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Chapter 1: A New Adventure, Beerus's Plan


Somewhere in the universe, on a far distant planet, there was a castle surrounded by small planets. The castle belonged to the creatures living there, the God of Destruction that maintained balance in the universe by destroying planets.

Inside the palace, Whis, attendant and martial arts master, slowly walked through the hallway with a serious look on his face and his staff in his right hand. He looked around and saw many self portraits of his comrade, Beerus, the God of Destruction.

Whis arrived at Beerus's door and tapped his staff to open the door. As he walked in, Whis looked far above him in the sky. In the sky was a bed, floating in the air, with Beerus still sleeping in it.

"Lord Beerus, it is time to wake up now." Whis said in a friendly way.

Beerus however, was still a sleep and only moaned and grunted tiredly.

"Lord Beerus, time for you to wake up, I have set the alarm on three years, you must wake up." Whis said as Beerus slowly opened his left eye.

"I know... I know, just a few more years..." Beerus grunted as he turned to the other side.

Whis puts his left hand on his hip and sights.

"Lord Beerus, I think it is time..." Whis said as he grabbed his microphone out of his pocket and turned it on. "For another song, how about the song 'Wakey, wakey Lord Beerus or another one, any requests?" Whis said when he puts the microphone close to his mouth.

Beerus opened both his eyes and tiredly rose up from his bed with his white pyjama still on.

"Okay, okay, please stop this torture." Beerus said tired.

He jumped off his air bed and fell in front of Whis in a cat-like position. Whis looks at Beerus with a serious expression.

"Well then... Time to prepare, go brush your teeth and then take a bath." Whis said when his expression changed into a smile.

Beerus walked tiredly to his personal bathroom. He opened the door and started to brush his teeth.

"Don't forget to brush behind your teeth, a clean mouth is a happy mouth they always say." Whis said from out the diningroom.

Beerus did not answer him, he only grunted uninterested and kept brushing.

He was finally done taking a bath, brushing his teeth and drying himself off. He puts his normal clothes on. He wore a light blue cargo pants, a black, blue and gold attire and white and orange jewelry.

After he puts his clothes on, he went to the diningroom and saw a table full of food, Whis prepared himself.

"Breakfast is ready, have a seat." Whis said joyful.

"Thank you Whis, you are a lousy singer, but a really good cook." Beerus said as he took a bite from his food.

"Thank you, I have the recipe from that chef I met three years ago on Earth. Hahahah, no wasabi." Whis said while thinking about three years ago when Beerus went crazy because of the wasabi.

"I did not expect it to be thát hot, but this time, I can take it." Beerus said encouraged.

"So how was your sleep, had some nice dreams?" Whis asked curious as he sat down on the table.

Beerus swallows his food and puts his hands folded.

"You know, just like in the past, I had a strange dream again." Beerus said serious.

"A dream? Was it different from the last one you had?" Whis asked.

"Very different, I was in another dimension, and there was a huge war between some ninjas and beasts with many tails everywhere." Beerus explained.

"Hahahaha, that is really strange, what are the details?" Whis asked

"I was next to a guy with long black hair and red ninja clothes on and grey eyes with circles in them. Then suddenly, two opponents appeared before us, Son Goku and some kid with yellow hair and a headband. The yellow-haired boy challenged the red ninja, and Goku challenged me. Goku had become much stronger as I felt his energy." Beerus said.

"Son Goku, more powerful? Did you also see something from Vegeta, he did however, manage to draw blood from you, Beerus, and he was not even a God." Whis said.

"It was luck! And no, I have not seen Vegeta." Beerus said angry as he went back to his story. "Where was I... Oh, uuhhmm... I guess that was it, you woke me up." Beerus said as he continued eating.

"Hmmm, anyway, it has been three years since our lovely trip to planet Earth." Whis said.

"It is, how is Son Goku doing, has he managed to get stronger as a Saiyan God?" Beerus asked curious.

"Why don't we take a look." Whis said as he tapped his staff on the ground and the room lit up with green balls.

From the green balls, a huge image is showing Goku, only training with his son Goten in an open field far from their house.

"Hmmm..." Beerus moaned as he puts his hand on his chin. "Nothing special, and it looks like he has not gotten any stronger than the last time. Nor did he tried to use that new Super Saiyan God transformation." Beerus said as he sat back in his chair and puts his right hand on his cheek from boredom.

"What are you planning to do, Lord Beerus?" Whis asked.

"Whis, I was thinking, you trained me to become stronger, you think you can train Goku to become a God too?" Beerus asked.

"Absolutely not, my training exercises are only for full Gods, not for Saiyans or half blood Saiyans who can become on. It just won't work out." Whis said with wisdom.

