Chapter 25: DBZ X NS Movie 2 Tarlock: Finale

Four Years Later In Space

Four years passed since then, the Saiyans were still in a war with the Tuffles. The tailed race was greatly outnumbered, but still held on against the more advanced race. In between those four years, Zanja, Hiruko and Solia disappeared from the army, no one knew what happened to them, except for Vegeta, who lead the attack.

Meanwhile, Tarlock slowly woke up from the ground. When he stood up, Tarlock looked around the area and noticed that he was on a small abandon planet somewhere far in space.

"Ah, where am I?" Tarlock asked as he looked at the small asteroid. "What happened, heeh...?" as he looked at his torso.

He felt a stab wound in the back and touched it softy. When he did, memories of what happened 4 years ago occurred inside his head.

He saw everything that happened, the Saiyan Army marching with Vegeta, himself standing up against his race, Zanja and his friends Hiruko and Solia betraying him, the stab Zanja left him the last time he saw her. Everything got blurry as he looked shocked while holding his hands.

"I remember now, Zanja did this to me, but why? Besides, what did she do, it was not the stab that hurt me, but some type of drug." Tarlock questions himself.

Even though she betrayed her one and only love, Tarlock still felt that he had to safe her. He thought that Zanja and his friends were still in trouble because of Vegeta and his Saiyan Army.

"That's right, Vegeta killed Sinesh, Tinore and Natoly. I will not let him kill Zanja, Hiruko and Solia too!" Tarlock said.

He tried to power up to check how strong he was, but for some reason, his power had dropped a great deal. He knew that his current power was not enough and was too injured to get stronger.

"Damn, if only I was stronger, I could take the Saiyans, if I had my friends, I could become the Red Saiyan!" Tarlock said as he got angry.

His anger and his power were connected for a short time. Every minute he got angrier, a red energy started to show itself, slowly rising from his legs towards his upper body, surrounding his body and overwhelming it later on.

"I need more power to defeat him and the other Saiyans! I will be the savior of my kind. I need the power of the Red Saiyan Warrior! Nuuurrggh... Draaaaaaaahhh! Haaaaaaaaa..." Tarlock shouted over the small planet.

When he released his anger and power, Tarlock got surrounded by a red energy. While it covered him up, Tarlock gained red energy, hair and pupils. Tarlock has become the Red Saiyan Warrior again.

"This energy, it's the same as the Red Saiyan transformation. What an amazing godlike feeling, it's stronger than before. All this time it was inside of me, but it was never released properly. This godlike feeling is... I feel like... a Super Saiyan... God!" Tarlock said confidant.

He then looked around and saw he same spacepod Zanja put him in 4 years ago. He then looked away and spoke up.

"Good, I got a way to get out of here, I just need a couple of days to train my power, just in time to save Zanja and the others. " Tarlock said when he started his training.

For 5 days, Tarlock trained harder than anyone could have ever trained. His hand to hand techniques were better and more powerful than ever. He trained his ki control and energy based attacks. The words of Hiruko's teaching reached him perfectly and used it to his advantage.

In between those days, Tarlock had gained and perfected several new attacks to his arsenal, both energy and hand to hand based. Due to his powers being on a godly scale, he developed attacks only possible to a Super Saiyan God like himself. The first attack he learned was a defensive attack called; the Deity Shield, which was a strong, red, protecting energy barrier able to withstand any attack for a short time.

The next attack is a mêlée based attack he called; Wrath of the Gods, which was a counter move. To use his counter, he figured that the opponents should first attack him, then he would block with his right leg up and then rush the opponent with a speeding trademark skirmish faster than the speed of light and end with a supreme dropkick.

Third, he developed the Finger God Strings, which was an attack used with the fingertips. The amounts of fingers he uses explains how strong the beams will be. It still depends on the energy the one possesses. Tarlock can use it to penetrate his opponents, push back large creatures or bind his opponents as a rope.

Fourth, he renewed his Fighters Beam attack and made into a move he now called; the God Wave, which was a speeding red beam coming from both hands held in front.

