Chapter 10: Team 7 vs Broly

Next To The Hole Across Broly

The fight for the village has begun, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura ran up as Broly flew towards them. He spread his arms, Sakura saw it in time and ducked on the last second.

"Guys duck quick!" Sakura yelled as it was already too late for them.

Naruto and Sasuke both got hit by Broly and got stuck by his underarm.

"Dargh!" Sasuke yelled while being dragged.

"Dwaah!" Naruto yelled while being dragged.

Broly grabbed the ninja's heads and made them headbutt each other. After a couple of hits, Broly threw them away, crashing through a house.

"Naruto, Sasuke, hold on!" Sakura yelled as Broly stood behind her and she turned around to him.

"Explain to me, how do you picture your death!" Broly yelled while smiling as Sakura stood in a fighting stance similar to Goku's.

Broly tried to punch her but on the right time. Sakura thought about the times Goku punched her all the time during their training and quickly evaded his punch. She then ran up on his arm and towards his face. As she jumped in the air, Sakura gave him a left punch and a roundhouse kick in the face.

Unfortunately, Broly's head only turned to the right and he did not even flinched at the mêlée attacks she dealt. He slowly turned back and looked at her, smiling menacing.

"Weakling!" Broly said as he punched her in the face and she got launched away.

As he was speeding towards her, the Saiyan grabbed her leg and smacked her to the ground.

"Aaarrgghh!" Sakura yelled.

"Ahahahaha…!" Broly laughed menacing while using his Bloody Smash, stomping on her like a trampoline and digging her further into the ground.

Meanwhile, in the wrecked house, Naruto and Sasuke stood troubled up.

"Man, I felt that one you know?" Naruto said while scratching his head to soften the pain.

They heard Sakura screaming and getting hurt greatly by Broly's brutal beating.

"Sakura is in trouble, come one Sasuke, we have to help her out, you and me together." Naruto said as he wanted to leave.

"You get her, I'll take Broly." Sasuke said when he stood ready to leave.

"Wait, Sakura comes first, don't you care for her! She has been your friend for years, she would do the same for you!" Naruto said.

"No, I don't care for her, remember what I said earlier, I am only here on Itachi's request, not for you. Now stay out of my way." Sasuke said as he pushed Naruto aside and ran out of the wrecked house, back to the battlefield.

"Damn, he is such a pain in the ass sometimes." Naruto said as he also got out and the house completely collapsed behind his back.

Back outside, Broly was done with his stomping on Sakura and grabbed her head to finish it. She got extremely hurt while covered in blood.

"Hehehe, little girl, did you really think your pitiful attacks can hurt me?" Broly asked.

Sakura stood up troubled and beaten all over. she touched her right arm that got injured in the process.

"…Tsunade… and Goku… trained me, of course... I could." Sakura said as it angered Broly greatly.

"Rawr!" Broly yelled when he dealt a power punch in the gut, stunning her.

"Argh! Ugh… You're a… not human… but… a monster." Sakura stuttered painfully as she eventually lost consciousness and fell on the ground.

"Humph, I am a Devil! Kakarot cannot save you, he is dead. Now those other two pests." Broly yelled while throwing her away from him.

In Front Of Konoha, The Evacuation

At the gate of Konoha, all the Jōnin ranked ninja's checked on the villagers if everybody was save, Kakashi and Guy helped out with the mission as they also checked if nobody missed any family members.

"Hey, Kakashi, there is a little boy right there." Guy said as Kakashi saw a little boy crying and sitting on the ground and picked him up.

"Hey little man, where is your mother." Kakashi asked as he stopped crying and the mother screamed for her son. "Looks like we found her, Guy." As the white heard ninja overhanded the little boy to the woman.

"I think that was everybody." Kakashi said while looking around.

"Yes, I'll go check around to make sure, see you around Kakashi." Guy said as he left Kakashi.

"Where is Tsunade, she must know what is going on." Kakashi said as he looked for Tsunade.

He found the Hokage who was discussing the situation with the other Kage.

"Tsunade, I assured everyone's safety with Guy. He is out to make sure no one is missing." Kakashi said.

"Good job Kakashi." Tsunade said as she nods at him.

"But I still have the feeling we are missing some people, I have not seen Naruto, Sakura or Sasuke in a while." Kakashi said worried as Tsunade looked at Konoha.