"Damn, there goes my luck..." Beerus said disappointed. "What if, and work with me on this one Whis, what if I train Goku to become stronger, I don't have to worry because he will never be as strong as me, but at least he will put up more of a fight." as he puts his index finger up

"Beerus, you don't know the rules much, do you? It is forbidden for a God to train someone other than a real God. On Earth, Son Goku became one, but he was not a full God." Whis explained.

"I want to make sure that my dream comes true this time..." Beerus said in an annoyed way. "And what if I train him, but I am actually not training him myself." the God implied as it caught Whis's attention.

"What are you saying Lord?" Whis questioned curious.

"I am saying that Goku will get the training of his life, only that I am not training him, directly. That way, the Saiyan God will show his true self. Brilliant!" Beerus said excited.

"I have to admit, it is a good plan and very well thought out. How are you going to do that?" Whis asked.

"I don't know!" Beerus said worried when he panics afterwards.

"If I may, do you remember Lord Freeza?" Whis said.

"Of course I do, he was an annoying little brat, but he did what I asked him to do." Beerus said with his head leaning on his hand.

"Remember that Goku defeated Freeza and some other strong villains too, why won't we look for the strongest people he had ever faced and revive them for his training?" Whis asked.

"Great idea!" Beerus said as he jumped out of his chair. "But after breakfast, I'm not done eating." as he continued eating and Whis leaving the diningroom.

Back in the diningroom.

"Beerus, are you done yet?" Whis yelled from the other room.

"I'm coming your way." Beerus said as he left the diningroom and entered the livingroom where Whis was waiting for him across the couch.

Beerus sat on the couch.

"Alright Beerus, I did some research on Goku's main enemies. Here are some examples, with some explanation with it." Whis said.

"Okay, begin." Beerus said.

"Let us begin with Freeza, of course, tyrant of the universe and in the past one of the strongest beings. He was on planet Namek to retrieve the Dragon balls for immortality. If he had succeeded, he would have been able to defeat you, so you owe Goku some credit." Whis implied as he showed the fight between him and Goku before he turned into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

"Oh he did huh? Well Freeza is one of those guys that you can revive, he is pretty useful for some things. I want to talk to him about his actions when you revived him, go on." Beerus said.

"Uh-hum excuse me?" Whis said offended when he tapped his staff on the floor.

"Please?" Beerus asked with his sweet cat eyes.

"The next one are 5 androids, made my some human called Dr. Gero, former member of the Red Ribbon Army. Android 16 is a suicide android ment for Goku to kill him at a certain age, Android 17 is a young man who got taken by the doctor and turned into an android, the same with his twin sister, Android 18 who is now a housewife and married to a human named Krillin." Whis explained as he turned the image from Freeza to the Androids 16 till 20.

"Androids? Not much of a machine fan, but go on, maybe some interesting things I should know can pop out." Beerus said.

"Certainly. Android 19 is one of the androids Goku originally fought before his heart illness, he is an energy absorbing android that gets stronger with every bit of energy you give him. At last, Android 20, he is almost the same as 19 but he has a much more superior design, he is actually Dr. Gero himself after he asked android 19 to turn him into one too for eternal life." Whis explained.

"As I thought, weak opponents, how did those Saiyans had it difficult with them? No, I don't need those dolls, they are useless to me." Beerus said.

"As you wish, next up is an insect android made by Dr. Gero called Cell." Whis said as he turned the image from the Androids to Cell. "Cell was Gero's greatest creation, made from the cells of everybody we have met on Earth. He possesses everyone's attacks and even some of Freeza's cells before he got killed by Trunks. He hosted a tournament against the world, Goku was up first, but he gave up on him due to the lack of power, then..." Whis said as Beerus interrupts him.

"Him, I want him to be revived, he is more useful than those silly rag dolls." Beerus said quickly.

"Excuse me, may I finish?" Whis asked offended.

"Okay, okay sorry, go on." Beerus said.

"Then Goku's son, Gohan, got a shot at fighting him and after turning into an ascended Super Saiyan, he defeated Cell with a Kamehameha wave." Whis said.

"Okay, thank you, I want him too, please continue." Beerus said.

"This creäture is very similar to Freeza, he is Cooler, Freeza's brother." Whis said as an image of Cooler appeared.

"He is Cooler than Freeza you say?" Beerus asked confused with his arms crossed.

"No, no his name is Cooler, and he is Freeza's big brother." Whis explained.

"Oh, I get it now, kind of funny when you think about it. Freeza... Cooler... COLD!" Beerus said with his index finger up.

