Author's Note: Welp, no RWBY which was a shame but considering what we're being promised in exchange, I think I can live with that. Besides, it gave me extra motivation to get this finished a bit earlier then I planned! Although future chapters may come a bit slower than the ones for Meido did because while I had originally planned for this to be a short, sweet Bumblebee oneshot…it has decided to become something more.

Much…much more…

Her breathing quick and excited behind her protective mask, Yang lifted up her leg and kicked. The door shuddered, the hinges struggling to keep it in place, but it held up surprisingly well to that first blow. The damage, however, was obvious and significant with the wood splintering where her booted foot landed, cracks stretching along the entire face of the door.

Undeterred, Yang just brought her foot back up and gave it a second, harder kick. That did it. This time the weakened door shattered into several pieces, knocked off the hinges by the force of the strike to expose the dark and smoky interior of the apartment building beyond.

Yang didn't enter just yet. Instead, with her heart thumping within her chest, the young woman placed her right foot on the ground before allowing it to slide back behind her left. Curling her hands into fists, she brought up her arms to either side of her face. Despite how the rest of her was covered in a heavy, fire-resistant coat and pants, her arms were protected by the comforting armored weight and gold coloring of Ember Celica. Poised in her fighting stance, she waited.

She didn't have to wait long. Even with her heavy clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus, Yang felt the atmosphere shift all around her, hinting to what was about to come. First came a rush of cold air with the smoke that had been contained within the building rushing out through this new point of ventilation.

Shifting most of her weight to her back foot, Yang slowly cocked back her right arm.

That cleared the way for the superheated gases…as well as the fire. Ironically, the pressurized smoke that had filled the building helped confine the flames to keep them from spreading to every corner. Now, with the smoke blasting outwards while oxygen fed inwards, the flames will soon be able to take advantage of this clear path to the outside.

Yang felt the atmosphere shift again. It wasn't cold anymore. Superheated gases that rushed to fill the void left behind by the smoke cranked the air temperature by hundreds of degrees.

Yang could really feel it now. Heart pounding ferociously in her chest, the blonde allowed a vicious grin to appear on her face. As if hoping to mimic the deadly opponent that she was about to engage, she could feel her long hair wave and flicker behind her. To any bystander, the smoke that rose from her head and the gentle flames that trailed along her blonde locks would make them think her hair had caught fire.

Lilac eyes suddenly burned red.

Like a blowtorch, the inferno from within the building's depths blazed forward, making a break for the door to consume its challenger.

She couldn't hold back the delighted shout even if she wanted to. The coiled muscles in her legs and arm springing forward, Yang's thrust her fist out to meet the oncoming tide. Just when the flames were about to lick at the golden knuckle plate, Ember Celica let out a tremendous bang.

A powerful blast of wind and pressure blasted out of the hidden barrel to slam into the heart of the blaze. With a whoosh, the wall of fire that had sought to burn this mortal to a cinder found itself being dispersed. Like a knife through butter, the blast cut through the tide of heat, fire, and gas, parting them like the Red Sea. Before Yang's eyes she watched as the flames separated…flickered…then died.

The entryway was clear. Letting out a 'Whoop!' of triumph, Yang pressed on with her hair blazing behind her and eyes burning red.

Despite her minor victory, the building continued to burn elsewhere. Upon stepping inside, Yang's vision became blocked by the smoke that was continually produced. Her helmet and breathing apparatus protected her from inhaling the smoke or having her eyes irritated but they, along with the rest of her clothing, made her movements heavier than usual; slower.

People would usually complain about it. At first, Yang did too until she looked upon it in a different light. Yang liked challenges and the heavy clothing, her slow movements - they were all just another challenge added onto her as she did her job. Like the fires that she combated, Yang found enjoyment in powering on through despite her restrictions.

After all, it took a special kind of person to do this job all the while finding enjoyment in it. It was the kind who liked running into fires. For Yang, it was all about running in and beating it.

And run in she did. Finding the stairs, Yang threw caution to the wind and took them two at a time, her boots slamming into the weakened, wooden steps that could give out on her at any time. Fortunately they didn't.

Like before, Yang detected a new danger as she ascended the stairs. Even though the temperature had dropped back down after felling her first opponent, Yang could feel it slowly building back up. There was another challenger, possibly poised to ambush her as soon as she reached the first floor-

It was. As soon as Yang climbed the final steps of the first flight of stairs, a tendril of flame lashed out from the hall as if to strike her face. The blonde narrowly sidestepped, tilting her head all the while so it slapped at nothing but air. The close proximity with this new threat caused the temperature to spike again.

So too did Yang's excitement. As soon as the fiery tendril retreated, Yang had her armored fist follow after it. There came another bang from Ember Celica, another blast of wind and pressure, and she was clear to enter the first floor.

