The Masquerade

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: Season 4

Summary: The opportunity from Vogue leads Kurt to a party for opportunity, but finds the chance for love. However, after a brief departure, Kurt's love is left to find Kurt with only a single clue.

Pairings: Kurt/Adam

The Masquerade

Kurt lets his hand run down A's side until his hand is on the boys waist, risking the chance that many men would scowl at him for. A chuckles before bringing his own hand up to grip Kurt's shoulder softly, letting Kurt take the lead in their dance before they start. Kurt finds himself smiling, just based on the fact that the boy isn't ashamed to let him lead in a setting like this.

"Thank you." He mutters softly before he brings them into a twirl and closer to the main part of the dance floor.

"I'm just glad that you know how to dance since I have no idea." A chuckles nervously as he bites his bottom lip.

Kurt looks back to A as he laughs, still surprised that he managed to avoid an awkward situation. "I'm just basing this off of what I've seen in movies." Kurt admits easily. "I mean I did choreography in my high school glee club, but nothing like the waltz or a traditional dance."

"You did glee club?" A's eyes light up. "I'm in a show choir as well. Not back in school, but I am now in uni."

"Uni." Kurt mutters before smiling. "Oh. Where do you go?"

"Well it's here in New York . . ." A answers slowly, but purses his lips and shakes his head. "I don't want to destroy the mystery that is keeping our little dance alive."

Kurt chuckles and roles his eyes. "I get that we're supposed to be mysterious strangers, but you've met my boss and best friend. Give me a little snippet into your life."

A's eyebrows narrow as he tries to think. "Well this suit isn't mine. My friend got it for me so I'd be able to fit into this high society crowd."

Kurt snorts and looks down, loosening his hand from A's waist so he can bring it up and cover his mouth. "Sorry, but these people aren't high society. Most of them probably have a candy bar shoved under their shoes so they can eat in secret and not be judged."

A smiles widely, a laugh coming from his mouth. "I wouldn't doubt that at all." His smile softens as he brings his hand from Kurt's shoulder to the one in front of his mouth. Kurt's gaze switches to watch A as he brings their hands back down until Kurt's hand is once again on A's waist. Kurt frowns when A leaves his hand there, relishing in the feel of the warm hand.

"So tell me more, A." Kurt smirks as he looks back up at A. "What do you study at . . . uni?"

A chuckles at Kurt's teasing smile and mocking of his accent. "Actually, I study theater."

"Really?" Kurt's eyebrows shoot up. "So should I be worried about your acting skills tonight?"

"No acting necessary." A reassures Kurt with a smile. "No need because you are . . . breathtaking." Kurt blushes as he looks down, so A continues on. "But I'm also honing up on my singing skills. It's not my major, but it is an interest and the classes are fairly easy."

"You got into the classes?" Kurt scoffs. "Then you must be good. Madam Tibedeux wouldn't even accept me into her classes or program and I . . . well I'm not meaning to brag, but I can actually sing."

"Of course you sing." A smiles. "You seem to be able to do everything. You're charming and you can dance! Based on what you've seen, and you can dance. That's just amazing."

"Well thank you." Kurt replies softly. "But the dancing really isn't that good, in case you haven't noticed. We're barely swaying." Kurt looks down to their non-elegant sway of a dance. "Which is also why I plan on taking classes. Rach-I mean my roommate, is taking classes and I've sat in a few and have practiced with her, but I need a consistent class. It's the only way to get better, right?"

"Yeah." A nods before he glances to the side with a small smile. "Not to change the subject too much, but what do you think about getting out of here?"

"What?" Kurt's eyes widen, quickly stumbling over his words. "What do you-I don't think . . . it's-"

"No." A chuckles as he brings their swaying to a stop. "I wouldn't do that on a first . . . well this isn't exactly a date I think." He smiles at Kurt's shrug. "I was actually wondering if you just wanted to go strolling through some of the halls. They're a bit glammed up for the night and it would be a waste of their beauty for us to not see them."

Kurt smiles, looking up at A under his eyelashes. "That sounds nice."

Kurt lets A take the lead as they separate, the other boy letting his hand take Kurt's hand in his own. With a tight grip, a smile, and small butterflies flapping harder in his stomach . . . A leads Kurt across the dance floor. He finds himself smiling as he looks across the room, happy for once that he's not being glared at for a 'gay' activity as many would put it such as holding hands with a guy. He spots Rachel dealing with a hyperactive Isabelle, but he forces himself to not push himself upon them so he enjoys himself for once.

A's steps slow once they're halfway down the first hallway leading away from the ballroom. A gives Kurt a smile before he turns to look at the ivy and light colored walls. The halls are basked in a soft golden and green light, making things appear to glow. It takes Kurt a second to realize that they're in a window hallway, the small bits of moon and streets of New York in the distance moving within the cracks of ivy.

"It's definitely unique." A comments as he looks back to Kurt. "I'd prefer a bit more subtlety or at least some real plant life-" He adds as his free hand bends a plastic leaf. "But I suppose it's serving its purpose."

"I'd say so." Kurt looks back to A, almost distracting himself from the twinkling reflection of lights in A's eyes. "I . . . I, um . . . I'd rather this be an outside thing, though. It'd be more romantic. If this was a date I mean."

"Right." A nods, trying to cover his smirk at the awkward predicament. "Can we just go ahead and figure out what to call this? That way there are no more slip-ups."

"Which has been one of my faults so far with you." Kurt mutters under his breath before pursing his lips. "Alright." He doesn't want to call it the wrong thing since he doesn't know if this will lead to anything other than a one-time meeting that will never impact his life in the slightest, but he doesn't want to be rude. "Let's just call it a hangout. I mean that's what we're doing, right? Just . . . here . . . with each other."