At last, his final and greatest attack, the Saiyan God Bomb, an attack where the user grabs his right wrist to gather God ki energy in the middle of the palm and create a small ki ball the size of an insect. The user needs to throw the Bomb and the size will multiply to a gigantic size.

However, he found out that the newly named Super Saiyan God form has two disadvantaged. The first one being the time limit of the form, the second one was that his energy based attacks are strong depending on how much energy Tarlock is able to use as a God. Using too much energy will shorten the time limit. He also discovered that the Saiyan God Bomb used so much energy that the user will transform back to his regular form, no matter how strong he is.

"That should be enough, I don't need that many though." Tarlock said when he started to finish up his training.

After those days have passed, Tarlock was a new man, only filled with hope of restoring peace between the two races and living a peaceful life again. Driven by his tenacious attitude. It would make him one of the strongest warriors the Saiyans may have never known or respected.

Eventually, Tarlock was all done, and prepared for departure.

"Alright, it is time for me to go, if I am quick, I can still make it on time." Tarlock said.

He sat inside the spacepod and looked at the coördinates to Planet Plant. When he looked at the screen, he saw that the journey back to Planet Plant would take four years.

"What, 4 years, I can't wait four years to get there. Wait, if the journey took four years, that means I was unconscious for four years. What type of drug did Zanja gave me to put me to sleep for 4 years?" Tarlock questioned when he looked at his body.

"No time to complain, I don't have a choice, I need to go. I hope I am not too late." Tarlock said when he started to pod.

The pod flew up in the sky and went on his way back to Planet Plant under siege of the Saiyans.

Four Years Towards Planet Plant

Years of traveling went by again, Tarlock was at age 49 years old. Throughout his pod, he saw Planet Plant in his sight. He saw explosions coming from the planet and decided to speed up the pod.

"There is it, come on, go faster!" Tarlock said when he went faster.

Eventually, the pod arrived and Tarlock walked out of the ship. He saw the destroyed Tuffle Capitol and went to it to see if there was anyone still alive.

When he was above the city, he went down and looked around. Everywhere were dead bodies, left over skeletons and destroyed buildings. Tarlock walked around the rubble, screaming if anyone was still alive.

"Hello, is anyone here!" Tarlock said while shouting around. "I am a friend! You can trust me! Please, anyone, say something!" he yelled again.

When Tarlock looked at a pile of rocks, he noticed them moving and a half dead Tuffle appeared from it.

"You... stranger..." the Tuffle yelled while in a dying state.

"Hey, you over there!" Tarlock said when he ran up to him and held him in his arm.

"Hold on, I remember you, hahahaha... my boy... Tarlock." the Tuffle said.

"You know who I am?" Tarlock asked.

"Sure... I constructed your house..." the Tuffle said.

"Sylonore Hatchi, it's you!" Tarlock said surprised.

"Good to see you again." Sylo said.

"That goes for you two." Tarlock said.

"Why... would the Saiyans... do this to us? We gave them... our half of the... planet. Showed our... hospitality..." Sylonore asked.

"Sylo, I am sorry for everything they have done to your kind. I really wish it was different." Tarlock said.

"It's not your fault kid, you were always a good boy, but we should have seen their attack coming." the Tuffle said.

"Even after all these years, you are still the same, tell me, what else happened?" Tarlock said thankful.

"Well, we tried to stop them, but we were overpowered quickly. Our army has been defeated, with the Supreme Commander." Sylo said.

"I see, I will put a stop to this. Please believe me on this, I am deeply sorry, I wish I could get you all back, but I don't have that kind of power." Tarlock said depressed.

"I.. can't forgive the Saiyans, but I can forgive... you, my boy." Sylo said. "Tarlock... please... take care of the Saiyans, for the... Tuffles that saved your… very life." Sylonore said.

"I will, thank you for your forgiveness Sylo, I will not disappoint you. Rest in Peace my friend." Tarlock said.

Sylonore Hatchi laughed for the last time and passed away in Tarlock's arms. Tarlock looked at the dead Tuffle and puts his body softly on the ground. He buried a deep hole and puts Sylo's dead body inside of it. He closed the hole and looked around in the Tuffle Capitol.

