Goodbye, Hello, Who Are You?
A Dance Dance Revolution Fanfiction
By: Azurite (but people call me Andi, Akachan, Mer, and Baka)

Well, if you've gotten this far, then you are no doubt wondering one of these things:
(1) WHAAAT?! Andi wrote a DDR fic!? What about all her *other* unfinished fics? Well you know the story about the thing that never goes away? Ever? Yeah, this is like that. I'd never be able to watch/play (ha ha) DDR again if I didn't write this. So here it is.
(2) O.o How did I get here? What am I doing here? Well, if you clicked on "DDR" in my profile, then you either knew what it meant, and wondered what the heck a poor dancer such as myself was doing with those three letters, or you were like "huh? Dark Dark Rain? Double Dark Rocks?" and just clicked out of curiosity. Well, poor soul, you have found your way to a piece known as a FANFICTION! It's about DDR. Ha. Ha.

Notes and Schtuff:
(1) No, I can't DDR. I have terrible coordination. I can try, but I only embarass myself and my much-better-at-DDRing friends. My fingers are much faster than my feet anyway. -.- Of course, that doesn't help me when playing DanceManiaX any...
(2) No, I don't own DDR-- any aspect of it. Konami owns DDR, and the individual artists responsible for the songs therein own them. I'm not making a profit off this... if anything, I'm giving MORE money to those companies by buying their games, and dumping token after token into the arcade machines to try and play. Key word being try.
(3) Yes, I have written fanfiction before, but no, not DDR fanfiction. This is an original piece... it's fictional (duh. Hence the "fiction" part of fanfiction) and absolutely did NOT happen. I'm just sort of setting it where I am, since I know my area best. ^.~
(4) Yes, I know *some* Japanese. So unless you're a native or have studied Japanese for over 10 years (ooh goody, someone on par with me!) then don't correct me. I may not know kanji all that well, but I know names and phrases like I know the English alphabet. -.- Don't even comment on that last one.

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And NOW, on with the story...

It had started out an ordinary enough day. Alexa Dirson got up at the ungodly hour of 6:45, rummaged through the mountain of clothes on the right side of her too-small twin bed, and came up with some semblance of a normal outfit. She'd blindly selected her too-big jeans with the stretchy knees, that, if worn with the proper shirt, almost looked like raver pants. Regardless of what shoes she wore, they always covered her toes, though she was never unlucky enough to trip over her own two feet-- yet.

It wasn't that Alexa -Alex, for short- was a clutz, she was just... uncoordinated. She was often praised for her speedy speaking and typing skills, but when it came to anything physical-- dancing, to be sure-- she was as slow as snails. She tried, no mistake about that, but for some reason, her eyes didn't seem to coordinate as well with her feet, or her hands. Her fingers, fine-- she could type at over 120 words per minute. But she couldn't dance dance revolution past most three step songs.

The brunette 17-year-old never let this get her down though, and kept on going to the arcade near the pier every Friday with her friends, when she had the money to. Her Friday nights were unoccupied since the start of the school year, when her schedule allowed for her to leave the campus at 2:15-- and she could go home, then meet her friends at the pier for a night of gaming.

This was what she looked forward to, humming "If You Can Say Goodbye" as she finished off a crisp waffle drenched in table syrup, dumping the plate in the dish tray and heading back out to the dining room where her denim messenger bag rested on a chair.

She just had time to pull her leather jacket over her shrunk-in-the-wash long sleeved shirt and shimmery plaid blouse before she hopped out the door, stumbling slightly down the stairs and the slope that led from her hill to the bus stop a block and a half away. Halfway there, she stopped to tie her shoelace-- which she hadn't noticed was untied, and just as she was getting up, she noticed the only bus leaving that half hour pull away from the block.

"No wait! Come back!" Alexa got up and adjusted her bag, but by the time she reached the curb over a hundred meters away, she was winded-- and the bus was just disappearing over the crest in the horizons, many avenues away. Alexa sighed with disappointment. When she missed the bus that only meant one thing-- a long day.

"Just my luck." She kicked a loosened stone from the asphalt and marched to the bus stop, grumbling to herself the entire way. The sun was far too bright that morning, quite unusual for San Francisco weather, but tolerable all the same. It was because of this unusual coastal heat that she was being so light with her clothing, when she normally wore several layers of long-sleeved shirts and her wool coat. Well...

Alexa grinned to herself, flopping onto a ridged seat at the bus stop, not even paying attention to the the increasing number of cars blocking the street that her bus was supposed to come down. Cars flooded the boulevard lined with trees, angry drivers beeping at each other in odd intervals, yelling out their windows, then regretting it as the spray of sprinklers watering the grass splashed them cleanly on the face.

The teen was so absorbed in singing "Moonlight Shadow" for the umpteenth time since she'd gotten to the bus stop that she didn't even see the motorcycle come tearing down Park Presidio Boulevard, sidewinding a cherry red SUV, and then careening towards her spot at the bus stop.

Three thousand miles away, in the lower wards of Tokyo, Japan, a young man was being laid to rest. The pallbearers of his coffin were no older than eighteen years themselves, yet the situation made them appear much older. A tearful crowd of mourners was gathered around them, one a petit girl with long black hair and eyes hidden by a pair of oval-shaped sunglasses. Tears streamed from underneath them all the same, dark eyeliner dripping down the curve of her cheeks as her body trembled with sobs.

"Akio-kun... why?"

Her hands were trembling even as she laid a single white rose on his coffin, then stared, wide-eyed, through the tinted circle of her glasses, and dashed off into the fog. Not one of the mourners made to go after her-- poor Kumiko... to have lost her one true love the night after a simple argument... poor Akio, who had died because of something that he loved.

His trophies would rust in the world above him.

