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Chapter 18: Goku vs Naruto Part 1: The Confession

Goku across Naruto In The Complete Open Field

The last event of the day was about to happen, Goku and Naruto are facing off. They stood far across each other, watching with a straight face while the wind was blowing. Naruto prepared a hand sign.

"Shadow Clone Technique!" Naruto said when he created three shadow clones.

Goku stood ready for any surprise Naruto had in store for him.

"Very nice, but aren't you afraid that you are getting weaker by dividing yourself into four?" Goku asked.

"No, I'm not getting weaker, only when I don't have enough chakra left to do my technique." Naruto explained.

"Me and my friends can do that, but it is too risky for us to use in battle since it splits our power in four parts." Goku said.

"You can do it too? They have Shadow Clone Techniques in your world also? Aah, what am I doing, I need to concentrate! Stop distracting me!" Naruto said when he scratched his head.

Right afterwards, he dashed at Goku using his ninja speed.

The four clones engaged in a skirmish with Goku, covering his four sides. His action got the Saiyan dodging every hit they dealt with relative ease, until an unknown punch managed to hit Goku and made him step backwards a bit while protecting his face.

"Hehehe, I dealt with this situation before." Goku said when he smiled. "Heeyiaaa!" he yelled and charged at the four.

He took some space and punched the clones, making them disappear one by one. Only the original was left alone.

"What did you think of that?" Goku said.

Naruto looked disbelieved at the Saiyan at what he had done.

"Huh, unusual." Naruto said with a serious expression.

Suddenly, he saw Naruto sprinting at him head on again. He attacked him with a series of high punches and mid kicks. Goku evaded the high punches by swaying at high-speed, yet still getting hit by the last kick the ninja dealt. Naruto saw that Goku dropped his guard for a second and dealt a left and right punch, ending with a right kick. Goku fell down from the kick straight to the face and touched his cheek.

"Ah... Alright, get it together Goku." the Saiyan said when he crouched.

The people in the crowd were rooting for Naruto to win the fight, however, some people were watching the fight and noticed some strange things. Sakura, Kakashi, Tsunade and Shizune were watching with close eyes.

"That is strange, what is he doing, he could have dodged that one easily?" Sakura asked.

"Hm... This is indeed weird, Sakura, does Goku really fight like that when you two were training?" Kakashi asked curious.

"Well, I have never actually seen him fight seriously, the fight with Broly was very unclear and I don't think the fight with Lady Tsunade was a serious match either. We only had friendly sparring sessions, but he never did things like that." Sakura explained.

"Oh, Lady Tsunade, do you recognize Goku's fighting abilities just now from the time you two fought, does he really fight like that?" Kakashi asked.

Tsunade was not answering due to deep thinking on what was going on.

"Lady Tsunade, Kakashi asked you a question?" Shizune said as she touched her shoulder.

"Wait a sec, I know what he is doing!" Tsunade said.

"That is?" Kakashi asked.

"He is fighting exactly as how we fought the first time he got here." Tsunade said.

"Really? But do you think the same will happen as the last time, you think Goku would win?" Shizune asked.

"I don't know, the one second I could take him on, but later when we continued, he started to take over the fight. Naruto fights very differently than I do because he does not use Taijutsu that often, but he seems to handle it just fine." Tsunade said.

"I see, so Goku is only testing Naruto's strength and ability, when he knows everything about him that he needs to know, he uses the moves that are necessary to win. I'd have to say, that's a pretty smart strategy." Kakashi said.

"That is right, like he said earlier, Goku was only observing my strategy of fighting, he found out that speed is not really my thing and used that to his advantage. It was that move Sakura used the last time in her fight with Sasuke. I wonder what Naruto has planned to do about it." Tsunade said.

Goku faced the young ninja again, and stood in fighting stance. He used his ki and formed an energy around his body, he flew at Naruto as the blond ninja grabbed a kunai from his bag and waited him up.