"They are in Konoha, fighting the threat known as Broly." Tsunade confirmed.

"What, I have to help them out before something happens!" Kakashi said as he wanted to run back to Konoha.

"Kakashi, stop!" Tsunade commanded as he stopped and looked back at her. "Right now, there is nothing we can do, maybe they can think of something. If too many people get involved, it could end horribly, stay here. The town may get damaged, but we still have our lifes." As she scolded him.

"They are my responsibility Lady Tsunade, I am in charge of them. What kind of ninja would I be… if I can't even take care of my students." Kakashi said.

"Naruto and Sakura have changed a lot since a couple of years ago, they are not little children anymore, they are ninja's. Sometimes, they just need to take care of things themselves, you can't always be there for them. Don't forget that Naruto is a powerful Jinchuuriki and Sakura my apprentice." Tsunade said, trying to comfort him.

"Hmmm… You are right, someone who can control the Nine-Tails, and learned medical-nin from the Hokage, should learn to do things on their own." Kakashi said as he looked troubled at the city. "Naruto, Sakura, you can do it, even you… Sasuke." He said in his mind.

Back At The Main Fight

As Naruto and Sasuke arrived, they saw Sakura laying unconscious on the ground. He decided to help his friend out first before getting back at Broly. Naruto tried to approach her but Broly flew right behind him using his speed.

"Surprise ahahaha!" Broly yelled while flying.

"Damn that bastard!" Naruto said as he saw him coming.

Sasuke saw him after Naruto in time and ran up to him, performed a hand sign and technique.

"Fire Style! Dragon Fire Technique!" Sasuke yelled as he giant flame in the form of a dragon appeared and approached Broly with great speed.

"Alright Sasuke, I knew you would help us!" Naruto yelled happily with a clenched fist.

The brutal Saiyan saw the fire flames and shot a green ki wave at it, completely destroying it as an explosion occurred.

Sasuke used it as a distracting and attacked Broly from behind. He grabbed his sword and got a couple of swordslashes on Broly. He put his arm in front of Sasuke's sword and looked uninterested at the ninja.

"You think that toy can hurt me?" Broly asked.

"You'll talk differently… when I sent you back to Hell where you spawned from!" Sasuke said as he activated his Sharingan.

As Sasuke was fighting Broly, Naruto sat next to Sakura, angered at her brutal beating. He shook her around a couple of time, as she suddenly woke up and coughed painfully.

"Sakura, are you okay?" Naruto asked worried when she woke up by it.

"I… I will make it, I just need to recover. Naruto, go after him, don't worry about me." Sakura said while covered in blood.

"But you need help, look at you, you're hurt." Naruto said worried.

"I told you, don't worry about me, just go!" Sakura yelled angrily as Naruto closed his eyes and puts his head down.

"Alright, he'll will pay dearly for this!" Naruto said as he puts her down softly and stood up from the ground.

He focused his sight on Broly and immediately performed a hand sign.

"Shadow Clone Technique!" Naruto yelled as two other clones appeared.

He ordered the clones to make the Rasengan. The clones focused their chakra in Naruto's hands. The attack was done, and ready to be used.

Naruto ran up to Broly unnoticed, Sasuke however, saw Naruto and his Rasengan and jumped out-of-the-way, avoiding damage from it. Broly looked behind him and saw Naruto who got close to him and fired his Rasengan.

"What!" Broly yelled.

"Take this! Rasengan!" Naruto yelled while hitting Broly in his stomach, the same spot as when Goku punched him at their first bout.

Broly got hit by Naruto's attack as Naruto tied to push it further in. Broly then got a flashback at how King Vegeta stabbed Broly in the stomach, trying to kill him. Right after it ended, he received another one about the time Goku punched Broly at his weak spot.

"Aaaaarrgghh!" Broly yelled as a green gelatine appeared from his stomach.

"Hahahaha, I did it, take that muscle brain, that one was for Sakura and Konoha y'know!" Naruto celebrated.

"There is no way that kid can hurt me. I am done with playing games, you pests are going to die!" Broly yelled furious when he flew with great speed at Naruto.

Before Naruto could move, Broly used his Eraser Cannon, blasting him further into the sky.

"Woaaw!" Naruto yelled while getting blasted into the sky.

As Broly was distracted, Sasuke stood in the right place.