Alexa Dirson woke up groggily, and immediately slammed her arm on the table next to her, groping blindly for her glasses. When instead, her hand met the thick, rustling plastic of a bouquet, sending the flowers toppling to the floor, and then the clang of something attached to that bouqet slamming into an IV pole, she bolted upright.

What she didn't expect was to be barraged by sounds immediately-- the beeping of something to her side, a slow, dismal drip-drip of an IV, and the simultaneous yell of about twelve of her friends storming into her room, yelling "ALEX!!"

"Gwah? How ... what ... who?"

"You're awake!" And suddenly Alexa was very aware of her left arm getting squished to her side, and the IV tube protrusively sticking out of her right arm's elbow.

"H-hi Andrea..." Alexa mumbled out. The overjoyed 15-year-old at her side, with shocking pink hair, was a friend that she'd met at the Pier Side Arcade, and went to a school a few miles away from Alexa's own coastal high school. They'd both hit it off quite well, despite having only known each other for some weeks, and only knowing as much about each other as they related to one another on Friday nights or online.

"We got so worried about you when you didn't show up on Friday..." Andrea started, while smiling slightly at the crowd gathered around her bed. As it appeared, she was in a hospital room-- and had been, for quite some time, judging by the fact that her clothes were folded up on a nearby chair, and there was a good-sized pile of balloons and flowers littering the floor.

Upon noticing the flowers, Alexa immediately sneezed, her allergies coming back along with her awareness. Her friends laughed at the cute display of Alexa wrinkling her nose, while she adjusted herself in the bed appropriately and sat up, staring at each of her friends confusedly.

Besides Andrea, Alexa's friends Matthew, Jason, Scott, Jeremy, Vic, Gabrielle, and Whitney were there, their heights towering over the prone girl. She hadn't broken anything, since no part of her was in a cast, but she was sporting a bruised forehead covered with thick bandages. Alexa ran her fingers through her shorter bangs and grumbled slightly, feigning happiness over the situation by saying "Ah, it was about time I cut my bangs anyway."

"Hey, An, what day is it?" Alexa asked suddenly, remembering that Andrea had said they'd worried when she "hadn't shown up on Friday." Everything seemed awfully hazy to her, as if she wasn't supposed to be here. The hospital was a familiar place though, it was just that she'd never stayed more than few hours for regular checkups. This area was different than the usual rooms. And yet...

"Huh? Oh, it's Sunday."
"SUNDAY!? I missed Bemani Night?"

"..." Collective sweatdrops appeared on the brows of all her friends, who nodded solemnly.
"Don't you remember what happened, Al?" Matthew asked sitting on the side of the bed and taking Alexa's hand. Alexa stared at their joined fingers and grinned hugely at Andrea, while Jason behind Alexa was fuming.

"Uh..." Everyone stared at Alexa, waiting for her to shed some light on why she'd been caught in an accident that had very nearly taken her life-- but instead just left her incredibly lucky.

" don't remember a thing, do you, Alexa?" Vic groaned, narrowing his almond-shaped eyes behind his glasses.
"Nope!" Alexa responded brightly.
"But man, have I got one hell of a headache..."

"We should probably let you get some more rest. You've been out since Friday mornin', the doctors said, when you were brought in here. Some freak motorcycle accident... by all rights, you should have at least broken something, but..." Matthew explained, a combination perplexed and relieved expression on his handsome face.

"Thank God for small miracles." Andrea finished with a smile, helping to usher everyone out of the room. She winked as she shoved the last of the crew -Matthew- out the door.

"Psst! He stayed here the whole time, Al." She grinned like a Cheshire Cat, "I think he's going to be telling you something soon." Alexa and Andrea both grinned hugely and giggled, and the younger girl turned to go as Alexa started to readjust herself in the slender bed.

"Oh right... your mom should be coming soon... and Gabby, Whit, and I chipped in to get you this." Andrea grabbed something that looked like a foot-long poster tube from a tabletop, and marched back over to Alexa. When the confused girl peeked inside, three white roses looked back out at her, their buds held tightly closed by the shape of the cylinder.

Suddenly, Alexa's hands went slack, and if it hadn't been for her knees propping up the tube, the roses would have clattered to the floor.

Why did their scent smell so painfully familiar? Like dirt, rain, and the already faint smell of roses... mixed with tears?

Akio Kataoka rubbed his head groggily as he sat up, suddenly feeling the odd imbalance of the world around him. Despite rubbing his eyes frustratedly, there seemed to be no more light than there was a moment ago, and the air swirling around him was a chilling breeze that reminded him of the ocean at night.

"Where the heck am I?" Akio mused, trying to stand up. What happened was his knee gave in, and he plopped right back down to where he'd been sitting, suddenly aware of the fact that whatever he'd been passed out on was soft, and a bit wet. Grass?

Faintly, there was the sound of rushing water nearby, muffled as if he were in some enclosed space with thick walls, apart from the rest of the world.

Then the sound stopped, the blackness started to recede, and there was a faint haze. Akio stared at the white spot, trying to see if his vision was up to par. The speck became clearer and clearer, finally focusing into what looked like a wall with an unfamiliar poster on it. Then the whiteness splayed across his vision like a massive curtain, and everything turned white.

When Akio opened his eyes again, what felt like only a few moments later, he was in an unfamiliar place, and his head was throbbing, as if someone had knocked him clean across the head with something heavy. Once that knowledge settled in, Akio became frighteningly aware of something else-- he wasn't in his body at all-- but a GIRL'S!

Whee! What did you think of Part 1? It took me much longer than I wanted... and I may revise it. But this is just a first draft, and I want to get it out so I can satisfy my muse. Funny how she rules my life...

Please let me know what you think... I have most of this plotted out already, so expect to see more soon (weekly, if I'm lucky).


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