Naruto attacked with the kunai, Goku evaded every slash and broke the kunai with a strong fist to the point. Goku smiled confident and made Naruto trip with a simple slide on the floor and used both his feet to kick him away Goku disappeared from sight an appeared above Naruto. The Saiyan roundhouse kicked the ninja way.

"Dwaaah!" Naruto yelled while falling.

The crowd was quiet for a while, but then started to cheer louder and louder for both. Goku stood on the ground and waited for Naruto to appear again.

Somewhere Far Away In The Woods

In the woods far from the people and everyone else, Vegeta landed safely on the ground after the fight with the young Uchiha, Sasuke. Vegeta puts his arms folded and looked around him.

"So, Trunks came back, I still can't sense him clearly, this idiotic world is annoying me already." Vegeta said irritated while he looked around.

He layed down on the ground with his hands behind his back.

"I'll take some rest firs, Trunks can wait, he better hope that kid was lying about that fight he had with him or he's going to have a serious problem." Vegeta warned taking some rest.

Meanwhile, Sasuke appeared from a bush far from Vegeta his site. He walked a little limb because of an injury from Vegeta's Energy Volley. He held his sword on the ground for him to keep standing up.

"Nrgh... My leg... damn Vegeta." Sasuke said as he sat down.

He heard a sound in the bush and pointed his sword at it.

"Who is there, show your face!" Sasuke said when someone appeared.

"Sasuke, it is me, Uchiha Itachi." Itachi said when he appeared.

"Oh, it is you, Itachi." Sasuke said while he sights.

"Did you manage to find Vegeta?" Itachi asked curious.

"Yeah, I found him. Ergh, my leg again." Sasuke said in pain.

"What happened to you?" Itachi asked worried.

"He didn't coöperate, so I had to do something. But, he is stronger than I thought, he even managed to break Tsukuyomi. I had to use it to rip him from conciousness after he showed to counter every single of my attack." Sasuke stated.

Sasuke's words caught Itachi's full attention.

"He broke Tsukuyomi?" Itachi questioned.

"Yes, I thought you said it couldn't be broken by anyone except for the one who shares the same blood. Why could he do it?" Sasuke asked.

"It can't be broken, but what did he do to break it? Did he use some type of method." Itachi asked.

"What I remember was that I manage to trap him, and after torturing him, he got off the cross and gained gold hair with enormous energy surrounding him, the strange thing is, he does not use chakra like we do." Sasuke said.

"Hmm, I see, Sasuke, he did not break Tsukuyomi." Itachi said immediately.

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked.

"It was the caster of the technique. Either you didn't manage to completely trap him into a genjutsu or you lost your concentration because he had a stronger energy inside of his body. In Tsukuyomi, you have all the control, but he must have done something to still have some control over himself. Did you manage to use regular genjutsu?" Itachi asked.

"No, somehow he could feel that there was something wrong, like before I could completely use it, he would know." Sasuke said.

"That is not something I have heard of, sensory type ninjas are not the same, they feel chakra from others, but someone who can feel what is going on with their own energy like that..." Itachi said. "Either way, you still need practise with Tsukuyomi." his brother told him.

"Hmph, what are you going to do about it?" Sasuke said when he crouched on the ground.

"Your leg got injured from Vegeta I see." Itachi said.

"Yeah, that guy hit me with one of those yellow energy barrages." Sasuke said injured.

"Here." Itachi said when he gave his little brother a white bandage. "Listen, I'll go look where Vegeta is at the moment, you go treat your wounds, when you are done, follow my trail." Itachi said.

"Alright." Sasuke said when he put the bandage on and his brother disappeared.

Back On The Open Field

At the main fight, Goku was standing on guard against his opponent.

"Hey, you ready!" Goku yelled.

Naruto stood up and crouched on the ground.

"What can I do, I have to be smarter than him. Seeing him, that shouldn't be much of a problem, he's more of a tool." Naruto said to himself.