Tarlock was walking towards the same store he came across years ago. When he arrived, he went inside the and looked around for some new attire. Then, he finally saw the same Fighting Suite and puts it on. Now Tarlock had on a long, black, thin, open vest and a white belt on his middle. His lower body consists of a dark red baggy fighting pants and black shoes

Tarlock changed his clothes and flew to where the rampage was occurring around the planet.

Great Ape Battlefield

Meanwhile, the Saiyans have all transformed into their Great Ape due to the full moon. They were still rampaging around the planet. Tarlock flew towards them as he also saw the full moon rising from the sky.

"The moon is out, neergghh!" Tarlock said as he suddenly felt his heart beating harder and faster. "What's going on, I'm..." he said.

He noticed that the full moon was responsible for his sudden change, he gained more fur and the face of a monkey. But before he was completely transformed, Tarlock ripped his tail out just in time and changed back to normal.

"Just in time, I will not turn into a monster!" Tarlock said when he threw the tail away and continued flying.

The Apes were going loose on the planet. When Tarlock appeared before them, the Apes focused their sight on the Saiyan. The one up front, Vegeta, recognized Tarlock and spoke up to him.

"What! You are alive! But how, you died 8 years ago!" Vegeta shouted out loud.

"Is that you Vegeta? What happened to all the Saiyans, you do you all look like monkeys?" Tarlock asked curious.

"The full moon allows us to use our full power as Great Apes, destroyer of planets. But it seems like Zanja still failed to kill you, that does not matter anymore, she and those others are dealt with already." Vegeta told.

Tarlock looked shocked and questioned him again.

"Dealt with! What do you mean, did you kill them too!" Tarlock asked.

Vegeta laughed menacing as he started to remember it all together. Tarlock got angry and flew on eye height of Vegeta in his Great Ape transformation.

"What happened Vegeta! Talk!" Tarlock asked.

"Fine, Zanja, Hiruko and Solia marched with us for a short time. However, Zanja felt guilty that she had to follow our commands of killing the Tuffles. She took Hiruko and Solia and allied themselves with the Tuffle's Surpreme Commander to defeat us. I have to say, they fought well for a long time, but a couple of days later, it happened. The full moon arrises and we all turned into the Great Ape. The Tuffles were helpless against all of us, we destroyed everything on our path. Eventually, Zanja, Hiruko, Solia and the Tuffles were all killed in our raging rampage over the planet. I didn't want to believe it, but Zanja smiled before she died, telling me that someone will arrive soon to defeat all of us. I should have known that she meant you with that." Vegeta explained.

Tarlock looked shocked but then relieved to hear what happened to his wife and friend. Hearing that they were fighting along with the Tuffles warmed his heart even more. With his head down, a tear drop was running from his cheek and fell slowly on the ground

"I am glad that Zanja changed her mind, she died honorable with the Tuffles. I get it now, Zanja did not try to kill me 8 years go, she already knew that there was not much we could do at that specific moment. So she put killing me in scene to let me learn more about my powers without you knowing it. She did this for me to later avenge her and my friends their deaths." Tarlock explained proud.

"She planned this from the beginning, I should have killed her sooner." Vegeta asked.

"Zanja is smarter than you think, and you know what, her plan actually worked. Vegeta, I will defeat all the Apes. I fight to avenge the Tuffles, and I will not fail." Tarlock said when he changed into a Super Saiyan God.

"I am now more powerful than I ever was!" Tarlock yelled out loud while powering up.

When the tear drop hit the ground, Tarlock started to change once more. He had already changed into his Super Saiyan God form, but his pure heart and inner love for his team mates opened up a new panicle to his power.

The change was starting. Tarlock's red hair got straight up spiked, his vest changed into light red and his pants into dark red. At last, the God got red stripes going from his left arm and shoulder, to the middle of his chest forming a rhombus, and back to the right shoulder and arm. Tarlock's Super Saiyan God energy had truly surpassed the 100% of his real power, making him even stronger than on the unknown planet.

"I have become the Saiyan God who will make a difference in this world, and purify the Saiyans from their evil hearts!" Tarlock yelled.

