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ZoNa Drabble # 1

3D2Y Later Reunion

Caramel-colored eyes narrowed at the shady-looking bar across a suspiciously deserted street. Despite its worn out look, it seemed like it was still very much wild and running judging by the boisterous sounds of laughter and chatter coming from the occupants inside. A foot encased in a delicate high heeled shoe took a hesitant step forward towards the bar. Several shiny bubbles popped around the lone lady on the street, and then she was taking a step back away from her target location.

Nami let out a frustrated grunt as she kept on staring at the bar. She wondered for a second how long she has been standing there. Surely it was not safe to stand idly by in this lawless area of the archipelago. She had knocked out two groups of men consisting of drunkards and thugs already on her way to said bar. It was not really advisable to stay so long in open ground with the possibility of stronger adversary popping out.

She was finally back at Sabaody Archipelago after two fruitful years of staying at Weatheria. She was proud of the new skills and knowledge she had acquired during her stay there. And that confidence seemed to have played as one of the factors that pushed her to seek out this particular bar in one of the dangerous lawless areas in the archipelago. She was welcomed warmly by Shakky and Rayleigh when she had returned the day before. She was told that she was the third one from the Strawhat crew to arrive and that the crew's swordsman and shipwright had come before her.

Her chest warmed up at the thought of seeing her crewmates again. She had almost spent a whole week of sleepless nights thinking about that fateful day wherein they would all be reunited again. She often thought about her captain. There was no night she was not thinking about him and hoping for the best for him considering what happened during the war at Marineford. But immediately after she thought of Luffy, she would thought of Zoro. He was not in a very good state when they were so forcefully separated by that gigantic Shichibukai. For the first few months of her stay at Weatheria, she would always worry herself thinking if Luffy was recovering from the fatal wound his brother's death left in him. Then she would find herself hugging her knees tight against her chest when her mind would wonder if Zoro was able to live from those fatal injuries he got from Thriller Bark or not. All she could do was keep her hopes up and believed in them just like she always did. Still, the fear lingered.

So when she arrived at Shakky's bar and was informed that Zoro returned first, she was deeply overwhelmed. Her whole body buzzed with anticipation. One of the thorns in her heart was finally ripped out. And all she could do was smile in absolute relief. She reprimanded herself for worrying too much about the swordsman. Of course he had survived. It was Zoro after all! She immediately told Shakky and Rayleigh that she would see the Sunny for a while with the hopes that she could catch Zoro and Franky there. Unfortunately, she wasn't that lucky. She assumed that Franky left for the time being to gather supplies and materials for the Sunny. As for Zoro… He could be wandering aimlessly in any grove at the archipelago at the moment. She returned to Shakky's bar to ask if they would have an idea where Zoro could have wandered off to. Rayleigh gave her an answer and that was the reason she was standing in front of that ominous-looking bar.

Nami shifted her weight from one foot to the other as her right hand patted the Climatact secured at her hip. She could walk in the bar and be jumped at by the drunkards inside but if she would be lucky, Zoro would be there. If he wasn't… Then she would be extremely pissed that she had put herself in all these troubles just to see him but to no avail. She closed her eyes and contemplated her options for a few seconds. She could just walk away and return to the friendlier parts of the archipelago. She could just go shopping. She would see Zoro again soon anyway. Maybe reuniting with the swordsman could simply just wait...

Her own body seemed to have a mind of its own though because Nami found herself opening the doors of the bar the second she opened her eyes. The chatter in the bar immediately stopped as she set her foot inside. It definitely reeked inside that stupid bar. Different sets of glaring eyes focused on her. She couldn't shake the feeling of being a lamb caught in a wolf's den. She took a calming breath as she assessed the men before her. They all looked cunning and dangerous especially with those mischievous grins on their faces when she placed a foot forward. She thought that it was the time to scan the inside of the bar immediately for a green-haired man. Surely Zoro's moss head would stand out in that kind of crowd.

Her eyes locked on a raven haired man with a stained white cowboy hat when said man opened his mouth to say something. He wasn't able to get any words out though. The next thing Nami realized was the drastic change in the atmosphere of the bar. No one was looking at her with perverted looks anymore and most of them seemed to turn away from her all of a sudden. Still there were some who kept on looking at her… studying her with a newly found curiosity. This relaxed her immediately and she prepared herself to walk further into the bar when a heavy muscular arm found its way draped casually around her small shoulders.