"There is no way I will die, you will be killed by my eyes!" Sasuke said while he for the Saiyan to finish him, once and for all by changing his eyes into the Mangekyo Sharingan.

"Amaterasu!" Sasuke yelled as Black flames approached Broly with speed.

Broly saw he flames and tried to destroy them with his Trap Shooter, by launching multiple ki blasts at the black flames. The flames were untouched, as they approached Broly while still burning heavily.

"You are done for, disappear into the eternal flames!" Sasuke said while commanding the flames.

"Measly fire!" Broly said as the flames came closer.

The black flames managed to hit Broly and burned heavily on his body. He used his Seismic Power from underneath his skin and created a powerful Energy Shield, withstanding the flames and getting it off of his arm and overall skin.

"Impossible, he can withstand the flames… uugghh… my eye." Sasuke said as his left eye started to bleed and crouched on his knees, touching his eye.

Naruto managed to shake Broly's attack off and fell from the sky.

"Oowh!" Naruto yelled when he fell right on the ground. "Man, I don't even know him yet, and I already hate that guy." as he stood painful up.

Meanwhile, Sakura finally was able to stand up and looked around her while grabbing her left arm.

"Man, that guy is strong… Oohh…" Sakura said when still feeling left over pain from before. "Alright, alright keep it together, I need to help the others." as she ran towards Naruto who also approached her.

A Crushed Mountain and Rubbles

Suddenly, from a mountain, a huge explosion is heard. Trunks appeared from the mountain, yelling furiously and turned into a Super Saiyan.

"Haaaaa… Haaa!" Trunks yelled when he flew towards Broly and started a skirmish.

"Forgot about you!" Broly said surprised while the skirmish was going on.

"Big mistake!" Trunks said.

While Trunks was fighting Broly, Sakura approached Naruto.

"What happened?" Sakura asked.

"I managed to hit him with my Rasengan, but then some green thing blasted me into the air. We have a chance defeat him because he is injured." Naruto said.

"Good, but where is Sasuke?" Sakura asked when she looked around.

Naruto saw Sasuke on crouching on the ground.

"There he is!" Naruto said when he pointed at Sasuke.

"Stay back!" Sasuke said as they stopped running.

"Sasuke, you need help, I can heal you!" Sakura said.

"I don't need any of you losers help!" Sasuke said as he could not move anymore.

"Stop being so stubborn, don't you see that we have no time for this?" Naruto said trying to reason with him.

Meanwhile, Trunks won the bout and punched him away to the same mountain he got launched to. Trunks landed on the ground, next to the three ninja's.

"Thanks for your help Trunks, we really needed it." Naruto said with a thumb up.

"No thanks, where is Goku, I don't see him." Trunks asked as Naruto and Sakura looked away.

"He's gone. Broly killed him, you, me Naruto and Sasuke are the only ones left." Sakura said as it shocked Trunks.

"What! Goku is gone!" Trunks asked worried.

"Yes, I'm sorry to tell you this." Sakura said.

"Goku… gone, Father, Gohan, the others are not here to help out." Trunks thought as he turned his head to the two ninja's. "What happened to him, can he still fight with us?" as he saw Sasuke extremely hurt.

"No, he is too injured becasue he used Amaterasu which leaves pain into your eye, I will help him anyways after we are done." Sakura said.

"You guys, it is up to us to save everyone from Broly." Trunks said as he motivates them.

"We'll take care of him, I already weakened him with my Rasengan, now we just have to finish the job." Naruto said.

"Good work." Trunks said as Broly approached them. "But Broly can take more than that, we have to use our full power on him." as he turned into a Super Saiyan. "He is coming, brace yourself." As the three stood next to each other and got ready to attack.

Crater in Konoha

In the crater, created by Goku and Broly's struggle, small rocks started to move out-of-the-way, and a face is seen in the middle of the rubble. Goku survived the struggle with his nemesis. He opened up his eyes and smiled painfully.

"I… forgot how strong Broly was, he sure was one of the strongest people I ever fought, next to… Majin Buu and Lord Bills... hehehe." Goku said as he laughed a bit and slowly stood up.

He looked around and saw the huge crater.

"That was one hell of a struggle, but something was wrong with me." Goku said a she looked at his hands. "My power started to decrease, like something else was… blocking it, an unknown presense or something." as he thought with his eyes closed and his hand on his chin.

After a couple of seconds, he got an idea.

