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Two days after the board meeting where Isabel was forced to watch silently while Felicity systematically dismantled her entire plot and realize who now held the power, Oliver still found the woman he loved occasionally doing a small dance of glee.

"I think the look on her face when she knew she couldn't say anything without implicating herself was my favorite." Felicity said almost giddily, smiling at him in the bathroom mirror as they got ready for the day.

He smiled back as he adjusted his tie just waiting because he'd heard this more than once from her and knew there was more to come.

"Or maybe it's when I read her email saying she'd be spending the next few months dealing with the offices in Asia."

She padded away towards the closet, and Oliver swore he heard her humming 'Ding dong, the witch is dead' as she passed.

Not having Isabel within a dozen time zones of Starling City was a definite win and not one he was going to complain about. She hadn't said a word about her involvement with Portman, eventually stalking from the room without looking back, and there were zero objections when Oliver put forward Felicity's resume and the suggestion she be made the new head of the department.

When he poked his head into the closet he found Felicity in the midst of a clothing crisis by the looks of the numerous outfits she'd discarded in a heap behind her.

With a frustrated sigh she bit her bottom lip, pulling a bright yellow dress from the hanger and eyeing it almost suspiciously. "I know it's my first day as the head of Applied Sciences, but this shouldn't be so hard."

He took the dress from her hand and spun her to face him, "You have nothing to worry about, and I doubt many of your new employees will even bother to look up from their work much less care about what you're wearing. Wear this. Yellow looks good on you."

She tilted her head to the side but gave him a smile, "Thank you. Care to zip me up?"

Her eyes sparked devilishly, a look he was becoming all too familiar with during this phase of her pregnancy.

Oliver ticked a finger in front of her face, backing up towards the door, "No. The last time you asked me to do that we missed two meetings, and I am not going to be responsible for messing up your first day."

The pout she gave him made all the blood in his body rush south, "And you're only working a half day anyways."

His reminder made her eyes brighten for an entirely different reason. "I can't wait!" she said while gently stroking her belly, "I hope this one cooperates. If not I am one hundred percent blaming you, mister."

He stepped forward and joined her, wishing he could experience feeling the baby move. Ever since that day in the hallway she'd stop multiple times a day to shut her eyes with a sweet smile and he knew their son or daughter was making themselves known.

"If not we'll just go again." he assured her.

"But I want to know now!"

Oliver chuckled, twining her fingers with his before lifting them to his lips, "Patience."

A huff of exasperated irony came from her throat, "Coming from you that's saying something."

"Just try and enjoy your first day. Everyone is going to love you and if they don't I'll fire them."

Felicity's eyebrows rose above her glasses, "You are not going to fire my employees."

He matched her look, "They're your employees now?"

"I am head of the department, any personnel decisions are mine."

"And you don't think that as CEO I might just be able to go over you if I'd like?" he countered.

The wicked gleam in her eye was his only warning before she rose up on the balls of her feet to whisper in his ear, "I thought you liked it when you were under me."

His hands had already found her waist and he was walking her backwards out of the closet and towards the bed when a knock at the door had him sighing in frustration as Felicity giggled behind her hand and ducked under his am to finish getting ready.

"Mr. Diggle has the car ready, sir." Raisa said when he opened the door.

Oliver nodded once trying not to show his irritation at being interrupted. Felicity had fallen asleep the past few nights in the middle of her prep to take over the department. After her teasing he was now more than ready to make them late again.

"Digg's downstairs," he called as he waited, adjusting his cuffs, and then with a wince, his fly.

It was only a few minutes later when a warm hand trailed down his back to slide into the crook of his elbow, "Can I catch a ride in with you?" she asked with a smile.

"We might have room." he teased in return.

The drive in was filled with Felicity's excited talk, detailing what needed to be overhauled, the projects she was going to scrap, and the ones that needed desperate attention if they had a chance of honoring their contracts.

When they reached the elevator Oliver tried not to let the unease he felt show as she pushed the button for the floor ten below his own. "I'll be by at one to get you." he reminded her unnecessarily since they'd already been over it more than once, but she humored him and nodded.

"I'll do my best to have some idea of what the time is, but-"

He just shook his head in mock resignation, "I know how you get."

Her hand slid into his as the numbers ticked up quicker than he would have liked. "I'll be fine."

Then the elevator slowed and the doors slid open. Digg moved to block them so they wouldn't shut and discretely looked away.

"You're going to be amazing."

Felicity gave a shuddery little laugh, "Thanks."