Nami tensed up and her fast hands reached for her Climatact in the next second. It was foolish of her to think for even just a moment that the place had tuned down to a safer level. "Let's go to a different bar. I'm already tired of the rum in this place." Nami's whole body shook lightly as she was pulled tightly against a hard and unclothed chest and then she was being steered away and out of the bar. The body against her was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Her eyes locked on the huge scar decorating the man's chest though. She knew that scar by heart. She had seen that countless of times before. She stumbled down the wooden stairs of the bar but a strong arm kept her on her unsteady feet.

She blinked at the three swords secured at the man's right side which were also digging at her hip as he led her down the street. Her right hand unconsciously reached out and touched the white hilt of Wado Ichimonji. She held her breath as her hand finally closed in on the hilt of the sword. It was real. Her mouth opened and a name slipped out in a whisper. "Zoro…"

"Oi, Nami." Zoro wasn't shouting at her or anything. His voice just sounded louder because of their closeness. He felt the woman against him stiffen upon the sound of her name being called out a little too roughly and then his lone onyx eye was locked with her soft caramel orbs. She was looking at him with something akin to pure wonder. They had already stopped walking and Zoro felt that he should release her already so he did. They stood face to face and when the orange-haired woman before him just kept on staring at him. He felt a heavy feeling settle in the pit of his stomach. Could he had dragged a different woman with him after all?

Silky and wavy orange locks fell forward as the woman before him leaned closer towards him. She seemed to be inspecting him with those rounded and shiny brown eyes of hers. Zoro resisted the urge to back away. She looked like Nami alright. Surely, he wouldn't mistake her for anyone. The woman before him had beautiful long orange hair. Nami had short hair. She could have had easily grown it out during the past two years. There was just no way he would mistake another person for a crewmate. He closed his eyes for a second before he reached out and took a handful of those soft orange locks gently.

When he opened his eye, the woman didn't seem to mind what he did. So… It must be Nami then. "Oi, woman… You're Nami, right?" He still asked just to be sure. There was an immediate and dangerous narrowing of the woman's eyes. But despite knowing that a hard slap was coming from his left side thanks to his haki, he still let it hit. The tingling warm sensation it left on his now reddened cheek chased all of his doubts away. The slap was followed by another when the woman he had confirmed to be really Nami slapped the hand touching her hair away and then two soft palms gave a strong shove against his chest. At first he didn't budge, she was still a frail one when set against him. He let himself stumble backwards though just to humour her. He watched as she puffed her cheeks out in that adorable way he secretly liked. Her eyes were still fiery with clear annoyance directed towards him. And her hands were placed on her sexy hips mimicking that bossy persona he had known so well.

"Who else would I be, idiot?!" She pointed an accusing finger at him and he couldn't help it but to feel cold sweat run at the back of his neck. "I can't believe that you would actually entertain the idea that I'm a different person!" He felt that familiar irritation tickling his brain. "Well… I should have expected it from someone like you who wouldn't even know his way around a straight path! Of course after two years, you would just easily forget your own nakama!"

"Oi!" It was a pathetic retort he was sure. But he couldn't seem to find the right words to get back at her. He just met her again after all... He… He just didn't feel like arguing with her right away! He merely grunted and turned away from her. "It's nice seeing you again, witch!" He growled out with as much sarcasm he could muster in a sentence. With his body turned away from her, he didn't get to see her eyes lighting up but he did sense her jumping at him a second later.

"Ah! It's definitely Zoro!" The first thing he realized was she was pressed up against his sword-free side rather tightly and she was giggling happily to herself. She was rubbing her face against the fabric of his dark green robe. He then felt his cheeks warming up at the feeling of her warm and definitely curvy body against his. She had grown as well in the past two years there was no doubt about that.

"W-What in the hell are you getting so worked up about?! Of course, it's me!" Nami stopped squeezing him like a teddy bear which reminded him of how Perona would clung to that stuffed bear of hers. The navigator just grinned at him sheepishly just like how Luffy would grin most of the time.