"Maybe if I don't use too much energy and turn into a Super Saiyan 3, it won't happen again. I just hope Super Saiyan 2 is enough, this could get ugly if it won't work." Goku said as he powered up from Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan 2.

As Trunk, Naruto, and Sakura were fighting Broly, Trunks started to feel a common energy signal. The signal was obvious to sense because of its near presence.

"Wait, that energy signal, is it really?" Trunks said as Goku teleported in front of Broly and punched him in the stomach where Naruto already hit him.

"Kakarot?" Broly yelled as Goku smiled and blasted him further away in the sky.

"It is Goku, look what he just did!" Naruto yelled.

"He is alive?" Sakura said surprised.

Goku landed peacefully next to them.

"Hi, how is it going guys?" Goku asked normally.

"You're… you're alive?" Sakura asked confused and shocked.

"Well yeah, I am standing right here, am I?" Goku said as he checked his head. "Hmm… No halo, so I am alive." he said cheerful.

"But how, what happened back there with Broly? We thought you were gone, you were nowhere to be found." Naruto asked.

"Aah, yeah…" Goku said as he thought about a couple of minutes ago. "I was in a struggle with Broly, and suddenly, my power started to decrease because of a weird blockade of a presence. I knew I could not get more energy out of me, so I had to think fast and do the only thing to save the town." The Saiyan explained with his index finger up.

"What was that?" Naruto asked.

"I absorbed Broly's attack, but because I made a little mistake into absorbing, it left me unconscious." Goku explained.

"Absorbed it? I did not know you could do that?" Sakura said.

"It was a little something I learned many years ago. There are many things I can do that you guys don't know, I am only here for like a couple of hours." Goku said as Broly flew towards them again from pure anger.

"KAAKAAROOTT!" Broly yelled furiously.

Goku's looked at Broly with a serious expression on his face.

"Listen, I am proud of you guys, especially you Sakura. A normal person would have died after a beating from Broly." Goku said proud.

"Uuhhmm… thank you? I guess, but what are you suggesting?" Sakura asked curiously.

"I will take on Broly alone, and end this feud. He is too dangerous to let loose." Goku said.

"What, no you don't, haven't you learned what happened earlier! What if you lose your power again like before!" Naruto asked angry.

"Why do you want to defeat him on your own, when you have people on your side that will help you!" Sakura asked as Goku interrupted her.

"I appreciate your help, I really do, but Broly wants me and me alone. He yells Kakarot all the time, that's my Saiyan birth name. Broly has had a problem with me for years." Goku said.

"Now that you mention it, he did yell Kakarot all the time, but I never knew who he was talking about. I thought he was talking about vegetables or something." Naruto said.

Goku saw Sasuke hurt and grabbed something out of his belt for all of them.

"You guys, take this Senzu Bean, it will help out a ton." Goku said as he gave Naruto and Sakura a Senzu Bean.

"What good will a bean do us?" Naruto asks curious.

"It will heal your wounds instantly, trust me, after you guys fought Broly, you need it." Goku said as he two looked closely at the beans and then ate them.

They completely recovered and the wound disappeared in a flash.

"Wow, those things really work, I'm all better now!" Sakura said happily while moving smoothly. "I wonder what those beans are made of." as she looked interested with her hand on her chin.

"I feel great, but this is not the time, we have more important things to do." Naruto said pumped up.

Goku then approached Trunks.

"Trunks, here are two beans, give one to that boy over there, he looks like he had a hard time. The other one is for you." Goku said as he handed over the two last remaining beans.

"Alright, I will, hope he works along." Trunks said.

"And please guys, do not interfere. I have to end this once and for all." Goku channeled to everybody when he turned into a Super Saiyan 2.

He confronted Broly with no fear, only his courage.

"No wait, Goku don't… Argh, so stupid!" Sakura said furious with her fists clenched.

"What is he thinking!" Naruto said furious. "Sakura, we'll help too, he's not going to do this alone." As he looked at her.

"Of course, he is not getting rid of us that easily after all the things we have done." Sakura said.

Trunks approached Sasuke as the ninja looked discussed at him.

"What do you…" Sasuke said as Trunks interrupted him immediately.

"Eat this, you'll feel better in no time." Trunks said as Sasuke pushed his hand away.

"No, I don't want… Argh, my..." Sasuke said while feeling extreme pain and touched his eye.