"Right... Cooler went to Earth because he heard from his own henchmen that Freeza died by the hands of Goku's. He found Son out camping and fought him, but Cooler transformed even further, not even Freeza was capable of doing that. Cooler was eventually defeated by Goku and sent to the sun to meet his end." Whis said.

"Freeza's brother huh? I want him too, should be fun to talk to my Freeza and his brother, I can humiliate both, haha!" Beerus said.

"That actually sounds like fun, but on to the videos." Whis said as he showed his next image.

"This next on is probably one of Goku's most dangerous enemies he had ever faced. This is Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan. As you heard in the name, he is a Saiyan originated from Planet Vegeta. Broly and his father, Paragus, both survived the explosion of the planet and lived in the South Galaxy." Whis explained.

"Hmm..." Beerus moaned.

"After he destroyed the South Galaxy, he went to the North Galaxy and got ready to destroy it. Broly was defeated by Goku after he borrowed power from the other Saiyans and the Namekian. He was not dead however, he landed on planet Earth and started a new rampage. He was, once again, defeated by Gohan, Goten and Goku. " Whis said.

"I'm not a fan of him, especially not when he is going crazy like that in the video and do my job. Destroying the South Galaxy..." Beerus said unimpressed.

"But Lord Beerus, you let Freeza do your dirty work too." Whis said smart.

"That was different, the bottom line is, he is not one of my favourites." Beerus said angry. "Revive him too." Beerus said as he looked away.

"Why him too, you just said that you did not like him." Whis said.

"This is not for me, but for Goku. If he goes on a massive rampage like that, I will step in, but for now, he is Goku's responsibility." Bills said.

"At last, we have Majin Buu." Whis said as he tried to show an image of Majin Buu, but there went something wrong as Whis unintentionally showed a different image than he ment.

Whis showed an image of what was going on in the 8th Universe, the Fourth Shinobi World War. On the image, Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village, fought Tobi and the Tailed Beasts in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode borrowed from the Nine Tails, Kurama.

"Majin Buu was created by Bibidi may ages ago and..." Whis tried to explain but instead, Bills interrupts him again.

"Whis wait up..." Beerus said.

"I was not done yet." Whis said.

"That is not Majin Buu, that was not the creäture that did not want to give me my pudding. So soft, so tasty, it was one of the things I never had the chance to eat. My pudding, aaaahh!" Beerus yelled.

"Beerus please." Whis as he tried to calm him down.

"But now that I see it, the 8th Universe is in a war, in my dream, I was in a war too. Whis, continue to show me what is going on. It could be a clue." Beerus said as Whis kept showing the image.

"As you wish. It appears to be a war between the nations who allied with each other. That boy is called, Naruto Uzumaki, and he is a genin level ninja from a village called Konohagakure." Whis explained.

"Kono-konoha-hagak, to hard to pronounce." Beerus said uninterested.

"Or you can just call it Konoha, easier right?" Whis said.

"Yeah indeed, tell me more please." Beerus said

"It seems that the ninja world is in a war with a masked men who is controlling the 7 tailed beasts. The man seemed to have cooperated with a young man called Kabuto and revived many people to aid them in the war."

"A kid is able to revive people, he must be talented." Beerus said.

"He is indeed, Kabuto Yakushi has turned into a sage by fusing his cells with the original snake sage, Orochimaru. He learned a technique called Impure World Reincarnation originated from someone called Tobirama Senju. However, it takes a bit more to do that technique while I can create and revive people no problem." Whis stated.

"Who did he revive?" Beerus said as he grabbed something to drink.

"Various members of a group called the Akatsuki." Whis said as he showed everyone who got revived. "We have Nagato, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori and Itachi. He also revived one of the most powerful ninja's that has ever lived." Whis said when he turned the image into someone else. "Madara Uchiha."

Beerus saw Madara's appearance and spits out his drink.

"That is him!" Beerus yelled when he pointed at the screen.

"Excuse me?" Whis said surprised.

"That was the man who stood next to me, in my dream, so Madara Uchiha is his name huh?" Beerus said. "Whis, do you think you can transport me to the 8th universe, I got an idea." Beerus asked.

"Of course, Sangria and Gose are in slumber for 40 years so you can go and do whatever you want. Off you go." Whis said as he tapped his staff again and Beerus got surrounded by a green light.

Then in a second, Beerus left the castle and was on his way to the next universe.


Meanwhile, in the next universe, on the battlefield, the Five Kage were in their difficult bout with Madara Uchiha.

At that point, Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, stepped up to Madara who used his Susano'o. As Tsunade was lecturing Madara about her Medical style, Beerus finally arrived at the battlefield. The Kage and Madara were unaware of his arrival and only focused on each other.