However, she knew that that wasn't the end. The temperature remained high and the smoke that seeped into the stairway from the first floor was like a thick, black curtain. Her pulse racing, Yang stepped into the hall.

It was somewhere on the first floor that the fire must've first broken out as that was the only way to explain the sight that greeted Yang's crimson-eyed gaze. When she entered the long corridor, Yang found herself at the gateway to Hell itself.

At the floor, walls, and ceiling blazed a raging inferno. The wood was being eaten away as the flames gorged themselves, becoming stronger and hotter while leaving charred remains behind. Curtains dangled from their rods at the windows, the cloth disintegrating while the metal melted due to the intense heat, sagging within their supports. The bronze knobs and handles on the flame-wreathed doors of the various rooms glowed orange, threatening to do the same.

Between the smoke and the heat, the air was beyond oppressive. This was a realm that had been taken and formed by the most destructive element of the world, making this simple apartment complex inhospitable to any of the human beings who had once dwelled within it. Those who would enter from now on would only meet a horrible death as their lungs would collapse from the smoke and hot air, their bodies left to burn to form a warning and proof of the power that was being wrought here.

Standing before it, feet shoulder-width apart, fists clenched at her sides, Yang was grinning from ear-to-ear with teeth exposed. Similar to the display that she was witnessing, her own fire was now whipped into frenzy; her long, golden hair shrouded in a veil of yellow flames that snapped at the surrounding air. It did not add to the carnage though. In fact, her own fiery aura was pushing back against the screen of smoke and flame that wasn't her own, clearing her immediate area with the power of her sheer will.

The hellish landscape took note of this and produced its own champion. At the far end of the hall, the unholy conflagration gathered a portion of its might to give birth to a demon. The surrounding fire stretched and came together, the flames twirling and entangling themselves together to form a skeletal shape that stretched from floor to ceiling. Tendrils wound tight, creating long, thin arms tipped with claws that randomly lashed out. They scratched at an intact window, melting the glass instantly.

Then there was the head: an orange skull with empty, black eye sockets. At the top, the very smoke curled to crown the head with a pair of wispy horns before focusing their attentions at its back to form a pair of wings that stretched as far as the hall would allow.

Those empty eye sockets focused on the bright pillar of light that was Yang Xiao Long. Its jaw stretching wide to expose a pit for a mouth, the surrounding fires gave it the roar it wished to convey to the intruder. It held out its thin arms, clawed fingers spread out as if daring her to come forward.

Yang was more than happy to oblige, bringing her arms back up to either side of her face as she once again took up her fighting stance. Her red eyes met the black ones of this apparition.

She struck first. A carpet of fire separated her and this demonic entity, meaning she would have to fight to get to it. Initiating the start of the battle with a bang from her weapons, that miniature hurricane cleared an entire meter of flooring with one punch. Yang immediately took advantage of this space, stepping forward with her arms held up and ready for a fight.

She was not disappointed as that was exactly what she was going to get. Instead of dispersing as her previous victims had done before, the flames reformed and attempted to reclaim their lost territory. Gouts of flame blasted towards her while tendrils lashed at her.

Yang danced within that onslaught. She hopped to the right, tendrils just barely touching her coat while a tilt of her head allowed her to avoid getting a jet of flame to her face. She responded with another, savage punch with Ember Celica, driving back her attackers and giving her another meter of space for her to duck and weave towards her goal.

The dangers only escalated the closer she got. The temperature, having been only a couple hundred degrees, seemed to go even higher as she drew closer and closer towards the heart of the inferno. With how the shield on her helmet started to curl and, deep within her coat, she could feel the protective lining start to melt, Yang could only assume that the heat was reaching a thousand degrees and beyond. Her protective mask was probably failing as well.

If she didn't finish this fight soon, she could very well die.

She was fully aware of this and yet it did nothing to distract her from the wonderful ballet that she was lost in. She punched, ducked, spun, and even kicked her way through the torrent of flame. Though her feet did not possess the weaponry that her hands did, a spinning kick sliced through a fiery tendril, forcing it to pause and reform long enough for Yang to bring Ember Celica to bear and finish it off.

Yang was just about to pass by a door when she noticed a sudden light blossom through the cracks, originating from the other side. Without thinking, she jumped back just in time for the door to be blasted off its hinges, flying through the space where she was just a moment ago before slamming into the wall. A geyser of fire followed after it as it swept into the hall like a flood, turning to engulf Yang.

A bang from Ember Celica put a stop to it, wind meeting fire in a stunning collision that halted the oncoming tide. But it didn't disperse, not until Yang took a step forward and resumed her counter attack with a vicious left hook that ended with another scream from her gauntlet that pushed it back towards the door it had rushed through. Yang followed after it, now standing within the entrance. She swung her right fist in front of her, then her left again, a one-two punch that sent two more pressurized blasts into the room. Against such a flurry of punches, the tide gave way.

