain of the Angel blade cutting through the skin of his throat. Unable to stop himself he screamed. The sound echoed around the room. He curled up on the bed, shacking. The door of his room opened and Dean walked in.
"Cas!" He said. "Cas, what the hell happened?" Then Dean saw Cas curled up in the bed, his body shacking as he cried. Dean came over and sat down on the bed next to Cas, he put his hand on Cas's shoulder. Slowly Cas turned over and looked up at Dean, tears striking his face.
"Dean," Cas said. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
"What happened?" Dean asked.
"Just memories." Cas replied.
Dean hugged him then stood up "Try to get some sleep." He said and turned to leave the room. Cas caught Dean's hand.
"Stay with me." He said.
"Cas, I…"
"Dean, please. I…I don't want to be alone anymore." Cas let go of Dean's hand and moved over to the side of the bed. Slowly Dean lay down next to him. Cas turned over onto his side and looked at Dean.
"It's okay." Cas said.
"What's okay?" Dean asked.
"Sam, you're worried about him."
Dean was relived, for a second he thought that Cas knew about Zcke.
"Dean, Sam is going to be fine." Cas said.
Dean looked over at Cas and saw that he was crying again.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
"I remember so much." Cas said. "I remember the fear and coldness, and the pain, the constant emptiness. I…I thought that I might never see you again."
Dean put his arm around Cas and held him tight ageist his chest. He felt Cas crying as Dean held him. Dean lifted Cas's face in his hands and gently kissed him. Cas's lips were rough from the cold, but they felt good ageist Dean's soft lips. Cas had stopped crying now and looked up at Dean as he lay back down. He smiled. WHAM! Blood splashed on Dean's face and chest.
"CAS!" He looked down and saw that a silver blade had pierced Cas's chest. He was dead.
"NO!" Dean screamed, holding Cas's lifeless body in his arms. Dean cradled Cas against his chest.
"Cas…I…I should have told you before. I…I love you."
Cas remained motionless, his blank, empty eyes staring into Deans.