"Don't get too cocky Tarlock, you might have changed but we are with more. We will kill you eventually and start new revolution. Attack fellow Apes!" Vegeta commanded.

The Battlefield

Two Apes jumped Tarlock head on, the Saiyan awaited them and suddenly disappeared at the right moment. He appeared behind one of the Apes and grabbed his tail. He swung the giant several times around and threw him far away.

"Guuaaaahhhh!" a Great Ape yelled at the one that got launched.

He looked at Tarlock who was right in front of him as he stepped back a little.

"Grrr, Graahhh!" the monkey yelled when he released his Mouth Beam.

Tarlock caught the beam up and deflected it away. The God responded with a red energy wave back at the monkey.

"God Wave!" Tarlock's voice echoed around while shooting the beam.

The Ape traveled away with the beam and fell unconscious on the ground. Tarlock first looked at the unconscious monkey, then at the others.

"I always wanted a pet monkey, but this is not what I meant." Tarlock said as he flew higher than the apes.

He puts five of his fingers out and charged up.

"Finger God Strings HAAAAAAAAAA!" Tarlock yelled when he charged up five of him fingers.

Via the ground, the five-finger strings had enough power to knock out Apes on the way. Tarlock was able to clear the battlefield and area with just his fingers. Many Apes were laying on the ground by the ginormous attack and its damage.

Another Ape rushed him from behind, Tarlock dodged the rush down and used his One Finger String, holding he Great Ape in his Red Rope. The Ap got trapped by Tarlock.

"Duaaaaahaaaaa!" Tarlock shouted.

He lifted the Great Ape and swing him around, afterwards, slamming him massively to the ground. Tarlock pulled his finger back and breathes calmly.

"Like a thousand more to go." Tarlock said.

He dashed to the next swarm of apes on the right side. Tarlock charged up and rushed to the group, he fought his way to every one of them, using his mêlée attacks and skirmish to defeat them. Dodging and avoiding every attack the Apes tried to deal, he was untouchable by even the destroyers of planets.

Then, the monkeys formed a circle round Tarlock, charging up their mouth blasts. Tarlock saw that there was nowhere to escape.

"That's not fair, I don't got like fifteen duplicates of myself! Damn, I should have developed that attack also" Tarlock said when the apes fired.

Tarlock used his Deity Shield to avoid their massive waves. The Great Apes were defenseless against the Saiyan God who was winning by a long shot. Vegeta was extremely annoyed by the process and fought Tarlock on his own.

He jumped at the Saiyan and grabbed him tight. Tarlock got caught by Vegeta as he was held in front of him.

"I will rip your head off, you traitor!" Vegeta yelled.

Tarlock was struggling to get out as he looked at the giant monkey.

"Guess again kid!" Tarlock said afterwards.

The Super Saiyan God easily got out of his grip and took some space. He charged up his God ki in his hands.

"God Wave!" Tarlock yelled loudly as he shot a beam with his left and right hand.

The red beam hit Vegeta in the eye, making him scream from the pain while touching his eye. When he puts his arms away, his eye was bleeding. He growled angrily at Tarlock who was more confidant than ever.

"I will finish this Vegeta. You are no match for me!" Tarlock said when his ki started to fire up.

His energy was big enough to light up the planet. He was ready to use his final attack.

"This will be the end! Saiyan God Bomb!" Tarlock yelled.

He puts his left hand on his right wrist and charged up a small-sized ball. He fired it off at the Great Apes. The Apes shot their beams again, but the moment it made contact with the Mouth Blasts with hundreds of monkeys, the God Bomb extended to a size bigger than the lengths of the Great Ape and their blasts.

The Apes and Tarlock were in a struggle, but the Apes were losing. The God Bomb won and the Apes got hit by Tarlock's strongest attacks. From energy lose and the time limit, Tarlock quickly changed back to his regular form unintended and fell tiredly on the ground.

"I used up too much energy, and my time was over quicker than I thought. Maybe not a good idea to use the Saiyan God Bomb, I still need more practise, but at least it's over." he said tired.