"Stop being so stubborn, we don't have any problems, you and I. I thought about what happened back there and I understand that you have problems. If you didn't want me to begin about your family, you could have said so instead of going crazy and attacking me!" Trunks said.

"Argh… fine, if it'll shut you up, I'll take it." Sasuke said as he ate the bean and recovered.

Confrontation In The Sky

Back in the sky, Goku floated across Broly, they both stared at each other.

"So, you have survived my attack, Kakarot." Broly said with his arms folded.

"Yes, I'm not like in the past, I have gotten stronger and learned a few tricks on the way. You have to do a lot more to get rid of me." Goku said confidant.

"Nothing has changed, you're still the weak little Saiyan you were before." Broly said.

"If you think so, then would you like try it one more time? I wont lose." Goku said as Broly smiled evil.

Broly and Goku both started to build up their ki as a giant green light surrounded Broly and a giant gold light surrounded Goku.

"Kamehameha!" Goku yelled immediately.

"Omega Blaster, hahahaha!" Broly yelled.

The struggle between superior blasts had once again started, for a short time, Goku was in control. Broly saw the blast coming closer and pushed the blast further to Goku.

"The last time, I could not stop it, but this time will be different… I will not looossse!" Goku said as he puts more energy into it and pushed it in the middle.

Meanwhile at the ground, Naruto and Sakura were watching the struggle. Sakura was observing the beam struggle and suddenly got an idea in her mind.

"Wait, Naruto, I have an idea, just follow my lead and do whatever I say." Sakura said as she ran towards a roof and jumped right on it.

"Are you sure that is such a good…" Naruto hesitated.

"Just follow me idiot!" Sakura said on the way.

"Fine, fine, I am coming." Naruto said as he jumped on the same roof and stood next to her. "What is your plan." The ninja asked.

"Listen, we jump in the air and when Broly is distracted, we attack him and finish the job. You have to use your Tailed Beast Bomb, there is no other way." Sakura said.

"I can't do that, if the Tailed Beast Bomb hits something else, Konoha is history." Naruto said worried.

"Then try to only aim at Broly, not anything else. Come one!" Sakura said when she jumped in the air and approached the beam struggle.

Goku saw the ninja's approaching him, but couldn't do anything to keep them away, or he'd lose the beam struggle once again.

"Damn it, what are they doing, I told them not to interfere." Goku said.

Naruto and Sakura landed right on top of Goku's Kamehameha wave and ran right on it towards the enemy. Suddenly, Goku felt something inside of the center of his body.

"Huh? What are they doing? Hey, I am full of energy again… the blockage is gone. Yeeeaaahhhh…!" Goku asked when he light blue energy made him transform into a Super Saiyan 3.

Meanwhile, the two traveling ninja were on the light blue beam ont their way to Broly.

"Sakura, are you ready for the final part?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, we will end this fight ones and for all, you and me together!" she yelled as Naruto prepared his technique.

"He it goes… Tailed Beast…" Naruto prepared as a giant black ball was formed in his hand. "Bomb! As he fired it of on the beam towards Broly.

When he fire it off, Broly saw Naruto's attack coming too late and he got a direct hit.

"Uuaahh, brats!" Broly yelled when he saw Sakura dropping from the sky.

"Haaaaaa… Disappear you freak!" Sakura yelled when she used an atomic punch and actually distracted Broly, punching him with massive and enormous strength.

"What!" Broly yelled shocked.

Goku saw that Broly was distracted and puts his Super Saiyan 3 energy into his wave.

"This is the eeennd!" Goku yelled while firing his wave as Broly lost the beam struggle and got launched away.

"DAAAHHH KAAKAAROOT!" Broly yelled while getting launched.

The fight has ended, there was no sign of Broly whatsoever.

Goku changed back to his normal form, slowly descents from the sky and sat down on the ground. Naruto and Sakura landed safely on the ground too and looked around the area to make sure their enemy is really gone.

"Is he gone, did we beat him?" Naruto asked when he changed back to her normal form.

"Yes, we finally did it." Sakura said while celebrating.

Trunks approached them with Sasuke holding around his arm.

"Did it work, is Broly gone?" Trunks asked.

"Yes, we finally did it." Naruto said as Trunks sights relieved.

Sakura and Naruto approached Goku who was still sitting down on the ground from exhaustion. Goku saw them standing and focused his sight on them.

