ZoNa Drabble #2

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Landing on Fishman Island

It was painful. The water pressure was simply crushing into them and the current was too strong that there seemed to be no sign of hope that they could escape from it alive. Zoro cursed in his head as he tried to keep his lone eye open while the current raged around him and his helpless crewmates. They made a miscalculation. The bubble surrounding Fishman Island had two layers and now they were swirling like lifeless seaweed to wherever the sea current would take them. It looked bad. Really bad. And it felt worse. He had lost sight of Luffy, Chopper, Robin, and Brook a few seconds ago. They were devil fruit users. They were hammers and couldn't swim! Another curse... because that was all he could seem to do at the moment.

Zoro desperately tried to fight the current pressing against his body. It was no use though and that was when he saw her. She was struggling to keep what little air she still had inside her but he could see that it was running out… and fast. A newly found feeling of dread settled in the pit of his stomach as he watched the small body of their navigator trying to fight against the current. The hulking figure of Franky was close to her location but the man seemed to be struggling as well and it looked like he was trying to get to one of their crewmates as well. He just couldn't seem to bring himself to care enough to know who the cyborg was trying to reach. Zoro found himself stretching his left arm out. It felt like a miracle to him… to be able to move even just an arm. He could do it. Even when the pressure was making his chest burn and when the muscles in his body felt like they were about to tear… He would still do it...

He knew he was moving his limbs as hard as he could. But he couldn't exactly feel them. He was feeling numb already. But it didn't matter… because it looked like he was getting closer to her. If he could only grab her hand… His hand was reaching out to her again. He was begging her to stretch her own hand to grab his to make things just little bit easier for the both of them. But she wasn't moving anymore. No sign of any form of struggle anymore. And that made his heart pound against his ribcage. The blood sung in his ears. That wouldn't do. He wouldn't accept that kind of scenario. So he kept on pushing on. He could still save her. He knew in his heart that he could still save her because he had always managed to in the past. Surely this time… This time… He still could… even when his vision was already fading out into blackness…

The first thing Nami realized when she pried her eyes open to gaze at the luminous environment around her was her right wrist hurt… a lot. Her whole body was aching but her wrist felt like it was being dislocated slowly. Her chest heaved as she gulped down as much fresh air as she could. Even with her blurry and tired vision, she could tell that she didn't die and that she surely wasn't in heaven or hell. Those huge coral looking plants surrounding the area made her conclude that she managed to land miraculously alive on Fishman Island after that hellish water ordeal. She closed her eyes for a moment and took calming breaths. She needed to clear her head enough. Everything would turn out fine. She would just need to reunite again with the others. She remembered how strong the current was… and the burning pressure it placed upon her body. She then saw in the back of her eyes her helpless crewmates. She saw Robin and tried to reach her… She then saw her captain getting sucked into the strong current and he kept descending and descending until the dark deep sea waters swallowed him up. Nami shuddered at the image in her head and she snapped her eyes open to get rid of it.

"L-Luffy!" She gasped out as she unconsciously reached out her left hand towards the luminous sky above her. Her voice came out weak and scratchy. She tried to swallow but it didn't help because her throat simply felt dry. She brought her free hand up to rub her eyes clear of sea water. "I have to find them…" She thought as she struggled to pull herself up on a sitting position. She looked down at herself just to find her bikini top missing and her bare breasts left exposed to this uncharted place she was currently in. She used her free arm to shield herself from any unwanted onlookers as she scanned the area for anyone.

She found no one.

There was no one else with her in that area of the island... besides the unconscious person grasping her right wrist in a vice grip.

Her eyes widened and lit up at the sight of green. "Z-Zoro!" Her voice was still too weak for her own liking. She scrambled closer to his side to check on the unmoving swordsman. She tried to tug her wrist out of his grip but he wouldn't budge. "Zoro!" She placed her free hand right on top of his chest and started to shake him awake. She could care less if anyone saw her half naked at the moment. There were things more important than preserving her dignity. "Oi… Zoro…" She started to shake him harder but he wouldn't show any sign that he was waking up. Nami stopped dead for a second. She swallowed the forming lump in her throat as her eyes locked on the swordsman's pale face. His lips were blue and he was cold… really cold under her palm.

Nami could feel her heart skipping a few beats with each second that passed. This was not happening… She refused to believe this turn of events. "Zoro! Wake up! Zoro!" She started shaking him a lot harder than before. But when she still got no response from her motionless crewmate, she decided to lean over to check if he was breathing then she leaned down on his chest to press her ear against the hard plane. There was a loud beating heart. A really loud one.

But to Nami's horror, it wasn't his.

All she could hear was her own heart beating so fast and loud in pure panic.

Cold sweat covered her whole body in an instant as she raked her brain for any plan of action. Zoro couldn't be dead. Drowning wouldn't kill him. Not someone like him. Not him. Just not him. Nami pried her right wrist forcefully from his death grip and despite the pain radiating from her bruised wrist, she still placed pressure on it as she started to try restarting his heart. She leaned over his form and proceeded to breathe air into his mouth. She tried not to dwell on the fact that his lips were icy cold. After breathing air into his mouth, she started pumping his chest again with her small hands. "Oi, Zoro… you can't seriously die from this…" She sounded more angry than sad at the events unfolding before her.

