The Masquerade

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Season 4

Summary: The opportunity from Vogue leads Kurt to a party for opportunity, but finds the chance for love. However, after a brief departure, Kurt's love is left to find Kurt with only a single clue.

Pairings: Kurt/Adam

The Masquerade

"C'mon, Rachel." Kurt whines as he tosses himself to Rachel's side on the couch. "I can't go alone. This is Vogue's premiere party for their new fall line. I can't be alone there. There will be literally thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon-come on." He hits Rachel lightly on the shoulder as she watches the TV. "Repetition usually works on you. Or at least guilt's you into going."

Rachel sighs before she turns to face Kurt. "Kurt, I have nothing to wear, as I have stated for the past week every time you've asked. That and the fact that I don't know anyone either. I know Isabelle said that you could invite a guest, but she wouldn't want someone there that's still wearing the same clothes from high school."

"But, Rachel-" Kurt groans as he looks at her with his serious eyes. "I need support. And regardless to the fact that I and the fashion world hate your sense of style, it will still be unique enough that we won't stand out with all of the other unique outfits that people are wearing. I just need you to be at my side, to look pretty, and to try not to sing too loudly to the music that the DJ is playing."

Rachel's look softens, over-looking his slight insults to favor the bits of positive notes that he had included. "I guess I could wear-"

"Yes." Kurt jumps forward and wraps his arms around her tightly, her laughing at his reaction. "You can wear whatever you want just as long as you come." He pulls back with a smile and stands up before making his way to the bedroom. "This is going to be so much fun. Just don't wear anything with stripes, dots, carousels, or cats and we'll be a hit."

Kurt's next bit of singing as he went through his wardrobe told Rachel that she made a good decision. It may not be what she wants, but she'd be a selfish friend if she didn't give in to Kurt's wants every once in a while. Maybe a masquerade ball would be a perfect place to find their Prince Charmings.

Kurt gazes at himself in the mirror, completely satisfied with the final product of his image after four hours of work. He has chose to go with the traditional black tux for an event like this, but has it to where it's unbuttoned and his chest is showing from the low-cut white shirt that's underneath. In front of his perfectly styled hair is his simply black masquerade mask. He didn't want anything elaborate or designed. He wanted simple in the hopes that it would make him stand out in the best way.

He reaches up and lets out a shaky breath before he takes the mask carefully by the edges and lowers it until they cover his eyes. He hesitates slightly before glancing back to the mirror, surprised to see how different he looks. He feels so exposed, but different at the same time. His more noticeable features on his face are now covered up, leaving his eyes to shine with a twinkle. He doesn't mean to stroke his own ego, but he thinks he looks hot.

He chuckles to himself before he puts a few loose strands of hair back into place before he turns and crosses to the bathroom door. He slips out into the grand lobby of the large plaza. Vogue had went all out on getting the best locations and it was one place he could see himself getting lost in. He spots Rachel waiting nervously at one of the wall that are lit up with lanterns that went according to the theme. He smiles as her pink dress from prom glows in a beautiful way under the lighting. It was the one dress that she had brought with her just in case and Kurt for one thought that it would fit right in.

"You look great." He announces as he stops at her side. "You even kept your hair the same."

"Well I did spend a lot of time making sure it was at it's best for prom." Rachel smiles as she looks to Kurt. "This looked best, so why not do it again."

Kurt smiles before he looks to the long hallway across the lobby that would lead them to the ballroom and showcase. "Are you ready? No lingering nerves or anything?"

"I think I should be asking you that." Rachel chuckles as she starts in the direction of the ballroom with Kurt at her side. "This is your chance to mingle. Get your foot in some doors. You've been here for a month and you only talk to Isabelle on a regular basis."

"That's because I have class." Kurt states in a posh tone before he laughs. "That's because she's really the only one that talks to me. Chase has tried, but I think he's more into my body than me." His nose crinkles along with Rachel's. "But I want my first boyfriend to want me for me, not for sex."

"And I understand that." Rachel takes Kurt's hand and lets them swing between their bodies as they walk along. "And I think today is the first time we can really do that. Yes people can look at your body, but they'll have to actually talk to you to get to know you. It's a very mysterious way of dating."

Kurt chuckles. "It's not dating, but sure." They stop as they hear the sound of people just around the corner. "So-" he looks to Rachel. "I guess it's your turn to put on your mask."

Rachel takes in a deep breath as she takes the white mask that's been hanging from its strap on the wrist of her free hand. She places it on and has Kurt reach back to make sure that it doesn't mess with her hair too much. He steps back and takes in her look.

"I think you might be the one dating by the end of this."

"No." She shakes her head and bites her bottom lip. "I think I might give Brody a chance, but we'll see."

Kurt shrugs before craning his neck to look around the corner, his eyes widening when he sees that the place is packed. "Jinkies." Rachel snorts and Kurt looks back to her with a sly smile. "Let's just stay calm. After all, we're here to make an impression."

Alright, guys. So this is my first attempt at a multi-chapter Kadam fic. The first chapter is a tad short, but they will lengthen. This one is just to sort of introduce everything. So let me know what you think and I hope you look forward to The Masquerade.