"I doubted you for a second!" Typical Nami. She was blunt and honest about her little mistakes from time to time. Zoro could only stare down at her. She was still holding onto him while his arms twitched in the air uncomfortably because he didn't know where to put them. It just seemed wrong to hug her… It also felt wrong not to hug her either. Why was everything so complicated when it comes to her?!

"You have this huge ugly scar on your chest… Then the three swords… Then the three earrings… Then the moss head… Those are your trademarks. But then… You've become a lot buffer and got a more evil-looking face after these two years so I had to be really sure if it was really you!" He glared down at her but he knew it wasn't much of a threatening glare if she was still grinning at him like a satisfied little cat.

"Are you insulting me, woman?" She laughed shortly. Her arms tightening around him unconsciously. Zoro felt this and then it became all too hard to resist the urge to touch her. He shifted his body so he was facing her fully again. Nami's grip loosened significantly when he moved and she lost her huge smile when his large hand cupped the left side of her face. His hand was comfortably warm, she noted. His fingers then tangled in her locks and he gave them a soft tug. "This looks good on you." He said in a very straightforward manner. His voice low and deep.

A soft blush immediately stained her cheeks as she tensed up. His other hand came up to touch the other side of her face. Nami held her breath in. It felt all weird and yet… It was exciting. This was Zoro. He had never been touchy before. She must admit though that she liked the feeling of his rough calloused hands against her unblemished skin. Zoro yet again surprised her when she found his lips hovering just a few inches away from hers in the next second. She gasped when he dared to lean even closer. Her heart pounded against her ribcage as her hands balled into fists against his chest. All she could think about was he was going to kiss her and she couldn't seem to decide what exactly to do about that…

She found herself closing her eyes tightly as she held her breath in again. The kiss she was anticipating for never came though. Instead, she felt his warm lips brush at the sensitive skin at crook of her neck and then he was breathing her in. She trembled lightly like a small leaf in his arms as she tried her best to remain standing. She opened her eyes a few seconds later just to find her vision a little blurry. She knew she was blushing madly and that her heart was beating so loud it was like a huge drum. It was simply embarrassing! She bit down on her lower lip as she felt him nuzzle into her hair even more deeply. She squeaked a little. "Z-Zoro… W-What are you…"

"Mikans…" His voice seemed to send shivers down the length of her spine. She blinked confused at what he had suddenly said.

"Eh?" She tried to take a peek at his face but to no avail.

"You smell sweet like your precious mikans…" His voice was gruff as it had always been and yet it sounded gentle. He was then pulling away. In the next second, he was standing a good three feet away from her. And it left her feeling more confused. He grinned at her and her focus was brought to that scar on his left eye. She had noticed it earlier but didn't feel like it was the right time to bring it up to him.

"It's definitely you, Nami." He said and turned his back to her. He was walking down the street already when she managed to finally compose herself. She got a hand pressed to that side of her neck where he spent at least a few minutes nuzzling into.

"Y-You stupid m-musclehead! D-Don't just go sniffing people in like some lost dog!" Zoro smirked to himself as he felt Nami running up to him. He pretended not to hear her as she ranted about manners and how normal people act during reunions. They involved tight warm hugs and happy faces not some weird sniffing scenario that would just leave people feeling taken advantage of and just plain weirded out. Her rants. That was Nami alright. Her long rants whenever she was embarrassed. It was her defense mechanism.

Zoro's smirk just went wider at this. Nami glared at him and he sensed a punch coming at the back of his head. He frowned as his reflexes told him to dodge it. But then the force and power of Nami's punch will just make her fall forward if it didn't hit the desired target. As usual, Zoro let it hit. And he grimaced because that fucking hurt. It hurt like a bitch and he knew that he was really with Nami because no other girl could punch that hard and also there was really no other girl he would just let to go around punching him. "That should wipe that stupid smirk off of your stupid face, you stupid brute!" Nami shouted at his face as Zoro rubbed on the growing lump on his head. Nami's fuming face was funny though and before he could help himself he was smirking at her again in a challenging way. Nami noticed this and was once again completely annoyed at his actions.

"If you just wanted me to hug you then you could have just asked, witch."

Needless to say Nami's next outburst was expected.

Zoro just kept on smiling to himself.

He had definitely won this one.

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