Yang didn't have time to relish in her victory. A sudden spike of heat and illumination off to her side had her turning to see the horned fire demon towering over her. The previous attack had been a distraction to allow the monster to approach unnoticed. One clawed hand was already raised, its intentions clear as its jaw dropped open and the surrounding flames roared audibly. The claws came down to burn through the coat, its protective webbing, and the flesh and blood beneath.

This close the heat was unbearable. Yang knew that she was beginning to be cooked in her gear as the Nomex and Kevlar fibers in her clothing failed to shield her fully from the heat that was now seeping in. Every breath that Yang now took was like a hot blade slicing across her throat.

Yet the pain and the real threat of death did not send her in a panic. It only allowed her to focus. And focusing upon the descending claws, Yang brought her right gauntlet up in an uppercut to meet it.

It almost looked as if the demon was going to seize the smaller, armored fist within its own hand. To have its fingers curl around it and superheat the golden armor while the flesh of Yang's right hand would burn away, veins and arteries giving way as blood evaporated, in order to expose the bones underneath.


And yet it was that fiery hand that disintegrated. The point blank shot from Ember Celica caused the fire that held it together to collapse and scatter. The fingers and the claws that tipped them disappeared into oblivion along with the monster's entire hand. More than that even for, when the demon reeled back, it was with half an arm as everything from the elbow down had been blown away.

"Hyaaah!" Despite her scorched throat, Yang still managed to unleash a cry as her left fist came forward.


A hole was blasted into the center of the demon's mass, legs and torso separating. Its lower half disappeared, leaving its upper half to float in the air.


The shoulder disappeared, the intact arm that it was attached to being severed before it similarly vanished into nothingness.

With the demon now floating back towards the ground, literally disarmed and helpless, Yang crouched as soon as it dropped to her height. Then, with an explosion of muscle and power, Yang leapt towards the ceiling, putting her high above the demon which tracked her movement with its soulless eyes, its mouth wide but the flames no longer being there to produce the roar it desired to produce to convey its outrage.

Once again locking gazes with the monster, Yang allowed gravity to pull her down, her body falling. She brought her fist back for one more blow.


The demon's head was obliterated, the smoke that made up its horns and the fire that made its skull scattering within the hurricane winds. Yang's fist, and the blast that Ember Celica unleashed, continued down, slicing through the remains of its torso until the knuckle plate impacted against the wooden floor of the hall.


The gale hit the floorboards and stretched throughout the entire expanse of the hall. Smoke was launched out through the shattered windows, flames were snuffed out, charred bits of wood and other debris was blown everywhere as the force of the blow purged the entire hall of the last remnants of the inferno.

And then…silence.

Yang realized that she was holding her breath. Remaining crouched with her fist firmly planted within the floor, the young woman looked from one end of the hall to the other. Nothing. No fire, no demon…just the smoky, burnt remains of the hall. As well as the silence.

Well, until she started to breathe again, her deep breaths sounding unusually loud to her ears as it reverberated within her mask. There was the muffled sound of sirens that continued outside but if anyone was making any noise about the display and the absence of the fire, Yang couldn't hear it: her radio was fried.

She slowly stood back up. Her breathing was deep and heavy with a fine sheen of sweat covering her face and no doubt the rest of her. Yet her eyes were still red and searching for a fight, her fingers clenching and unclenching into and out of fists. Her long, blonde hair was currently the only blaze that could now be found within the first floor of the apartment.

Her eyes fell upon a nearby door. It had drawn no particular interest from her; it was just the closest thing to her. Squaring her shoulders and allowing the remaining aggression to take over, Yang brought up her foot and sent it slamming into the wooden surface. Weakened as it was from the ordeal, the door only required that one kick to send it toppling into the room.

There was no combat to be found here. Her breathing echoing within her helmet, Yang took a step inside the room, slowly looking around. She found herself within a rather plain living room that was simply decorated: a carpet rolled out the floor, curtains hanging from a nearby window, with a large couch dominating the center. There was no television set but, rather, a large shelf filled with books.

Other than the smoke that hung in the air, the room seemed relatively intact. Scanning around, Yang took a step back, ready to leave-

She stopped, red eyes darting to a pair of feet that were dangling over the edge of the couch. Alarmed, Yang walked further into the room, circling around the couch while her eyes followed the feet up along two pale legs…

She was beautiful.

Looking upon the face that was presented before her, Yang felt her breath catch in her throat, eyes – which suddenly switched to its normal, violet coloring – going wide. Behind her, the flames that had continued to dance within her hair instantly faded away.