But unfortunately, it was not over, the Apes all stood up and walked over to the tired Saiyan who gave it his all. The full power of his transformation and the disadvantage of the time limit was too much for him.

"Heeh... it did not work, if only I had some more time." Tarlock said exhausted and unable to move.

Vegeta was up front, still in his Great Ape form and a bleeding eye.

"Look who we have here, the so-called savior, laying on the ground like the piece of trash he is." Vegeta said.

"Still not enough, this might be the end." Tarlock said.

"We will end you once and for all. Everyone!" Vegeta said.

The Apes once again formed a circle Tarlock and shouted out loud. The vibration of the Apes their high-pitched Vice Shout caused the sky to go dark and showed several worlds through the small cracks

"What is that in the sky?" Tarlock asked when he looked at the green rips.

They charged up and directed it all on the last remaining pure hearted Saiyan. When they were done charging, Vegeta gave the last signal.

"Fire!" Vegeta yelled when the Apes shot their fatal energy waves.

Tarlock quickly used the last bit of energy and created a shield to protect him from the blast. But it was not long until the shield was broken and Tarlock got hit.

The Saiyan was tortured by the waves as one of the green cracks hit him after. Afterwards, a huge explosion was heard all over the planet, Tarlock was gone. He was nowhere to be found and the Saiyans had won the war by defeating their last threat.

"He is dead, we... are... victorious!" Vegeta said.

After a long period, the full moon disappeared and the Great Apes changed back to regular Saiyans. Vegeta was praised for his heroics and superior leadership against Tarlock who was known as the traitor of the Saiyans. The tailed race crowned him: King Vegeta of the Saiyans and named their planet after their leader. He was getting treated on his eye caused by Tarlock.

As the Saiyans lived their life on their new home, Planet Vegeta, the king made a strict rule to make sure that Tarlock's name will never be mentioned by anyone on the Saiyans. If someone did, then a sentence of death will be followed with no hesitation or mercy.

8th Universe, the Forest

In the next universe, Tobirama, the brother of Hashirama Senju, the current leader of the Senju clan, went with several scouts exploring the area, they eventually came in a deep and mystical forest. Tobirama had his arms folded thinking that there might be a major change of situation not to long from now.

"Tobirama, what's the matter?" a scout said.

"I just have this feeling..." Tobirama said as he looked at him. "That something is going to change." he said as he looked in front of him again.

"We will just follow you sir." the scout said loyal.

They walked around to see if everything was going fine until of the scouts noticed someone.

"Tobirama, I have spotted someone, look over there!" the scout said.

Tobirama looked at the place the member pointed and walked over to the man laying in the forest when the rest of them ran up to the stranger.

They looked closely at the person as it was Tarlock who layed unconscious on the ground with ripped clothes and injured.

"He looks strange, almost... foreign. We should not take any chances, he might be an enemy." Tobirama questioned.

"I'm not sure we can trust him, he does look dangerous. He might be a spy another clan." the other scout said.

Tobirama was in a deep thinking state and puts his arms unfolded, walking towards an injured Tarlock.

"We take him to our village, he forms no threat, but if he will, he will be dealt with. I keep a close eye on him." Tobirama said when they lifted Tarlock up and brought him to the village.

After a couple of minutes, Tobirama and some clan members finally arrived back at their homes in the Senju clan. Tobirama went to their Hokage.

Hashirama Senju was in a conversation with Madara Uchiha.

"So, you think this new town will work out, the... Hidden Leaf Village?" Madara asked.

"It has to, we both put our pure hearts in it, so sooner or later, we will have the settlement we both wished for." Hashirama said.

"The other clans might want to join, or they might want to destroy it." Madara said to him.

"If they do, we can tag team, and work together to take out our enemies." Hashirama said confidant.

Suddenly, Tobirama walked into the office with Tarlock in his arms.

"Big brother?" Tobirama asked.

"Tobirama!" Hashirama said.

"It's you... Tobirama..." Madara said cold.

Tobirama and Madara stared at each other, with Madara thinking of his youner brother, who Tobirama killed with his own hands. Then, Tobirama looked back at his brother.