"So this is the ninja world, ugh what a mess." Beerus said as he looked around and wiped the dust off his arm. "Let me listen to that woman on what she has to say to him." Beerus said as he looked around the battlefield.

While he was watching the fight, Tsunade and Madara spoke to each other.

"You think you can beat me with Hashirama's will?" Madara asked. "Power is not will. Power is only the ability to make things happen."

"You are wrong!" Tsunade spoke up as she walked a couple of steps forward. "The will of the dead shows its power in those they left!"

As it caught Madara's attention, she continued.

"I used that will to develop my Medical ninjitsu. From there, Medic Ninja and Medical Laws were established!" Tsunade said as she puts her arms together.

Beerus, who was watching from far above was yawning from Tsunades boring speech, but still remained hidden from them.

"Rule One! A Medic Ninja must never give up on treatment until their patient's dying breath. Rule Two! A Medic Ninja mist never go to the frontlines! Rule Three! A Medic Ninja should always be at lost of their platoon to die! That is what I teach my student, but there is one more rule!" Tsunade said as she activated her Ninja Art of Mitotic Regeneration, the 100 Healings.

"Rule Four! If someone masters the Ninja Art of Mitotic Regeneration, the 100 Healings, they may break the first three rules!" as her transformation was complete.

Beerus saw her changing and thought that it was his time to step in.

"I think that is my sign." Beerus said as he slowly went down to the battlefield.

Tsunade was ready for her skirmish with Madara when suddenly, she heard an unknown voice speaking up.

"Rule Number Five! If you are a nurse, don't show your face on the battlefield and go back to the hospital where they belong." Beerus said with his arms crossed and a smile on his face while showing his purple aura.

The Five Kage and Madara both looked far in the sky and saw Beerus floating there.

"What the... Who are you, talking cat!" Tsunade said as she pointed her finger at him.

"My name is Beerus, God of Destruction, so do not call me that." Beerus introduced himself as Madara opened his eyes widely open.

"One of your henchmen Madara!" Ay, the Raikage yelled as Madara did not answer him.

Eventually, Madara prepared his seal and technique.

"Wood Style! Deep Forest Bloom!" Madara yelled as he tried to capture Beerus into his Wood style.

Beerus saw his trees trying to grab him. But with no success, Beerus was once again covered in his godly purple aura and released a huge barrage of ki blasts, destroying the trees.

The Five Kage were watching with open eyes on how Beerus easily destroys Madara's techniques.

"That cat creäture, certainly he is not a ninja, and definitely not a God. No matter, just like the Kage, he is going to meet his end." Madara said as he did his next technique. "Fire Style! Majestic Demolisher!" as a giant flame appeared from him and tried to trap Beerus in it.

"Hmm... Fire huh?" Beerus thought as he disappeared.

Madara did not see him anymore and tried to focus his sight into finding where he was hiding.

"Lady Hokage, what the hell is going on, who is that creäture!" The Raikage asked.

"I don't know, maybe he is on our side, he is fighting Madara Uchiha. But I could be wrong, after he is done, he may take Madara's place and becomes an even greater threat." Tsunade said as the other four Kage gasped for air.

At Madara's fight.

"Where is he?" Madara said as he still was not able to detect Beerus.

Eventually, Beerus stood behind Madara with their backs to each other.

"You cannot sense me, because I don't use that thing you called chakra." Beerus explained as Madara focused his pupils the other side without turning his back. "I use my ki, even if you had the ability to sense energy, you still would not be able to sense me because of my God ki." Beerus stated.

"So you really claim to be a God? Interesting." Madara asked surprised as he tried to call Susano'o. "Susano'o!"

Before he could do anything, Whis oversaw the fight and transported Beerus and Madara back to the 7th universe, and back to his own castle.

Madara and Beerus were gone, the Five Kage watched over the battlefield and did not find Madara or Beerus anywhere.

"What happened to him, he just... disappeared." Ohnoki, the Tsuchikage said.

"Is this the end?" Gaara, the Kazekage asked curious.

"No, this is not the end, as he proved himself to Hashirama, Madara is not one of those guys to just give up and walk away." Tsunade said.

"What does this mean Lady Tsunade?" Mei, the Mizukage asked.

"This does not mean that the war is over, come one, we have to take out that masked man who calls himself Madara." Tsunade said as she went on her way.

The Kage followed her to help out their comrades.

Now that Whis transported Beerus and Madara away form the battlefield, what will await the Five Kage next?

What does Beerus want from Madara, and will Madara return to his own world?

One thing is sure, you don't want to miss the next chapter of Battle in the Multiverse!