It was odd. First there had been nothing but pure aggression. Now a calm had taken over, dousing the blaze that had been burning within her very soul as easily as her hair all because of this beauty who was laid out before her.

Following the legs was a body dressed in a black yukata, the sash wrapped around the curves of the woman's supple physique. Her face was what took Yang's breath away. That and the pair of furry cat ears that poked out from her long, wavy black hair. With how the young woman was laying on her back with a book resting against her chest, it almost appeared as if she had just fallen asleep while in the midst of reading.

The soot sticking to her skin and clothing gave a reason for Yang to panic for her life. Dropping to her knees, Yang had Ember Celica shrink back into the form of bracelets so that she could cup the woman's cheek with one hand while the other shook her shoulder in an attempt to wake her. She didn't and, this close, Yang could see that she wasn't breathing. The hand at her cheek dropped down to her neck. No pulse.

She couldn't do anything here, not with all the smoke. She removed her hands from the woman so that she could slip one arm beneath her knees, the other behind her back so that she could lift her from the couch and move her. The book slipped from her chest to fall on the floor but Yang took no notice of it.

She nearly bumped into another firefighter who turned to look at her, startled. The silver eyes behind the mask told Yang who it was and she motioned her head to the woman she carried. Understanding, her sister turned and took off down the hall with Yang following her. Walking down the stairs she had ascended only minutes before, Yang stepped over the same door she had kicked down to reach outside.

Finding a soft patch of grass, Yang gently laid the woman down while pulling off her mask and helmet. By then Ruby had come rushing back, carrying a BVM. Yang immediately took the mask and placed it over the woman's nose and mouth. Once she was sure she had it sealed properly, Yang looked to her sister and nodded her head.

Ruby compressed the bag. Attached to it was an oxygen tank that filled the bag with pure oxygen. Upon Ruby squeezing, it was pushed through a one-way valve to the mask which forced fresh air into the woman's lungs. Yang watched as her sister's lips moved, silently counting the seconds before she squeezed the re-inflated bag again.

Yang looked back down at the woman, hoping to find some sign of life. To her distress, upon the fifth compression, the woman's eyes remained closed and she offered no other sign of life.

Come on, Yang prayed. I want to see those eyes.

Yang could only wonder what kind of eyes would fit such a beautiful woman. At first she thought green would be most fitting but, with those cat ears, she wondered if there could be another, unique aspect to the woman's features.

To her relief, she would find out a minute later. Just as she was about to give in to despair, movement caught her eye; that being the fluttering of the woman's cat ears. Beneath the mask, her face contorted into an expression of discomfort before gently shaking her head in an attempt to pull away from the mask. After telling Ruby to stop, Yang obliged…just in time to hear the cutest, cat-like mewl leave the woman's lips.

How easily that sound melted her heart when the fire demon had failed to do so completely stumped Yang.

Finally, the woman opened her eyes and Yang found herself becoming lost in a pair of golden orbs that stared curiously up at her. The blonde found herself using the word beautiful too many times. She tried to find another, better word: gorgeous, magnificent…perfect? Yep, definitely perfect. Even with the soot staining her cheeks, it had done little to convince Yang that the woman was nothing less than perfect.

She felt a tap on her shoulder. Suppressing the annoyance that she felt at being drawn away from perfection, Yang looked back to find Ruby holding out a half-filled water bottle and a cloth that she had apparently soaked with it. Her annoyance transforming into gratefulness, Yang took both items and refocused back to the woman in her arms. With the damp cloth, she wiped at her face to remove the soot.

The woman continued to stare at her which Yang didn't mind the least if it meant to continuing to look at her golden eyes. Between the eyes, the ears, and that heart-melting mewl, Yang couldn't help but compare her to an adorable kitten.

But her little kitten now shuddered within her grip while she coughed. Yang looked back to Ruby, one eyebrow raised in question. Her sister shrugged helplessly.

"Really?" she questioned. Cloth and water but no blanket? Did she even see what her kitten was wearing?

"Sorry," Ruby apologized.

Rolling her eyes, Yang took off her heavy coat. It had definitely seen better days but it would still prove to be a suitable substitute for a warm blanket. Her kitten seemed to approve of it, the young woman purring as she sunk into the warm folds of the coat, her cat ears facing forward.

It was too cute. She hugged her little kitten against her, lowering her head to press her cheek against that mane of black hair. One of those ears flicked and tickled her cheek, forcing her to giggle.

She pulled away, half-expecting to see the woman look offended at the show of affection. To Yang's delight, she seemed pleased, her lips twitching into a small smile. More than pleased even as the woman tilted her chin up, lips parting slightly in a silent form of suggestion that Yang understood and was all too ready to oblige in.