He stood up and smiled confident.

"I got it." Naruto said.

He created two shadow clones and afterwards his signature attack, the Rasengan. The moment it was fully created, he threw it on the ground and made a giant smoke covering him entirely. Goku was watching his actions closely.

"What is he doing, I need to watch it, h might be up to something." Goku asked.

When he looked in the middle, he saw two clones running towards him with his Rasengan.

"Haaaaahhhh!" Naruto yelled while running.

"Here we go!" Goku said when he created a small ki blast in his hand and pushed it on to Naruto's attack.

A huge explosion is heard and once again, a smoke appeared covering Goku's sight. Because of the explosion, the shadow clones disappeared. Goku quickly countered any surprise attacks he thought Naruto might land.

"What happened?" Goku said confused.

He started to see a point behind his neck the moment the smoke cleared up. Naruto was standing behind Goku with a kunai pointed at his neck.

"I got you now, you might be better at Taijutsu than me, but I am much smarter than you are." Naruto said while smiling.

Goku his image slowly disappeared in front of his nose.

"What? That was a clone, when did he do that?" Naruto said surprised.

The powerful Saiyan was standing far on the left side.

"Hehe, I also have some tricks up my sleeve, but that was a nice try." Goku said confidant.

To Naruto's surprise, he saw Goku standing far from him.

"That was not a clone, Naruto." Goku said on the left side of the ground. "The Afterimage Technique." Goku said.

"What do you mean; Afterimage Technique?" Naruto asked.

"The Afterimage is a technique that makes my opponent think that the one he is attacking is still there, but in reality, the one he attacked was gone, leaving an image of himself. I used it the moment the smoke cleared up because I knew you would try something like that." Goku explained.

"So, it is something like a substitution technique, but without a substitute?" Naruto said.

"No not exactly, I'll try to explain it in a different way. With the Afterimage Technique you have to move faster than the human eye can see, it leaves an image behind that can confuse opponents and..." Goku explained.

He then got interrupted by an annoyed Naruto.

"Alright, alright I get it, a fake copy of my substitution technique, got it, next time don't copy my techniques. Let's get on with it." Naruto said impatient.

"Uuh, fine... then." Goku said unsure.

The Saiyan flew towards the ninja, continuing the skirmish.

Back In The Woods

Meanwhile, in the forest, Vegeta was laying down with his eyes closed. Sasuke was walking around as he noticed someone sleeping. He looked through the bushes and spotted Vegeta again.

"There he is." Sasuke said when he saw Vegeta and disappeared.

Vegeta was still sleeping, Sasuke dropped from a tree and tried to stab the prince. Vegeta turned to the right side and opened his eyes.

"So you are back." Vegeta said when he shot Sasuke away with a ki blast.

"Aawwh! Haaa!" Sasuke yelled when he attacked again.

"Sasuke!" an unknown voice said.

Sasuke looked at the place the voice appeared from and saw his brother, Itachi, standing there.

"Do not attack him, remember what we are here for." Itachi said as Sasuke puts his sword away.

"And who are you?" Vegeta asked.

"My name is Uchiha Itachi, my little brother Sasuke and I have looked for you for a long time, Vegeta." Itachi explained.

"Your brother. You should learn your little brat here some manners, attacking and insulting someone he does not even know is unacceptable!" Vegeta said angry.

"You better keep that trap of yours shut and..." Sasuke said enraged when Itachi puts his hand in front of him and silenced him.

"I'm sorry for my brother's actions, forgive him for this." Itachi said humble.

"On who's side are you!" Sasuke said.

"Sasuke, we are not here to start a fight, this is important and we don't have time for quarrels. Let me handle this. I also told you to find him, not fight him." Itachi said.

"You, tall one, get to the point, what do you and your sidekick want from me?" Vegeta asked arrogant.

"Vegeta, I came looking for you because I need your help." Itachi said.

"This should be good." Vegeta said with his arms folded.