"See, I told you that we could do it. You should have more fate in us buddy." Naruto said when he pointed his two finger at Goku, celebrating their victory.

"I have to thank you guys, without you, I don't know what would have happened." Goku said as he stood up and puts his hand on top of both their heads.

"No problem." Naruto and Sakura both said.

Akatsuki Hideout

Meanwhile, Obito finally arrived back at Madara's wooden meeting room, Madara was with Cooler, Cell, Freeza and Kabuto around a table, waiting for Obito to return.

Obito went to the table and approached Madara.

"Madara, what are you thinking, that guy Broly is too dangerous to have around. We need to get rid of all of those beings, before they ruin everything." Obito demanded.

"You talk big for a silly human!" Freeza said as Madara silenced him by putting his hand in front of his face.

"Problem controlling Broly?" Madara said as he walked towards Cell at the table. "Cell, use your special technique and transport us to Konoha." he commanded.

"I need to find someone with ki to go there, let me see..." Cell said as he puts his two fingers on is forehead and tried to look for any life force.

He then felt some familiar energy signals and got intrigued by it.

"Ooh... Interesting, I have found it, and some old friends are also there. I think it is time for a reunion." Cell said.

"Good, take us to Konoha Cell." Madara said.

"Put your hand on me, everybody, we are leaving." Cell said when they grabbed a hold on Cell.

"I think I'll pass, I need to work on something, you go on without me." Kabuto said when he left.

"Whatever." Cell said when he used the Instant Transmission and disappeared. Kabuto left the room with his hoody on.

Back In The City

In the city, Goku and the others confirmed their safety and the citizens of Konoha returned back. The citizens started to surround Sakura and Naruto for their victory.

Naruto and Sakura's friends, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, Shino, Hinata and Kibo approached them and congratulated them on their victory.

"Hey guys, we heard what happened, are you okay!" Ino asked worried.

"Thanks, yeah we are okay, it was really hard, probably one of our hardest fights yet, but we still won." Sakura said.

"You saved Konoha, I never thought Sasuke would also help you guys." Kiba said.

"Technically, he was more on his own, we tried but, ey well you know. Wait, where did he go?" Naruto asked while scratching his head and looked for Sasuke who had disappeared.

Suddenly, Hinata approached Naruto and stood right in front of her.

"Naruto, you did great you save us once again, you and Sakura." Hinata said while smiling proudly at him.

Naruto started to blush and smiled back.

"Thanks hehe, I uuhh… uuhh… hehehe…" Naruto hesitated uncomfortable.

Sakura saw how uncomfortable Naruto was around Hinata and that she was blushing at him.

"That was weird?" Sakura said suspicious.

Goku and Trunks were watching Naruto and Sakura receive all the credit.

"Goku, aren't you supposed to be there celebrating too, you are the one who actually defeated Broly?" Trunks asked.

"Naw, to be honest, they did more than I did, so they deserve every bit of it." Goku said with his arms crossed.

"Yeah, I guess you are right, they did well." Trunks said as he kept looking.

Then suddenly, the Kages approached the two ninja's with Tsunade in the lead.

"Naruto, Sakura!" Tsunade yelled as they looked serious at the Hokage. "You did great." As she congratulated them.

"Thank you Tsunade, don't forget that Goku and Trunks were also there. Without them, I don't know if we wold be here now." Sakura said as she pointed at him.

Tsunade looked shocked at Goku.

"Goku, but… I thought you…" Tsunade stuttered as Goku interrupted her.

"Nope, I am alive and well, but that is a long story. I am kind of hungry, can we get something to eat?" Goku asked with his hands on his belly as everybody laughed.

The Forest Towards The Akatsuki Hideout

As Itachi was walking through the forest, he went on his way to the Akatsuki Hideout, to take care of Kabuto and the Reanimation Technique.

"That must be Madara Uchiha's place, now to find Kabuto and end all this once and for all." Itachi said when he continued walking towards the hideout.

When he moved on, a man in spirit form appeared at the same place he stood.

"It finally happened, Ki-Only users have appeared once again in the world. I need to warn Itachi Uchiha about it. He is the one I need, he can save the world from its power." the spirit said when it disappeared.

What will happen next in Konoha?

Who is the spirit in the forest, following Itachi?

Find out on the next chapter of Dragonball Z X Naruto Shippuden: Battle in the Multiverse!