"Call me if you need anything. And Digg's going to stay with you." he hadn't told her that part yet, but she didn't argue, just nodded her head as if she had already guessed it would be the only way Oliver would be able to function after what had happened with the Count.

Her lips pressed into his for just a second and then she stepped out into the hallway. "I'll see you at one."

All Oliver could do was raise a hand as she turned and strode confidently through the doors to Applied Sciences. Digg caught his eye and nodded.

Then the doors shut and Oliver rode ten more floors in complete silence.

He'd made certain to have an overly full schedule all morning as a way to keep himself occupied. But the tingle of unease that had taken up residence at the base of his neck hadn't dissipated. He knew she was fine. He knew no one had breached the building. He knew she'd even eaten because he'd made sure to have lunch delivered directly to her new office. Despite all the assurances and precautions he'd taken however, he still felt like he was waiting for it all to be torn away the second his vigilance dropped.

Felicity must have known how he'd be doing, sending him short and funny text messages periodically, but other than a momentary smile he couldn't shake that feeling.

His new executive assistant was, ironically, someone Isabel would have approved of. Beatrice Matthews had recently moved from Central City to be closer to her first grandchild. She had over twenty five years of experience, left precisely at five, and only bothered him when absolutely necessary.

At ten to one Oliver couldn't wait any longer. He grabbed his jacket, shut off his computer and strode straight for the elevator, barely hearing Mrs. Matthews tell him to have a good day.

To his surprise Felicity was waiting outside the doors when they opened on her floor, coat draped over one arm, with a wide grin on her face.

"You're late," Digg admonished, causing Oliver to cast a quick look at his watch before he saw Felicity swatting at Digg's arm.

"Don't tease him."

He was still early he knew, but his excitement at both seeing her again and getting a chance to find out the sex of the baby was something he couldn't control, and by the way Felicity was fairly bouncing on her feet he knew she felt the same.

"How was your first day?" he asked, brushing her cheek with a kiss as they joined him in the elevator, Digg selecting the button for the lobby.

Felicity's smile grew wider if that was even possible, "Terrific! It was...amazing. We're doing some really great things here and the team is so good, despite having to work for that worthless wannabe for the past six months. We should give them bonuses just for sticking it out and not declaring mutiny."

She kept up a steady stream of talk and he listened with rapt attention, trying to absorb all the Felicity-ness he'd missed out on. One endearing turn of phrase, or hand gesture, or facial expression was all it took to calm him, to chase away the shadows that always seemed to creep back in when he wasn't looking.

"Sorry," she said with a wave of her hand as they exited into the lobby and headed for the parking garage, "I got a little carried away. How was your day? You won't be offended if I tell you that while I missed you very much, I did not miss being your assistant."

His hand found the small of her back as she made her way down the short flight of stairs, "I'm not offended, but I did miss you. Mrs. Matthews isn't one for small talk."

She shot a quick look out the corner of her eye then leaned in close, "Or for encouraging you to use the privacy glass, I hope."

"Not a chance," he whispered back, allowing his hand to fall lower and graze the swell of her ass.

She reached back quickly to swat him away, "Behave."

He just laughed in reply, opening the door to the car for her as Digg made his way to the driver's seat.

Once they were inside Digg turned to hand Felicity a large bottle of water which she took with a sigh, "Making a pregnant woman drink this much water and not letting her pee should be illegal."

"Dr. Sanders said it would help see the baby better."

"I know the reasons why I have to do it, but you drink forty ounces of water when you've got a baby squashing your bladder and then we'll see how comfortable you are with that." she threw back while glaring over the tipped up bottle she was drinking from.

He raised his hands in a shrug, the glare he was receiving only narrowing as she continued to drink.

By the time they arrived in front of the office building she was down to the last few sips, grimacing as she tilted her head back and finished the bottle. "If I make it up there without having an accident it'll be a miracle," she said, shifting uncomfortably and unbuckling her seatbelt in haste.

"She's going to get you right in. One of the benefits of paying to have all the available appointments for the afternoon means no wait time." He assured her as he climbed out of the car and held his hand out for her to take.

Felicity shot him another look over the top of her glasses as she slid out, "None of that is helping me and my swimming bladder right now, Oliver."

Digg coughed conspicuously and gave him a knowing shake of his head. He'd be better off staying quiet.

Once they hit the elevators Felicity couldn't keep still, he assumed it was from the water but when she looked up at him he could see the pure joy radiating from her face.