"We found this man in the forest. We first thought he was an enemy, or a spy from another clan. But now I think it is debatable. He is definitely a foreigner from a far land, just... look at him. And the weirdest thing is... I cannot sense any chakra from him." Tobirama said.

He puts him on the bed, Hashirama and Madara came closer to Tarlock as he stood next to his brother Tobirama.

"Hmmm... You are right, this guy is definitely not who you think he was. He can't be a spy. I think he is more of a personal type of guy." Hashirama said with his hand on his chin. "I'll take it over from here Tobirama." he said.

Tobirama nods.

Hashirama and Madara also, looked closely at Tarlock as he tried to use his healing techniques on him. While he tried to heal him, Hashirama got pushed back greatly by Tarlock's rejection of chakra energy. Madara ran up to his friend.

"You okay? What was that just now?" Madara asked curiously.

"Yeah, I am okay, but wow, what an energy that guy has, definitely not chakra. But what is it, can it accept my chakra or do I have to find another way to heal him?" Hashirama said.

Tarlock woke up and looked around him, he saw Hashirama with a friendly expression and Madara on guard as he looked confused.

"Where am I now?" Tarlock asked when he touched his head.

"You are in my office, I am Hashirama Senju, this is Madara Uchiha, who are you?" Hashirama asked.

"My name... is Tarlock." Tarlock introduced.

"Welcome Tarlock, if you keep calm, I'll find a way to heal your body." Hashirama said.

Tarlock relaxed and let Hashirama do his healing techniques. Madara stood next to Tarlock who was layed down.

"Tarlock, what exactly is your business here, and who sent you?" Madara asked suspicious.

"What am I doing here... that is a good question. Nobody sent me, but where is this if I may ask Madara?" Tarlock asked.

"You are in the Hidden Leaf Village. Also, you are here to recover, my brother found you unconscious in the forest, is everything alright with you?" Hashirama asked.

Tarlock thought of his fight with the Great Apes. Flashbacks from before occurred in his head and he started to remember his fights very well.

"I have been... in a fight... and I failed." Tarlock said disappointed. "I failed everyone, I let them down!" Tarlock said and he punched the table.

The table fell appar the instant Tarlock touched it. Hashirama and Madara stepped backwards from his power. The Hokage kept looking.

"My wife, my son, my friends, all gone, and I was not able to avenge their deaths. I am all alone." Tarlock said disappointed in himself.

"You lost your family?" Madara asked.

"Tarlock, what happened to you?" Hashirama asked.

"On my home planet, the Saiyan Leader's son took over the race and started a war with another race. I tried to stop them, but then they changed into giant Great Apes with tails." Tarlock explained.

"Giant Apes.. with Tails? You fought Tailed Beast all by yourself?" Hashirama asked.

"Yes, there were like a thousand, ten thousand of them." Tarlock said.

"You fought thousands of Tailed Beast all by yourself?" Madara asked surprised.

"I was irresponsible with my power, and I payed the price with failure." Tarlock said depressed and disappointed.

Hashirama thought for a moment and held his hand on his chin.

"Tarlock, I don't know exactly what you just explained to me, but you are more than welcome in my city." Hashirama said.

"I cannot stay long Hashirama, sooner or later, I have to return to my home." Tarlock said.

"Fair enough, well then, now that you are here, can you stand up?" Hashirama asked.

"I think so..." Tarlock said when he stood up and stretched his limbs. "I am fine." Tarlock said.

"Alright, how about Madara and I show you around the city Tarlock?" Hashirama asked.

"Why not, sure Hashirama." Tarlock said when he followed the Hokage out of his office.

When they were outside, Tobirama was leaning at the wall, watching his brother, the Uchiha and the stranger leave.

"Tobirama, meet Tarlock, Tarlock, this is my little brother Tobirama." Hashirama introduced.

Tobirama and Tarlock shook hands as Hashirama smiles.

"Come, I will show you around." Hashirama said when he walked away.

Tarlock and Tobirama looked at each other and followed the Hokage and the Uchiha.

The Movie chapter is done for now, Tarlock's story will continue later in the next universe. The next chapter will be the main story.