"I was looking for you because I need to proof my worth to Madara Uchiha by bringing you to him. I sent my brother Sasuke to Konoha to help them in battle because of Madara's henchman we met, but when I got this task, I ask him to watch out for you. Things didn't go as planned. Madara is planning something serious, and someone needs to prevent it from happening." Itachi explained.

"And where do I fit in with all of this?" Vegeta asked impatient.

"I want you and I to work together and stop Madara's evil plans." Itachi said.

Vegeta looked for a split second at the elder Uchiha, but then turned his back on him.

"Hehe, sorry, your offer is not tempting enough for me, besides, I don't work together with the likes of you." Vegeta said.

He proudly walked away, but his way got blocked by Sasuke.

"You are not going anywhere." Sasuke said.

"Look kid! If you don't want me to humiliate you in front of your brother, I suggest that you get out of my way, you are really getting on my nerves!" Vegeta said when he pointed threatening at him.

Itachi walked over to his brother and stood next to him.

"If you don't help us out, the world is done for. Think about your family, they would die too if you and I don't work together. We need to stop him, therefore we must work together." Itachi said.

"Hmph, my family you say? My son is strong enough to kill both of you in one shot, and Kakarot and I are in a league of our own. He probably 'accidentally' killed that loud-mouth blond-haired kid as we speak." Vegeta said.

"Naruto?" Sasuke said surprised.

"Whatever his name is, I'm out of here, I have business to take care of." Vegeta said when he powered up and got ready for departure.

"A league... of their own?" Itachi thought in his mind.

Itachi thought for a second about the words of the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju.

"I understand what happened lately, I wish I had done more about Madara Uchiha, but I was fooling myself that he had died. Listen, Madara is planning something much worse than he shows off. Creatures with power beyond this world, even beyond mine, are aiding him in the war." Hashirama explained."

"They are not summonings, those are creatures from another universe. Each of them very powerful and in a league of their own, that is why I need you." Hashirama said.

Itachi then got something about what Vegeta said about his son, Trunks, and his rival, Goku.

"Vegeta, I want to ask you something." Itachi said quickly.

"What is it?" Vegeta asked.

"Madara Uchiha, he was accompanied by a green bug creäture, Sasuke and I encountered him not long ago. You just said that Trunks and someone called Kakarot are in a league of your own. You must know someone named Cell, right?" Itachi asked.

"Cell! Yeah I know him, that wretched android, how do you know him?" Vegeta asked.

"Madara and Cell are the ones that sent me to find you, he gave me a description of you. While I was at the Akatsuki hideout, I came across two beings that looked almost like each other." Itachi explained.

"What do they look like?" Vegeta asked.

"One was small, white body and purple parts on his head, chest and arms. The other one was taller, purple body with white parts on his head and shoulder, and they had a tail." Itachi explained.

"Hmmm... That must be... Freeza and Cooler, how did they get here!" Vegeta asked.

"I don't know, but listen, if you don't want to help me achieve my goal, than Madara would rule the world." Itachi said.

Vegeta looked around and tried to feel their energy. After a couple of second, he started to feel Cell and Freeza's energy signal for just a bit.

"I found them, you two better stay here, I'll go follow their energy signal and take care of them myself." Vegeta said when he flew up in the sky.

"Where are you going!" Itachi yelled but Vegeta was already gone, to take care of his enemies.

Itachi sighted deeply as he puts his head down.

"Sasuke, you were right about him, he just won't listen." the elder Uchiha said when he shakes his head.

"Leave him be, he is a lost cause." Sasuke said.

"We can't, I need to get Madara's trust, therefore I need him, come on, we have to follow him." Itachi said when he ran away.

"I'm telling you that you are wasting your time with him." Sasuke said when he went after his big brother.

The Open Field

At the main fight of the day, Goku and Naruto held on in a skirmish, while Naruto was using his Taijutsu, Goku dodged almost every hit he dealt on the Saiyan. Naruto was screaming because of his own attacks, until the moment he caught Goku slipping. Naruto punched him in he face and Goku fell towards a rock, destroying it completely.