Without a second's thought, Yang leaned down, tilting her head to the side and pressed her lips against the raven-haired woman in a passionate kiss.

"And then we got married, had two girls, and thanks to Blake's rich uncle, we were set for life!" Yang proudly proclaimed, ending the story.

Across from her, both Nora and Ruby – who had been staring with rapt attention – let out individual squeals of delight.

"She's been having that recurring dream for nearly a month now," Blake spoke, having been silent the whole time. If anyone had been looking for a reaction from her, all they were able to see was the hardcover novel that the black-haired woman just happened to have in front of her face to hide it. Even when spearing her eggs with her fork to eat them, not once did her face make any kind of appearance to the members of Team RWBY or JNPR.

"Aw, come on, Blakey!" Pouting at her partner, Yang nudged her with her elbow to try and get her to react. "The rich uncle and the kids were a new one."

Blake easily ignored it and only offered a quick, "Probably because you made that up."

"I did not!"

"Wait…" Further down the table, sitting between Pyrrha and Ren, Jaune looked confused. "How can you have kids if you two are-?"

"Magic," Yang answered bluntly.

"Oh…" Jaune looked as if he wanted to pursue the subject further but the narrowed, lilac eyes told him that it would be best to drop it than to challenge the blonde brawler.

"Trust me Jaune, trying to give logic to dreams – among other things - is just…well…illogical."

Sitting next to Ruby, a certain white-haired heiress rolled her eyes. "I'll say. Since when are you able to punch fire away?"

Yang just stared at Weiss, one brow raised in a perfect 'are you serious?' face. "Really? The fire managed to create a giant, flaming demon and you're put off by the fact that I can punch it? Although I will ask you this, princess: have you seen me not punch fire?" Crossing her arms over her chest, Yang gave her challenger a grin, apparently pleased at her cleverness.

Weiss just performed another eye roll before ignoring Yang entirely, much more interested in finishing the rest of her breakfast.

"And this is why I didn't let you in my dream." Sighing at the display, Yang looked back down the table at Jaune before motioning a hand to the heiress. "You see? You just take the fun out of everything when you try to apply logic."

Jaune wasn't sure if he did but, like Weiss, he suddenly found his bagel to be much more interesting.

"Well I liked it!" Instead of a plate of sausages, pancakes, eggs, or whatever the Beacon cafeteria served for breakfast, Ruby seemed content with a bowl of cereal that she dipped her spoon in. "Your stories were always as good as the ones you used to read to me."

"I can always count on you, little sis!" Pleased with her sibling's comment, Yang leaned over and ruffled her hair, forcing her to spill the spoonful of cereal.


"Back to reality," Weiss interjected with a stretch of the last word. She looked to Ruby who was now trying to fix her red and black hair that Yang had just messed with. "Don't forget that we have a date at the library after classes. Your grades have been slacking as of late and if I have to deal with you as my team leader, I'm certainly not going to let our team become reputed for being led by a dunce." She paused, thinking about what she just said, then added, "Well, publicly reputed anyway."

"Wait a minute." Yang looked at Weiss, then to Ruby, confusion evident on her features. "Ruby, I thought you said this morning that you and I were going to bake…cookies…?"

Yang trailed off for, as soon as she started speaking, her sister's head suddenly jolted up, a panicked look on her face. While fearfully glancing to her left, Ruby was frantically slicing a hand across her throat in the universal sign of 'shut up'. Unfortunately, the warning came too late as Ruby's face became paler than normal. Yang soon saw why.

The slice of toast that Weiss held froze an inch from her mouth, her head lowering just enough so that her white bangs hid her eyes. Her clenched jaw and how that toast was crushed into crumbs within now-tight fingers told everyone within the vicinity all they needed to know.

"This morning," Weiss repeated. She tilted her head back up so that her right eye was exposed, locked directly onto her team leader. "I think I remember telling you that we were going to the library last night."

Ruby tried to inch away but such movement was blocked by Nora who, blissfully unaware of the trouble she was in, was focused on drowning her pancakes in a pool of syrup.

The attempted maneuver did not go unnoticed. Weiss leaned her face towards her partner's while one manicured nail tapped menacingly on the table. "Ruby Rose, were you planning on ditching our study session? After I, your best teammate, volunteered my time in order to improve your academics?"

Yang grimaced. Woopsy.

"Ehehe…" Ruby laughed nervously. "…The cookies were going to be for you?"

Yeah so that she wouldn't get angry, Yang concluded. Or so you hoped anyway.

That blue eye continued to stare unblinkingly at Ruby. Seeing that she had been exposed, the young leader gently bopped herself on the head, sticking her tongue out at one corner of her mouth to form a dorky expression. Such a cute display didn't save her as Weiss shot to her feet, one hand grabbing the hood of Ruby's red cloak.

