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Sheldon Lee Cooper hated surprises. Whether it was delightful or terrible, he never welcomed them. It irked him to no end knowing that something had occurred without his prior knowledge. He took great pride in being punctual, orderly and prepared in all situations. He had woken up 2 hours before everyone else, sorting his clothes for the week, organizing his school supplies and made sure his mother was up in time to prepare his breakfast and lunchbox. He even went as far as reading all his books a week before just to get ahead of the other children. Everything was perfect, yet what happened at his first day of school was something no amount of planning could have ever prepared him for.

He arrived at Johnson Elementary School with his mother and grandfather at exactly 8:00 am. He knew classes start an hour later, but he wanted some time to practice his speech a few more times.

"Oh, sweetie… Is that really necessary?" his mother asked.

"Of course it is! How else would they know that they're blessed to be in the presence of an intellectual prodigy?" Sheldon replied.

"Okay, fine. But does it have to be… two, four, six… ten pages long!? Honey they're not going to listen all the way through…" his mother argued.

"Nonsense! They'll be hooked from the first paragraph! This is a work of a genius! They're going to love it!" his grandfather defended. His Pop-Pop was always on his side.

Rolling her eyes, Mrs. Cooper decided to focus her attention elsewhere while her son rehearsed his speech with his grandfather. It was a monologue that he started writing the moment he had decided he would enroll at the early age of 4. He knew his mind worked in a more advanced pace than the other children, yet the only one who supported his endeavors was his Pop-Pop, saying it was nice to have someone in the family who actually had a brain.

The school policy only allowed children who were at least six years of age to enroll in elementary and his mother wanted him to start kindergarten first. He was having none of it, of course. There was nothing to be taught in kindergarten that he didn't already know. Pop-Pop had known the principal since they were kids and asked him if it was possible to at least give Sheldon an assessment. It was only a couple of days later when the Cooper household received a call from the school, scheduling him for an interview and an evaluation exam. To the surprise of the board of the school and Sheldon's family, he was found to be exceptional with an IQ of 187 and labeled him as a prodigy. He was immediately enrolled among the third graders with a possibility of early advancement.

"Sheldon? Come meet your new classmates!" The teacher called.

"Go get'em kiddo!" his Pop-Pop cheered.

"Good luck!" his mother added.

Sheldon followed his teacher into the classroom and was met with thirty-three pairs of curious little beady eyes.

"Class, I'd like you to meet your new classmate, Sheldon Lee Cooper," the teacher introduced.

Silent whispers, murmurs and muffled giggles started to disseminate around the room. He felt his hands turning clammy, his forehead sweating, his throat drying and his stomach grumbling. Everyone else was so much bigger than he was. Everyone was staring at him. Everyone was talking about him. And it was absolutely intimidating.

"Why don't you tell the class a little bit about yourself, hun?" the teacher urged.

He was frozen. He couldn't explain it, but the sight in front of him frightened him to his very core. He had never been in front of so many people before. He had been around many people, but not all of them were so fixated on him like the kids in his classroom. He didn't know these people, nor did he know what they're thinking about. As ashamed as he was to admit, he was not prepared for this.

"Sheldon?" his teacher urged, her concern growing.

What should he be doing? What was he supposed to do again? He couldn't remember.

"Are you alright?"

That's right. He had a speech to deliver, that much he remembered. He had it memorized, he had an eidetic memory after all, but everything he rehearsed disappeared instantly. He couldn't even get himself to utter a single word. And then a sound. A single solitary sound was enough to shatter the silence in the room. It was only after he had felt something wet and heavy gliding down to his briefs that he realized what had happened.

"Sheldon Cooper is a smelly pooper!" a kid shouted.

Laughter ensued, and everything turned black.

"Maybe he's just not ready for this." Sheldon heard his mother say to his grandfather. He woke up in his bed, wearing his pajamas. He had fainted in the middle of his introduction and missed a day of school. "Maybe we should just enroll him next year."

"No! I'm not leaving mommy!" Sheldon argued.

"Oh honey… You saw what happened earlier… I don't think you're ready for this yet," his mom reasoned.

"I'm not leaving and you can't make me!" Sheldon defended in between sobs.

"Don't worry, Shelly. No one's gonna make you quit school," his Pop-Pop reassured, holding his grandson in his arms. "Don't cry, it's not your fault, kiddo. They're all just too stupid to understand."

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