Naruto was watching surprised, since he punched Goku not that hardly, but yet still destroyed a giant rock.

"What was that just now?" Naruto asked. "Hey, get up!" as he saw Goku laying behind the pulverized rock.

Goku puts his head up and looked at the young man.

"How did that rock just break? I did not even punched you that hard?" Naruto asked.

"I dunno, maybe it was just a weak rock." Goku answered.

Naruto, once again, had a disbelieved look at the Saiyan. He decided to try one more attack before he came to his final conclusion about his opponent.

"Alright that's it, one more try then." Naruto said when he stood in place.

He raised both his hands and made a hand sign, creating two shadow clones. The shadow clones prepared another attack in the original Naruto's hand.

"Let's see what you can do about this attack of mine." Naruto yelled.

His attack started to make a loud noise as it forms into a shuriken. Goku looked impressed at the boy's attack.

"He's really something else, such nice techniques and strategies." Goku said proud. "So let's make this an even fight. Kaaa... Meee..." he yelled while creating energy in his hands.

Sakura recognized Naruto's attack.

"Wait, that's his Rasenshuriken, why is he using that attack!" Sakura said worried.

"This is not good, if Naruto lands a direct hit on Goku, he could seriously get hurt. Remember what happened to Kakuzu, each cell of his body was struck by Naruto's attack." Tsunade explained.

"He's going to kill him! We need to stop him!" Sakura said when she wanted to run towards the two.

Tsunade held her arms tight, preventing her from stepping further.

"Sakura, I'm not sure about this, but don't interfere yet." Tsunade said.

"Why not, we can't stop Naruto because we can't be there in time, but we can save Goku." Sakura said.

"Let us first see what Goku is going to do, look at him." Tsunade said when both looked at the confident Saiyan. "He is like a rock, not fazed by attacks of his opponent. I'm sure that he knows what to do, trust him, he might have a plan." the Hokage said.

"Wind Style!" Naruto yelled.

"Haaa... Meee..." Goku yelled further to create his beam.

"Rasenshuriken!" Naruto yelled as he threw the shuriken.

Goku was not done with his attack and let the attack come closer and closer to his being. The crowd was on their toes, worried that Naruto's attack might have a direct hit on him.

"It is going for a direct hit. Goku!" Sakura yelled.

"Or was I wrong!" Tsunade said as she wanted to step in.

"What is he doing!" Naruto said surprised at Goku's action.

In an instant, the shuriken Naruto created got in front of Goku's sight, however, the warrior used his quick Instant Transmission to disappear and avoid the shuriken.

"What, he's gone again!" Naruto said.

"He did it!" Tsunade said.

Goku appeared above everyone else in the sky.

"Haaaaa...!" Goku yelled when he fired his Kamehameha.

At first, Goku fired it towards Naruto's scene, but to his surprise, Goku himself dislocated the beam and sent it to his Rasenshuriken, destroying it rather easily.

"So he knew exactly what he was doing." Sakura said.

Goku went down as Naruto had his eyes closed, finally discovering Goku's secret he was holding towards everyone.

"Phew, that was close, good that I saw it just in time. Naruto, that was a nice attack, that reminds me of my friend, Krillin his Destructo Disk and..." Goku said.

Naruto quickly opened his yes angrily and shouted out.

"Shut up, shut up, shut the hell up! I can't take your annoying rambling anymore!" Naruto said furious.

"But, that's not very nice of you to say." Goku said confused.

"Oh please, don't give me that innocent crap right now, you think I don't know what you are doing already!" Naruto said when he pointed at him.

"What do you mean?" Goku said confused.

"I want everyone else to listen to what I have to say!" Naruto shouted to his friends and the villagers.

"What are you talking about, how you tried to kill him just now, idiot!" Sakura said enraged.