"Ack!" Ruby found herself being pulled from her seat, her butt landing on the cafeteria floor before she proceeded to be dragged away.

"You know what? I think it'll help if we start our day by getting to classes early!" Easily dragging the younger girl behind her with one arm, Weiss proceeded to head towards the cafeteria doors. "It'll give us time to go over your notes so that you're properly prepared for today!"

"But what about breakfast?" Ruby whined, arms and legs flailing as she tried to get out of her partner's grip. She failed miserably.

"You're young," Weiss used her other arm to open the door before continuing on. "You can miss a couple meals."

Team JNPR, the two remaining members of RWBY, and undoubtedly a number of the other students gathered in the cafeteria silently watched as Ruby was pulled along until the door closed and put her out of sight. They still managed to hear a muffled whine of "Weiiiiiss!" before all was quiet again.

"Sooo…that happened," Yang ended unhelpfully.

Such antics weren't new to the two teams – or for the rest of Beacon for that matter –, meaning that it didn't take long before everyone went back to their own conversations. Thinking back to her dream, Yang looked to her left where her own partner sat next to her.

Yang had been keeping an eye on Blake during her verbal retelling of her dream and had constantly been forced to suppress multiple stabs of disappointment when the black-haired woman had refused to show any reaction with the use of her book. She thought she saw that bow twitch at least once near the end of her tale but otherwise nothing.

Well, this was Yang Xiao Long after all and a book certainly wasn't going to stop her. Snaking one arm around Blake's shoulders, she pulled her into a tight, one-armed embrace. For just a brief moment Yang saw those golden eyes widen in surprise before her vision became filled with those midnight tresses as she pressed her face against Blake's, nuzzling cheek-to-cheek.

"I know you heard it before but you can't deny that it's still very romantic!" Though her mouth was open to speak, Yang's eyes were closed as she savored the sensations. That smooth, soft cheek that she rubbed against her own and the wavy, dark locks that stroked and caressed her face with her movements.

"Yang." Blake was squirming within her grip while attempting to move her face away from her affectionate partner. That arm that was secured around her shoulders prevented her from doing so.

"I mean a dashing warrior, battling her way through fire and demons to stumble upon a lovely maiden at the end!"

"Yang." After a bit of struggling, Blake managed to lift an arm between her and Yang. Pressing her palm against the blonde's chest, Blake attempted to push her away.

Yang seemed to hardly be aware of her discomfort – or the hand pushing against her -, as she blissfully continued, "It seems like a perfect story to add to your collection! I'll see about getting someone to write it down, maybe look up a publisher-"

"Yang!" Although the space she eventually created between the two of them was miniscule, it was enough for Blake to get her other arm into play. With both hands placed on her partner's chest, Blake pushed with all her might.

With a surprised yelp, Yang found herself sliding along the bench seat of the table, arm flying away from Blake's shoulders. She ended up colliding into the side of Ren who, in turn, was pushed against Jaune with a surprised grunt. The force of Blake's push was not enough for Pyrrha to be effected but the red-haired amazon found herself pounding Jaune's back when she noticed her leader coughing and clutching his throat in clear sign of him now choking on his breakfast. Of course, one strong pound from Pyrrha Nikos was enough to slam Jaune into the table. At least he coughed up that piece of bagel.

Upon recovering, Yang looked up to find Blake on her feet, bow twitching in agitation atop her head. She refused to look at Yang, her amber eyes staring straight ahead. There was, however, a faint blush on her pale cheeks.

Any thoughts of how cute the sight of those pink cheeks were were put on hold when Blake declared, "I think I'll head to class early as well." Snatching her novel from the table, Blake turned a particularly stiff back to her partner before speed walking out of the cafeteria.

Yang watched her leave, her earlier cheeriness having been dashed at the sight of that retreating back. After making a quick apology to Ren, Yang sat back up before planting her elbows on the table and resting her chin in her hands, looking dejected.

Definitely not my best move, she decided.

Then again, what did she expect? If there was one thing she knew about Blake Belladonna, it was that such displays of public affection made her particularly uncomfortable. Even after being officially declared as a couple and the spree of dates during their months together, affection was a funny subject when it came to Blake.

Not to say that she didn't know of the concept. Far from it. When alone, they acted like any normal pair of girlfriends. They'd hold hands, cuddle, exchange pecks on whatever body part they desired, even delve into full make-out sessions when Ruby and Weiss were absent from their dorm room. Yang remembered a particularly fond memory of a cold winter night where, instead of her books, Blake found comfort sitting in Yang's lap, her head buried in the crook of her neck, warm breath blowing along her face.

Yang was more than willing to just enjoy the weight and warmth of her girlfriend. With her arms around Blake and a blanket wrapped around the two of them, Yang contently listened to her partner's breathing while one hand idly played with one of those exposed cat ears, eliciting a purr that had put such a stupid grin on her face.