"Aren't you?" she asked, leaning against his arm for a second before glancing again at the screen that told them which floor they were on as if she could will the elevator to move faster, "I'm tired of saying him/her or it which just feels wrong. And I just want to know!"

He let out a low chuckle, wrapping one arm around her shoulders though it didn't stop the movement entirely. "I'm definitely excited," he replied as she grasped his lapel and grinned even wider, "You know one thing we haven't talked about at all is names."

That made her go still, "Oh wow, you're right. How...how have we not talked about that even once?" she said incredulously, as her head swiveled between him and Digg as if either of them had the answer.

He'd only had the realization that morning. Somehow knowing they'd find out what they were having had made everything that much more real.

"This kid needs a name, Oliver. We can't just call them 'Little Ninja' the rest of their life. I mean we could of course and just be one of those weird celebrity couples that can't name their child anything remotely normal. But if we do that we might as well get a green onesie that says 'My Daddy's the Hood' and parade them in front of the paparazzi, because if 'Little Ninja' is not a major giveaway I don't know what is."

His hands dropped to her shoulders, effectively ending her ramble just as the doors opened, "We're here."

"Oh," Felicity blinked twice and turned, stepping out into the hallway as he fell into step next to her.

"We'll figure out a name," he promised, finding her hand as they headed towards the office.

"And this way you'll cut out fifty percent of the competition," Digg said helpfully from behind.

Felicity nodded, "That's a very good point."

They were met at the door by the nurse they'd seen before.

"Good afternoon," she said pleasantly, ushering them inside and directly to the back where the first exam room door stood open and waiting.

As soon as the basics had been covered and the nurse assured them that Dr. Sanders would be in shortly Felicity began kicking off her shoes.

"This needs to get finished in the next ten minutes or very unpleasant things are going to happen. Things that I'm not certain our relationship is ready for."

"Felicity, you've shocked my heart back into rhythm and sewn up more wounds than I can count, what could we possibly not be ready for?"

She just shot him a look before reaching behind and pulling down the zipper to her dress, "You should watch some birthing videos, Oliver, it makes Lian Yu look like a cakewalk."

He blanched at the thought, and by the time he had blinked she was wearing the gown and lying on the table, fingers anxiously tapping the side as she waited.

The next thing he knew Dr. Sanders was giving a brisk knock at the door a half second before entering and he'd only just managed to pull the rolling stool up to the table and sit by the time she approached.

"Hello, how are you doing?" she asked, glancing at her chart.

"Good. Great. About to pee all over your table, but other than that I'm great."

"Yeah, it's crap you have to drink so much water isn't it?" Dr. Sanders replied, "But the baby is still small and this helps us get a better look."

As she spoke she pulled the bottle of gel off the warmer and flipped switches on the ultrasound. "You do know we might not see anything. The baby could be turned the wrong way, or moving too much. It's not a guarantee."

Felicity reached up to grab Oliver's hand, "We know, but hopefully this little one will finally cooperate."

"Ok, then. You two ready? For sure?" Dr. Sanders asked, "I can look myself and write it down on a piece of paper. Put it in an envelope if you'd like. Then you can take it to a bakery or a balloon person or someone that paints sheep or god knows what and do your reveal on Instagram, or Snapchat or whatever the hell it is these days." she didn't even attempt to control the level of disdain in her voice which made Felicity laugh.

"We'd just like to know now, please," Oliver said somehow with a straight face, but as he looked down to see Felicity struggling he knew she was imagining blue or pink sheep trotting through the lobby of Queen Consolidated.

"Don't…" he warned to no avail as she burst out laughing.

"Sheep! Oliver! We could have sheep!"

"I don't think we pay security enough to clean up after livestock," he deadpanned which only made her laugh harder causing Dr. Sanders to hold the ultrasound wand up in amusement as she patiently waited for Felicity to calm down.

"I'm sorry," she panted, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye, "I'm ready, promise."

Dr. Sanders didn't say a word, just squirted the gel on her protruding belly and began to move the wand around.

Immediately Oliver could see the baby, the body more formed than it had been the last time. Felicity gasped softly, squeezing his fingers as they watched the small, jerky movements of arms and legs.

"I can feel it now." she said in awe, eyes widening as the baby stilled and then suddenly kicked out with one leg. Her breath caught at the same time, "That is so your kid."

There was silence for a few more moments as the doctor repositioned the wand getting a different view. And then suddenly with a few taps of the keyboard the image on the screen was frozen.

Oliver shifted closer, trying to make out just exactly what he was seeing on the grainy black and white picture.

"Congratulations, you two, you're having a girl."