"I did that on purpose, because I knew Goku would do something like that instead of just getting out-of-the-way." Naruto said.

"What are you trying to say Naruto." Sakura asked.

"Let me just explain this, do all of you remember when Goku first got here in Konoha and fought Granny Tsunade? She punched him straight in the face, the strongest female ninja punched a normal guy in the face and his face is just broken you know, Goku let himself get hit to show us that he is like us, he never got hurt in the first place, is was just an act." Naruto explained.

Goku heard what Naruto said and puts his eyes closed and head down from shame. Kakashi also looked suspicious at Naruto's statement and decided to also listen closely.

"Yeah, I remember that, quiet odd actually." Tsunade said with her hand on her chin.

"Granny Tsunade, Kakashi sensei, Sakura you three must remember those golden hair transformations he did for the Kages right? He used on of those transformations to fight that annoying big guy, Broly was his name I think. He came out of nowhere and punch Broly no problem, while all the Kage were blown away by one shot. How can someone get hit by Lady Tsunade's punch that easily, but not by an angry psychopath like Broly who almost destroyed the city?" Naruto asked curious.

The villagers were in questioning about the Saiyan, looking at him with a thinking face.

"I guess... Naruto is kind of right, he got hit by Lady Tsunade, but not by a strong opponent like Broly, and he showed to be a really strong enemy." Sakura said.

Kakashi stopped thinking and looked normal again, already knowing the Saiyans secret.

"One more thing, in our fight, you all have seen how Goku got hit by my punches and attacks, and he got 'hurt' and everything. He even destroyed a giant rock just now. But during the demonstration, he showed that he was perfectly capable of dodging every attack someone did, even from someone who uses hand to hand combat only like Bushybrow Sensei." Naruto asked.

"Naruto, just explain where you are going with this here." Sakura said.

"That guy, Goku, is not only way stronger than he shows off, but he is also making himself weaker on purpose every time one of us tried to fight him. That is why Granny, Sakura and I managed to hit him every time we tried to, he let us hit him. This guy has complete control over his energy, and even though he transforms, he can make himself weaker by suppressing his power. It is completely obvious! I'm sorry to say this Granny, but this guy could have beaten you in just a couple of minutes if he wanted to." Naruto said.

Goku was completely ashamed of himself, as he looked at the ninja who found out his secret. Tsunade looked startled, but also had her eyes closed from shame.

"I'm sorry that I lied to you, I am indeed not like all of you, but I can't just let my energy go loose like that. It could hurt everyone, or worse. Only in a time of need is my power necessary, like when Broly attacked." Goku explained.

"See, this is what I mean, he is treating us like weaklings. Confess everything you just did, now!" Naruto yelled.

Goku materialised in front of Tsunade and Sakura.

"I'm very sorry, I know you wanted to fight me seriously, but I just couldn't do it. I don't want to hurt you or anyone else." Goku said.

Tsunade looked angry at Goku, with her fist clenched massively.

"Stay... still..." Tsunade said when she suddenly punched Goku.

The Saiyan grabbed the Hokage her hand with no effort, but she started a barrage of attacks, with Goku evading every single attack she did. She then stopped attacking him.

"I see, so Naruto was right after all." Tsunade said.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to..." Goku said.

"It is not that you didn't fight me seriously, it is the fact that you made yourself weaker, I can't accept that from anyone!" Tsunade said angry.

"So, Goku, you finally showed your true self, I was wondering when you were about to tell us, didn't took you long enough." Kakashi said when he approached him.

"But hey, you knew?" Goku asked.

"Of course, since Tsunade punched you through the mountain, I already knew something odd about you. So this is it huh. Sakura, tell him, you also knew this, right?" Kakashi said when he looked at her.

Sakura looked troubled and thought about the times she saw Goku in his Super Saiyan form before training.

"I.. I-I didn't... I never actually payed much attention to it." Sakura hesitated.