But lately…

"Does she not like me anymore?" she questioned aloud.

While it was true that Blake's affections were reserved for private moments, Yang had been seeing less of that as well. Make-out and even cuddling sessions were being put on hold with Blake making increasingly frequent excuses to avoid such intimate contact. Hugs and pecks on the cheeks were responded to with awkward return hugs and a drifting gaze.

To say that Yang was worried was an understatement, especially with this cold sense of fear that writhed within her heart.

Out of the gathered members of Team JNPR, there was really only one person who could help her. Once she made sure that her leader was now breathing properly, Pyrrha stood up from her seat so that she could walk over and take up the space that Ruby had previously occupied across from Yang.

She was really the best choice that Yang had when it came to needing a friend to talk about her shaky relationship. When she had been driven with the urge to talk to someone, Yang found most of her close friends being X'ed out with only a second of thought. Weiss? Definitely not. Ruby? She could talk to her little sister about anything - except this. Even with her recent sixteenth birthday, in Yang's mind she was still far too young to get caught up in such a messy issue that was intimate relationships.

That was also a polite way of saying that Ruby would be no help at all. The only love that Ruby had in her life was Crescent Rose and that was slightly different from people.

That left Team JNPR and seventy-five percent of its members were crossed out with just as much ease. Jaune the self-proclaimed smooth talker? Ha. Nora was…Nora which said it all. While, admittedly, Ren might prove to be a possibility, Yang felt much more comfortable speaking to someone of the same gender. Which left Pyrrha.

"I think," Pyrrha offered gently, "that that was a bit much."

Yang blew out a breath. "I knooow." She moved her hands from her chin to her temples, rubbing them gently. "It's just that…it's driving me crazy. She's become so much more reclusive then usual and I'm worried. I guess I kind of just wanted to just try and get something from her. A clue as to what she's thinking about us; if she's still interested in this relationship."

Pyrrha didn't offer anything. Not right away anyway. Hand on her chin, she hummed thoughtfully while her green eyes looked to the exit that Blake had taken. Yang just stared intently at the other woman. With over a week of Blake's illusiveness and scrambling around her own thoughts to think of an explanation, she was willing to take anything that was offered to her.

"You've been together for…?"

"We've been going out for over five months now," Yang answered.

Still with that thoughtful expression, Pyrrha nodded in confirmation. "I see."



"Here's what I'm thinking." Returning her sights to Yang, Pyrrha continued, "Between what I've seen and what you've been telling me, I might have an idea. Have you been in a relationship before?"

Yang rubbed the back of her neck, laughing nervously. "Uh…yes…one or two."

The number was just a bit higher than that but if Pyrrha had any suspicions about it, she didn't let it show. "And they would usually last…?"

"One month." After another nervous chuckle Yang added, "At most."

"So this is really the longest you've been in a relationship." Upon receiving a nod, the corners of Pyrrha's lips quirked into a tiny smile. "Okay. Well five months is certainly a long time for you and I don't see Blake being experienced in this either."

Yang didn't think so either. Although she could've easily asked, the awkward beginning of her and Blake's time as girlfriends told her that this was definitely not something that her partner was used to. Then again, it could've just been because they were of the same gender. Yang had gone out with boys before but Blake was certainly the first girl she had decided to date. That still puzzled her at times with how she just one day found herself becoming increasingly attracted to her partner in more than friendly terms.

On the other hand, how could she not? Blake tended to be such a serious, mysterious individual and when you broke through that exterior and found yourself holding a shy, awkward creature with twitching cat ears - seriously, how could you not fall in love with her? She was just too cute!

"Right now," Pyrrha spoke again, snapping Yang from her daydreaming, "I think Blake is just confused. It's becoming increasingly obvious that this is starting to be something more than either of you were probably expecting. After five months a couple usually start to realize that they could potentially be staying together for much longer than that. They start to think of the future, of what could happen next, and then there's the fear of if they're going to stay together that long."

A sobering observation. It was making Yang think about those questions now. Her brief flings with boys certainly hadn't made her think about it before. Boys being boys – and maybe Yang being Yang, she grudgingly admitted – and their tendencies to think more of the physical rather than the emotional made it difficult to establish a lasting relationship. To be fair, Yang could just as easily be swayed by a man's handsome features and hot body until they wanted more, then tried to get more, and she replied with a resounding no. To the face.

With Blake it was different. Hell, with her inexperience with relationships it was Yang who tended to initiate contact. But despite the holding hands and other examples of intimacy, she had never been overly aggressive and Blake seemed content with the pace that she was setting; an enjoyment with another's company followed by more passionate moments that Yang usually started. It had seemed normal.