Nami had soon lost track on how many times she performed CPR on him. She thought that maybe she could run into the island and ask for help. But she couldn't bring herself to leave him there unattended even just for a second. She could feel herself growing tired and her eyes had long gone blurry because of unshed tears. She bit her lower lip hard until she drew blood and when she stopped for just a moment, she realized that she was trembling. She refused to be defeated though so with shaky hands, she grabbed both sides of the swordsman's face and crashed her lips against his still cold ones. She forgot that she should be breathing air into him for a while because all she could seem to do at that time was kiss him.

Time stood still and she clung on his unmoving body for who knows how long until one of his hands shot up and then the next thing Nami knew was Zoro seemed to be sucking the air right out of her lungs. It was something she surely had never experienced before. There was a trapped sound in her throat, something akin to a muffled scream as she pressed her hands against his bulging shoulders. She tried to push herself off of him but she simply stood powerless against someone who seemed to have come back from the land of the dead.

The hand grasping her by the nape was strong and heavy crushing her down to lie against the swordsman beneath her. Her chest burned as Zoro continued to steal the oxygen right out of her lungs through the suffocating kiss. Her body soon started feeling all too warm. Like she was burning… She could feel it at the very tips of her ears and fingertips. Just when she was about to throw all the caution in the wind and let Zoro kiss her into unconsciousness, the hand at the back of her head grabbed a fistful of her long orange her and tugged… hard. Nami winced as she was pulled off of Zoro roughly.

She swore in her head that she would make him pay for the rough treatment… Her mind was already calculating the numbers that would represent his new debt to her even when her lungs were still struggling to normalize her breathing. She was looking down at Zoro. Their faces just a few inches apart. He was breathing heavily as well. And was looking at her with a dazed look in his eye. She watched as his eye move to study her face looming above him. At first, confusion was written all over his face and then as realization flooded his foggy mind… Relief took its place. "Nami…"

She thought it was unfair that his voice sounded strong and deep even after that kind of ordeal. She felt the hand on her hair loosen and proceeded to run down the side of her face. Calloused fingers touched her soft cheek very carefully. It was almost as if he was afraid she would shatter into a million of pieces like some vase if he put so much pressure in his touch. His eye widened a little when he felt traces of tears there. Oh yes. She had been crying. "That's a relief…" He said softly. His warm breath caressed her plump lips as he released a sigh. Nami smiled softly to herself at the swordsman's rare display of actual emotions. She was about to push herself away from him when he grabbed the back of her head again and dragged her into a searing kiss.

This time there was no one dying and no one was exactly needing air. The navigator couldn't do anything but just moan in the passionate kiss she was sharing with Zoro. His lips were urgent and somewhat greedy as he started nipping on her soft bottom lip demanding access to her sweet mouth. Nami couldn't seem to form any rational thought. Her senses seemed to get carried away by some unknown wave. She felt him sit up and then his other arm was wrapping around her small curvy waist. She gasped when he lifted her up and positioned her legs so that she was straddling him. Her body buzzed with excitement. She had never been this close to Zoro. Not this close and not this intimate. His tongue invaded her mouth and as their tongues dueled for dominance, she felt his hands roam freely at the length of her naked back. His hands seemed to leave hot trails in their wake as they explored her unblemished skin. She pressed herself against him and moaned as her bare breasts melted against the hard planes of his scarred chest.

Nami placed both hands on the sides of Zoro's face as she mustered all self-control left inside of her to pull away from the kiss for just a second. "Zoro." She meant to sound like she was commanding him to pay attention to what she was about to say but it just came out more like a moan. The green-haired man assaulted her exposed neck and proceeded to explore the sensitive skin there. She felt her head spinning. Everything was moving too fast. And yet she had no real intention of stopping. A soft bite at the crook of her neck made her shiver, her back arching towards the hard body against her. Eager for more.

"Damn it… This is really happening…" She heard him grumble out against her skin as he struggled to catch his breath. His hands stilled for a moment. He placed them on her hips, pressing their bodies closer against each other. What? He was suddenly stopping? Nami felt an equal amount of relief and disappointment at the sudden turn of events. They just sat there for a few minutes, thinking about the little make-out session they had when he was supposed to have just come back to the land of the living.

A gentle kiss was placed right in between her collarbones and Nami couldn't help it but to pull Zoro's head closer to her chest. "Sorry." He said. His voice gruff and muffled by her soft skin. He didn't mean to start grabbing her like that and kissing her senseless. He thought… He thought he was dreaming for a while. And it was just an all too good dream to pass up. The orange-haired woman smiled as she placed a kiss on top of his head showing that she understood. She didn't mind what happened. She didn't feel like she was taken advantage of since she liked what they did. She… She was just mainly grateful that he was alive. That was all that mattered to her.

"Let's just go and look for Luffy and the others." She said. Her voice lively and cheerful. Zoro finally looked up to see her radiant face.

"Aa." He felt a new wave of relief flood his system at the sight of her bright smile. He was able to do it. He knew he could. He was able to save her.

And in return, she had saved him.

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