"I am out of here, I had enough of this day already." Tsunade said when she left.

"I'm sorry, but I'll fight serious the next time." Goku said

"Don't bother, I don't stand a chance anyway." Tsunade said when she left the scene.

Goku went back to his fight with Naruto.

"I am sorry it had to go this way, but what you are doing is not right either. You cannot make us think we are strong by letting us win like that, every one of us wants to get stronger, but not this way. Tell us who you really are." Naruto said.

"Alright, my name is Son Goku, my original name was Kakarot like Broly was yelling all the time. It is my birth name from my original home on another planet called Planet Vegeta, I am not a human like all of you, I am a Saiyan, ale to transform to increase my power." Goku told.

"That was not that hard, now come one, fight for real this time." Naruto said.

"I'm sorry but I can't, it is too dangerous." Goku said.

"Here we go again with you treating us like weaklings, haven't you listened to what I told you!" Naruto said.

"It's not like that, it is just that if I fight with my real strength, it could end badly. It kind of feels like I am fighting Mr. Satan." Goku said.

"We can handle it, we also have special techniques to deal with any situation, haven't you seen my Rasenshuriken? Look, I know why I challenged you back then, it was not because I thought you want to be the Hokage. I realised that you can't even become one since you are not from Konoha, but because of two other things. I was threatened by how you beat Tsunade like that, it made me feel that stronger opponents will ever appear if the war ends, so I wanted to see if I can take it. The second reason was because of Sakura." Naruto said.

"Sakura?" Goku asked curious.

Sakura listened to what Naruto had to say.

"Oh, now he is going to blame me for all of this, time for another smack!" Sakura said angered when she wanted to walk up to him.

Kakashi grabbed her shoulder as he stopped her from walking any further.

"Stop, listen to what Naruto has to say, you might want to hear this." Kakashi said relaxed.

"I was... kind of... jealous of you. Sakura has been with you every time, everyday and every hour since you been here. I felt kind of lonely without her, like I lost another one of my best friends. When she went on a mission with Kakashi sensei, I was not allowed to come. When she came back, she was training with you, every day until now. I only managed to see her once, and even then, it ended horribly by Sasuke. I haven't seen her at all these days and I kind of felt left out. Sure, I had my friends Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Shikamaru, Ino and Choji with me, but it is all not really the same without my best friend. Hell I even started to miss those hard punches on my head." Naruto explained.

"Naruto... I see what he means, he is right." Sakura said understanding. "I have abondond him lately, I was only paying attention to Goku because I wanted something extra, but I forgot about the most important thing, my friends." the kunoichi said guilty.

"Naruto, I'm very sorry for everything I did to you that caused you trouble, I did not mean to do it. You don't have to worry about Sakura, after this demonstration, she will get back to her old training as a medical ninja and to her usual routine. Our lessons will be at specific times only." Goku promised.

"It is okay, I now know you didn't do everything on purpose, you only tried to help us out. Let us continue, but be a bit more serious about this, don't see this as a fight, but as a training, turn gold now, I can handle it." Naruto said.

Goku had a straight look in his eyes, suddenly, his ki surrounded his body.

"Aaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaa!" Goku yelled loudly.

He turned into a Super Saiyan and breathes calmly in and out.

"That's it, now it is my turn..." Naruto said when he puts his hands together. "Shadow... uugghh." he said when a massive strike is sounded and it got quiet.

Goku was seen with his elbow in his gut. Naruto looked worried when blood was dripping from the side of his mouth and had one eye closed while looking stressful.

"Nruggh..." Naruto mumbled.

Goku punched him in the face and launched him away, following with a pursuit attack from he ground. After he landed the strike, he materialised to the other side to catch him up When he saw him coming, he used a strong kick and kicked him hardly away.

Dwuuaaaaahhhh!" Naruto yelled in he process while he got launched through the forest and its trees.

Super Saiyan Goku was watching the place he sent his opponent of to, only looking with a serious look.