Perhaps too normal. Thinking about it now, Yang found herself questioning if it really has been five months that passed. If it was, it happened too fast for her to notice.

Maybe I have found something special in her. She focused her attention back to Pyrrha. "Okay Dr. Nikos, what do you suggest?"

Although her cheeks visibly warmed at the title, Pyrrha responded, "Just give her time. She has things she needs to sort out on her own such as deciding whether she wants to take that step to the next level with you or not."

"So no public glomping." Yang nodded her head in understanding. "Got it."

She said it but almost immediately she realized that it was going to be difficult. Waiting was not something that she was very good at. This talk also did little to help the fear that started coiling around her insides when she was struck by the idea of Blake choosing not to go further with their relationship. She was supposed to deal with it until she got some kind of answer from Blake? How long would that take?

"Attack with dreams!"

The random shout caused both Yang and Pyrrha to jump, the two of them whipping their heads around to the source. They found Nora standing on her seat, arms held high in the air, and a wide smile on her face.

Yang gave her a quizzical look. "Um, what?"

"Attack with dreams!" Nora repeated as if that would explain it. "Get her to love you through the use of careful manipulation! Of dreams!"


Nora extended a finger across the table to her own partner. "I do it to Ren all the time! Whenever I want pancakes, I just get up before him, stay close to his bed, and just say 'pancakes' over and over again!" As if to demonstrate, Nora cupped her hands around her mouth and whisper-shouted, "Pancakes!"

Ren's face remained stoic despite the display. "I don't think that's how it works, Nora."

"If that's true, why did you make me pancakes Saturday?"

"Because you asked me to."

"Because I commanded you to!" Her eyes narrowing seriously, Nora extended her hands towards Ren and waggled her fingers as if she was a sorceress casting a spell. "Through subliminal messaging!"

Ren sighed. When he glanced over to Yang and Pyrrha only to see the two women giving him questioning looks, he decided to admit, "I do tend to dream about pancakes when she does that."

Nora let out a whoop of triumph, doing a little jig.


"Yes, Ren?"

"Sit down please."

Stifling a giggle at the two's antics, Yang gave Pyrrha a raised brow that clearly asked, How do you deal with this?

Pyrrha just smiled and shrugged.

Seeing their discussion having come to an end, Yang just happened to spot the bowl of cereal that Ruby left behind when she had been taken by the heiress. Her own plate having been emptied already, Yang decided to reach out and drag the bowl across the table towards her, suddenly curious. Inspecting the contents, she found some very familiar-looking sugar-filled flakes floating within the sea of milk.

Pumpkin Pete's? Yang silently questioned. Odd. While Beacon did supply its trainees with a variety of food, such sugary treats like this cereal – and particularly greasy, fatty morsels like bacon – were one of the few restrictions that kept them off the menu. How did Ruby…?

Suspicious, Yang looked up at Pyrrha to see another smile on her face, this one looking guilty.

"Doctor by day, smuggler by night, huh?" Even with the comment, Yang found herself taking hold of the spoon and filling it with milk and flakes to devour.

"Hey, Reeennn?"

Next to her, Ren looked up to find ten fingers waggling in front of his face. With another, defeated sigh, he slid his plate – complete with half-eaten pancakes - across the table, a grin breaking through his stoic features when Nora cheered.

Spoon in her mouth, Yang watched the display before humming to herself, an idea coming to mind.

Author's Note: This all started because I saw that one youtube video of a firefighter saving a kitten. Like any reasonable fan, I had the thought "Let's make the kitten Blake and make her rescuer Yang!"

How a fire demon ended up being part of the plan I have no idea. Although listening to the first track of the latest release of Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan's soundtrack while writing up Yang's dream might have something to do with it. Gave me the urge to throw in a fiery abomination for Yang to beat up. Been a while since I wrote any kind of action scene so I hope it was alright.

Anyway, like I said before, this was supposed to be a oneshot. Not anymore. Cause it doesn't take much for a writer to make that one leap from "Let's give Yang a dream!" to "Let's give each member of Team RWBY a dream!" It does, however, take a couple hard work days and substantial doses of caffeine to counteract the exhaustion to have the author think up of what kind of dreams they're going to have.

The ending tended to be a bit more serious than I expected. I don't know why. Because nothing of what is to come next shall be serious. At all. There will only be insanity. If you're a true fan of RWBY and Blake/Yang, there is only one kind of dream I can possibly give Blake. Speaking of which, all hail the kitteh Blake! If Monty decides to take that away, may God have mercy on his soul for the fans will not. Eh, at least they'll stop complaining about short episodes for a while.

Also, second fic and the second time I'm having Team RWBY dressing up. Second time I have Pyrrha being the counselor too. Weird.