"Hangout, hmm?" A lets the word roll off his tongue and crinkles his nose. "Well I was hoping that we could call it a pre-date so I'd feel better about asking you out later on, but that can work."

"You were going to ask me out?" Kurt asks in surprise.

"Well, yeah." A chuckles before stopping them completely and turning his body to face Kurt. "Look . . . I've actually never been on a date. I mean I've met with a few guys, but I just never seemed to connect. But this-" He raises their combined hands. "Makes me . . . it makes me feel good. You're not just some guy looking for a quick hook-up or a relationship just to have one. Or at least so far." A adds cheekily with a smirk. "You're not, are you?"

"No." Kurt laughs as he angles his body towards the boy as well.

"Good." A brings their hands down and steps a few inches closer. "So yes, I was going to ask you out, but we'll see how the next few hours go shall we?"

"What?" Kurt laughs as A pulls him along. "How do you know I won't ask you out first?"

"I don't, and I encourage you too." A looks back at Kurt as they walk along the hallway. "That gives me an easy exchange with just saying yes! I don't have to worry about some sappy and long dialogue that will have you being pudding in my arms."

"Arms." Kurt gulps and looks to the bulging muscles under the slight-to-small tuxedo. "What has you so confident?"

"That smile." A replies.

The simple reply has Kurt smiling even more, and failing to hide it. "Alright. So what's the next part of our 'hangout'?"

"Hmm." A purses his lips as they step out of the hallway and into a small lobby with tons of couches and a few tables. "What does this room feel like to you?"

"Um." Kurt stops, puzzled by the question before he looks around and tries to get a sense for the room. "Mis-matched couches, tables in between them all, and the homey feeling that makes me want to curl up with a good book? I'm calling it a coffee house."

"That's what I was thinking." A agrees. "A nice cafe. And what goes on at a cafe?"

"Casual coffee drinking?" Kurt suggests with a shrug.

"Nope." A drops Kurt's hand and opens his arms wide. "Singing. And I want you-" He points to Kurt as he starts walking backwards. "To sing to me." He finishes as he flops down on one of the couches and watches Kurt with eager eyes.

"What?" Kurt finds himself annoyed with how much he's said that word tonight, but it's the only thing he can think of. "Wha-" He stops himself by shutting his eyes and taking in a breath. "Why should I sing for you?"

"Well I risked life and death with your non-dancing." A chuckles before shaking his head. "You don't have to sing. I was teasing. Just come sit down with me and we'll talk for a bit."

"No. No." Kurt shakes his head. "You insult my dancing, so I must now make up for it with my amazing singing. Prepared to be blown-" He takes a step forward. "Away. Back to London if it works best for you."

"It's Essex." A corrects, still smiling as he settles back into the couch.

"What kind of fool am I?" Kurt sings softly, slightly nervous that he's singing for a relatively complete stranger. "Who never fell in love?" He slowly walks to a nearby couch, letting his hand run across the top as he looks to the ceiling, letting the music play in his head. "It seems that I'm the only one that I have been thinkin' of! What kind of man is this?" He looks to A with a smirk. "An empty shell?"

"A lonely cell in which an empty heart must dwell!" A chimes in with the next line of lyrics, surprising Kurt with both his soothing voice and awareness of the song.

Before he can continue the song, his phone starts going off. "Damn it."

"It's fine." A smiles. "Go ahead and answer. It'll give me time to memorize your voice."

Kurt rolls his eyes, already loving and hating the kind and sweet words of the boy. He quickly pulls his phone out and puts it to his ear. Before he can answer, Rachel's voice blares through.

"Where are you?"

"I'm in the building." Kurt answers as he tries not to look over at A. "Why?"

"We need to go. For two reasons, actually." She sounds out of breath and frustrated as she talks to Kurt. "First being that Isabelle is being incredibly rude and drunk. Now I know she's not our responsibility, but it might get you some points in her good book if you get her out before the dress comes off."

"Well I'd actually get her home because I'm a good human being, but go on with your second point." Kurt chuckles.

"Brody called." Kurt's smile drops. "And he wants to come over. Now I normally wouldn't ask anything of you, but I need this. I have to make dinner and get ready and you're the only one that can help. Brody's a really good guy and I-"

"Fine." Kurt snaps, hating that he has a strong sense of loyalty to people. "I . . . just give me a minu-"

"Oh god, she's throwing up!" Is that last thing Kurt hears before he shuts his phone quickly and looks to A.

"I . . . I have to go. Sorry." He gulps and makes up his mind. "This was really really nice. I'm sure you'll make someone a great boyfriend one day."


"Goodnight, A." Kurt gives the boy one last look before he starts making his way back down the hallway towards the ballroom in a rush. "I can't."

He would love to sit around and talk with the boy, to get to know him more, but this is just easier. He's never had a boyfriend and he doesn't think that he'd make a good one now. He's too busy, and his friends need him. That and he's too busy taking care of other people to be focused on someone close.

"But . . . I don't even know your name!" Kurt hears A yell after him.

Kurt shakes his head and stops, turning to look at the boy. "It's just one night, and one guy. I'm sorry. I'm needed."

As he turns around, he walks into a clump of fake leaves and vines that are hanging out, but quickly dislodges himself from the group before continuing on.

Adam watches after K with slightly wet eyes. He thought that things had been going great, and that things might continue. It could have been great, but K had to go. As he looks down with sadness, he spots a little hippo broach on the ground by a group of vines.

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